The Politics of Hate: How Big Money, the Media and the Republican Party are Sabotaging the American Electoral Process

In bygone days, a political candidate who would stand up for the defense of the nation’s security and culture would have been praised. But now, ideas such as closing the southern US border and halting illegal immigration are being labeled by the media, liberal groups and big money as representing a policy of hate and racism.

To conservatives – especially Tea Party conservatives – these ideas not only represent fiscal and cultural necessities, they are considered essential to the very survival of the nation.

In an effort to demonize and discredit candidates such as Donald Trump, far left groups are gathering en masse at political rallies to protest what they see as hateful and racist speech. They interpret the ideas of preserving our national security and sovereignty as an overt effort to stir up hate and racism.

These activists have caused disruption at the rallies, and violence has ensued a number of times. When violence has occurred, the press have covered the incidents in such a way as to lay the blame at the feet of Donald Trump, when his speech has actually contained no hateful or racist speech.

It has also been widely reported that these groups of protesters have been paid to disrupt the rallies.

While there have been some reported protests and demonstrations at rallies for Ted Cruz, both Cruz and John Kasich have blamed their protests on Trump.

The organizing of paid protesters to disrupt conservative rallies and political speeches is not a new phenomenon, it’s been done for years by far left groups. Yet somehow liberals want the public to believe that the ideas of Donald Trump are nothing more than hatred toward immigrants, minorities, and others.

There is no concept of the notion that such actions might protect the nation from economic harm or the influx of terrorists. As we saw this past weekend, these paid protesters are trying to provoke fights and violent speech, and the organizers of such activities are promising to expand the provocative demonstrations.

In other words, the hatred that these groups feel toward any pushback against open borders and illegal immigration is being used to create the appearance that Trump and his supporters are hate-mongers.

The media are covering these events as if the demonstrators are the victims, and attempting to convince the public that the hate originated with those being demonstrated against. For his part Trump has brushed these incidents off as not being an issue for him or his campaign, but the negative press coverage will surely give some undecided voters pause.

Protesters and activists are not Trump’s only challenge. There are also what might be called “Mainstream or Establishment Republicans” who are very displeased that Trump, a Washington outsider, has made it this far in the campaign, and are doing everything that they can to stop him.

These anti-Trump conservatives have issued statements that pledge to prevent Trump from winning the nomination, and even going so far as to threaten running a third party candidate if necessary.

One such effort is being organized by Erick Erickson who is the former editor of Red State, a conservative political blog. On March 17, Erickson held a secret meeting with other influential conservative activists to formulate a plan to stop Trump. In a statement issued after the meeting their plan was made public. It includes the following, as published in

We believe the issue of Donald Trump is greater than an issue of party. It is an issue of morals and character that all Americans, not just those of us in the conservative movement, must confront.”

As if that weren’t bad enough it continues:

“We encourage all former Republican candidates not currently supporting Trump to unite against him and encourage all candidates to hold their delegates on the first ballot.”

There can be no doubt that this is open political warfare. Ironically, it seems that the more adverse the publicity, the more support Trump gains. Although he has undoubtedly lost some Republican supporters, he is also attracting Democrats who have become disenchanted with Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or the socialistic ideas of the left.

The outcome of all of this political scheming will not only determine the next president of the United States, but will also set the political tone for the Republican Party decades to come. If the hate prevails and true conservatives are defeated, it will be a serious blow to individual freedom and usher in an unprecedented era of socialistic government in America. I’m not sure America can handle four more years under a socialist leader.