Biden’s AG Shortlist: More Reasons Why We’re Headed for a Trumpslide

Joe Biden looked like a human skeleton during his most recent campaign appearance in Pennsylvania. We didn’t get a good look at him at a Biden-Harris rally in Arizona a few days ago, because there were ZERO attendees who showed up. “Kind of boring out here,” the reporter covering the event said. We’re three weeks out from the election and Biden has yet to draw anything approximating a “crowd.” And he’s somehow supposed to be up 14 points?

I hope no one is getting tired of winning yet, because I have even more reasons to share with you on why I think we are headed for something truly special on November 3rd.

Biden’s Attorney General Shortlist Leaked

Try to follow this logic: You can’t see the names on Joe Biden’s Supreme Court list until after the election. You should therefore vote in the election to make it known who you want on the Supreme Court – either the named individuals on President Trump’s publicly-released list, or the unnamed individuals on Biden’s alleged list.

Huh? How do people vote on who they want on the court if they’re not allowed to see Biden’s list?

I have a contrarian theory about this (Surprise!). It’s not that Biden’s list is too radical for the public to stomach. The issue is that Biden doesn’t have a list. He and his campaign have no idea who they’d appoint to the Supreme Court. They’re too busy trying to plan out more of those shame circle events that they call “Biden campaign rallies.”

If they did have a list, one of the boneheads in the Biden campaign who is having an affair with one of Creepy Joe’s biggest donors would have leaked the list by now. Which just happened, by the way, with Joe Biden’s list of potential Attorney General picks. The leakers in Biden’s orbit apparently think they’re doing the campaign a favor.

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Guess who’s near the top of Joe Biden’s choices for US Attorney General?

Stacey Abrams.

The woman who is still convinced that she is the rightful Governor of Georgia, despite a pretty convincing loss back in 2018. Abrams has already proven herself more than worthy to join the DC Swamp.

While she was running for governor, she bragged that she owed more than $228,000 in back taxes, student loan debt and credit card debt. When her campaign was over, she was magically out of debt. Thanks, campaign donors! It pays to run for office when you belong to the Swamp Party.

If you think that the rule of law was turned on its head when Obama’s two Attorney General’s, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, were applying critical race theory to the Constitution, wait until Attorney General Stacey Abrams gets into power.

Also on Biden’s AG shortlist: The Nursing Home Killer, aka New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The little commies running Biden’s campaign probably think Andrew Cuomo is a great pick. They love him!

What they don’t realize is that the rest of America looks at Cuomo and sees the guy who is singlehandedly responsible for half of all the coronavirus fatalities in America. Cuomo signed an executive order that forced New York nursing homes to admit infected patients. Cuomo’s order killed tens of thousands of our most vulnerable citizens and normal Americans are repulsed by the guy.

Biden’s campaign is so inexperienced that they think they’re pulling off these major coups by leaking this info. What they don’t realize is that choosing these ultra-partisan TDS sufferers is only going to energize Trump’s base even more.

Where Are All the Trump Defectors?

I know multiple Democrats who voted for Hillary in 2016 who plan to vote for Trump next month. I know several people who were NeverTrumpers in 2016 who plan to vote for The Donald next month. But I don’t know a single person who voted for Trump in 2016 who has decided that all of this peace, prosperity, freedom and winning are just too much, so now they have to vote for Biden.

For Trump to be in really bad shape, there would have to be a sizable number of defectors out there. And I’m just not seeing that anywhere. Are you?

Don’t you think that if people were abandoning the Trump Train in droves, we’d be seeing those people on cable news 24/7? If Milo Yiannopoulos announced that he’s had it with Trump and is voting for Biden in this election, MSNBC would give him his own show tomorrow. If Bigfoot was real, he’d be on the news every day – and so would the elusive Trump Defector.

I don’t see any Trump defectors out there. All I see is the same sad bunch of GOP, Inc. losers who lost their relevance and their sinecures at the MSM scraps table in 2016 when Trump took a wrecking ball to their ineffective “surrender like a True Conservative” phoniness.

“Middle class incomes have increased by 19 percent since 2009?! You, sir!!! This time you’ve GONE TOO FAR!!!!”

The Biden campaign is a sinking ship. Not even the added ballast of “Attorney General Stacey Abrams” will be able to keep it afloat. Get ready!

129 thoughts on “Biden’s AG Shortlist: More Reasons Why We’re Headed for a Trumpslide”

      1. We need to throw all of these Marxist to the gators and the ones in Congress. These are evil people America it’s time to have a tea party on the Potomac River.

        1. toss em all overboard in the potomic with a cinderblock tied to thier ankles,,,effin socialists. belong swinging by a noose . DEFUND CONGRESS vote out all them COMMIES,

            Better Dead than RED.
            “BLUE LIVES MATTER”
            (criminal lives not at all)

        1. Why did you wait until today to buy ammo. There hasn’t been any for months! There are no reloading supplies out there either.

        2. Ammo can be bought on line. I know for a fact. I just bought some. You can also buy guns on line and have them sent to your local gun store. If you can travel and do some research you can still find plenty of guns and ammo in smaller towns in many States.

      2. And another Southern man! Unfortunately I foresee another civil war. But it will not be between the races as many project. The majority of both black and white folks want to live in peace. The war will be between the socialist maniacs Antifa and BLM (have you seen the very large number of young whites folks among them)? IT will be short and sweet with Soros and the demented democrats decrying any involvement at the last minute. We may have martial law for a brief period, but maybe not. There are enough normal citizens that are fed up and will fight with a vengeance. It won’t be a pretty sight, but it will get us on track. Vote President Trump back in office!

        1. Say yes to vote Trump! Plus Conservatives to Congress! Civil War? Probably so, praying not. Like you say, not between the races … most likely it will be Constitutional Americans defending against what Lenin called, “useful idiots” … these poorly educated young white folks who think they know what they are asking for … either way, they will lose. Who were the first to be eliminated under Lenin … then Stalin? Yep, those who brought on the rebellion! I pray this doesn’t come to pass, again, yes to voting Trump!

    1. Stay positive! The lib media lies and Democraps lie also!!! Clean sweep across the USA during the election!!!

    2. You don’t want to vote for anything on the ballot that pertains to the Democratic Party. PERIOD You Vote for Blue than you Vote for Murdering babies. Psalm 139:13. I pray that the Holy Spirit would open the eyes of the People and that they would see the Truth and the Truth will set them FREE!!!!! John 8:32. Trump will WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD Chose Trump and that cannot be changed. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. If Biden gets elected and starts wrecking rhe constitution, defunding the police, destroying walls, letting America be invaded by foreign hordes, kissing arse all over the world as Obama did, packing the court, smashes industry with his hreen shit etc etc then best is not to argue with it. Best is to lock and load and let the barrels do the talking.

    1. Everything Emanuel just said is WHY a clean sweep will take place across the USA!!! The silent Dems don’t want that either. And they’ll stay silent……wimps

    2. I hope and pray that it doesn’t come to that. Last time it was family against family more Americans died than in many of our more recent wars .

    3. I have been stocking up for a while as the writing has been on the wall! I’m sitting on north of 20,000 rds. In a variety of 7.62 x 39. – 7.62 x 51 – 6.5 – 45 acp. – 9mm and 50 Beowulf. The ass whooping is going to start around 1300 yds and get worse the closer they get! Take America back !

      1. I would not advertise the amount of rounds/weapons you have stockpiled. Too many snitches and shadow Government scum. I just say I have plenty and leave it at that. Their are many that never vote for various reasons. Talk to everyone you know and if they are among those non voters convince them their vote DOES MATTER.

    4. what makes you think the cowards will wake up after the next (of a long line) atrocity is thrown at We the People? In my short lifetime, the SCOTUS has become pro-murder, pro-theft, pro-racist, pro-stupid and just a few weeks ago they ruled that there are 86 different genders, without bringing ONE piece of proof to the table…..stupid. wake up Amerika, YOU are NOT free!

  2. It should be easy for Trump but I think you are misjudging who is really running Biden’s campaign and who will be running the country if in his name it wins. Some very corrupt and treasonist people that will destroy our country as we know it. They have been looking at an opportunity for years and the corrupt media is totally behind it. Why I just don’t understand. Greed does a very bad thing for everyone.

    1. If Biden wins, they soon will replace him by using Nancy’s 25th. Harris would be President and Nancy VP. That is the plan they think we are to dumb to see through.

      1. Can you imagine those two running our Great Nation ???? Venezuela here we come… MAGA 2020!!!! pelosi and harris will ruin our Great Nation…. PERIOD……

      2. I agree, but I think Jill Biden will be her VP. Why else would she allow Joe to be treated like this? Also, VP would be a step down for Piglousy.

    2. Veron — you are exactly right — the old groper is just a prop for the deep state. If by some disaster biden and the street walker harris should win — biden will be gone within 2 months.

      1. The democrat party has gone completely communist and socialist. I am no longer part of that Vote Trump and republican all the way. Wake up people the old democrat party is gone.

      2. If they win .. me, thinks, all protection for Biden’s treasonous, past actions, could be used against Jo so the Ho will be made president. Everything that Biden’s family procured during his 47 years of corruption may be confronted. Joe will not be president long. Who knows? He might even have a heart attack or stroke in order to put forth the 25th amendment. Hillary might even arrange for him to be “Epsteined or Suicided”.

    1. What’s nuts? So far, everything I have read is true fact! The democrat party of old IS GONE!! I know, I have lived long enough to witness the change!! If you want America to remain America as we know it, VOTE TRUMP!!!

  3. Biden/Harris and the democratic party are against the Constitution, against the 2nd amendment for the people to own a gun to protect themselves from the democratic back Terrorism of the BLM/Antifa or the hundreds of thousands of criminal that they allowed back on the street claiming it was safer from due to the virus. Against we Veterans who fought forth this country and the proud sons and daughters that are serving today to keep American from becoming a Socialist manure country like all the democrat’s are now calling for.

    We the Veterans are asking for the people help who turn it is now to protect this Nation so are Grandchildren can still be free.

    Democrat’s still claim that it is safer for the criminal to be on the street due to their virus from China, not safer for the citizens who been terrorized, assaulted, raped including small children , homes and business burned, vandalized, harass when trying to out by the same people that the democrats bail out of jail and put them all back on the street.

    It is passed time to say enough is enough and take America back for the lives of our children. No socialist democrats should be holding any office, they should be hired to sweep up the manure off the streets that their protected Illegals and terrorist crap on. USMC

  4. I don’t see him getting elected, no one and I mean no one show up for his rallies. I counted 10 in the Gettysburg photo, sitting inside of their little crop circles, Stacey Abrams has not gotten permission from General mills to opp out of her photo shots for her pancake box shots. Andrew still needs to be held accountable for his killing of 10000 elderly nursing home patient, who he blames on the government, but Andy you signed the executive order to perform the function, not the Federal Government.

  5. Whoa!! Joe!!!!! Are you outta your mind?! Really… don’t answer Joe! Well, the shoulda been GA governor……nice she’s out of her tax debts……”KillerCuomo”, brother FREDO is hoping for the best. The number 1 Covid-19 governor as our AG. Hmmm, let’s just hope all this recent Benghazi news and Hunter (yet another sniffin Biden) news works it’s detrimental magic and quickly yeah?! Divine intervention in 2016……2020 too. I love me some DJT. HEY AMERICA….. Trump will kill it on Nov 3rd

  6. After watching the hearings, I am totally convinced the Dems are all NUTS. How dare them ask some of the questions they asked of this highly qualified woman. They are scum.

    1. Hiromo is as crazy as Looney Tunes Pelosi. Hard to believe these “people” were voted into office!!!! What a complete travesty to ask Barrett these two absolutely uneeded questions…….Really Mazie?!!! She looked almost as stupid as Pamela Karlan (Stanford law professor) reciting about how the name “Barron” meant nothing to Trumps candidacy. These people obviously have a need for attention, and like a needy dog…… they could care less if the attention is bad. Just gimme the attention please. Reprobates, the lot of them

        1. I was born and raised in Hawaii. It mostly voted
          Democratic . However, it is solid now due to the
          Advent of a horde of Californicans on her shores.
          Also, the concept of free lunch is inborn there
          and for many years.
          I believe the State welfare monthly dole is very
          high and encourage all who can swim to leave
          for Hawaii ASAP!

  7. The ONLY office these people need is a PRISON CELL . . . Do NOT vote for BIDEN if you VALUE your Country, State or TOWN. One Wary Patriot Sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

      1. no matter what the outcome is….Amerika is going down. Socialism usually ends in mass murder. Our’s started with mass murder when the republic was destroyed by a tyrant in 1865. You are not free today, wise up !!

  8. I am a registered Independent, I do believe people already know who their voting for. I’m in my 70s have voted many times , this is the first time the vote is not between Democrats and Republicans it’s between GOOD and EVIL. People, we are voting for our Lives and our Future. If the Democrats win this election, God Forbid all’s lost. We are very close to becoming a COMMUNIST COUNTRY!

    1. Amen Marie! Good and Evil are indeed what we are voting on….We have a choice, and unfortunately too many do not see the Evil, all they see is he’s NOT Trump. The money machines have thrown billions at this election, most of it coming from huge tech companies the most popular social media giants. If someone is smart enough to build these giant companies worth billions, how can they not be smart enough to realize they are voting for democrats at their own peril. I’m just a dumb hick born and raised in KY, but currently living in Texas the past 25 years. I was a police officer in Lexington for 27 years, and I learned at the state court level which judges and prosecutors were liberal and which were conservative. There is absolutely no way I could vote for a democrat in ANY capacity these days…I early voted yesterday in the small city of Highland Village, a northern suburb within the DFW Metroplex. I loved the long lines I was seeing, and stood in line for 50 minutes. Over the years I have learned to read people, and although I am no expert and am not always right, I sensed that 75% of those I saw, also felt the same flaws I see with the democrat party. We can only hope, and indeed pray, our president is reelected.

      1. I agree Phil. I see long lines as a positive not a negative. Good people had ENOUGH! This time our REVOLUTION will be with our vote. GOD BLESS And STAY STRONG.

    2. America, the republic, became socialist in 1865 when the republic was destroyed by a lying tyrant, killing 660 000 people, enslaving those that survived the carnage. Know your history…you are doomed to repeat it

  9. Just keep praying and VOTE to re-elect President Trump!
    We have our religious freedom now but if Harris/Biden get elected you get bet that Our Religious Freedom will be in jeopardy for sure. Our First Amendment is already in jeopardy . The networks msnbc cnn have censored vital information to we the people! Twitter has also censored vital information to we the people!
    Our Constitution will be destroyed.
    We must pray for Peace and Get Out and Vote!!
    World Health Organization just stated that the Lockdowns are Harmful!
    This is America We the People “One Nation Under God.”

  10. Well it’s perfectly clear even in a dark room with no lights that True Patriots and a massive amount of AWAKENED D’s Nationwide will VOTE for President Trump and 4 more years to install a much bigger drain at the bottom of “The Swamp”!
    More importantly to begin putting the millstones attached to the necks of all the CORRUPT D’s as they’re cast into the oceans abyss for they’re TREASON and EVIL they perpetrated against OUR AMERICA!

  11. If you want your vote to count, you will vote in person. The mail in fraud is already being exposed every day. Mail dumped in ditches, parking lots, and dumpsters. Politicians buying votes, billionaires financing voters, these leftists are not even trying to hide their criminal behavior.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with Marlene. Get OUT and vote, and do not trust your vote to the USPS. I have friends who worked and retired from the USPS, and they are good, law abiding, and upstanding people. But we are living in different times, and a changing but different culture over the past 20 plus years. I have seen this test posted in the past: “Would you put five 100 dollar bills in an envelope and mail it to yourself? How about one 100 dollar bill?” Personally, I wouldn’t…and I would not trust my vote to the USPS either…

      1. If you can get out to buy groceries, you can get out to vote. Now that is an idea. Put voting machines in major grocery stores. (Just kidding)

  12. After Trump becomes President again. He needs to Put Hillary Clinton in Prison for her crimes and then take all her millions to pay America back for all are tax $ she wasted on the Russia hoax. Then we need to put Pelosi in prison for threatening the president. Then Obama in prison for giving our Trillions away and get our money back because he was a traitor and lied to the American people dozens of times. If Trump is really down 14 points it is because ballots have been criminally destroyed. And i still want to know how illegals can vote when Americans did not vote on it. They tried to impeach are president for WHAT! and Illegals can vote in our election am i the only one who sees the hypocrisy in that ? NO AMERICAN SHOULD VOTE BY MAIL OR WE ARE LETTING THE EVIL IN. TRUMP 20/20 PENCE 20/24.

    1. Well put Kristie…… I’m republican living in the politically ravaged state of CA. Gavin just sent me my mail in ballot…. think I’ll do it in person regardless. Let’s not forget that shithole Adam Schiff when talking prison sentences…. another treasonist still walking around free…?!!!! This lying sack o’ poo is another CA mistake. Look at my state….. let’s do it chronologically Diane Feinstein….. you rich enough yet Diane? Nancy Pelosi….. you’re not the leader of this country. She and Diane have what?, 167 years behind them. Great history “ladies”!! Maxine Waters ….. fix your wig bitch, and PLEASE…. shut the hell up!! Leon Panetta…. Benghazi anyone?! Thought you were better than that Leon…. live and learn. Gavin Newsom…. this Stalinistic lockdown speaks volumes!! When we’re you planning on letting CA live again asshole? Kamala Harris….God Forbid this one gets anywhere close to the White House….. and we thought the other three women on this panel were horrifying?!! And let’s end again with Adam Schitt sp? Mr Schitt…. you should oughta step down. When you speak, nothing but Schitt comes outta your mouth you lying prick. America does not need any one of the self serving traitors. VOTE. Donald Trump is our leader now, and he’ll be our president again.

      1. Maxine Waters has a great challenger this time around. And he was actually born an raised in the district Waters refuses to live in. He stopped by waters $6 million mansion to call her out for being an elected official for close to four decades and for doing nothing to help the community she represents but is too good to live in.

        A great opportunity for the CA voters to throw ‘one of the most corrupt congressional leaders’ OUT of power. DO IT CA voters.

      2. Fantastic comment Concerned!
        You have really summed up the dirty politics in California.
        I hope many people take heed when voting

  13. Marlene said it right. If you voted by mail, go out and vote in person again because it wont count if you do not vote in person. Please…

  14. What I find sad is this. Pelosi always is saying that Trump will not agree to a peaceful transfer of power. She always says it as if it is a done factor. Now my question, Is it already a done factor that there will be a change of power to be peaceful about?

    1. And hillary was a shoo in in 2016…right I ‘m hoping for a transfer of power when they wrench the gavel out of the old wench’s hand. Hey a new 2020 slogan “Wrench the Wench”. I just made that up, but feel free to use it. We need to regain the House


  15. I have come to realize that the democrazys are of good faith. They want to hold church in bars but if your not of the demon faith they are willing to provide you with other things to keep you content. Like street party’s that
    are constructed to make you happy to see first hand the real interacting with burning down of building and removal of monuments or kill you or if lucky just mobbed. In any event you will be provided with plenty of entertainment. I just don’t understand why so many of you are upset with the democrazys. They are willing to reduce the Police force size to keep you from getting arrested. Just look at it this way they are looking after your
    best interest.

  16. I am not voting for Trump. I am voting for free speech, the right to own firearms, the right to practice my religion and sing hymns, I am voting to stop illegal immigration and to protect new born babies lives. Who are you voting for?

    1. surely you don’t mean you are voting for Biden? he is for all the things you mention. I think and hope you meant you were voting for Trumps platform??? please clarify…..


  17. Any person who takes THE TANK A1 ABRAMS seriously needs to be admitted to the state mental health facility! Have we ever seen a bigger buffoon? A1 ABRAMS has some competition in the buffoon pool….HAZY LAZY CRAZY MAZY DAYS of Hirono, POCAHONTAS, former Surgeon General Jocelynne Elders, Patsy Schroeder, Molly Yard, THE CROOKED ONE. America, Gary Dettl in his post above sums it up wonderfully! Gar, allow me to add one more….I want an AG who practices one law and one protocol with equity and justice without prejudice or bias.

  18. Not sure the article sees the big picture game plan.
    Biden is up big in polls.
    Biden has almost zero visible support by voters at rallies.
    Unless all Biden’s supporters are still in lockdown it questions the validity of the polls.
    Why make the polls wrong? Somebody designs the polls. They must know how to do it right.
    Effect of false polling:
    Biden wins. (with all the people missing his rallies)
    See! The polls said he was up by a lot! You can’t accuse us of cheating. Finding all those missing ballots in the trunk of a ’67 Newport was just fortunate so those voters weren’t disenfranchised!
    Biden loses.
    See! We told you Trump would cheat and disenfranchise voters! OBVIOUSLY, those phantom poll voters didn’t get their votes counted. We need an investigation!

  19. Of all the things I never thought I’d have to worry about in my 80 years it’s that my children/grandchildren, etc would be living in the “Socialist States of America”!! Now I’m sick with what I see happening & really fear for the future of our great country. I look back & think “This started at least 20 years ago when they removed prayer from schools, then stopped teaching history & civics to our kids. We didn’t pay attention to School Board elections or our state Board of Education members so it slipped past us that the indoctrination of our kids had started. By the time they were in college with totally Socialist educators polishing off the indoctrination these kids were lost to us. I see it in most college educated professionals today & I’m seriously concerned that we can’t turn them around. They’ve been taught that Socialism is wonderful & can’t see that it’s NEVER worked!! Welcome to Venazuela (sp?) America’s elite!! I sincerely hope you’re among the first to feel the sting of what Socialism does to citizens!!

    1. GOD was removed from the “public” schools in 1962. The murder of JFK was the result, as was the unGREATful SOCIETY, equal (lol) rights and voting rights. Amerika became an oligarchy (those with the gold (corporations) make the rules). $22 trillion wasted, not one savage was made equal. This is the thanks we get ?

  20. The way the Democrats are pushing the American people to vote by mail should be enough to tell every American to vote In Person. According to reports, over 10 million people have already voted by mail. I wonder how many will be, or have been, thrown out because the “I” wasn’t dotted. That’s how bad this is going to be. DON’T trust your vote to the USPS.

  21. interesting fact: I have friends who have homes in 2 states – one is a vacation property – and they have received UNSOLICITED ballots at both addresses

  22. Hello America ;

    This my first time ever replying to these tweets , maybe it is my age but with age comes common sense from experience . I f America does not see thru all the bull that the democrats are fill of and vote Joe Biden in office in Nov they deserve what the get and it will be a disaster, I hope we are not blind to see what Donald Trump has done in spite of what he had to put up with These are the best times we have seen in a long time in spite of the obstacles we have faced and are overcoming , including Pandemic, social unrest with rioting and looting and lawlessness. , All the time while the democrats hide the truth, with fake fabrication of all sorts, So think hard America it is too important to turn your head now , We can still correct it if we all vote for DONALD TRUMP and continue to hold the course, AMERICA FOREVER !!!

  23. HI


    This is the first time I am replying to a tweet, maybe it is my age, but with age a lot of times comes wisdom and experience. Wake up America if you elect Biden in Nov. you deserve what you get, A DISASTER !! Just look at what the President has done in his term with all the bull he has to contend with, think 0f what he would have done lf the democrats would have met him half way. He has succeeded in spite of the horrible pandemic social unrest and false and fake accusations from the democratic party, he may be a little rough around the edges and he may not be always be politically correct all the time but he does not hide , and that is what the left wing democrats can not handle. H e has exposed what has been going on for too long and the old time good old boys do not wnt it to change, they all get rich and fat in their estates on the back of hard working public, WAKE UP AMERICA we have a chance to continue the path the president has started. VOTE VOTE VOTE for Donald Trump in November and keep us safe and on the road. KEEP AMERICA FIRST.

    1. when you meet a communist half way, you die and he gets your stuff. IT is a no win situation for the moral in society. YOU must kill him, before he kills you.

  24. thank you Jim for your letter. you are spot on, as are all the patriots. who have posted. the demon rats think we are all stupid, that is why they make no effort to hide their corruption. they are like the playground bully who gets in your face and says whatcha gonna do about it? it is time for those of us who can, to show them. I plead with you all to read the manifesto the anarchists have posted called the COUP. it is their gameplan for the elections. reading it will give you some things to watch out for to keep you and your family safe. they have spelled out what they will do before, during and after the election is over to stop President Trump from keeping office, including storming the Whitehouse, the election counting centers, including taking their protests to the elected officials homes. they call for violence if needed. please vote in person, defend yourself and family if need be, and pray to whatever deity you believe in to keep these United States OF AMERICA A TRUE DEMOCRACY. vote republican as if your life depends on it, because IT DOES!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND GOD BLESS Donald Trump.

  25. Put your seatbelts on get ready to watch a replay of 2016 on steroids. Sit back and relax all the signs are there and because the dems cant figure it out what they did wrong before, here it comes again in 2020.. Stand by for an old fashion shellacking.

  26. he is a sicko and need to be locked up along with harris. She is a bitch, liar, slut, pig, and dangerous. What a combo. LOck them both in the basement permanetely.

  27. When BLM and ANTIFA assemble, spray them with hard to remove blue paint; they’ll be easier to recognize when captured. Give them all a plane ride to Snake-island or the the other-side of Honduras, or Naked-and-Afraid those SOB’S to some reptile infested, jittery-volcanic island.


  29. Great comments;. I agree with them all. These are the voices of good and patriotic Americans. Vote for President Trump and keep our country the greatest ever!!!

  30. Considering president Trumps has the Military, the police, the national guard, the farmers, the auto workers, the business owners, the majority of “flyover” folks, etc…, Biden loses in a landslide. Hopefully a landslide that will bury the democrat party permanently.

  31. I most certainly agree with most of these Patriots. I’d also like to add my 2cents. Make sure you try to score head shots. Keep your powder dry. God bless these great American Patriots, and of course the USA. Let the action begin. A Patriot

  32. Two cretinous halfwits on the main Democrat cretinous halfwit’s short list for Attorney General; that’s just about par for the course! Voting for Biden is like paying for poontang and ending up with a$$hole!

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