Biden’s Path to Election Victory Narrows, Not Looking Good for Former VP

In what appears to be a repeat of the 2016 presidential election, “experts” rolled out by the liberal media are predicting that Joe Biden will win. But just as fake news outlets such as CNN assured their base that Hillary would be president, they have lost touch with some old math. Consider some of the recent propaganda headlines the biased media has run.

  • 75% of top executives now say Biden will win the 2020 Presidential election, CNBC survey reveals ~ CNBC
  • Professor who accurately predicted every election since 1984 says Biden will beat Trump ~ CBS News
  • Biden has 71% chance of winning 2020 election against Trump, forecast says ~ The Independent

Winning the White House requires winning the majority of the Electoral College votes. There are 538 electoral votes up for grab each election. A candidate needs to win at least 270 of them to win. In 2016 President Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton by securing more than 300 Electoral College Votes to her 227.

The 2020 election maps are looking eerily similar to the 2016 ones. The political establishment may want to sharpen their pencils because Biden continues to trail in many key battleground states.


Assume, for the moment, that the 2016 Electoral map holds the key data to make an educated assessment of the 2020 election. Hardcore Red and Blue states are unlikely to change. California and New York will be won by Biden at no effort of his own. The same can be said on President Trump’s side in regards to the Deep South and Mid-West states support.

The media is pushing the Biden will win lie by asserting that he’ll win Texas. Texas has been a reliably Republican state for decades. No Democrat has won the state in  Still some election “experts” are putting the lone star state’s 38 electoral votes on Biden’s side of the ledger. In order to perpetuate the false claim Biden is leading, this is a necessary lie.

But polls are tricky and give a perceived edge to Biden in states President Trump won in 2016. Take Pennsylvania, for example. Hillary led Pennsylvania by as much as 6 points heading into the 2016 election, but lost the state to Trump in the election. Biden currently hovers around a 4.2-point lead in the state as of this writing. Considering the number of jobs and business revitalization President Trump helped bring back in Pennsylvania, and Biden’s past promises to ban fracking and destroy the coal industry it’s highly unlikely the state will fall to Biden.

Left-wing pollsters are, again, claiming a Democrat lead in Florida. But in this key swing state, President Trump has created a Southern White House, taken up permanent residence, and built a powerful ground game with voters. Polls show Trump is gaining on Biden when it comes to Latino voters. Latino voters make up as much as 10% of Florida’s eligible voters. Democrats are banking on cheat-by-mail schemes and illegal alien votes.

A recent Wall Street Journal analysis made some astute observations. It points out that if there is going to be flip-flopping, Minnesota and Arizona are in play. Liberal “experts” won’t even call Minnesota a battleground state. But in recent weeks, six Iron Range mayors have denounced Biden and thrown their support behind Pres. Trump. These are hardcore Democrats who haven’t waivered in a generation. Hillary carried Minnesota by a slim 1.4 points in 2016. The boots-on-the-ground wisdom is that Biden will lose.

With 15 electoral votes, North Carolina is considered a must win by both candidates. Biden is predicting he’ll win it, but he shouldn’t be so cocky. Many believe North Carolina will swing back Republican based on recent trends. While overall the state is moving toward the left, in 2018 Republicans won big in the state. Trump won the state by a razor slim margin in 2016.

Even if Biden manages to lie and scheme his way to taking Michigan, New Hampshire, Arizona, and Wisconsin, President Trump wins 278-260. The more likely scenario is Trump 301, Biden 238, which is almost exactly the same as his 2016 numbers against Hillary.

It’s a funny thing that Electoral College. Densely populated liberal cities, fake news polls, and so-called “experts” don’t put people in the White House, states do.

137 thoughts on “Biden’s Path to Election Victory Narrows, Not Looking Good for Former VP”

    1. This President has actually fulfilled more of his promises than ANY I’ve known (and I’ll age myself and say I’ve been voting for 44 yrs.) He’s had to fight and claw to get everything done cause he not only had the Dems trying to destroy him but some of his own party too. He’s also brokered peace in the Middle East that’s been being tried for more than 50 years and it’s just started a train roll. 1st Israel/UAE, next Serbia/Kosovo and now Bahrain. As a person, sometimes he’s rash, as a President he’s been quite unusual in his accomplishments. We’ve had GOOD presidents who were not-so-great people. I have to vote according to what’s best for myself, my family and my country…. Joe Biden’s definitely NOT IT!

      1. Well, jayste–I’ve been voting for 58years and my worst mistake was voting for Obama the first time he ran. At least, I can say, I learned my ‘lesson’ and didn’t do that again!! I still think he ‘won’ his second term by fraudulent means! I must say, though, Pres Trump’s term has been quite educational!! Thanks to his exposing the ‘Swamp’, and all the under-ground criminal activity our ‘representatives’ have been pulling all these years–our citizens are probably better politically informed today than at any other time in history. What really ‘hurts’ is thinking of what Pres Trump ‘could’ have accomplished if the Dems had simply ‘worked’ with him!! It’s pretty bad to think that they put their own ambitions ahead of the welfare of our country!! That we have a whole ‘arm’ of our government dedicated to traitors and their greedy ‘grab’ to control our government, is truly frightening. However, now that our people are aware–we have a chance to fight back and take back the Republic our ancestors worked so hard to establish. Thank You President Trump!!!

        1. Today’s Democrat Party is an abomination, desperately struggling to find relevance:

          The Democrat Party that lacks the moral values to protect unborn children against late-term abortion is a party that has turned away from Christian values and rejects the sacred words of our Declaration of Independence that proclaim that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are endowed by our creator.

          The Democrat Party that lacks the fortitude to repudiate (and actually condones and encourages) violent anarchists who attack decent law-abiding people in the streets and destroy businesses and personal property is a party that no longer has credible relevance and is an abomination.

          The Democrat Party that fails to repudiate the destruction of churches, synagogues, statues, government buildings and national monuments is a pathetic empty shell of what used to be a proud American populist institution.

          The Democrat Party that supports efforts to eliminate guarding and protecting our borders (ICE) is a party that has lost all credible relevance.

          The Democrat Party that supports open borders, sanctuaries, taxpayer paid free education and health care for illegal immigrants adding to the burden of American taxpayers is a party that is desperately struggling to find relevance.

          The Democrat Party that wants to give voting rights to illegal immigrants is a party that is in desperation to depend on an influx of illicit voters to win elections.

          The Democrat Party that supports efforts of radical groups to eliminate police forces in big cities is a party that cowers down to anarchists with tunnel vision and has not given intelligent thought to the ramifications of such idiocy.

          The Democrat Party that fails to condemn anarchist violence against police officers is on the wrong side of the peace and tranquility espoused by our constitution and the laws of the land.

          The Democrat Party that is more concerned with the safety and well being of illegal immigrants than that of our own citizens, our police officers and our military veterans is a party that has lost focus and will willfully cower down to any radical group in the self-serving interest of obtaining votes.

          The Democrat Party that suddenly wants to eliminate the electoral system of electing the president and change the make-up of the US Supreme Court from 9 justices to 12 justices is a party in a state of panic.

          The Democrat Party that wants to abolish the constitutional rights of law-abiding American Citizens to hold and bear arms is a party with tunnel vision that would turn this nation into violent revolution.

          The Democrat Party that perpetrated all manner of falsehoods to stand in the way of confirmation of Judge Brett Cavanaugh to the US Supreme Court is a despicable, lying abomination.

          The Democrat Party that begrudgingly refuses to recognize and acknowledge the unpresidented economic success of this nation prior to the Coronavirus pandemic is a shameful self-serving abomination. Had this country not achieved the economic level of success enjoyed prior to the pandemic, the nation would currently be in a serious recession.

          The abhorrent “leaders” of today’s Democrat Party will say or do anything to win the votes of the ignorant, uninformed masses. Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Biden, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, etc will lie and perpetrate any hoax in order to advance their own personal agendas. For 3-1/2 years they have done nothing but spew lies, distortions, exaggerations, vitriol and hatred to try to remove our duly elected President of the United States. They are only concerned with regaining power, and not the well being of this country.

          The Democrat Party that was once the proud party of Jefferson, Jackson, Roosevelt and Truman has become a disgusting abomination.

          1. Well said!! The Democrat party is an abomination, they are in my opinion the party of satan. And soon good will Trump evil and we will win. God bless Donald Trump!!

          2. It is not the Democrat Party, but the Communist Party, since they’ve endorsed the Biden/Harris team. They are financed by more Chinese/American companies established in the U.S. during Obama/Biden’s term. The list of companies are financing millions to the Marxist BLM, phony Black project, which feeds into the Chinese Progressive Association with ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Americans need to be informed of these companies and stop supporting them. Stand in support of local conservatives candidates, who are struggling with support. Let others know that we are in a revolution, as the Socialists in government have pushed their Socialist/Communist agenda. The Socialist professors have taught how to overthrow a state. One of the co founders of the Marxist BLM has a civic, resource class teaching civil unrest. Americans need to be informed and pray. Thank God for President Trump and his team.

          3. And it’s Patriots like you who writes it as plain and simple should be on our next ballot for President 2024 Jim Jackson

        2. I do agree!!!!! Obama did not win his second term by honest means. A lot of “dead people” voted in that election, as well as “bus-loads of illegals. The radical left will cheat, lie and steal their way to the White House. America People wake-up!!!!!! Our liberties are in Danger!!!! Our country is in Danger!!!! Wake Up!!!!!

        3. My wife is cuban we have gone there and lived with the people SO we have seen what communist has done to her family. socialism both are the same. My wife still has family and talks to them ( hard because it breaks down daily). It is worse and people go out everyday for food wait hours in lines 4,6 hours. LET FREDOM RING and NO CUBA AQUI.

        4. Well said Deborah Pratt! Hope many citizens eyes have been opened to the corruption of both hack politicians and life-long Bureaucrats who care more about their power than they do about our countrt!

        5. You are so right Deborah. President Trump made promises and kept them even with all the resistance and nonsense handed out by liberal morons. The democrats are so desperate that they condone violence and fraud in order to cheat to try to win an election. They haven’t figured out that Americans are smart and wise to their slimy ways. Obama and Hillary can slither back to the swamp.

        6. The Obama/Biden adminstration gave China a foothold in America with growing Communist China industries, and thousands of U.S. farm acres, from 2012-2016. The Marxist BLM (founded 2015) donations go into the China Progressive Associations, which feed into the Chinese Communist Party. The Communist Party endorsed Biden. There are a list of companies, who have funded milions to Marxist BLM and to the Biden/Harris team. Our goal is to inform Americans to stop supporting the list of industries funding Communism or are China owned. President Trump and the conservative based candidates are struggling with getting financed against the Socialist/Communist or Islamic Socialists candidates. Americans need to get informed and continue to stand with President Trump. Please inform Americans not to support the industries supporting Biden and the Marxist revolutionists, which are pushing the Communist agenda. Socialist professors have taught how to overthrow a state and encouraged by Socialist Democrat leaders. The battle has just begun. If Biden gets in, we will have a bigger battle to keep our freedom.

      2. I really agree with you president Trump has proven he can get the job done. Biden is a idiot and he is a puppet for the Democratic Party you’ve said the truth my friend I’m praying that Trump wins again. God bless AMERICA!!!!!

      1. The president is going to win and anyone guilty that was involved in the russian lien hoax will go to jail for the rest of there lien lives

    2. Hiden-Biden is no BRO in my Home state of PA; and, we sure aren’t giving him my current one, MI with our Gestapo Gov. Gertchen. The teacher’s union has ruled too long and must be STOPPED !

    3. Biden and Harris #1 raise taxes,but break for the rich,
      Green new deal tom of regulations back on = 1000s lost jobs, flip flip Joe ,for sure fracking,and coal cut back 70%.
      Your guns they will pay you $300 per gun ,you can have 1 for hunting only , these are Beto orourkes idea .
      Remove tariffs to China ,green light to give a China jobs and sweet deals for his Joe said himself reallocate $$ from the police , and BLM, and antifa not
      Even called out ,they will riot even more to try to force
      To get their way. Trump is going to stomp them with the insurrection act ,for sure they will be rioting as soon as results come in Barr and Trump ,For sure are going to squash these maggots ,that you can bank on .
      Law and order , not msyham and destruction.

    4. It has NEVER looked good for Biden. The fake news media, and the Democrat party liars and deceivers are the only ones that were pretending that.

    5. I agree with you 100%, Trump has done more for the American citizens of all ethics (races) than Biden has in his over 50 years as a Democratic politician. And, it took President Trump only 4 years to change the Economy in a great positive direction. Also, his response to the China virus has been positive and aggressive! He deserves another 4 years to get the Economy rolling again! MAGA! Biden and the socialistic Democratic party , frankly, SUCK!

      1. I simply can’t see what would motivate anyone to vote for Biden! His foreign policy decisions and votes have been wrong, A to Z. He is advocating a four trillion dollar tax hike, mostly on energy which will directly impact the Middle class. He is pro regulation. He is an avowed globalist with a long track record of sending American jobs overseas. He is woefully defential to China. He is one of the most corrupt politicians to ever come out of Washington. Motbto.mention, one of the most racist! His shitty little state is nothing more than a p.o. box for globalist corporations. He has championed the credit card companies, at the American homeowner’s expense. His corruption has carried over to his children. He epitomizes the “swamp.” In short, a 47 year political career that accomplished next to nothing.

        1. Now, more than ever, Jeff, I am hoping people realize that having a president like Sleepy Joe who is complacent towards China spells disaster for the United States.

          1. I hope people also see where having a Democrat controlled House and Senate is contributing to the disaster. We need to make sure these people who have worked to destroy our President and our Constitutional way of life are OUT. We need to have a STRONG Republican Majority in our Government from the bottom to the top to bring our Country back to the way it should be. We started to have that before the virus.

    1. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist ,to figure out that Biden is definitely not the Person to run the United States and also to protect our flag and our people, And that means children ,alsoLook what the Obama administration did for the United States, a big nothing and the And also the administration before , Everything left the United StatesAnd went to China ,Donald Trump Took it all back, look what he has done ✅ in 4 years no other President has done what Donald Trump accomplished, mind you Being fort Tooth and nail. By the left-wing and Fake news media’s look Donald Trump‘s Is a tiger. Trump 2020 hallelujah,Everybody must pray to God for Donald Trump to be our next President for another four years,Everybody please don’t forget Benghazi, everybody please don’t forget 9 month abortions that’s a murder that is murder

    1. biden is a sick old man. trump will do whatever it takes to win.
      jfk stold the election mafia put him in office and mafia and via took him out.
      nixon said jfk stold the election fair and square
      its not the voters that decide an election it the people who count the votes Joe Stalin

      1. Let’s remember what Harris said to Biden at the primaries, she called him a racist and said he never accomplished anything and would be a horrible president. And now was chosen to be Biden’s VP , when Harris was asked how she can be VP to a man she called a loser her response was that people need to forget what was said at the primaries, talk about screwed up .

        1. Another thing that Biden failed at. Obama made him in charge of the fight against cancer. Biden said he would find a cure in a year. Why is no one bringing that up. A BIG failure, a broken promise and a lot of money to foundations that went to paychecks and perks for top employees and very little if anything for research. How many foundations were the Bidens involved with? Where did all the money go?

          1. Wow another one i hadnt heard. God forbid he was in charge of Covid Nothing done again but wipe out more people. There are even a few in my family for Biden but you cant even get a straight answer as to WHY. THEY ARE SMART PEOPLE WITH NO. OMMOM SENSE. one says oh my dad would die if i voted for a Republican Pres. Get a life. The Demorats have changed their party to socialist/communistic Party. Get a life for your kids and grandkids. Another only says I just dont like Trump. But has no reason. Wow. Look what Trump has done in 4 years. Think what he could have done without Pelosi, schumer , Nadler, obamas, Clintons, hollywood elites ,etc etc. wake up people. We Need Trump another 4 years. TRUMP 2020

    2. @who is joe Biden ,he has been in politics for 40 years and He has done nothing. The only think he did is get is kids involved with China for money for HIM.. the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Need TRUMP AGAIN

      1. It time that the Democrats to move out of D.C. we need a Republican majority Nancy’s rule needs to come to end, Trump needs to stay in the White House. He is the only one that can stand against China, we need our pharmaceutical companies back.

        1. How could we even trust China’s pharmaceuticals after what they did to the world with manufactured COVID 19 in Wuhan?
          If they couldn’t kill everyone with COVID, what’s to say they won’t poison our prescription medicine? They cannot be trusted!!!

          1. China has already been proven to put poisons in dog food that they made for the US. Why did anyone ever trust China, a Communist Country with the manufacturing of our pharmaceuticals? It was insane. The past few administrations have got to be held accountable. We need to bring our manufacturing home.

    3. The Dem ‘plan’ is more insidious than that!! They know Joe won’t last long. After a short time, he’ll be declared ‘incompetent’ and removed from office. Then, Kamala Harris will step in and be able to select a ‘Vice President’. Two choices here–Nancy Pelosi (she’s counting on this) or Hillary Clinton!! Talk about being between the ‘devil and the deep blue sea’–God help us all!!! The ‘mail-in’ votes are their ‘back-up’ plan. If Joe ‘loses’, he will not cede the presidency! Thanks to many ‘yet uncounted’ ballots, they can drag this on past Jan 1st 2021! Should that happen and no ‘legal’ President yet established–Nancy Pelosi can now take the office until a ‘winner’ is declared. In that time, she has the full ‘executive’ powers of an elected president!! First on the agenda–get rid of the Electoral College!! Believe it or not, that is the only thing standing between heavily populated states deciding ‘who’ gets elected and a ‘fair’ across the nation count!! So, basically, CA, NY and ‘other’ populated states tell the ‘rest’ of us who gets to be president!! Next, she plans on declaring ‘illegals’ to be able to vote and be counted with the ‘legal’ population. So, when Pres Trump says ‘ mail-in voting can be used for fraudulent means–once again, he’s telling the truth!! We need Voter ID–and we need it now!! People also need to understand the difference between ‘mail-in’ ballots and ‘absentee ballots’!! There is a ‘world’ of difference!! We need to get our ‘legal’ population educated concerning our government and our rights or we WILL lose them!

        1. If Biden were to win Trump does not need to concede either. Trump popularity has catapulted for doing right for our country. Trump won our confidence because he is working hard on every aspect of what is important to all Americans. Several cities in the USA look like a battleground, not a free country. Restoration is being called for by democrats. Why would I, a minority or for that fact anyone consider having money taken from us to recompense for slavery? We are in a different era, things have changed and I’ve seen opportunities for all. What I notice is BLM has many white & black privileged kids marching and causing havoc. Why don’t they use their privilege to do something constructive with their time & money. They need to become serious social advocates. No Guilt–need to help build /fund /feed /education for the underprivileged neighborhoods, families (especially children who are our future). No need to make people co-dependent. It is a social responsibility to help make people independent and self sufficient with some assistance but not a life long dependence on government. Democrats like being the heroes but all they do is incapacitate people by shooting down the drive, the dream, the need to seek and do what they can for themselves to produce for themselves work potential, confidence, integrity and pride from within.

      1. If all this happens as you predict, Calipornia and New Yawk may have proud patriots taking a physical stand against their tyranny.

      2. you are assuming that Nancy wins her own re-election. she is out on 1-3-2020, unless she wins… then it goes to congress and it is a complicated process. google it.

      3. It would take a constitutional amendment to change the electoral college. At least 38 states must approve. I don’t see that happening.

      4. We need voter ID NOW and we need only absentee ballots that are approved if a person will be out of town or too ill to vote in person. There is no other reason for any form of mail in voting. This is a total scam. We should really have term limits for the House of Representatives and Senate. These positions were never meant to be life long careers. We are losing the freedoms that our for fathers fought for us to have. Wake up America.

      1. I believe you are right. But according to the news media, we shouldn’t bring $oro$ into it. I about flipped out when I say that interview. Talk about biased and that was Fox news. Our news media has sunken to new lows.

    1. He has an even better chance if people see who Harris really is. She slept her way into politics and was obama’s actual choice for the presidency during the primaries. She is very unlikeable and voters showed her the door at the time. She has not become any more popular since then and there are people that won’t vote for Biden because she’s on the ticket.

      1. Harris told Biden he was a racist and wasn’t fit to be president at the primaries she belittled him big time that he hadn’t accomplished anything in the years that he was in politics and now she says everyone should forget what was said at the primaries . He chose Harris because he said he was choosing an african american female for vp but because he is so racist he changed it and said he would choose a woman of color so he chose someone who’s jamaican and indian because he really is that racist . Why would he choose someone embarrassed him ?

    2. everybody knows who Kamala is. and how she got to where she is. willie brown of California can answer any question anyone may have. he is her staircase.

    3. I have it on good authority that Harris gives good head. It comes directly from Willie Brown who gave her the leg up politically to where she is now.

  1. This country needs Trump “MORE THAN EVER “!! If the leftist liberals get in, our country will be in BIG trouble!! Socialism will be creeping in! Look who Biden is saddling up with, Harris, Berne, Cortez, & the guy from Texas, who wants to take your guns. Harris will be running the country, the rest will be in the cabinet. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  2. If America desires to lead and remain America then Trump must be given four more years to be the president’ there simply is no other option. Rush to vote for Trump and progress and prosper.

  3. Are these the same polls that polled 76% Dems-Independents to give Joe Bob a 14% lead over a month ago? My other question is, how are the senate races looking right now? Dems only have 10 to keep while Repubs have 25?

  4. The democommunists have already opined .. THEY WILL ABSOLUTELY CHEAT TO WIN by holding the
    “fraud by mail” ballots until the ACTUAL voting is done, then flood the polling places with millions of “absentee” and fraud by mail “votes” to stall the outcome past the deadline, and install piglosi in as POTUS .
    JUST ANOTHER communist scheme to steal the election , take over the country, turn it into a communist-controlled third-world crap-hole, and the people into controlled “subjects” to be used, abused, taxed to death, or “eliminated” if all do not kowtow to every royal command they utter.

  5. Based on his accomplishments, Donald Trump is the greatest President of all time. Shame he will only be President for one more term.

    1. that is why we have Pence, and after him, 8 yrs later, DON JR. then Eric…. hopefully it will progress this way, since the demon rats are imploding as we speak…..

    2. You are absolutely right, John B Clark. And it’s because he’s not a politician. Listen to sleepy Joe as he issues the same tired platitudes and artificial “anger” that all politicos have used through the ages. Those things don’t work anymore, people are too educated in the ways of government and the lies that emanate therefrom. Trump has beaten my last hero (Reagan) and has also defeated my prior hero, Truman. We have a guy who truly cries “damn the torpedoes…” as he puts his head down and barrels into each fray, winning them all for the rest of us, even though those paid to help him are attempting to destroy him. Latest abomination revealed to me today as ever-lying Adam Schiff announces another round of impeachment prattle if Trump is reelected. TRUMP 2020.

    3. We’re hoping his son Don Jr is learning from dad and he’ll run when dads done . We need to keep the country Republican if at all possible.

  6. The swamp still needs cleaning and the Democratic party needs to regurgitate its disgusting corrupt and dishonest megalomaniac leadership intent power to rule like Stalin, Mao, (remember the red purge doing what our current mobs are doing in our cities.). It is all part of the communist manifesto, instill fear to take power.

    1. Unfortunately we have people that aren’t in politics anymore that can’t keep their nose out of how this country is run . Let’s start with Hillary that loves to keep her nose up the Democrats butts and they don’t like her either, I call her the devils mistress . And her hubby the guy who likes the girls 15 . And Obama who really thinks he’s something else , he’s plain gross , he looks evil , and heaven knows who else is behind all this crap .

  7. Biden is a typical politician. He does not believe in anything until he checks to see what his listeners want to hear. Then he tells people what they want to hear. If he gets in, he will listen to his “handlers” who control what he hears and then do what they suggest. We the people will have no input in this process.

    At least 4 times Obama and Biden went to Youngstown, OH and made promises of jobs and “hope and change” to the democrat voters (it is a one-party city) there. When they got in, the only “hope and change” they got was that they could only hope there was some change in their pockets at the end of payday. More and more businesses closed, more windows were boarded up on houses people could not sell, more gang graffiti on vacant buildings, and more children killed in drive-by shootings were the reward for 4 more years of Obama and Biden for their votes.

    Trump is not a typical politician. He actually does what he says he will do. He is a refreshing change from the status quo.

    1. LOL Yeah! i remember “hope and change”. You “hoped” you had enough “change” left in your pocket to pay for gas because Obutthole taxed the shit out of it because he hates fossil fuels. What a load of horse shit!!!

  8. It’s so nice to read all these comments about Trump winning again. I hope we are all right. Kamala Harris will be running things with cory booger in second place telling her what to do. Then there is binkus from Texas taking our guns and aoc running the energy new green deal. Can you just imagine the results with this cabal in charge? I shudder to think where this country would be in five years. MAGA Trump 2020.

    1. LOL @ “Corey Booger”. He’s a piece of work, isn’t he? We will doubtlessly see a return of the “consortium” that was running the country under Obutthole if Sleepy Joe wins

  9. Donald trump has proven he can be a great president while joe Biden has never even proved he could be a good senator. if you want this country to continue to prosper re elect president trump and if you want him to move it in the right direction quicker give control of congress back to the republicans and keep the senate in their control as well. this country can be even better if the right people are in control and you and I as voters decide this. get out and vote don’t be a part of mail in voter fraud.

  10. DNC yellow brick road to victory now has excrement all over it. Most of it from Biden and Pelosi’s razor sharp focus and great wisdom.

  11. WE the voters MUST vote on November 3, 2020! WE ABSOLUTELY MUST vote a straight Republican ticket from school board… very important… to POTUS and EVERYONE in between. This is important. Forget friends or relatives… they will never know. The Marxist Dems are serious about taking over our entire lives.
    Blomberg just bought and paid for Joe Biden for $100,000,000.00!
    Remember Ho Ho Harris at the Kavanaugh hearings? She has used her bottom to get to the top and she intends to rule. She will run over Joe in a week like a steam roller. She has promised to send Trump to prison and get Kavanaugh impeached…… what will she do to you? She hates you.

  12. ZERO ENDURANCE JOE will reverse all the good that Trump has accomplished for America. Not because it has been bad for America. Why? Because Trump did it. According to Democrats nothing President Donald J Trump has done is good. It’s all bad. Even by accident Donald Trump can do nothing right. Let’s make it 100M popular votes for Donald J Trump. If every two 216 Trump voters recruit just one more non-Trump voter in 2016 we get to 100M. That is NOT an impossible task. With God (and Donald J Trump) all things are possible!

  13. Harris is one heart beat away from being President if Biden gets in.. Scary thought ! With that fact alone Trump has to win this race. Debates will show Biden’s true colors . WHY ! won’t the networks say anything good about our President and all the good he has done for the country… Even if it was 50/50 the people can see both sides.

  14. I voted for Trump last time, because Hillary Clinton was as arrogant as she was corrupt. Took her Presidential aspirations as a given , insulted many people, as deplorable, and believed she was entitled and owed the Presidency…why? , I don’t know, she was a disgrace as Sec.of State. Her associations with Weinstein and Epstein just confirmed the illusion of her morality. Bill, was, and is a hound, and she covered up for him.
    I cannot vote for Biden, because in the 47 years he’s held a variety of public offices, he did nothing but enrich himself and his family. I find his behavior around young women and ladies reprehensible, and the Democrat party’s excuse of ” Oh that’s just Joe, being Joe”, is offensive. So here’s someone who you wouldn’t trust around your wife or girl friend, and who did Zero in Polictics his entire Career…NO WAY am I voting for him, plus his creeping senility or dementia or what ever it is, becomes more evident every day…….so Trump gets my VOTE again.

    1. Hillary and Obutthole’s cover up of the incompetence regarding Benghazi was “deplorable”. Remember the 2012 Presidential debates when Romney asked him about it. His response was that the question was “very offensive” while looking away from the camera. Her and Obutthole are without a doubt, two of the most fucking corrupt individuals to ever hold public office!!!!

  15. I have been a strong supporter for Trump even when he stood shoulder to shoulder with twenty other candidates. I said to my husband, there’s your president. And I will say it again, just as loud as I said it the first time…There’s your president. Support him and he will support the country.

  16. Democrats don’t understabd a lot about Hispanic voters. Hispanics left Mexico, etc. to get away from dictators.
    Trump is not a dictator; he is not “in this” for himself: he is in this FOR AMERICA and ALL Americans —- ALL of us. Trump does not want us to just survive; Trump wants ALL of us to SUCCEED !!!
    There is 1 man behind the democrats: Schwarz Giorgy (aka George Soros) who is a lifelong HUNGARIAN citizen. Soros has said the USA should not be sovereign. That leaves only 1 alternative: dictatorship !! Soros has bullied 110 BILLIONAIRES to fund ALL of Soros’ agenda which includes the Democrat Party AND the USA.
    Communism is not trying to sneak in the backdoor; it’s wanting to stomp through our front doors AND our living rooms !!!!
    Only 1 way to keep America safe and American: VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN !!

  17. It would take a constitutional amendment to change the electoral college. At least 38 states must approve. I don’t see that happening.

    1. Biden is a LIAR (too old not to be telling the truth). Better be thinking of where is going to spend Eternity. Can’t’ keep his old hands off women either. LOSER! Would love to slap his face til he heard bells in his teleprompter!

  18. The only way the demoncrats are now admitting they can win is by obvious dishonesty, riots, violence, even outright murder. Newsome even admitted he will use physical violence to win again.
    Camel a Harris proclaimed the riots will continue, even increase during and after the election, even though she is a liar, that is a prophecy.
    Things are going to get uglier the close to 11/3/2020 we get.

    1. $oro$ is a slimy piece of shit! I don’t know why we don’t have a covert military operation to put a nine through his fucking head!!!

  19. Little insight into who the Democrats are. I put two signs in my front yard. One said “All Lives Matter”/ “Baby lives matter” . The other was to elect a new Governor in Wash. State and get corrupt Inslee out. Loren Culp is running for Governor in Wash. State. The first sigh was run over by a vehicle that drove onto my yard to knock the sign over. The other sign, a 4 foot by six foot sign also on my property was Xed out and some mental giant wrote Fu-K across the top. These are the people we are dealing with in our country. These are the same type of people who support communism and want to turn America into a Socialist country. I am 76 years old and a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran plus a Federal Law Enforcement with 35 years of service. I proudly served this country for over 40 years. I do not know if I would do it again.

    1. Scary and sad what they did to your signs. Thank you so much for your service as a police officer and the military! You are greatly appreciated. So sorry for you becoming disabled. Have a great rest of your day.

    2. These people are a disgrace and hopefully will be swept into the dust bin of history when DT is re-elected. I wrote to Jay Inslee although I am a New Jersey resident in response to his inane twitter response to Donald Trump when he offered assistance to Washington State regarding the Seattle uprising. I couldn’t believe that ignorant fuckhead Inslee claimed to “not know what was going on ” in Seattle with regards to the CHAZ/CHOP uprising. The man isn’t fit to run a fucking taco stand, let alone be governor of an American state.

      1. I am a staunch Trump supporter but I am offended by your language. I realize that most younger people don’t give a second thought to using the “f” word but most older people do. Your statement was absolutely right on, but I suspect there are many people other than me that object to the language and you would be more effective as a Trump supporter if you cleaned it up a little.

  20. All of your comments are encouraging and shows me that many Americans are watching what the Democrats have been planning this since the 1960s and it is playing out right now, this year in the 2020 elections. If all goes as is planned the Republican party will cease to exist. Rush Limbaugh once said there will always be a United States of America: You just won’t recognise it! !!!! Look at what happen in Venezula,and Cuba. They changed almost so quick that the people wondered what happened. Now you see what living is like in those countries today. The dictators live high on the hog as the saying goes, and then there is the poor. Starivation, not enough of anything left for the people. Lines for many of life’s essentials like medical needs because the government runs everything, the police consist of thugs that work for the government who beat and/or kill citizens just so the people know who is King. STAND UP FOR YOUR COUNTRY!

  21. Anyone who thinks Sleepy, sex deviant, hiding Joe Biden’s tax plan will only affect the rich is more demented than Biden! All the rich folks will move out of the US. All the companies will move & get cheap labor from overseas which will cost us millions of jobs! Unemployment will soar, the stock market will crash & the riots will continue. We are doing just fine financially the way things are now. let’s leave it that way. Trump 2020!

    1. Very good point, Clax. We’re already seeing this in terms of big corporations wanting cheap labor. I cancelled my Amazon prime membership when I found out Jeff Bezos, along with a dozen of so other companies, are suing the Trump administration because DT wants to suspend the H1B1 visa program which would allow tech labor immigrants to come into the country and take jobs away from Americans. Bezos and his liberal ilk, are a bunch of greedy fucking bastards!! It truly sickens me how they purport to be in favor of “redistribution of wealth” and other inane ideas on how to help the impoverished when in reality, all they seek to do is line their own pockets.

  22. Im shaking in my boots if Biden/Harris win. That just means we will be a communist country. I lived my whole childhood in the cold war so I get it. But these college profesors are teaching communism and the young people PAYING for this are being seriously mislead. This is where it is starting and the parents need to pay attention to what their kids are being taught. If that doesnt change then this will no longer be a free country. I always was a democrat but the party ended when the military industrial complex and the mafia and the CIA lead by George Bush ended it. Its no longer the democratic party its the communist party pretending to be democrats. If Trump dosent when its over. And after him Don Jr and so on. Vote for Trump at the poles so you know it will probably count all though the dems will still try and steal it. I want the whole Clinton /Epstein story to come out too! Just Google Hilary at Orgy Island. Its all there. God help us if Biden wins.

  23. The PRESIDENT IS A LEADER, DURING THE CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK HE LED FROM THE FRONT, JOEY HID IN HIS BASEMENT, the president put specific people in charge to get things done, Joey hid in his basement, The President halted international air planes from coming into the country, saving I believe millions of lives, Joey hid in his basement. People in this country usually take the pied Piper approach to democrats, by hey they are saying and promising the right thing, so I will follow them. Not today, I congradulate the blacks and latino’s in this country, who have looked though the democrat BS and have thrown their support to a man who in 31/2 years has done a lot for them PERIOD

  24. Trump will win the election if enough of the illegal votes can be caught and thrown out. Secretary’s of State telling clerks they don’t have to match signatures is one of the illegal things in the works. Sending the wrong ballots to military personnel is another thing, they will be thrown out and not entered as intended even though the Secretary of State said the intend ended vote will be entered.

  25. If people vote for Trump and then turn around and vote for Democrat Senators and House members, they will be shooting themselves in the foot. The ONLY way we can put this nation back together is to vote Republican straight down the ballot. Do not be fooled. If we lose the Senate and don’t take back the house, you can expect the country to go through 4 more years of lies, turmoil and violence. We MUST give Trump the support he needs by getting rid of Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and especially Adam Schiffty, the lying turd that he is. And until these Democrat Governors and mayors are replaced by conservatives, we can expect more attacks on our police, more crime and death, and destruction of property. And more illegal immigrants stealing our elections and taking precedent over American citizens. Democrats have proven to be an evil cancer in the political arena. Do something about it. VOTE RED IN 2020!

  26. There are two other major factors that everybody is missing in this 2020 election!!! First the coming AG Barr and DOJ Durhams indictments of former criminal Democratic officials coming down in the next two to three weeks!! Secondly, a survey over a month ago that showed that 62% of all American voters, ,including 40% of Democrat voters say they are not telling the news, media who they are going to vote for in the 2020 election!!!! Smell a bigger landslide for President and a solid Republican Congress in the 2020 election!!!! The truth above will set us all fee as American voters in the 2020 election!!!!!

  27. Only a blatant fool will vote for The Harris and Biden ticket and any other scuzzbucket, sleaze bag Democrat this coming election. The Democrat Party is the Party of words and words only and no action, but Trump is the president of words and action. Don’t believe the lies the Democrat nut cases spew out of their mouth. By and by God will get them all for their lies and treachery to the American people. But in the meantime, please vote for Trump and Pence and all the other Republicans running in this upcoming election. If you do and they win the Presidency, the House and the Senate, then you will win big time. But if you don’t vote the right way or you don’t vote at all, and the corrupt Democrats win the Presidency, the House and the Senate, then you will loose big time and I mean big time. It is a mathematical certainty with grave proportions.

  28. it’s a fact that a lot of good men and woman have died in the past fighting to keep this country free and a democracy the way it was created by our founding fathers. the democrats idea of how this country should be goes against everything as to why it was created and to be continued by the ideas of the creators. joe Biden has never been a leader or organizer just a pathetic politician that should never been elected at all ever. president trump is the first president that hasn’t been in this for personal gain and not only does that make him different from all the other politicians it’s one of the main reasons they despise him. he is without a doubt the first president elected by the people for the people as it was meant to be.

  29. Well said Deborah Pratt! Hope many citizens eyes have been opened to the corruption of both hack politicians and life-long Bureaucrats who care more about their power than they do about our country!

  30. Four More Years

    Suddenly we were confined
    To our homes on house arrest
    To flatten the curve of infection
    Of pandemic viral infection duress
    Full of collateral casualties
    That added to our discontent.
    Then, another ‘shot heard round the world’
    On the warpath sent
    All of those riotously incensed
    (Who also happen to hate the president).
    While those who pull the strings *
    Sit back and admire their handiwork
    As America and the world *
    Are tossed about in their perfect storm
    When emotions outweigh facts *
    And feelings trump the truth,
    And lies about our history past *
    Inspire the likes of John Wilkes Boothe *
    As the silent majority
    Looks on in stunned disbelief
    Across their country as cities fall
    With no hope for relief.
    You’ve finally got what you’ve been wanting,
    What you have violently been begging for-*
    You mistakenly think a revolution
    When you have instigated a bloody war.
    When you demanded justice
    But then justice was not good enough *
    Never questioned whence the money came
    Never thought he’d call your bluff. *
    Because even now looking back
    John Oliver must surely now agree,
    That President Trump’s foresight
    His whining, arrogant ass did not see. *
    And while distraction drags mercilessly on,
    The case against the deep state’s being built
    With proof implicating Obama and Biden
    Revealing their treachery and guilt. *
    But don’t you worry, not one little bit.
    Because when all’s said and done when the smoke clears,
    You’ll be toast, but America, we’ll rebuild it.
    Right after we re-elect Donald Trump * as
    President of these United States of America for four more years!

    * (this comparison is made to the ‘protestors’ who are vandalizing and advocating for the destruction of the Lincoln Memorial).
    * (this is what happens to anybody who commits murder- they are charged and wait to be tried in court).

    Armchair Candidate

    It’s always so much easier
    To be critical in hindsight
    No matter who is challenging
    The incumbent in a political fight
    Trying to focus everyone on
    The negative instead of positive
    Akin to convincing us we’re all dead
    While yet, we all still live.
    And in the ever-shrinking
    Societal attention span,
    It becomes ever more incumbent
    Upon every citizen in the land
    To keep in mind the simple fact
    Is that we are being sold.
    And if all you hear in ads
    Are charges made so bold
    That offer no alternative
    Nor proposed solution,
    Then it’s merely political narrative
    And ideo(i)logical pollution.
    Slander not buttressed by fact
    Is merely just another lie
    That we’re being fed
    And they hope we’ll swallow and so buy.
    Remember that you have a conscience
    And a civic duty to use it
    When it’s time to cast your ballot
    And not to allow others to abuse it.
    Don’t just know who you’re voting for-
    It’s more important to know why.
    ‘Cause sometimes you just have to vote for
    Someone even though you may not like the guy.
    And remember, this is not a popularity contest.
    It is up to us to hire the employee conscience tells us
    Who for our country will do their best.

  31. You judge someone by his accomplishments, NOT by his manners or behavior. Mozart and Beethoven were social misfits and look at what they did. Trump may not be the most articulate person in the world, but he’s done more for the American population, the minorities in this country and the overall human condition than anyone ever did in the past. And he has done it worldwide, despite all the phony adverse publicity, having to deal with a Crazy congress that was trying to ruin his career from day one. Lincoln, Washington and Roosevelt did not have to deal with Asia, the Middle East, Russia, a pandemic, a hostile house of representatives and riots. The man is really a genius at getting things done. As a comparison his Biden’s only “accomplishments” adversly affected the African American population with more segregation and stiffer punishments for crimes. It’s time we stopped paying attention to the leftist propaganda that is destroying our culture and focus on the good stuff. Or more simply said “SO MUCH FOR ACCUSATIONS, NOW JUDGE THE RESULTS” .
    In my humble opinion anyone who votes for JOE BIDEN in his present condition needs a different kind of stimulus package.

  32. Sleepy Joe has no chance of beating Trump it is only wishful thinking on the part of the Democrats. He can’t open his mouth without lying and changes his mind more than I change underwear. I can’t wait until President Trump faces sleepy Joe in the debates he will destroy him and show just how crazy he really is.

  33. If the people will talk to their relatives, friends and strangers to tell them what the democRATS are planning for this country it can make a great difference, a lot of people don’t get their news from any body except CNN, NBC, ABC therefore they get a biased view, I asked a home health Nurse if she had been following the election for 2020 she said not really so I told her what the democRATS were planning for this country if they win, don’t know if it helped or not but she said she was going to read more about the issues and talk to her friends, if we just inform one person and convince them to find out the facts and pass it along we can get more votes for republicans, I told this lady I was voting a straight republican ticket (no democRATS,) and the reason why

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