Toy Guns Being Taken From Children? A Community in Buffalo, NY Wants Them Gone

If you think the craze over guns in America has reached a peak, think again. Real guns of any kind have been a long-standing issue for Democrats and progressives in the United States. But now, the same people are on the war path— for toy guns.

In the vein of real gun buyback programs — in which the government pays civilians to hand over their firearms to the police in exchange for money — there is now a program in Buffalo, New York that aims to “buyback” toy guns from the area’s children.

The program is called the Buffalo F.A.T.H.E.R.S, and Leonard Lane is the president. Lane believes that toys like cap guns sound all too real — and that’s bad. He and other leaders of the organization believe that if children are able to possess and play with toy guns now, they will be more likely to purchase and handle real guns as they get older. Naturally, the thought is, this will lead to increasing gun violence.

The Buffalo F.A.T.H.E.R.S are calling their current buyback program the “Annual Toy Gun Exchange.” In reality, the organization does not pay children and their parents for the guns they receive as real gun buyback programs do. Instead, it accepts the donation of one toy gun in exchange for a different toy — a non-gun toy.

Of course, the entire goal of the program — as explained by Lane and other leaders — is that the organization does not want children feeling at all comfortable around guns. And if they’re not playing with them, that’s the hopeful result. They are encouraging parents in the Buffalo area to avoid buying toy guns for their children — and if they already have purchased them, they’re telling those parents to consider handing them over in exchange for something that the child might not want — but that will be better for the country in the long run.

But will it?

Unintended Consequences

Indeed, the result that individuals like Leonard Lane are looking for with this program is to take guns away from children in the hopes that they grow up thinking guns are bad and therefore never pick one up as an adult.

Still, a serious oddity remains in this story. The most bizarre thing about individuals like Lane and those who oppose Americans owning guns of any kind is that they often have the strongest case for gun ownership — not for child gun ownership, not for gun ownership by the mentally ill or those who have committed felonies in the past — but gun ownership by real American citizens. After all, these individuals are generally the ones obsessed with taking Trump down in any way they can.

As you may have heard in the news, leftists rather despise our current president — but more than that, they fear him. Do they want more statism under Trump? No! And the reason? “He’s a tyrant!” they say, and they liken him to Hitler.

Let’s suspend reality for a moment and indulge the left in their fantasy that Trump is the tyrant they claim him to be. Then, one has to ask the question: what’s a country to do in a terrible situation like this? A country under the leadership of a tyrant — and an elected tyrant, no doubt — has few options to regain the power of the people, no?

Well, there is one option.

In the past, what America did under “similar circumstances” is quite evident. You may recall the last tyrant the U.S. faced: a man called King George III of England.

Essentially, American citizens fought back — and successfully overthrew their then government. Contrary to popular belief, they did not use their fists. They used guns — guns owned properly and legally by American citizens. Indeed, Britain did try to take these firearms and other weapons away. Though I think we can all agree it’s a good thing they weren’t successful at it.

From Toy Guns and Automatic Weapons to Handguns and Rifles

The truth is that leftists and those like Leonard Lane need to more closely examine what they are doing with something like a so-called buyback program for toy guns.

Certainly, toy guns won’t overthrow the government if the need arose. However, sound of mind Americans — those who love their country and want to preserve its goodness — they would need to legally possess their own firearms. And the Second Amendment to the Constitution preserves their right to do so.

The Buffalo F.A.T.H.E.R.S is also hosting a “Toys for Joy” toy drive in December, wherein they will provide regular (non-gun) toys to various families who are less fortunate. This, perhaps, is a more worthwhile endeavor for the group this Christmas season.

~ American Liberty Report

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