Americans Not the Only Ones Against Lockdowns, International Protests Against Restrictions Rage Across Europe

It was 15 days to slow the spread. We were going to bend the curve so we had time to ramp up hospital supplies to deal with the pandemic. At the time of this writing, we are more than 190 days into the lockdown. Every time a governor or local politician has eased up the slightest bit on restrictions, economies boomed, people prospered, and there were no surges of coronavirus.

These lockdowns are illegal. They’re harmful. They’re the living embodiment of everything we have ever feared from the communists in this country. They’re also not unique to America.

The media wants you to believe that you’re denying science for hating the restrictions. They want you to think you’re the only one. You’re not. The lockdowns exist across the world, and they are hated in every country where they have been implemented. Looking at just a few examples, you’ll see that this is a global problem after all. Leftists are hurting people in every country, but good people fight back every time. You’re not alone. The whole world is with you. Here’s proof.

This weekend, Berlin had a huge protest. Tens of thousands showed up to petition the government to end stifling coronavirus restrictions. Also just like in America, counter-protesters showed up to cause trouble. The media smeared the lockdown protestors as Nazis. The demonizing of conservatives is happening everywhere.

For Germany, this wasn’t the first protest. There have been a few dozen since summer, and all had tens of thousands of attendees. This won’t be the last protest either.


It would be fun to list every country where massive protests are fighting against lockdowns, but that would take too long. There’s an entire Wikipedia entry on the topic (although it demeans the protests as you would expect).

Protests have had substantial traction in more than 30 countries and on every populated continent. Plenty of these protests happened under authoritarian rule where protesting itself is illegal. China won’t say how many protesters they have arrested, but you can bet it’s a high number.

Spain was one of the worst-hit countries in the world on this thing. They have had thousands protesting on repeat. The U.K. might as well have looked like another U.S. state, their protests have been so widespread. The entire world is against these lockdowns. When the media portrays it as a uniquely right-wing American sentiment, they’re lying.

This brings us back to America. We’ve had countless protests across our country. There’s one in particular that you need to know about. Health experts in our country have rallied together in a petition to end lockdowns. The petition has been endorsed by 73,000 healthcare workers. That number includes 3,200 public health research scientists, about 5,000 practicing physicians, and countless other doctors, data processors, nurses and all the rest.

The petition was started by researchers at Stanford and Oxford, and they all cried out in the same voice. These lockdowns are doing much more harm than good. It’s time for them to end.

If 73,000 healthcare workers agree with this, maybe it’s time we took back the narrative and pointed out how anti-science these lockdowns are. It’s time to re-enter the fight with renewed vigor.

59 thoughts on “Americans Not the Only Ones Against Lockdowns, International Protests Against Restrictions Rage Across Europe”

    1. This has to stop. The unrest is evident in our country and abroad. People are getting to be hypochondriacs my own family in NJ. Afraid to leave the state. Afraid for me their mother to visit because I live in N.C. when will it end. I believe God is our only hoe. Not enough people are praying. Please PRAY.

      1. The serious illnesses and deaths from this virus are so low that it seems it is time to lift all restrictions and go back to normal. We cannot live like this when there are more negatives with continuing to live in isolation and fear than with going back to living.

    2. In California the lockdown, and the temporary ‘re-openings’ that are rescinded a few days after are all political and have been since June 2020. This is all in the liberals attempt to blame Trump for this fiasco. This germ warfare began in the worlds largest prison camp, cesspool, toilet and SHIT PIT, china, pure and simple and anyone who thinks different needs to go back to school and get real.. Trump had absolutely nothing to do with this BS and the liberals know it. In California the head ASWIPE, gavin ‘gruesome’ giveaway the store for free newsom’ has been getting up on television and flaps his lying gums and nothing but hot air, putrid gas and BULLS**T comes out. is it a surprise this clown is ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’s nephew? No way in hell did this social climbing pretty boy, first class ass wipe, weasel and snake in the grass was elected legitimately and anyone who thinks so hasn’t been paying attention, has their head up their ass or likes living in what California under the liberals has become :an overpriced, unaffordable and unlivable , bum populated, crime ridden open air third world toilet and in the case of newsom’s former stomping ground San Francisco, the new ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA. I’ll leave this up to your imagination but as someone born and raised in San Francisco, the moniker sadly fits. Hopefully the last 7 months of shutdown along with the last 3 1/2 years of the liberals doing nothing for America has convinced them about the liberal agenda. . If otherwise, they’re clueless and very obviously haven’t been paying close attention

    3. This is the worldwide move to totalitarian government. I do not call the Democrats by that name anymore, they are socialists, they want complete control. We must start calling them socialists, and some of them outright communists. We have to label them for what they are – and they are not Democrats anymore. Make it a point when you are discussing politics that you say they are at the very least socialists. There are several dozen Marxist groups in the USA trying to gain control and they are doing a good job of that. All of you need to read the US Communist Manifesto that was read into Congress so as to make it a permanent record that can not be erased on January 10, 1963. You will see how far along they are to fulfilling the 45 tasks. Probably the biggest is that they OWN the schools. This is not a game, folks, we need to win this election in a huge way and then stuff these bastards in jail.

    4. I would gladly sign a petition to cease all components of the lock down! It would be great to see sanity returned to the USA and the world!

    1. Bill Gates is very much complicit in all this. He is providing funding for a vaccine that he will no doubt require anyone who gets it, to get a microchip implanted in them so their “biorhythms can monitored”. He also funded the Wuhan lab where the virus was developed! He is responsible for the deaths of millions of Indian citizens when another vaccine he helped developed resulted in the deaths of innocent people. Bill Gates is guilty of crimes against humanity and should be tried as such!!!

      1. He is our enemy and should be treated as such. He is pro communism and anti western culture and supports a policy of deletion of a large portion of the world population. He has become a very dangerous man.

      2. My concern too is they will work with China to get a vaccine in turn China will add HIV or some other germ as well. WHO wrote about it. I know President Trump is getting vaccine to help us gain immunity but CCP vaccine through Biden & Bill gates would add to our demise. Who is Bill Gates to say it would be mandatory to get vaccinated when it is voluntary and not by coercion.

  1. It is clear that the left, European and American, wants a permanent state of emergency which serves a the pretext for a surveillance state, nationalization of the economy, repression of citizens through cancel culture and the use of rampaging mobs to intimidate the population. The European socialists and the American democrats and the communists and black supremacists who are their muscle have imposed lockdowns and dictatorship now because of the Biden-funded Chicom virus whose release they and Soros arranged last fall. They are beginning the transition to permanent emergency on account of the global warming hoax, and this will be supplemented, particularly if Joe and the Hoe come to power here, by the measures they will tell us are necessary for the suppression of a “white supremacist” plot and conspiracy that will soon enough be manufactured. This will only be stopped when regular citizens retake power, as in Spain in 1936 or Chile in 1973.

      1. I like that reply as well. The political environment has become so toxic and anti-American coming from the Democrat camp it almost seems as though we wake up in a foreign country each day. Riots and looting has become a “normal” activity promoted by the Democrats in charge of our cities and urged on by the democrats in Washington. Unprotected citizens are scorned by local politicians for asking for and not getting police protection. Instead, the morons that run the cities want to do away with our police and our second amendment, just to insure we have no way to defend ourselves when they come to get us. Then they demonize our sitting president, putting up a mentally deficient candidate and a moron that slept her way to the top through corruptive power brokers. Scary though, their are enough uneducated dimwits to elect them!

  2. The lock downs are doing more harm than the virus. The virus stats are bogus. The “cases” are determined by the number of tests. Want a spike in cases? Do a spike in tests. The deaths are the worst. Nobody knows how many people have died “from” the virus. All deaths, regardless of what actually caused the death. if you tested positive, and a lot of times, no test was made, it was counted as a virus death. There are over 3 million people die in this country every year, from heart problems, diseases, suicides, murders, accidents. All these deaths, if you tested positive have been counted as a virus death, even if the virus had nothing to do with it. The CDC says the death stats are wrong. That about 6% of the so-called virus deaths are deaths “From” the virus, not deaths “with” the virus like they have been counted. They are saying that the virus has killed over 200,000 people in this country. According to the CDC, it has been about 12,000 actually killed by the virus, the rest were deaths “With” the virus. There’s a big difference. They say over 60 million tests have been made and about 5 million tested positive. They never mention 55 million tested negative. They want all 320 million to do the same thing, wear masks, keep 6 feet apart, stay home , no school, no work, don’t go to churches, restaurants, don’t go to hospitals to visit you relatives, don’t go to the funerals of your relatives that have died, these are non-essential places. Bars are all right if you want to get on a drunk.
    I am 90 years old, have seen some stupid things being done by our politicians, but never anything like this. This is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen happen in this country. It’s killing the country, the people and the businesses and need to stop. Throw out these idiot politicians and get this country back as close to normal as we possibly can before it is too late, if it isn’t already.

    1. Very well said..I’m 74+ and agree …just like to add that it needs to start with the education system, from kindergarten on up. Our youth are being indoctrinated as if they were Part of the the Hitler Youth program and we’re paying for their indoctrination through state run education systems Paid for by our tax dollars.
      We need more conservative thinkers running for school boards.

      1. So right Sarah! I have been saying this for years. Visited my grand kids school, I saw what they were teaching, everything was the fault of the US! Bull! In our state the Dems control every thing.

        1. The dems have lost their way and have become a threat to their own country. Throw the bums out and let`s get America back on track with President Donald Trump at the helm for four more years.

    2. Absolutely, Breaker. They are inflating the numbers of COVID deaths on purpose so that the medical establishment and liberal left (one in the same??) can intimidate people and make it look as if Trump is incompetent with respect to his response to the National Health Emergency. That, coupled with the fact that the white coat summit video was taken down from Facebook when someone paid Mark Zuckerberg hush money, is allowing the CCP to influence the election and take over the country. As a side note, I wish Donald Trump would have taken apart that 210,000 COVID death number Biden spewed out during the debate.

      1. Right, Nicholas, Trump would have taken the phony number to task had the closet dumbocrat Chris Wallace not interceded every 3 minutes on Biden’s behalf.

    3. I totally agree with you on the actual death count from the actual virus itself and the 12,000 people that died from the virus were probably on ventilators! The political agenda of the Democratic Party is absolutely horrific. People need to open their eyes! God bless America! Thank you for your very informative input!

  3. I’ll never understand why people everywhere are
    allowing an idiot like Soros lead them straight to hell. So he’s rich. So what? He can’t buy them a place in God’s world. Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows that God made us and everything else and He will win in the long run. Wake up, people! God is in control!! You can either follow Him or burn in hell. He gave us a choice. Use the brains He gave you!!

  4. This whole pandemic was planned and deliberate and is a plan for the NEW WORLD ORDER to take over the world. Now is the time to stop them in every country around the world! Refuse to be locked down if you need a mask that is okay but do not stay in a lockdown the rest of your lives! They want to chip all people around the globe so they can control your every move. This chip is the sign of SATAN! So stop them now!

    1. Harold, You are absolutely correct. Patriot Americans are fighting against the most evil forces that one could ever dream of. So many Americans have been misled and fooled by the press and do not know what is truly going on behind the scenes. I only became informed about the NWO agenda in 2017 while visiting a dear friend who had the courage to enlighten me about this extreme evil.

      I just picked up on this yesterday: Divide 2020 by 30330 (Biden’s campaign text code). Result= .0666073 Coincidence? NOT! These evil forces are constantly using symbolism in their messaging. Americans need to wake up in the next 3 weeks or it will be too late. Pray that GOD saves us from this evil as they appear to be winning this war.

      1. Me too, Lonni. I remember when HW Bush, the old man was president and he used to talk about the New
        World Order. I thought he was talking specifically about the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of Communism in Europe. Now, twenty years later, I realize he was speaking on a much grander scale about how he wants a one-world government. This would mean the end of the United States of America as we know it.

  5. Why aren’t Americans resisting lockdown and riots? What good is the right to bear arms if we won’t defend ourselves? Of free speech if we won’t speak up?
    Of being proud Americans if we elect Biden and enable a Socialist takeover?

    1. They are hoping we just “sit back and take it”. For example, do you want to know how your tax dollars are being spent, Peter? Well, you’re free just as any other American to read all 1,200 pages of the Federal Budget which is on display to the public. My point is, they knew most people don’t have 3 days to read the entire document, so they can’t do whatever they want with our tax dollars. The Swamp Creatures in DC have thrived on this principle for decades which is why we need to re-elect Donald Trump next month……..KAG 2020

    2. I can tell you why here in Richmond, Va. The Governor has put the onus on the business folks if, A patron does not wear a mask, and are reported to the authorities ( just like Nazi Germany) the business owner will be fined and can lose his license to operate. We the people understand and if left to be set upon instead of the poor business person, we’d thumb our noses at the Stupid and power hungry moron of a Governor that the liberals elected into office. Unfortunately we are handcuffed. The Mayor has let ANTIFA and BLM burn, loot, destroy and tear down monuments of the civil war without so much as a fine. The once beautiful city today is ravaged, no visitors, restaurants do not operate and hotels have rooms to rent. No tax revenues and soon they will be asking for help from the feds. Fat chance Mayor, Governor !! Working hard to get you removed from power!


    Communists won’t tell you their plans til they are locked in. Like Biden’s, ‘I will tell you after the election’. When he says that, that’s the proof of his intention. Communists should go to any of a number of communist countries to live their chosen lifestyle. AMERICA IS THE ONLY FREE COUNTRY. WHERE DO WE, THE FREEDOM LOVERS GO IF THEY SUCCEED IN TEARING IT DOWN?

    And, the only thing keeping those communist countries even semi tolerable is the America example. When or IF the example falls, so will those countries deteriorate exponentially.

    Vote RED for your kids and their kids.

    1. My wife and i vote next Monday,TRUMP 2020 I have tried to convience my daughters their boyfriends and husbands the 2 grandchildren old enough to vote my friends and family to vote and none of them seem interested in voting or what is happining in the country .God help us all!!!!

      1. Their votes will help determine their future. If they don`t vote their future will be determined by others. They may not like the results. Democracy only works if everyone exercises their right to vote.

  7. This virus was created by china AND the Demoncrats to DESTROY the economy. This has been the next weapon in a lineup of weapons to DESTROY Trump. They don’t care who suffers, they don’t care who dies, the more the better, that’s why every death is attributed to covid. This has been the mission from the beginning. And we are letting it work. And now the whole Democrat campaign is based on this virus.
    We MUST look beyond this virus and make the right vote and get our country and our lives back

    1. You’re absolutely right, Ricky. Biden is such a hypocrite the way he was going on and on during the debate how 210,000 people have died of this virus when that number isn’t even accurate. They want people to die so they can make Trump look bad.

  8. Most of this Socialist-Communist nonsense has taken hold since the mid sixties——a short time in American History!!!!!——–Its like cancer—its very very very bad and DANGEROUS—–Lockdowns are the latest way to deliver hard fisted Government——–America needs to fight back—–REJECT BIDEN AND ALL HIS PARTY BRINGS——Look at Trumps record—the promises kept—-INCREDIBLE–REMARKABLE

    1. So great to have a president who keeps his promises, for a change. Anyone stupid enough to vote for Biden will get more of his bullshit. Trump has done more in 47 months than “Sleepy Joe” has done in 47 years!!!

    2. Absolutely, in spite all the dirty lowdown tricks that the democrats employed against Donald Trump he has made tremendous progress in his first term. That will continue in his second term plus much more and all for the benefit of Americans and the United States of America.

  9. You all missed the point! When you have cancer you eradicate it, the cancer is Gates, his family and associates and corrupt politicians worldwide that want to totally control you, only solution! Wipe them all off the planet now while you still stand on your two feet, citizens of this planet no matter what color or religion you are, unit as one force and destroy this cancer. Nobody but you is to blame for sitting on your fat @@@@.

  10. Pray everyday and pray the rosary everyday Pray for our Nation “One Nation Under God.”
    Pray the President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence will get re-elected!
    Pray,pray,pray what ever you believe in pray, pray for our Freedoms that we are able to be Free to PRAY!
    America Home /Land of the FREE because of the BRAVE!
    Denounce Communism !!
    God Bless America and God Bless Our Constitution, and God Bless President Trump and Vice President Pence!

  11. PRAY and Vote!
    A Vote for President Trump is a Vote For All Our Freedoms!!
    A Vote for President Trump is a Vote to Denounce Satan to Denounce Communism!
    Vote and Pray!

  12. Learn history Russia is trying to restore monarchy after 100years of communism They have approached some Romanoffs Let us not allow USA go the same way It is dangerously on that road Biden’s v-p is a communist and if he is elected she will take over I am not a refugee.We came here from France (where we were refugees) as my father was invited as professor of Sociology of law by Harvard Tatiana Countess Bobrinskoy

  13. All of the information above is correct 68 a World Renowned Poet Chef motivational speaker inspired two former President’s both part of the N.W.O agenda WAKE Up and Pray for Our President DJ Trumpet sounding the ALARM before it’s Too LATE, HOLY SPIRIT genius Fire filled by my SPIRIT said the LORD GOD Almighty !

  14. This is all about population control. Look have the Democrats are salivating for power – WHY? This world would be such a better place WITHOUT politicians – and the LYING MSPM’s (Main Stream Propaganda Machines) – they are responsible for ALL the world problems. Look at how the Democrats want to take religion out of our lives. IF people could simply follow the 10 Commandments there would be no need for police – jails – prisons – most lawyers – there may still be a need for lawyers to negotiate contracts, wills etc. but nothing criminal as there would be NO criminals – there would be NO wars – in other words we have paradise right in front of our eyes but are too blind to see it.

  15. You hit the nail on the head, so-to-speak. I am a former public school teacher, so I have seen first hand how liberal “educators” fill children’s heads with political, left-wing garbage.

  16. Rather it’s Communist China, or Communist parties pretending to be Democratic, or Communist pretending to be something else, they ALL Behave the same. Communist simply do not believe in anyone’s rights or self responsibility and choices. Communist are all about their power and control. It’s just another name for Dictatorship run by a small group in power!

  17. you cannot just drain the swamp cause after you drain it it is still there left alone it WILL come back you have to completely eliminate it………..take it out……..KILL it or it WILL come back………it is ALIVE!!! don’t you know?

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