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Betsy DeVos Calls Out College Campuses for Suppressing Free Speech

The suppression of free speech within academia is one of the most serious and pressing dangers that this country is facing. Without the ability to learn and express ideas that expand beyond the accepted liberal dogma, students attending even the most prestigious universities in the country will inevitably be indoctrinated rather than educated. Of course, indoctrination has long been the end goal of the far left ever since they began taking total control over the education system. Thankfully, this is a plan that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is attempting to thwart. During a speech at the National Constitution Center's ...Continue reading

China & Facebook Ban Christian Content Using Similar Means

In the light of so much deception and violence coming out of Liberal Democrats, academia, Hollywood, and the mainstream media- many people are beginning to see a connection between the bigotry of the left and the virtue of those they target. What we’re talking about is Christianity. Over the last three years, the religion has been growing in part because the virtues specific to the religion are under direct attack by leftist forces. Christianity is a religion that centers around independence from everything except God’s law. Christians are directed to adhere to laws that come from God. They are given ...Continue reading

Kavanaugh’s Accuser Despises Trump – Her Attorney Defended Bill Clinton and Al Franken

Christine Blasey Ford, the university professor from California whose allegations have placed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination in possible jeopardy is hardly the impartial victim that she is being portrayed to be by Democrats and the mainstream media. Not only is Ford a registered and contributing Democrat but her attorney is a lifelong defender of sexual predators like Bill Clinton and former senator Al Franken. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California revealed at the 11th hour of the Senate vote for Kavanaugh there was a then-unnamed woman who claimed to have been assaulted while both were in high school. ...Continue reading

Tucker Carlson Blasphemes “The Diversity” in America

In case you missed it, Tucker Carlson spoke ill of “The Diversity” on his Fox News show last week. Carlson, using his tricky rhetoric and hate facts, dared the audience to justify its blind allegiance to “The Diversity”, as if all us lovers of vibrant diversity are some sort of a cult. Carlson quipped, “How, precisely, is diversity our strength? Since you’ve made this our new national motto, please be specific.” OK, Tucker Carlson and your hate facts! The Twitterverse may have refused to answer your direct, pointed question and simply resorted to calling you a racist and demanded that ...Continue reading

Pro-Hillary Election Rigging Scandal Erupts

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to accusations of election rigging and new evidence shows they were more than accusations. On Tuesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed in an exclusive that an email from November 8, 2016, has surfaced showing top Google executives talking about how they manipulated search results in order to favor Hillary’s campaign. The next day, Fox News reported, “Carlson said November 9, 2016, email came from Eliana Murillo, Google’s former head of multicultural marketing, and it was subsequently forwarded by two Google vice presidents to more staffers throughout the company.” Of note is that no ...Continue reading