White Powder Attacks: Must be a Republican in the White House Again

If the daughter-in-law of the United States President was hospitalized after a mysterious white powder was mailed to her husband, it can mean only one thing: There must be a Republican in the White House.

The Democrat Party’s lunatic fringe cannot abide by the normal political process in America, in which sometimes the other side’s candidate is elected by a majority of the people and then that side gets to run things for a while. So instead of working to elect more of their party’s candidates in the midterms, they try to kill traditional Americans.

The media gleefully plays along with this and pretends that the violence is the fault of Republicans. Newsweek called the attacks against Donald Trump rallies in 2015 and 2016, “Trump-era political violence.”

This a childish attempt to claim that Donald Trump’s speech amounts to the legal equivalent of “fighting words.” The things that Donald Trump says are so incendiary to “normal” people that they fly into a rage and respond with violence, and therefore it’s never the Democrat’s fault.

In the Democrat fantasyland, Vanessa Trump was not the victim of an assassination attempt. No, she had it coming because her husband, Donald Trump, Jr., said mean things about Hillary Clinton!

“Bernie Bro” James Hodgkinson opened fire on congressional Republicans when they were at a baseball practice last summer. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and two police officers were wounded by Hodgkinson. Fortunately for the rest of America, Democrats are about as bad at marksmanship as they are at math and economics.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who survived Hodgkinson’s attack, was later tackled from behind and received a punctured lung and multiple broken ribs from a liberal neighbor who was unhappy with Paul’s politics.

At rally after rally in 2016, we saw hordes of Democrats violently attacking Donald Trump supporters. Housewives were pelted with eggs, teenagers were chased down and tackled in the streets. This is all “Trump-era political violence” according to the media.

This should come as no surprise, however. The party of Pol Pot, Stalin and Mao is not known for its political subtlety or fair play. The media is always projecting the Democrats’ own deranged mindset onto conservatives, which is why their attacks come across as so downright weird to normal people.

Remember how the Tea Party was always described as a racist hillbilly club that wanted to put blacks in chains? Yeah, that was all projection.

The Democrats had their Tea Party movement and that is exactly how it went. The Ku Klux Klan was a southern Democrat organization that used political violence to try to stop Republican-led efforts to give newly-freed blacks political and economic equality. The Democrats had pretty much lost that argument already through the Civil War, so they turned to terrorism to try to keep the blacks in America down.

When they claimed that the Tea Party was a racist lynch mob, they were just projecting their own ideals onto the Tea Party. Everything the Democrats accuse conservatives of doing and being — yep, projection. Americans watched as Tea Party rally after Tea Party rally picked up all its trash and kept the public parks looking cleaner than when they arrived, with nary a lynching in sight!

Every once in a while, a Republican will lose his or her cool and finally deck some little Democrat Party weasel, and the media will hold that up and trumpet it as proof that there is “NO PLACE IN AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR THIS KIND OF VIOLENCE!” Then they’ll go right back to reporting that the little Antifa riot that burned down half of an American city was somehow the fault of Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulis, Donald Trump or League of Power.

For example, you probably remember the time that Rep. Greg Gianforte of Montana body-slammed a sniveling reporter. The reason why you remember this incident was because for three straight days it was the “most important story” in the world regarding “Trump-era political violence.” We were assured that Gianforte should not be allowed to be seated in Congress because of this outburst.

But does anyone remember when Al Franken body-slammed a heckler at a Howard Dean rally in 2004? No, because to the media, that heckler had it coming! Who was he to try to heckle Howard Dean? Yes, that’s right. Al Franken body-slammed a person (not even a reporter) at a Howard Dean rally and the media never mentioned it again.

Speaking of Howard Brush Dean III, chances are that you never attended one of his fundraising rallies when he was the head of the Democratic National Committee. Those were really something! The décor at the rallies: 18-foot-tall black-and-white photos of historical Democrats with red, black and white banners surrounding the stage, where Howard Dean would screech at the top of his lungs.

The diminutive Dean conducted fundraising rallies in all 50 states during his time as DNC chairman, using the all the pageantry and imagery of the Nazi Party while he screeched into a microphone. So, when Democrats or CNN refer to President Trump as “literally Hitler…” Yeah, that’s just more projection on their part.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s interview with Matt #MeToo Lauer of NBC didn’t go as well as she had planned. Her handlers had tried to intimidate Lauer so he wouldn’t ask any questions about that email server that she wiped with a bleach cloth. Hillary was reportedly enraged after the interview and shrieked at her staff that Donald Trump would have them all “swinging from lampposts” if he won the election.

Given the violent and deranged Democrat Party’s propensity for projection, we should all give a prayer of thanks that Hillary lost, because we now know what her intentions toward conservatives would have been if she’d won.

President Trump is making tremendous strides in reducing the political power of the Democrats. The Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Education, Health and Human Services Department, the State Department and other federal entities are dumping the dead weight at unprecedented rates, and this is all by design.

Some are fretting at the cuts that Trump is making, but we should all be applauding. The Democrats hate all of us and they have no problem if their fringe elements kill us or our families. Our best response is to keep them out of power and to keep the Second Amendment intact.

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