What did Andrew Breitbart know About John Podesta?

Andrew Breitbart, the inspiration for the British conservative news outlet Breitbart, died shortly after tweeting that John Podesta is a notorious pedophile. Today, Podesta goes on attack against “fake Pizzagate news,” even as more chilling evidence concerning the ritual child abuse scandal known as Pizzagate continues floating around the internet.

Five years after his death, Andrew Breitbart is adding fuel to the ongoing controversy surrounding PizzaGate. A pioneer of conservative media and defender of free speech, Breitbart died suddenly in March of 2012 at age 43- leaving behind a legacy of out-arguing liberal pundits and a fierce disdain for leading Democrat smoky-backroom-inhabitant, John Podesta.

In the final days of his tumultuous life, Breitbart made scrutinizing John Podesta his full-time occupation. Podesta, who was the leading force behind the failed bid for the White House by Hillary Clinton- is vociferously accused by Breitbart of also running and concealing a child sex trafficking ring.

These accusations became all the more meaningful and stunning with the WikiLeaks revelations last year which suggest that far beyond child sex trafficking- much worse things may be going on under Podesta’s supervision.

These revelations include language used in Podesta emails that are identical to code messaging used in child sex trafficking. This has been confirmed by the FBI and law enforcement- that phrases like “pizza,” “dominoes,” “cheese,” “walnuts,” are all code for child sex trafficking- and all of these are found within strange contexts in the Podests emails- phrases like;

“I would love to do pizza for an hour…”

“Do you think I would have better luck playing dominoes on cheese, or pasta?”

“Obama is flying $30,000 worth of pizza and hot dogs in from Chicago.”

What’s more, Podesta has been connected to Marina Abramović, a “performance artist” who uses animal blood and body parts to create displays including effigies of children and ritual Satanic symbolism.

Breitbart seemed to know something about all of this back in 2011 when he tweeted this:

“How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me,” Breitbart wrote on February 4, 2011.

For those who follow the PizzaGate global online citizen investigation, Breitbart’s tweet shines out as a major nail in the coffin of a powerful participant in child sex trafficking, and ritual abuse.

Critics of the claims made by PizzaGate researchers say that the crimes that Breitbart was referring to had nothing to do with the suspicious revelations which only became public during the final days of the 2016 presidential election. But this criticism is unfair, because if Podesta was covering up child sex crimes and human trafficking rings in 2011, then the appearance of his involvement in the evidence supporting PizzaGate today is all the more relevant.

In 2011, nothing near the amount of evidence we have today was publicly available. There is only the assertion made by Andrew Breitbart in his tweet. Nevertheless, the huge amount of evidence surrounding the controversy demands an official investigation. And this is all that the most reasonable commentators on Pizzagate are asking for- an investigation.

The evidence to date:

-Code language in Podesta and White House emails that matched known child trafficking and child porn code language

-Involvement with Marina Abramović, an artist who creates scenes of blood and sacrifice involving images of dead and dying children.

-Artwork in both John and Tony Podesta’s homes depicting child abuse, cannibalism, and torture.

-Thousands of hours of victim and whistle-blower testimony which match the theories behind the scandal

-Images and audio taken at a related pizzeria, depicting lewd sex acts involving items of food, children with their hands taped to tables, disturbing “comedy” acts by sexually charged rock bands suggesting sex with children is a legitimate “sexual preference.”

-And most recently, audio tapes of a man who sounds exactly like John Podesta screaming abuse at one or more children who are expressing extreme distress- and a chat feed involving someone named “Skippy,” a known Podesta code name, explicitly discussing sex, fear, and even the presence of demons.

These points of evidence are so strange, so disturbing, and so far-reaching in their implications that many people struggle to believe it. But these points of evidence are also so voluminous, so disturbing, and so consistent that the greatest scandal is the lack of an official investigation.

As far as Andrew Breitbart goes, there is reason to believe an investigation into his untimely death would reveal clues. The mere fact that he was buried without an autopsy, and summarily declared to have died of natural causes at the age of 43, is very suspicious indeed.

~ American Liberty Report