The Worst President of All Time

A full year has passed with Trump as president. It’s been full of ups and downs, and as Trump is as infallibly human as the rest of us, it’s important to remember that it hasn’t all been winning. The wins have been plentiful and wonderful, but there have been downs as well.

With that in mind, let’s explore what people have liked least about the first year of Trump and compare him to other presidents. This is the worst of our first year with Trump.

Among the greatest criticisms of our current president is that he has the gall to deport people. Sometimes, it even separates families. While splitting families is always unfortunate, the members of the left are literally complaining that Trump is upholding the law. It’s been the rule all along that “undocumented immigrants” are to be deported when caught. Trump’s radical departure from the Obama Administration has been to allow ICE to do the job they are literally paid to do. In reality, the actual crime was committed by Obama when he abandoned his oath and responsibilities as President.

Executive Orders

Another big complaint against Trump is his generous use of executive orders. Before he was elected, he regularly complained about Obama’s overreach of unilateral powers. By the end of his presidency, Obama had issued more executive orders than every president before him. Combined. Now, Trump is on track to exceed Obama’s number. What a hypocrite!

Except, Trump’s executive orders are wildly different from the presidents past. A full 80 percent of all of his unilateral actions have been to undo executive orders made by Obama. Only one-fifth of Trump’s unilateral power has been used to generate new policy.

Overall, he’s doing exactly what he promised. Part of draining the swamp includes reducing the excessive regulation and limitations of freedom that Obama (arguably) illegally put in place. Even the travel ban was simply an update to policy unilaterally enacted by Obama. Overall, Trump is abusing executive power less than any president in more than 20 years.

Gutting American Health Care

If you remember the months between the election and Trump’s inauguration, they were full of liberal doomsayers. We were told in no uncertain terms that Trump’s election spelled the unstoppable doom of American health care. He would outright deny care to massive numbers of citizens and we would all die gruesome deaths as a result.

The reality?

Trump did try to galvanize Congress to gut Obamacare, mostly because Obamacare has already directly reduced the effectiveness of our healthcare system to the point of lowering life expectancy for every single American. Unfortunately, that effort failed and Obamacare has remained completely untouched.

There is one exception. The new tax laws removed the mandate from Obamacare, so now poor Americans who can’t afford the skyrocketing prices of insurance aren’t penalized for being poor. How novel. The liberals try to spin this by telling us that removing the mandate will strip 15 million Americans of health insurance. In reality, experts expect roughly 15 million Americans to voluntarily opt out of health insurance plans. After all, what kind of monster of a president would let grown Americans make their own decisions?


Of course, you can’t have a modern discussion in our sad country without liberals shouting “racism!” willy nilly. This has culminated in an incessant cry that Donald Trump is the most racist president ever. As you can reasonably expect, this is just smoke and mirrors by the left. They’ve been largely unable to justly criticize Trump’s policies, and they’ve been completely unable to undermine the immensely positive results. So, they try to discredit him through some weird mental gymnastics and truly deformed moral arguments.

Here are the facts. Under Trump black unemployment has hit an all-time low, in the U.S. Government sanctioned anti-Semitism has finally been stopped, crimes against minorities have decreased for the first time in three years, and all violent crime (including hate crime) is in decline. Despite Trump’s honest assessment that radical Islam is dangerous, he has successfully ended three wars in the Middle East and brought peace to former enemy Muslim nations. By every measurable means, Trump is the least racist president in History.

Fake News

Perhaps the strongest and loudest complaint against Trump that lasted the full year is that he has assaulted the free press. In fact, a group of scholars have asserted that Trump has taken more personal liberty away from Americans than any other president. The irony that they have the freedom to say this about the current administration without reprisal is completely lost on them.

To be fair and honest, Trump has verbally chastised mainstream media on many occasions. Including his Twitter feed, he’s made hundreds of comments criticizing mainstream media.

Despite that, he has made absolutely zero moves to inhibit the freedom of the press. Exactly zero liberties have been stripped of American citizens, and overall, Trump has restored liberty (remember when we just talked about health care?).

Trump’s disagreements with mainstream media have been numerous, but here’s a fun statistic. In every case that Trump has cried fake news, the facts have ultimately supported his side. His campaign really was spied upon illegally. The entirely of the Russia investigation has fallen apart because all of the evidence was shown to be liberal propaganda. Even the recent *&%@hole debacle is highly questionable, and more witnesses are supporting Trump’s side than the other. Mainstream media has been proven to be full of fake news, and yet, their freedom to deceive and manipulate the American people remains un-infringed.

Mean Tweets

Finally we get to the crux of it all. The left is angry because Donald Trump is mean. His Twitter is full of mean remarks and blunt assessments. He spares no language to preserve feelings. This is in fact the very worst our current president has offered us, and I can offer no defense. His Tweets truly are mean.

When I compare that to the prosperity enjoyed by America as a result of Trump’s policies, I consider it a small price to pay. When I compare it to the two-faced political speak of most politicians, I consider it another perk of the Trump Administration.

Maybe he could make efforts to be less brutal in the things he says, but that might come at the cost of honesty. To have the first honest president in my memory is fully worth the occasional cringe or head shake I do when Trump really outdoes himself on Twitter.

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