Violent Leftist Protests Continue: Dems Remain Silent

We’ve been seeing it since the early days of the Trump campaign; violent leftwing protesters. They posed as Klan members and scrawled misshapen swastikas on buildings. They antagonized Trump supporters at rallies. They blocked freeways.

They screamed apoplecticly on election night and after the inauguration. They have assaulted people just for looking like Trump supporters. B-list Hollywood stars got on stage at award shows and advocated punching ‘nazis’ in the face.

The Black Lives Matter movement is sickeningly quiet when black people are killed by other black people- or when black people commit violence against whites, and they have actively advocated for violence against whites.

Weeks ago, Antifa shut down a talk at Berkeley- the birthplace of the free speech movement in America- and recently they staged another violent protest at that California school.

During all these events, lone victims and women were among their favorite targets. This is presumably the case because these people believe gender is only a social construct and that men and women are basically the same in every important regard.

Laughably, this is being proven wrong over and over again as transgender women, (men who now identify as women), have been entering women’s sports leagues and mopping the floor with real women- and when they stand with their gold medals, head and shoulders over their beaten opponents, the photo opportunities that emerge are unambiguously hilarious.

One would think that they would have learned this lesson from comedian Andy Kaufman- but the left appears to have no memory. The result is Antifa members losing fights dramatically as Trump supporters begin to stand up and defend themselves.

It’s unfortunate that it should end up this way- but the right is literally beating the left at their own game. The phenomena first became noticeable during the riots following the inauguration when attendees of the Deploraball beat their leftist attackers to the ground after Antifa agitators threatened and assaulted them completely unprovoked and out of nowhere.

Right-wingers standing up for themselves became even more solidified after the events surrounding a man who has become known as Based Stickman. He’s a California resident named Kyle Chapman who was arrested for defending himself and others from violent protesters using decidedly non-lethal but effective implements.

Chapman wore a wooden shield, a dustmask, and carried a stick not heavy enough to break bones, but heavy enough to fend off Antifa street fighters.

Since then, a slew of videos and reports have shown up on the Internet of right-wingers and Trump supporters defending themselves against violent leftist protesters quite successfully.

The gestalt of this situation is hilarious. Leftists come to fight, fully prepared to cause serious bodily harm. They use weapons that are designed to break bones and puncture flesh. But they are being beaten in their misguided attempts to ‘punch some nazis in the face’ by conservatives who only beat their opponents until they are beaten- not until they are bleeding and unconscious.

The optics of these situations are amazing! Trump supporters end up looking heroic, and their opponents appear angry, vicious, animalistic and defeated. What makes it humorous is conservatives took beatings from leftist rioters on the chin, while warning them to stop.

‘If you don’t cut it out,’ they seemed to say, ‘you’re not going to like the result.’ But the bloody-minded leftists didn’t cut it out, they carried on- and now they are being beaten handily by their would-be victims.

Any justice is good justice- but this is not the justice we wanted. It would have been better for left-leaning pundits, academics, and politicians to stand up and tell their low-level acolytes to stop rioting, to stop setting fires, to stop macing women in MAGA hats, to stop blocking freeways and trying to frame conservatives with hate crimes.

If the leadership of the left would have condemned the violence of their followers, maybe Antifa and BLM domestic terrorists would not have to learn their lessons the hard way.

Kellyanne Conway told FOX news recently that she wants the left to condemn violence in the streets. “I would love to hear the new DNC chairman, Tom Perez, Bernie Sanders, and the Democratic senator from Vermont, who are going out on the road starting today, and I would love to hear Hillary Clinton, who lost to Donald Trump handily. I would love to hear them come forward as leaders of the Democratic Party and tell the people to stop. They have a right to express their First Amendment beliefs but at the same time, violence is not going to get us anywhere.”

~ American Liberty Report