Trump’s First Successful Act to Drain the Swamp

Once again, Trump has shaken the core of politics and scored a huge victory for the people, all before taking office. To the chagrin of many of his opponents, he has taken the first stride towards draining the swamp and maintaining the promises of his campaign, but the move has done more than just diminish political corruption. It has shown us how Trump can change the office of the president itself.

What Happened?

For those who don’t keep a close eye on the news, the first day of the 115th Congress, Republican Representatives made a move to strip the ethics agency of its independence. While liberals were quick to criticize, this particular move garnered bipartisan opposition. Most importantly, Donald Trump opposed the move.

At best he saw it as a distraction from more urgent issues, and at worst he saw it as a move against his promise to drain the swamp. Regardless, he took the offensive using the only tool available to him at the time: Twitter.

Within hours the representatives buckled under the pressure and removed the ethics agency from the agenda. It was a fast and decisive win for all who oppose entrenched political corruption. More importantly it offered substantial insight into the impending Trump presidency.

The Importance of Parties

This was the first successful act that can be construed as draining the swamp. A major part of Trump’s campaign was that he, as a political outsider, would be more open and able to remove entrenched power from career politicians. Trump’s election shows just how much the American people are fed up with politicians who put their careers above the interests of the people.

Trump’s opponents no doubt assumed that this would be an excuse to attack Democrats while preserving the power of his own party, but Trump has in fact attacked Republicans first. It has made it crystal clear that he has no interest in protecting party lines. Instead, he wants to follow through on his promises and attack corruptions on all sides.

It has also made it clear to Republicans in Congress that they cannot count on party loyalty from Trump. For the first time in many years, the checks and balances will be able to work appropriately, and the president will be committed to diminishing Congressional abuses of power. Of course, this comes as no surprise to Trump’s supporters. They might find how Trump scored this victory more interesting.

How He Did It

While liberals are likely to try to take credit for this move, they should be reminded that Republican Representatives haven’t backed down from liberal outcry a single time in recent memory. They didn’t have to conform to the liberal mindset to get elected, so they certainly aren’t going to cave this far from the next election. Realistically, the credit can only be given to Trump.

While it might seem unreasonable to credit Trump’s tweets so much, a quick look at the larger dynamic makes it clear. The Representatives aren’t afraid of Trump opposing them as President. They’re used to political negotiation, and they got plenty of practice battling Obama. Their real fear is in Trump’s ability to rally the party against its own insiders. The power that the liberal voice lacks is clear and present in Trump’s following, and a series of Tweets carries far more weight than it might seem.

It’s also important to note how different this course of action was from the Obama methodology. Obama, over the course of his terms, completely abandoned precedent and protocol and has become the most abusive president of unilateral power in the history of the country. He simply issues executive orders in complete contradiction of law and policy.

Trump, still only a president-elect, has taken as opposite an approach as possible. He has used literally no executive power whatsoever and still achieved his goal, rather quickly at that. It shows that he won’t have to follow Obama’s footsteps, and he can use negotiation to drain the swamp in the executive branch as well.

What might look like a small, virtually insignificant win on paper has in fact already shaken Washington. There can be no doubt that Trump will truly change things, exactly has he has promised all along. The real question now is how much officially taking office will aid him in his campaign to fix the country.

~ American Liberty Report