Why the Left Hates Trump’s Tax Plan

If you’ve ever tried to help a person who is bent on adhering to toxic ideations about their life and the whole world around them, you can begin to understand why Democrats are so unhappy about Donald Trump’s new tax bill.

Trying to help such a person has undoubtedly revealed to a better understanding of why they cannot be helped. Suppose, for example, there’s someone in your life that is convinced that they are oppressed and pursued by the people around them. At first, you may have great compassion for them. You may even find them to be charming and convincing. You may even believe, at first, that their perceptions of being persecuted and hunted are accurate. When this is the case you may try to help them. You may listen and offer solutions.

In such a situation, you will find that the better your advice is- the truer your care and concern- the more rapidly and intensely the person will resort to defensive rage. They will direct it at you, then you will understand why Democrats, (and NeverTrumper Republicans) are so hostile toward the new tax bill that the Trump administration has finally managed to pass.

Now back to our friend… When a person develops a paranoid personality defect, they will inevitably begin to create complex survival mechanisms that allow them to survive in a hostile, albeit imaginary, world they have created for themselves. Now, if you offer them any real solutions- solutions that would work- what you are doing is showing them that there is a way out of the nightmare. Now, to a healthy person, being offered a way out of a toxic and paranoid scenario would be exceedingly welcome. But to someone whose entire personality- whose entire way of being is built around gaining sympathy and surviving through one crisis to another- that way out will look like an open airlock into the vacuum of space where they would surely die.

This is why some people cannot be helped.

In the case of the Democratic Party and Trump’s tax bill what they are looking at is a window into a new age of American prosperity. The Democratic Party is not designed to function in an age of prosperity. It is designed to thrive amid a dwindling middle class, among a predatory upper class, and an enormous influx of culturally incompatible immigration.

The tax reform bill will save working Americans a lot of money. A lot. It will enhance the economy. It will strike a real blow against poverty- and those are things that the Democrats are bitterly opposed to.

They cannot sell you welfare if you are financially secure. They cannot fund their bloated wealth distribution programs if the wealth they want to redistribute is not confiscated. They will have no free handout to offer the immigrant voters that they need to survive at the poles. And if they can no longer convince the black community that they are the only party that cares about black people then the Democratic Party will crumble into vampiric dust.

This is why they have resorted to bitter obstructionism. This is why they only have two things to say about the tax bill. “It will only help the rich,” they say, over and over like a mistrained parrot. The other thing they say is “It won’t help the poor!” to which we can only reply- that the poor do not pay taxes. You cannot offer tax relief to people who do not pay taxes.

Our friends on the other side of the aisle are not interested in solutions. They are only interested in problems because they only know how to sell Americans the story of themselves as the savior for those suffering imaginary problems.

The Democrats have become like that person in your life who cannot be helped, who will not be helped. They will fight desperately and bitterly against anyone who offers them any real solutions- because to them- solutions are a poison to everything they have become. The Democrats have become like a drowning victim who threatens to pull down anyone who comes near them- even those who only want to help.

Sometimes in life, you encounter people who simply cannot be helped- and when that happens, the would-be rescuer has no choice but to distance themselves. We have to allow that poor, unfortunate soul to self-destruct. Let them scream, place blame, and make idle threats. These are only the dying cries of the party of lost causes.

~ American Liberty Report

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