Will the IRS Finally Face Justice?

The old wisdom is that the truth will always come out in the end. This year seems to prove the adage correct. The left was willing to say anything to oppose Trump (and they still are), and lie after lie is being debunked. In the latest emergence of truth, we finally have proof that the IRS scandal was more than just right-wing smoke. There was a deliberate attack, and it represents a level of corruption and criminal activity that is downright bone chilling. With the truth available, the chance for real justice is finally available.

The Scandal

For those who might have forgotten, the IRS targeting scandal first garnered attention in 2013. In the first year of Obama’s second term, it came to light that the IRS was targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups with audits and general harassment solely because of their political affiliation.

Suspicious behavior dated back as far as 2011, before Obama was re-elected, and caused a large number of nonprofits to struggle to remain open. At the time, the IRS claimed that the disproportional number of audits coincidentally hit right-wing groups because their behaviors were suspicious.

As the progressives would say, the IRS gas-lighted and victim-blamed conservative groups. Obama looked the other way (probably because the entire thing was at his insistence), and the IRS faced no justice.

While we all knew that corruption was evident, only recently did the real proof emerge. Newly released emails show that the IRS was deliberately targeting groups that self-identified as aligning with the Tea Party. In the emails, the IRS director admonished that the name “Tea Party” should be scrubbed from official records but that the practice should continue. This, along with testimony from multiple IRS agents, has shown that the only common “behavior” that caused IRS prosecution was being registered Republican.

First Steps Toward Justice

Righting the wrongs committed by the IRS will not be an easy task. Trump has taken the first step. The head of the IRS has been removed, and he will be temporarily replaced by David Kautter. This alone will not resolve the situation, but for the first time since the scandal came to light, there won’t be an acting commissioner deliberately blocking any investigations. No formal investigation has yet been launched, but it is finally possible.

In the meantime, a class action civil suit is now underway to pursue justice through another means. It is through the civil case that the incriminating emails have finally been released. We will hope that the Trump Administration will push for a formal investigation and follow any necessary criminal charges, but we still have to wait and see.

The Tyranny of Obama

Ultimately, the IRS scandal is just a symptom. The real problem lies with Obama, and we have let him get away with too much for too long. Nixon was impeached for spying on the DNC. Obama was caught red-handed spying on Trump and his campaign. The left denied it outright, and yet unequivocal proof is now available. Nothing happened.

They tried to impeach Nixon for bombing Cambodia. Obama started three new wars, and he authorized almost a dozen secret military campaigns. He used more unilateral military power than any president in history, and yet no one batted an eye. The Nobel Peace Prize Winner dropped more bombs than the previous two presidents combined, and yet his war crimes have been completely overlooked. If that wasn’t enough, he abused domestic levels of unilateral power more than any three presidents combined, and still we have seen no push for justice.

Obama’s presidency brought new meaning to the term corruption. Hillary Clinton and all of her fallacies were just an extension of his failures. The IRS scandal, stumbling economy, failed world politics, Benghazi, Russian scandals and election meddling, political spying and a countless number of other offenses all lie at his feet.

We surely should demand that President Trump order an investigation into the IRS and right those wrongs, but it is nowhere near enough. Obama, more than Hillary or any of his other cronies, needs to answer for his crimes. No one in history has hurt this nation as much or gotten away with as many deeds. It’s time to afford Obama just a fraction of the scrutiny currently aimed at Trump.

The truth will continue to come to light, and allowing Obama’s crimes to go unpunished or even uninvestigated is an intolerable affront to justice and the principles of our great nation.

~ American Liberty Report