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On Tariffs, Congress Suddenly Regrets Being Ned Beatty for Obama’s Deliverance Squad

The Republican-led Senate waited until President Trump was out of the office on a successful European tour to throw a symbolic hissy fit over tariffs. Now that a pro-America patriot is in the Oval Office, the establishment Republicans are suddenly lamenting the fact that Congress has ceded so much of its power over the years to the Executive branch. Didn’t really think that through very well, did you, guys? The Senate voted 88-11 that they will attempt in a future spending bill to include language that the Senate should be included in tariff talks. The entire thing was smoke and ...Continue reading

The Left is in a Tizzy after Elon Musk Reveals Political Leanings

Are liberal meltdowns the most entertaining thing in the world? Probably. If you share even a sliver of that sentiment, then the latest hysteria will probably elicit a chuckle. This time, it’s liberal favorite Elon Musk who’s in the hot seat, and the situation couldn’t possibly be more ridiculous. Musk has a few accomplishments to his name. He really made his way as one of the founding partners of PayPal. After selling his stake, he used the cash to start Tesla Motors and SpaceX. While SpaceX has done some admittedly cool things, both of these companies are closer to scams ...Continue reading

Democrats Shocker! Polls Show Blue Wave Never Existed

A new Axios/SurveyMonkey poll shows that the supposed inevitable “blue wave” that would give the Senate back to the Democrats may never make it to the midterms. The poll shows that instead of gaining its needed 2 seats, the Democratic Party is on the verge of losing three. Surf the news and one would think Republicans are about to be washed away by a flood of blue. A recent demonstration at SeaTac’s Detention Center drew well over 10,000. And everywhere you look on the news you see thousands of impassioned progressives across America. CNN, MSNBC, and the like routinely pronounce ...Continue reading

President Trump Blasts Germany’s Relationship with Russia

Actions speak louder than words. Right now, President Trump is being attacked by the media again, this time for his soft words toward President Putin at the recent summit in Helsinki. In his actions, though, President Trump has been tough on Russia and Vladimir Putin, sanctioning Russian oligarchs who make their millions by ripping off the Russian people and arming Ukranian rebels who guard against Russian invasion. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our NATO allies. After Germany announced plans to go ahead with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline - a pipeline that will make Germany and other European ...Continue reading

IRS Institutes a Travel Ban on American Taxpayers

An important part of the objection to communism is that such a system cannot work unless it is a closed system. That is to say, the citizens of a true communist society cannot be allowed to leave. The reason is simple. The people are the means by which the government derives its wealth and provides value to those to whom wealth is redistributed. Letting people leave would be like letting someone come into a factory and walking off with valuable equipment. This is why we heard so much about communist defectors from the USSR in the 1980s. No one was ...Continue reading