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IRS Institutes a Travel Ban on American Taxpayers

An important part of the objection to communism is that such a system cannot work unless it is a closed system. That is to say, the citizens of a true communist society cannot be allowed to leave. The reason is simple. The people are the means by which the government derives its wealth and provides value to those to whom wealth is redistributed. Letting people leave would be like letting someone come into a factory and walking off with valuable equipment. This is why we heard so much about communist defectors from the USSR in the 1980s. No one was ...Continue reading

Finally! Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to be Impeached

After exhausting House procedures to compel Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to produce documents pertaining to the Mueller hearings, a group of House conservatives has confirmed that they are preparing to file charges of impeachment against the Deputy AG. The group’s spokesman said that impeachment was their only option because of Rosenstein’s lack of cooperation with their attempts to investigate reported political bias in the FBI. House Freedom Caucus founder Jim Jordan (Rep-OH), Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows, and their conservative colleagues have spoken out against Rosenstein for months over his refusal to release to Congress documents related to allegations of ...Continue reading

Massive Corruption Uncovered by Mueller’s “Pit Bull” in Manafort Case

Court records confirm that Senior Justice Department prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann arranged meetings with the Associated Press in April 2016 to discuss Paul Manafort's case before he was appointed to the Robert Mueller investigation. The meeting was first reported on this past January but at that time it wasn’t certain who instigated the meeting. The newly released court documents that include a complaint the FBI filed against Weissmann and electronic communications offer the first indication that reached out to the AP. According to sources, that meeting with the AP was attended by Weissmann, three different litigating offices, a representative from ...Continue reading

Fitness Trackers Expose Secret Military Bases and Secret Agents Names

Ready for the understatement of the year? The United States military has lots of secrets. Many of them we understand, and kind of know about already. Like the fact that there is a jet that can go higher, faster, and blow more stuff up than the most advanced jet you know about. That’s the jet that’s still top secret. Eventually, it will get out and they’ll have something else secret waiting in the wings ready to take its place. What you’ve got to understand about military secrecy is, it isn’t always about pulling off nefarious deeds on the public. Sometimes ...Continue reading

Obama Admin Had the Chance to Cripple the Global Heroin Trade, But Chose to Play Politics Instead

The Obama legacy continues to crumble as news sources reveal that he and his administration torpedoed plans to strike a devastating blow at the global heroin trade. Fully 90 percent of terrorism in Afghanistan is funded by the drug. Obama’s administration cited “political concerns” as the reason for ordering the end of the plan - Operation Reciprocity. When the plan that could have shut down the worldwide spread of narcotics ended, Afghanistan became a narco-state in 2015. The result of Obama’s actions, according to Politico’s John Meyer, was a failure to “sever the critical revenue streams financing the deadly insurgency ...Continue reading