Time to Regulate Big Tech

What do conservative blogger Curtis Yarvin, radio host Alex Jones and bestselling political philosophy author Theodore Beale (aka Vox Day) have in common? If any one of them visits the Google campus in Silicon Valley, even as a guest of a current employee, a silent alarm will be triggered and they will be escorted off the premises by security. This is according to a lawsuit filed by former Google employee James Damore, who says he was fired for the sins of being a white male conservative who questioned Google’s progressive orthodoxy.

Coupled with the undercover sting conducted by Project Veritas against Twitter this month, it is clear that the Big Tech monopolies absolutely hate traditional Americans with conservative values. They hate men and especially white men. They will silence, crush and terminate any employee who does not go along with the program. And they really, really don’t want you to know that they operate this way, which is why Google has a silent alarm in case of infiltration by any normal person with a microphone.

The Damore lawsuit against Google is well worth reading in full. It is meticulous and well-crafted, if a bit lengthy, but it’s difficult to convey to readers just how insane the corporate culture described at Google really is in an article about the lawsuit. We hear terms like “diversity training” in the news all the time and shake our heads as conservatives, but most of us really didn’t have a clue just how crazy the progressive SJW tech culture has become.

Damore, for example, had to attend a speech delivered by a fellow Google employee who sexually identifies as a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin and, simultaneously, also identifies as an expansive ornate building. Yet James Damore, as a white male conservative, was the strange one who was allegedly ostracized inside Google for his beliefs.

Google is one of the largest and most powerful monopolies in the world right now. It has all of your emails and it has discovered through its experimentation with search algorithms that it can alter the way that up to 25 percent of the population will vote in elections. Does that sound dangerous to anyone else?

Twitter has reams of private pictures of individuals who use its social media channel. Amazon’s next version of the Echo device will have, as added features, an internal alarm clock and a camera that can be operated remotely. Say, don’t alarm clocks go in that one room of the house where you sleep and share private, intimate moments with your spouse (or with the expansive ornate building of your choice)? Now are you starting to get concerned? Big Tech holds an unimaginable amount of power that can be wielded for evil starting tomorrow if it decides to do so.

The fact that these companies have broken the social contract of the free enterprise system by choosing political sides means that we must now consider options that are ordinarily look really cruddy to conservatives. We need to regulate the pants off of Big Tech and we need to do it before it’s too late. We might not have free elections much longer in this country if we don’t. We will instead have elections which Google tells us were totally free of interference, but somehow always heavily weighted for candidates of the party that sexually co-identifies as yellow-scaled dragon otherkins and fire hydrants.

What happens when Google decides to offer a service that allows progressive companies to vet potential employees during the hiring process? Google knows literally everything that you do on the computer. Google knows if you are a gun owner, a Christian and so on, even if you don’t publicly profess these things. Would this be completely illegal on Google’s part? Yes, of course. But would you put it past Google and other progressive companies to do so, knowing that Google already believes it can violate employment laws by firing James Damore for his personal beliefs?

The day may come eventually when the federal government breaks up Big Tech, as it did with Ma Bell years ago. Until then, these fascist progressive companies need to be regulated the same way that other private businesses are regulated under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Congress needs to pass regulations allowing private citizens to sue Big Tech for damages. An army of trial lawyers would then descend on Silicon Valley looking for a payday and snooping around for violations. That would slow them down or even stop them until they quit playing favorites with the party of Obama and Crooked Hillary.

~ American Liberty Report

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