Your Trump Feedback – My Comments

First of all, I’d like to thank you for all the feedback we’ve received on our messages.  It was all across the board.

Some love him… Some hate him… And a few subscribers are taking us to task on some comments I made.

We love ALL of the feedback we’ve received (positive and negative) and I look forward to continuing this lively discussion.

These messages are about serving you and covering the topics you’d like to see us cover and investigate.

So let us have it.

Yesterday, I sent along a letter covering the rally Trump had at a sold out American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas.  Regardless, of how you feel about Trump it was an impressive feat.

Here is some of your feedback and my comments:

I liked the article about “Trump Rocking” the house in Texas! The problem I have is that you even mentioned the name “Obama”! He is the reason we are in trouble!!! That is also the reason Trump is going to win the election!!!!


My comment:  Hey I get it… We’re NOT Obama fans either.  The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is probably one of the most dangerous and expensive pieces of legislation ever enacted.

You’re not likely to hear any Obama praise coming from me.  However, I was by no means praising Obama.  I was simply stating a fact.

One of the only other candidates in recent memory to draw crowds like the one Trump did in Dallas was Obama.  I was merely pointing out that he was also able to draw a large crowd.  Not endorse any of his policies.

I’m sure his name will come up again… I’ll be ready for the feedback.

Sorry to see that you and quite a few misguided fellow Americans are taken in by this know nothing, egotistic bully who is more of a showman than a serious thinker. I have emailed the RNC and told them that should this idiot be our nominee, I and my family, seven votes will leave the Republican Party and become Independent. I have started a local movement called ABT anyone but Trump.

Hope you will take note and report to the self-proclaimed Big Man.



My comment: Ray, I appreciate the feedback.  We’re covering Trump because he is a serious contender for the White House.  I’m not endorsing Trump at this time nor have I decided who I’ll vote for.

I can certainly see the reasons why someone would prefer one of the other candidates over Trump.  He has his flaws, just like everyone else.  To me his appeal is that he is not a career politician who represents business as usual in Washington.  That overall message seems to be resonating.

Though if it came down Trump or Hilary or even Trump or Bernie Sanders would you still not vote for Trump?  I personally would not be able to vote for Hilary or Sanders over Trump.

We’re still early in the process… So you may still get your way without resorting to drastic measures.

What thinking American would even go see this crook?


My comment: Apparently over 18,000 in the Dallas area alone.

Thanks again for the comments and feedback.  All is welcomed both positive and negative.

We read everything that comes in and if it’s interesting enough I may just comment on it in this letter.

Tonight we have the second debate in California.  I’ll be watching, and will be sure to share my thoughts tomorrow.  Hope you’ll share your thoughts with me as well.

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