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Clinton Tweets Supports of 11-Year-Old Who Kneels During Pledge of Allegiance

During her 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton often called on young women to look to her as a role model. Now Clinton has tweeted her support of an 11-year-old who took a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance in class. Once again, Clinton has shown her knack for grabbing the spotlight in disparaging our country. Clinton’s tweet came in response to the actions of Mariana Taylor, a Maryland sixth-grader, who took a knee when her classroom recited the pledge. Various groups of students across this country have chosen to remain seated due to religious and personal beliefs during the pledge ...Continue reading

Mainstream Media Conspire To Run Anti-Trump Propaganda

President Trump dubbed the fake news media “The Enemy of the People.” The press have hounded him for saying this, but they have just proven him right. In an unprecedented and coordinated attack on the office of the President of the United States, the left-leaning biased mainstream media executed a simultaneous attack on the President starting last Thursday. More than 350 newspapers across the country ran anti-Trump editorials. What’s worse is that they openly conspired to do so. The Boston Globe was the ringleader in this attack. Earlier last week, the anti-Trump newspaper openly called for this simultaneous attack. This ...Continue reading

Google Still Tracks You, Even if You “Opt Out”

Google promises that if you don’t want them to track your every move, turn off the location services button on your phone. This goes for both Android and Apple phones. Turning off this feature is supposed to keep Google in the dark on where you go and what you do. But suppose we told you it doesn’t matter if you opt out or not? Google still tracks you, and they still give your information to third parties. Sometimes those third parties are corporate entities. Sometimes they are government entities. Gross, right? Well, it gets worse. Go ahead and try shutting ...Continue reading

2018 Midterms: It’s the Immigration, Stupid

James Carville, the former Chief Attack Weasel for the Clinton crime family in the 1990s, once famously quipped, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Carville was pointing out the number one “kitchen table issue” facing the voters at the time, and he was right. Running on the economy helped propel Slick Willie into the White House, where he could wile away the hours treating interns like a humidor. In 2018, however, the economy is booming. It’s roaring back. Jobs and more importantly, wages, are on the rise. So, the message we should be shouting to every Republican running for Congress this fall ...Continue reading

Democratic Socialists Are Too Stupid to Add. Seriously

This is the most mind-boggling thing you will hear all week: the left still loves Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She has done nothing but make a fool of herself on the national stage, and the progressives only praise her more. Everything out of her mouth is fundamentally wrong in every way, and that doesn’t seem to matter at all. So, we’re going to do something exhausting. We’re going to look at the very basic math surrounding her three proposals and show how they don’t add up. Health Care Bernie Sanders himself quotes the price tag of his Medicare for all proposal at ...Continue reading