Trump Approval Drops to 46%: Here’s Why We’re Pleased

The numbers are in and 45 is down to 46. At least, that’s where Rasmussen Reports Daily Tracking Poll had Trump’s approval rating as of earlier this week. At the moment this sentence was written, he was down to 41% approval, with 57% disapproving of his performance. He’s never had a higher approval rating than he did at the start of the year at 56%.

If Trump were an ordinary president, and if this were the mid-90s, he’d be in big trouble. In the past, when people relied on the television for their news, a good approval rating was anything 60 or higher. Anything below 50 was absolute death. But today, things are a little bit different.

For one thing, that polls are deeply flawed. After all, most of the polls taken before the election projected Hillary winning by a landslide, and we know how that worked out.

Most polls today are taken by calling on either cellular or landline phones between the hours of noon and 8 PM. Public relations organizations know there’s a big difference between the landline group and the cell phone group. There’s also a big difference between people with the patience to answer polls and those who feel they have better things to do.

People who hang in there and answer a whole slew of questions for poll takers tend to be very agreeable- a trait that lends itself to a liberal mindset. That is to say, answering a poll tends to indicate an eagerness to please and to be viewed in a favorable light. Those who do not have the patience to answer polls, well- you could say they feel they have better things to do.

Of course, people who answer polls in the middle of the day are far more likely to be unemployed. People who are unemployed are far likelier to take a dim view of whoever is president at the moment. On top of all that, pollsters know that people who answer on a landline are far likelier to get their news from a mainstream television source- which means they will not understand things like the enormous amount of evidence of criminal activity surrounding Hillary Rodham Clinton- for example.

So Trump is down in the polls, way down. Yet, enthusiasm is spiking. The economy is growing. Investors are raking it in. Wall Street is on fire. So what’s going on?

For one thing, the situation in Washington is exceedingly contentious and complex – and whenever an issue is contentious and complex, people tend to take a dimmer view of whoever is speaking at the moment. People do not like to feel as if they don’t know what’s going on, and with all the conflicting reports going around- certainty is a sign of intellectual dishonesty.

The only way to have a half decent idea of what’s going on in the White House is to pay very close attention to a wide variety of news sources. This takes time and effort- much more time and effort than the average American has to give. That means, the vast majority of people are going to take the most superficial information that they can get- in other words, they are going to watch CNN, MSNBC, NBC and other mainstream media outlets that are deeply superficial and dishonest.

We live in a time when the president is up against the largest and farthest-reaching criminal organization in history. We’re talking about the Clintons and the Democratic Party.

Every day, we see more and more evidence of election rigging, bribes, murders, money laundering, and in the redacted words of the former head of the FBI- gross negligence. The situation couldn’t possibly be more complex or contentious.

What all of this means is that the easiest conclusion for people to come to is one that reflects negatively on Donald Trump- and the easiest conclusion is almost always wrong.

Of course, there’s a lot more we could say about how a poll can be skewed-like asking leading and loaded questions- but we think you understand all of that by now.

What’s important to understand, for our mental health as conservatives, if nothing else- is polls have never been less relevant. What’s amazing about it is, we have entered into a time when we actually expect to see our president fare badly in the polls – and we take it as a positive sign when he does. After all, when bad people have bad things to say about you, chances are- you’re on the right track.

~ American Liberty Report