Biden Planning New Relief Deal That Will Dwarf $1.9 Trillion Stimulus

The New York times is reporting that the latest Biden administration relief package is so large it will dwarf the recent $1.9 trillion stimulus package he just signed. The new COVID-19 relief bill could land in the neighborhood of $3 trillion, marking nearly $5 trillion in pandemic stimulus spending since Biden took office just two months ago.

Like the previous stimulus, expect only a small percentage of the spending to focus on actually helping Americans.

Some of the leaked elements of the spending plan focus on rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure and reducing carbon emissions. You know, the usual leftist plan to improve one problem by spending money on something completely unrelated.

When phrases like “clean energy deployment” and “high-growth industries of the future” are thrown around, you know helping everyday Americans is pretty much out the window.

The last stimulus bill of $1.9 trillion in American tax dollars included less than 10 percent of direct help to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The bill was also enormous in size, taking nearly 11 hours to read on the House floor. It might have even included an avocado toast recipe in there somewhere.

But the latest spending bill plans to include real “essentials” like 5G telecommunications, because your kid playing Fortnite faster in the backseat of the minivan will really help stop COVID-19. At least Biden’s billionaire buddies at AT&T and Apple will be happy with the investment.


If that’s not enough to raise your blood pressure, the Washington Post reports Biden wants $400 billion included for climate change. We all care about the planet, but I don’t think reducing climate change will stop COVID-19.

But at least you might have better access to an electric car you can plug in at night to charge with electricity made from fossil fuels. And if Biden’s new plan passes, you’ll have billions spent to create electric-vehicle recharging stations nationwide.

You might think that’s nonsense, but it could come in handy after Biden’s policies crank up gas prices to $5 a gallon or more. They’re already up 25 percent nationwide since his inauguration.

The New York Times also reported the Biden administration’s plan to include huge new investments in education. Not sure how free community college stops COVID-19, but at least young Americans will have a place to learn how to build electric cars they won’t be able to afford under the new generation of taxes needed to support the change.

And if you’re all for indoctrinating your kids with liberal policies even sooner, the actions hope to include universal pre-K education. Why not add Drag Queen story hour to preschool while they’re at it?

If the Biden administration wanted to really help Americans, it could support reopening schools and businesses to allow citizens the dignity to learn and work for themselves. Americans don’t need more government; they need less of it.

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64 thoughts on “Biden Planning New Relief Deal That Will Dwarf $1.9 Trillion Stimulus”

  1. this is agenda 21 and 2030.
    they have been talking about equity and equality among the masses. note–not among the power elite. they will still be our rich masters.
    their insanity will lead to the destruction of the middle class within the next few years. then everyone will be equal and under total control.
    this is their goal.

    1. So, I know this isn’t this mornings subject, but,

      I told an aquaitance 2weeks ago that NOTHING was going to happen to Andrew Cuomo.

      And look , the one brain dead asshole in this country that had nothing to say on the matter finally broke his silence on the situation.
      A presidential pardon………… perfect

      One rapist to another….. “it’s OK Andrew, I’m guilty too, but because we’re both “elites” in the Democratic Party, their will be no reason to hold you or myself to account for our actions…….. you know it doesn’t matter when your a Dem. Murder is ok too…… just look at Ted Kennedy or Hillary.” Perfect examples of what REALLY BEING A DEMOCRAT MEANS.
      “Killer Cuomo” is gonna walk as well.. you’ll see

      1. I agree wholeheartedly, he isnt playing with a full deck Denonrats, yake his pen away. Impeach him and Harris, Piglosi, Shoemer, (not a typo), Waters all the swamp lurkers. Oh tjat includes AOC and squad.

      2. The senile old per*vert only has one or two still functioning brain cells left–just enough to follow orders from his puppet masters. The voice in his earpiece says “sign it” and he does. He doesn’t read it (because he can’t–not enough living brain cells left), he doesn’t question it (again, not enough living brain cells left) and he certainly doesn’t understand what he’s signing (again, not enough living brain cells left). So who is whispering commands in Dementia Joe’s earpiece? Could it be the shadow president, Obozo, enjoying his third term as president?

    2. The insanity will lead to internal conflict unless the truth comes out regarding the November 3rd election and the corrupt brought to justice in America and throughout the world. The corruption is so deep across the globe there has been a massive cleanup going on under everyone’s noses. The movie people are watching is meant to wake up those still sleep walking. Those being paid to push the radical agenda and narrative are about to have the curtain raised. Trump is still the President but the rest of the election will have to be rerun after the corrupt politicians are addressed. Keep the faith,

    1. I sincerely hope everybody that voted for Joe Biden are reaping all the rewards not Democrats and celebrities don’t give one damn about us I mean they’re paying thugs to get out of prison to go kill and Mame people and set fires and rape but they don’t give a damn and why do we have to give all this money 2 other foreign countries instead of giving us more stimulus money to survive one year from now in the United States will be communist and doing what they tell us they want us to do or even killing us but that’s good old Joe probably fell up those Air Force One steps because he didn’t have enough Geritol yes Geritol Joe luck people the criminals have taken over

      1. It is called money laundering. They give it to foreign countries and the foreign countries give it back to the politicians foundations which put it back in the politicians pockets. They are steeling your/our money. How do you think they get so forking rich.

    1. Don’t forget Piglosi,AOC, The Squad, Slapsy Maxie Waters,Schemer, Shifty Schiff and too many more to mention.

  2. Biden Planning New Relief Deal That Will Dwarf $1.9 Trillion Stimulus totally intended for the criminals and Illegals he is flooding this Nation with as long as they all vote Communist democrat. The communist in congress does not care one i-odem or DAMN about any true American

  3. That’s not all Biden now tho help with climate control Fianstine and her group wounts Biden to Band gas powered cars now, she needs to keep out of it their’s enough idiots speaking now! That’s his next plan!
    This nonsense has got to stop.
    They all have lost what little Mind they had!

  4. Well, golly, gee whizz. If only the GOP(LOL) and Trump had addressed election fraud when they had the chances to over the past 20+ years none of this would be happening. But, they deliberately IGNORED it. Now they’re all richer and We the People are seriously screwed.

    So, who, exactly, is on “our” side?

    1. “Trump” — you are blaming Trump for not fixing every ******* thing that is wrong and has been wrong for the past 50 years ????? You are a moron to the nth degree. He spent 4 years trying to accomplish anything good he could get passed in the MOST CORRUPT CONGRESS in our history — that includes both demo-dirtbags and worthless rinos. They spent 4 years trying to stop him from doing anything good and completely ignored their duties and oath of office. Lay blame where it belongs — ON THE IDIOT AMERICAN VOTERS WHO PUT THESE TOTAL SCUMBAGS IN OFFICE, like the ones who voted for a pedophile & former escort tramp.

      1. Actually,Gerry, only 68 million idiots voted to screw themselves & us & 80million smart people voted for Trump. Those are the real figures without the massive voter fraud. See Mike Lindell’s documentaries for the proof. Only One America News broadcasts them. Probably available on their web site,


        Keep your insults to yourself and spew them into the nearest mirror you look into. The GOP and Trump had the power to act but DIDN’T.

        Now prove me wrong. Then tell me what they actually did. Stop being a mindless dupe. They OWN YOU TOO.

        1. You are the ignorant dumbass in this dialog. Try following the not fake news for a few days to get the full and honest/undistorted reports. Funny isn’t as time goes on more is uncovered Trump is shown to be more and more correct about everything. The liars were the fake news net works, CNN.ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.

          1. I said PROVE ME WRONG that Trump and the GOP ignored Election Fraud and you ALL didn’t. All you did was fling Liberal0like insults and ducked the issue.

            TRUMP and the GOP DID NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, for 4 long years about Election Fraud.

            Now. PROVE ME WRONG.

    2. SO….why didn’t YOU do something about it. YOU have the power. We all do. All the Congress, Senate and President & VP are, are OUR employees. WE have the final say in everything. You must be a very very stupid moron because you did not study our government system and know how it runs and who runs it. Our documents say in real black and white: “FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE”. Emphasis on people. Get it yet? If you don’t you should never comment on anything that is happening today. I personally have gone out of my way to try to make a difference by contacting State officials, writing letters, trying to form a militia and more. One person cannot do it all. Looks like you are a failure as a Patriot, doesn’t it.

    3. you seem to conveniently forget that the negro from kenya and the 47 year criminal from Delaware were f..king the USA from 2009 to 2017 and that scum bag rapist traitor from Arkansas was f..king the USA from 92 to 2000 .. then his inability to take care of bad aholes gave us September 11. When we had a hero step in in 2017 the democrat KKK azzhole scum bags paid their chinkee puppeteers to release a virus into the world.. then the mental midget Trump hating racist fools voted for joey, only Trump actually won with the democrat KKK criminals f..king up the vote in 7 states and their lead azzwipe in the SC not bothering to look at the vote crimes until now.

    4. PRESIDENT TRUMP tried his damned ist to prove voter fraud but our “supreme court” leader shot him down. AND our GUTLESS republican RINO’s did the same. What the hell did YOU expect him to do??? Start a war?? That’s what the demonrats are attempting to do. Just wait and see how ignorant your comment was.

  5. The best relief our President could provide is to resign. Pelosie and Biden are showing signs of dementia. Kamala Harris is a dangerous socialist! The squad needs to be disbanded! The Democrats need to clean house before the entire nation starts hating them.
    Bring back Trump’s border policy.
    Biden’s first day was to sign as many crazy leftist documents in an attempt to destroy Trump!
    The Democrats have become a hate party! As such Biden will never unify the nation unless all of the swamp is cleaned up and sent packing!
    I encourage all Republicans to vote and fill the house with Republicans! Let’s take back our nation with votes and emails! Instead of complaining write your congressman!

    1. DA — he will unify this country BUT it will be with non-English speaking leeches who will vote democrat. Why do you think they are flooding this country with them. The democrats have just what they want and COULDN’T CARE LESS what American citizens say or want.

  6. Hello – there is not one HUMAN in this world that could ever control our climate. What in the heck are they trying to prove – just how dumb are they and they think we are all stupid too! These people in that White House are murderers. Stealing every dime we have. Destroying america FOR WHAT? IS IT ONLY MONEY??? Take the money and go away and we will live in the land of the free and brave. Bite me Biden…Harris decided she is no Asian. WHAT A JOKE OF AN ADMINISTRATION

    1. It is not about money. It is about total dominance! Harris is hoping that Biden is declared incapable of continuing as president! Then she will be President! I believe this has been the plan all along! Break out your dab grey uniform, give all your money to the socialists. Have you seen the palace Harris lives in?
      Probably she should sell it and give the proceeds to the illegal immigrants! Then she could live with the murderers, rapists, child molesters and drug cartels that the Biden administration welcomed into our country! And as usual they are lying! Why is Harris laughing about the border crisis? Maybe it’s a nervous laugh when she considers the rapists and murderers might come to her palace?

    2. Well Wendy — there appears to be a whole lot of stupid people in this world who are making these climate crisis hypocrites very wealthy. They are either totally naive or totally stupid. If people would just take a minute, lay on their roofd or lawns and look up at the sky and understand just how “vast” our universe really is — they just might come to the realization that they are being had by these worthless lying hypocrites and stop with their stupidity while the hypocrites ride around in limos,sail around on their yachts or fly around in their private jets while telling us we need to buy compact electric cars. How stupid are these people !!!!!!

      1. I wouldn’t call them stupid. They have figured out how to flood the ballot boxes with fake votes; get paybacks from appropriations to other countries; make tons of money through illegal insider trading; trying to change our Constitution by eliminating the Second Amendment and our right to bare arms; removing true history in favor of creating “1619” projects; calling the riots and arson in Portland and Seattle “a summer of love”; manipulate the press to their way of thinking; forge numbers to impress the masses and just plain old “lie long enough until the people believe it’s the truth.” Look at the Clintons and Kennedys. If you really believe what the Left is saying, then YOU are stupid. Money is power. Thank God I am at the end of my life . I feel pity for the rest of the country, in that freedom will not be a way of life any more. Socialism is evil. Just ask any Cuban that fled Cuba or Chineese that escaped China. It’s almost to the point of humor !!! Good luck America !!!

  7. Time for all Patriots to rise up and physically remove the current fake administration that is hell bent on destroying America!

    1. Violence is never the answer that is a Democrat move. Let’s rise above it and make changes a peaceful way! I have been a registered Republican for 50 years and never missed my opportunity to vote. I suggest you do the same, even though my vote during the presidential election was stolen by corrupt democrats!

      1. I too am a peace loving American, I do not like violence, but I do believe it is about time to meet violence with violence. Our Congress is ate up with corruption, I think it is time to hang the corrupt inside the halls of justice. Our forefathers would have never put up with this level of corruption, why should we? I believe antifa and BLM funds should be frozen, anyone found funding them be charged as domestic terrorists and their accounts froze and confiscated. Any politician found taking money for their votes be convicted of treason and hanged. Clean up our government

        1. true as most Americans Da, but then we were only close to the violence once before and that was in 1860.. This time it is once again a problem of a government gone left.. time to exercise the 2nd Amendment for what it was so brilliantly written and placed into the constitution ..

      2. She is correct, we have a Marxist Democrat tyrannical government now. They lie, cheat and steal to destroy our Republic. Our founding fathers put the 2AMENDMENT in our Constitution so we had a tool to protect ourselves from them. They attack our Freedom of speech and Religion. They attack our 2AMENDMENT rights so total control over the citizens can happen. They.use BLM and ANTIFA terrorist like Hitler used the Brown Shirts. To burn, loot, intimidate and destroy our history (destroy our statues). They use race to divide and conquer. They want to pack the Supreme Court. They want to get rid of the religious people in our military. They have already installed people like Newsom in Democratic controlled States. They are taking over state courts and on and on. They are in fact a clear and present danger to our Republic.

    2. Easy Patti the FBI will show up at your door with the Army reserves and arrest you for treason. You’re right, “We the People” need to rise up, band together, and get our states to pass legislation to protect our elections, limit the actions of congress men and women and senators (it should be a conflict of interest for them and their relatives to earn millions from government contracts etc.). We need to return the power and voice to the people. We don’t want open borders and to support other countries before we support Americans. Once our country is secure and strong we can consider helping other countries. So sad the shape America is currently in but we are resilient and can come back from this Administration’s disastrous policies. God Bless America and Americans.

  8. I dont understand what Biden’s trying to accomplish, is it to bankrupt the country, Destroy the Country and the people in it, Or is he just Mad? Biden is just tearing this Country apart. $3T dollars more on top of the $1.9T dollars he’s already thrown in the wind.
    This is tax money the people worked for not the Democrats, they just need to spend it.
    Give it to people crossing the border, How do those people deserve Free anything. Their already Steeling from the people
    Of the United States Of America!!
    The people that’s crossing the Border elegally get everything we don’t get. Somethings Bad wrong with that picture!!
    At this rate I see no way out of a
    Civil War that wouldn’t be good!
    The Democrats have asked for it.
    PUSH come to SHOVE the people will rise up against the aggressive
    FORCE !!

    1. I believe the same thing. People will have to rise up and say stop this craziness. The Democrats want to let all of these illegals in to keep this nation in the Democrats power forever. We cannot keep giving things away as then everyone stops working.
      They have sold us out! We are no longer the land of the free. Speech is definitely not free with all of the censorship.
      I certainly hope they will be paying their “fair share”Which should be millions.
      I am fed up>!!!!!!

  9. Moron Biden has to be stopped from creating anymore Stimulus Programs,,,people don’t realize it but this is going to cripple America ‼️

  10. This nitwit is only buying future votes while he sinks our country deeper in debt,all these morons care about is keeping the power amongst themselves,they don’t care about the American people and their actions prove it,they think let’s throw some money at us and all will be ok and all thier BS forgotten,this country is in big trouble as long as we have these leaders

  11. What the hell the country is aready in deep shit whats another 3 trillion? Biden has no idea whats going on Obama is pulling the strings

  12. If “We the People,” allow them to continue this agenda we will have NO AMERICA. This is exactly why the
    Declaration of Independence was written to protect us from a government we do not agree with, do not want in
    power. It even say’s we should overcome such a government. The folks who censor this message are censoring an American citizen who is QUOTING the document that was written by those who knew it would eventually happen. We are not a socialist equal wealth county where the only wealth GATHERED goes into the pockets of those in leadership positions. BIDEN, OBUMA (NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN) AND THIS NEW MESS KAMALA. THEY WILL BE RICH AND EATING STEAKS WHILE THE REST OF US EAT POTATOES.

  13. Wonder why they don’t mention the 5g being able to track the ones that has taken the vaccine ?
    Lets mention about the people of the WORLD BEING LEAD INTO INTO A DEEP DARK TUNNEL.

  14. Sadly I have given up all hope. According to the corrupt media, Biden is simple marvelous! The people who voted for Biden had no idea what he would do. Destroy the country! I’m a senior citizen and do not expect to see four years of this garbage. However, I worry about my grandchildren who will suffer because of this corrupt administration

    1. When Biden’s communist government takes over the news media and a lot of journalists are looking for non existent jobs, they’ll finally realize what many of we the people already know. We also have a lot of terribly stupid people who blindly vote for the party and not the person.

  15. Something I find hard to understand is that I have yet to talk to anyone who’ll say he or she voted for Biden. That being the case, how did he get elected? We know he and his socialist (communist) party rigged the election but it just seems strange that nobody voted for him.

  16. It is axiomatic under the rule of the left, but this time it is more important than ever to invest in Gold, buy Guns and pay attention to God. They used to say in Dixie to hold on to your confederate money because the South would rise again; we need to hold on to Weimar reichsmarks, postwar Hungarian pengo and Zimbabwe dollars of the last decade because hyperinflation is around the corner; there is no reason to think that this time the wipeout of the currency and the collapse of the economy will turn out any better than before, and by the end of The Dotard’s first year in office we will be eating out of dumpsters, after his second year (or that of Kammie the Commie) we will be eating zoo animals, we will be eating our pets at the end of the third year and at the end of four years we will be eating each other. Down with the dictatorship! Biden (and the round-heeled mongrel) delenda est!

  17. If he plots this to be a COVID stimulous package, nothing but that should e allowed in the bill. He is anything but for the American people along with the democrats, only power hungry, power grabbing monsters..
    The dems. had the power when Obama was in office to spend taxpayer money, but didn’t spend on the needs of the people.
    Get the democrats the hell out of D.C. Set term limits and get the Pelosi’s the hell out of the swamp and send them packing,…

  18. So when can we impeach the Biden/Harris regime? Every action they have taken is a move to destroy our country! I don’t think the people that voted for them even expected Socialist Joe. They can thank the left wing media for that.

    1. The only way that can happen is if Republicans gain control of the House and Senate. Even if that happens, I’m willing to bet the spineless, cowardly Republucans and their R.I.N.O.s wouldn’t dare impeach the senile old per*vert and his dimwitted wh@re successor. They’re afraid of the Democrats even when the Democrats have no majority anywhere.

  19. This article is weeks old. The GOP issued it’s usual canned replies for the media. The Democrat/Communist proceeded along as usual.

    And the country sank further into the Communist Swamp without a single thing to slow it down.

    Get over the notion that the GOP can save you. If they had any intention of doing so they would have acted on critical issues long ago.

  20. If the New Green Deal succeeds in it self-righteous goals the world will end in ten years.
    When the CO2 concentration drops below 150 PPM (Parts Per Million} (It is currently about 400 – 500 PPM) We will all die because all plants will stop growing. No Corn, No Wheat, No Trees, No Cows, No Fish. All plants and animals
    including humans will in perish.
    You heard it here first. Stop listening to ex-barmaids. Try listening to scientists that are actually educated.

  21. How far is the democratic government willing 2 take this spending spree. Will the generations born in the 22nd century be required 2 pay off Biden’s wish list. I.m afraid future generation end up poorer than some of us are now. Thanks dems.

  22. The senile old per*vert only has one or two still functioning brain cells left–just enough to follow orders from his puppet masters. The voice in his earpiece says “sign it” and he does. He doesn’t read it (because he can’t–not enough living brain cells left), he doesn’t question it (again, not enough living brain cells left) and he certainly doesn’t understand what he’s signing (again, not enough living brain cells left). So who is whispering commands in Dementia Joe’s earpiece? Could it be the shadow president, Obozo, enjoying his third term as president?

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