Trump Gives the Middle Finger to Obama and the UN

President Trump struck another blow against globalism by informing the United Nations that America would no longer be participating in the UN’s Islamic refugee scam. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley informed the UN oligarchs, dictators and professional bureaucrats that the US is officially withdrawing from the “New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants” which Obama signed America up for when he had one foot out the door in 2016. Three cheers for the Donald! Still not tired of winning!

If you’ve never heard of the New York Declaration, you’re not alone and that is no accident. During his last two years in office, Obama signed America up for numerous multi-year international agreements that were detrimental to America. The pattern was the same every single time:

1. Fly then-Secretary of State John Kerry overseas for secret meetings with foreign governments.

2. Surrender American sovereignty in a multi-year, multi-nation agreement that transfers American wealth and power to foreign countries while transferring the world’s poor to America for us to feed, clothe, house and medicate for generations.

3. Call the deal an “accord,” a “declaration” or an “agreement” so that they can pretend it is not an international treaty requiring a constitutional two-thirds vote of approval in the Senate.

4. Hope they don’t get caught before the deal comes into full enforcement.

See Al Gore’s global warming Paris “Accord” or the Iran nuclear “agreement” for examples of this. The New York Declaration is another one of those deals and it stunk to high heaven. Here’s why:

First of all, the entire refugee racket has become a total scam akin to winning a Golden Ticket in “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Whereas in years past, the refugee program actually did some good, it’s now just another layer of the cake that makes up the globalists’ desired demographic destruction of Western nations.

It used to be that a person had to fit the legal definition of a “refugee” before they could be granted asylum in America, but thanks to eight years of Obama’s chicanery, pretty much anyone from anywhere in the world can declare themselves to be a refugee.

So rather than taking in people who are genuinely persecuted for their religious or political beliefs, America has been taking in anyone who wants to move here, no questions asked, so long as they show up on our doorstep. Obama was even granting illegal aliens from Mexico asylum as “refugees” by the end of his second term.

“You’re a group of three dozen Somali pirates and you somehow made your way to the border checkpoint in Yuma, Arizona? You must be refugees! Come on in! Your cousins were here last week and we bused them all to Minneapolis!”

But back to the New York “declaration.” In a nutshell, this was an agreement to solidify the UN’s ability to force Western nations to take as many fake refugees in as the UN demands. The agreement declares that refugees are an “international responsibility,” which is UN-speak for “America will pay for all of this.” The deal would also give the UN the authority to tell all of the signatory nations how many refugees they have to take, in order to get their fair share.

We can already see where this is going, based on the speeches that globalist Democrats gave on the Senate floor a couple of years ago when the UN was trying to ram as many Syrian “refugees” down our throats as it could. Sen. Dick Durbin actually cried when declaring that America had a moral obligation to take in 200,000 Syrians a year. (For how many years? Until they’re all here? He didn’t say.)

The bottom line is that countries that signed up for the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants were surrendering any ability to determine how many refugees we take in or, for that matter, who we take in.

America also has a refugee cap in place which presidential administrations can raise or lower as they see fit. The UN hates that and that was a big reason why Obama and the UN tried to sneak this deal through. Obama, for example, had another 115,000 “refugees,” primarily from Muslim countries, in the pipeline ready to ship to America this year. President Trump lowered the refugee cap to 45,000 and allowed in only a small handful from Muslim nations.

With the rejection of the phony New York treaty, President Trump has sent another message to the globalists: America is our country and we will decide who we allow in, thank you very much.

~ American Liberty Report