Will the Anti-Israel UN Vote Pay for THE WALL?

The United Nations voted by an overwhelming majority in December to defy President Trump’s call to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The final vote was 128 to 9, with 35 abstentions. President Trump and Ambassador Nikki Haley warned other nations that America would be watching the results closely.

The question is, how will President Trump now follow through on his veiled threat?

On a side note, isn’t it refreshing to have someone in the Oval Office who follows through on threats and promises? The past four administrations — Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama — all paid lip service to the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital when they were running for office, but never moved to solidify it.

The most obvious and popular move that President Trump could take at this time would be to start cutting foreign aid to the nations that betrayed American and Israel in this instance. As we’ll demonstrate, the funds that America disburses annually to countries that absolutely hate us could easily pay for The Wall on our southern border, with plenty of money left over for other important infrastructure projects.

The Daily Caller tallied the foreign assistance that America delivers to the 128 dissenting countries and it works out to approximately $24 billion next year. Exploring the map that the federal government provides at ForeignAssistance.gov is enough to leave you simply scratching your head. America gives a staggering amount of money to nations that despise us and in many cases, to nations that are serious human rights violators.

Nigeria, which voted against the Israel resolution, is scheduled to receive $419 million from the American taxpayers next year. Jordan, right next to Israel and also dissenting, will receive an even $1 billion in foreign aid. Pakistan will rake in $344 million, South Africa will take in $310 million and Vietnam will collect about $82 million. Even communist China, which is now supposedly an economic powerhouse, collects $1.5 million in foreign aid from the American taxpayers. That’s right, under this broken system, American workers who watched their jobs outsourced to China are now sending that nation foreign aid through taxes on their unemployment insurance.

We’ve heard a lot of excuses and threats over the years from establishment Republicans that America spends too much on foreign aid, but this budget for other countries continues to increase every year. Foreign aid stood at $29 billion in 2008, George W. Bush’s last year in office. Obama expanded that to $35 billion in 2009 and averaged $45 billion every year after that. The $25 billion in planned disbursements from the Trump administration in 2018 is an astonishing $20 billion cut. Now the president has an excuse to trim the fat even further!

And what a great time to cut foreign aid, since so many of the president’s opponents have been complaining that The Wall would simply be too expensive to build. Depending on whose estimate you look at, construction of The Wall along the entire length of the US-Mexico border could range from $8 billion, according to the National Precast Concrete Association, to more than $67 billion according to figures from Sen. Claire McCaskill’s (D-MO) office. Wisdom and history say the actual price will probably be somewhere in between those two figures.

If President Trump saves America another $24 billion per year in foreign aid by cutting off the anti-Israel losers at the UN, The Wall on our southern border could easily be paid for in two to three years, with billions left over. This is exactly what America First foreign and domestic policy is supposed to look like.

American aid and access to America’s trade markets should be something that other nations aspire to, rather than a handout that they just expect (as they currently do). What has Pakistan done for America to prove it is worthy of $344 million per year from our taxpayers? That nation was harboring Osama bin Laden, for Pete’s sake! President Trump could easily rally the people behind him if he starts highlighting the outrageous foreign aid racket and moves to derail it.

We strongly suspect that President Trump will follow through on his threat to cut foreign aid to the nations that stood against him and Israel. It is long past time when America should have done so. The globalists at the UN can stand together and gloat that they “stopped President Trump,” but we shall see who has the last laugh.

~ American Liberty Report

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