Who is Bob Corker? A closer Look at the Man and his Influence on Tax Reform

“The White House is adult day care, and Trump will start WWIII,” Bob Corker told the New York Times. Corker complained to the NYT that he thinks President Trump believes he is on a reality TV show. He told reporters that there is a team of people struggling to keep Trump in the middle of the road.

Corker is a businessman by training, but he joined the Senate in 2007. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but that’s about the time when many nefarious business interests had become permanently embedded in Washington thanks to the easy wars of the early 2000s.

In 2008, he endorsed delivering a $350 billion bailout package to Wall Street. He supported Barack Obama’s plan to sell $1.2 billion dollars in weapons to Saudi Arabia, which is a known supporter of terrorism, paid directly into the Clinton Foundation and is almost certainly connected to the attacks of 9/11. He also supports a carbon tax, which means a tax on the living substance of every human being.

Bob Corker is a member of a generation of Republicans often referred to as neocons. These are globalist, elite, big government promoting con men. They, in the words of Steve Bannon, have no respect for the hardworking and decent men and women of America. These are people who work three days a week, have no connection or concern for the economic crisis that faces the people of this country. And while the average working person now has to hold down two jobs just to keep the lights on, Corker and the like are on a permanent vacation.

He represents a generation of Republicans that does not keep its promises, a group of people who have accomplished nothing since 2007, and still, think their negative opinions of the most productive president in recent memory have some validity.

Corker says that the way President Trump speaks when he speaks openly about other countries is dangerous. He says, when Trump speaks, it causes turmoil in the region he is addressing.

What Bob Corker fails to report when he talks about the President with the NYT, is the fact that Trump has been very effective in his foreign policy efforts. He, unlike the two presidents before him, has made measured military moves against terrorist groups in the Middle East, moves that have killed actual enemies rather than civilians walking out of their houses.

When Trump speaks about the menace of North Korea, he speaks accurately- which is scary- because North Korea is truly dangerous. Corker is of a mind that it would be better to speak gently to Kim Jong-Un, a man who regularly makes credible existential threats to his neighbors… and anyone else who interacts with him.

But Trump has been very successful in his foreign policy regarding North Korea. He has negotiated with more than 20 countries who have withdrawn their connections to North Korea as a result. This has isolated the North Korean regime so that they have fewer resources with which to bolster their fighting power.

In retrospect, while the Bush Jr. administration was working to find an excuse to go into Iraq- using terms like rogue nation and spreading democracy- North Korea was a real rogue nation in desperate need of democracy. All this time, North Korea has been out of control, violating the rights of its own citizens who languish under one of the most insular communist regimes the world has ever seen and has menaced South Korea.

South Korea is our friend- yet while they hunker under constant threat from their northern neighbor, often losing their citizens to North Korean human trafficking rings- the U.S. has gone gallivanting around the Middle East chasing terrorists that we armed ourselves.

When you discover a rat infestation, you can’t ignore it, cover it up and pretend it doesn’t exist. The problem will certainly get worse. But if you tackle the problem, the first thing that happens is rats start to scatter and the smell of the nest fills the house. It’s frightening and disgusting- but that’s not the exterminator’s fault.

President Trump is addressing the North Korea problem in the way it should be addressed. Sometimes his rhetoric is over the top. But firing possibly nuclear missiles into the Pacific Ocean over Japan is also over the top.

What’s disgusting is that people like Bob Corker understand all this. But they are connected to an international establishment that wants one thing- the consolidation of power for itself. Bob Corker is not an American, he is a globalist.

~ American Liberty Report

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