Bombshell: Intel Agencies Suspect Hunter Biden Biz Partner is a Chinese Spy

Donald Trump, the Trump family, the Trump campaign and the Trump organization are the most spied upon, investigated, probed, prodded and fully vetted group of people on the planet. I don’t think any presidential candidate, or his associates, have ever been vetted as thoroughly and fully as they have. Serious question: Why hasn’t anyone ever taken a closer look at Joe Biden until now? It’s late October of 2020, just days before the election, and we are learning shocking new revelations about Beijing Biden’s crime family every single day.

And just to be clear: The information you’re about to learn in this article has nothing to do with the secrets revealed on Hunter Biden’s laptop! This is a completely different Biden scandal.

If you watched the final presidential debate, you probably noticed when Joe Biden railed about “50 former intelligence officials” signing a letter claiming that clean-as-a-whistle-Joe didn’t have a smidgen of corruption throughout his entire career. Those “50 former intelligence officials,” naturally, included names like James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey – the Russian collusion coup plotters that served under President Obama.

Beijing Biden should probably be more worried about current intelligence officials who are finally, at this late date, starting to take a look at Joe Biden’s connections to Communist China. An intelligence report about the Biden’s business dealings was just issued on October 2. It’s not a classified report, but it is marked “Confidential.” The report was provided to several news outlets that were savvy enough to ask for it. The full report has been published online by the good folks at RedState HERE.


The report offers the clearest details yet into the Biden crime family’s business dealings with Communist China – a nation that currently has millions of Uighur, Christian and other religious minorities locked up in concentration camps making Nike basketball jerseys and smartphones for American companies. You cannot read the details of the report and come away with any other conclusions than these: Joe Biden sold American foreign policy to the highest bidders when he was Obama’s vice president; and Joe Biden is owned by the Communist Chinese.

Reading the report, you will learn that the state-owned Bank of China owns a controlling interest in Hunter Biden’s investment firm, BHR. This is huge breaking news. Hunter Biden only controls a 10% interest in his own company. Communist China, through the Bank of China and a series of documented cutaways and subsidiary companies, owns Hunter Biden’s investment firm.

If it hasn’t sunk in yet, when Hunter Biden’s investment firm makes a decision on where to move its investors’ money – Communist China is really calling the shots. That’s how majority ownership works.

Another damning detail from the intelligence report: When Joe and Hunter Biden traveled to China on Air Force Two in 2013 to cut a deal with the Chi-Coms… the then-president of Ukraine and Joe Biden’s Ukrainian oligarch buddy Victor Yanukovich were on a trip to China at the same time. Several deals between Communist Chinese-owned companies and Ukrainian companies were inked on the days when this overlapping trip occurred – with Hunter Biden right in the middle of all of it, raking in cash, after flying over there on taxpayer expense on Air Force Two.

Yeah, but Joe Biden “never” discussed his son’s business dealings.

But wait! There’s more!

In 2016, Obama and Joe Biden’s last year in office, the Obama administration approved the sale of a company called Henniges Automotive. It’s an auto supply company that was founded in Auburn Hills, MI in 1863. Hunter Biden’s Chinese-owned investment firm BHR partnered with the freaking Chinese military to purchase this American automotive supply company.

How in the world could the US government have approved the sale of an American company to the Chinese military, just because Hunter Biden’s Chinese-owned firm was a co-signer on the deal? Well, that’s simple, really. The Secretary of State who approved the deal at the time was John Kerry. And one of Hunter Biden’s partners at BHR is Chris Heinz – John Kerry’s stepson through his marriage to Therese Heinz-Kerry.

The intelligence report also notes that another BHR partner of Hunter Biden’s is a man named Michael Lin. Mr. Lin had several official, on-the-record meetings with Joe Biden. And US intelligence agencies believe that Michael Lin is a spy for the Communist Chinese government.

I don’t want to hear another damn word about Donald Trump’s tax returns before “The Big Guy” Joe Biden starts answering questions about his deep involvement with Communist China and his family business.

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102 thoughts on “Bombshell: Intel Agencies Suspect Hunter Biden Biz Partner is a Chinese Spy”

    1. Beware Tony Bobulinski! The FBI wants to interview
      you , that means either threats or intimidate you! Anyone reading this, don t be surprised if Bobulinski changes his charges against Joe and Hunter Biden! If not he may wind up arrested , and die under suspicious reasons.I will pray for you , because you are going up the most corrupt FAMILY CARTEL in the history of our Nation.

      1. The next thing we find out is that Joe and Hunter were shipping crates of Fentanyl from china to the USA on AIR FORCE 2

        1. No these guys make Hillary look like a rank amateur. Watch “Riding the Dragon” on You tube and you’ll see why. If they did what they are doing in the 1950’s they’d have suffered the same fate the Rosenbergs diid which was for far less

        2. You are RIGHT! Both the Clintons! But if we only could find out what happened to some of their employees that mysteriously disappeared, or found dead from Arkansas on….follow the money.


        3. Why are all these liberal Democrates allowed to always get again with breaking the law and the media supports it. I continue to be shocked at how really corrupt our government has become. There are two justice systems and the GOP let it happen. Wake up conservatives. GOP senators and Bill Barr you have all been sleeping while this crap has been happening. I fear now it’s too late.

          1. The media is in on it. They are just as corrupt as the democratic party. however when the socialist party gets in power they will regret it. The media and the news will be taken over by the government, and all of the people working for the media and the news will be out of a job. They will be in the rice fields making rice paper.

      2. I would have to agree with that. He may be in personal danger given the depth of the corruption and all who are involved, this man is a brave man to come forward. My house prays for his safety.

    2. YES! He SHOUYLD BE IN JAIL, ASAP! Take his name off the Eleciton!!! Presiedent TRUMO IS THE RITHGFUL WINNER!!! Teh DN bestm trying to vlean uo their HOUSE and HOME< before they try to send anyone to run for any form an OFFICE! We msut check HIS RUNNING MATE with a FINE TOOTH COMB!

      1. I feel that the FBI will hide the information until after the election
        and if JOE gets elected then all of the information will have disappeared, I feel that the FBI is neck deep with Biden, o
        Obama, Clintons and others

        1. They will wait or hide the information. After the election there will be an investigation. Biden will be impeached, leave office (which he wi be happy to do) and Kamala becomes president and picks her VP. One guess who that will be. See they achieved their plan. They needed the Biden name to win and get her in. Kamala or any other of their candidates would have never beat Trump. We are all screwed if Trump looses. And, we must keep the Senate even if we don’t like the GOP candidate. If the Dems control the house, Senate and white house our country will never be the same again.

    3. Why wait start a senate investigation now. The American people need corruption at all levels prosecuted. No one should be above the law. Take them all down to the state political officials.

    4. The irony of it is that he gives off the aura as one of America’s most trusted men.
      As a permanent visitor to this country, I must admit I have never seen so much biased media in my life.
      Even your wonderful NPR is biased against Trump terribly, yet none of this dire truth about Biden ever gets airplay?
      How can NPR honestly tout that it is Honest, Balanced, trusted, and do fundraising the way they do?
      If I were Trump, I would hurt their budget no end, and maybe just maybe, that might shut them up!
      A prediction? Biden out in 6 months will ill health and guess who gets to become President?
      America, please wake up before you lose it all. Trump has no bedside manner agreed, but who cares? He’s getting it all done as promised. Let him go and fix this dam mess everywhere after the last lot!

      1. Well said, I hope and pray that the American People Wake up to all the crap the SWAMP has done to what President Trump has done for this Great Country. He Truly Has Made America Great !!!

  1. Time for a full and thorough investigation – if there are any criminal acts, people need to be prosecuted, regardless of your name or political connections. Our country can’t continue to be the best with all of this corruption being tolerated.

    1. I agree with you Rick, but who would do the investigation? The FBI can’t be trusted anymore and everyone I can think of seems to roll over at the mention of fully uncovering the corruption that now appears rampant throughout most federal agencies. Just look at the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNI, IRS, EPA, Congress, the Senate and more.

    1. All I can say is if all of the drama is investigated and proven AND if enough American people still elect a Democrat to office OR Pelosi and Tsunami become #1 & 2, I am glad I am old and won’t be around to see this wonderful country go down the drain.

      1. Me Too! I am old but I have a younger wife and children. Few people realise that The America we have known is gone and is on the verge of total collapse. Trump is the only man who can save it.

  2. So what about Barr? I’m beginning to think perhaps he is not were led to believe. Why hasn’t Durham started the prosecution he has been sitting on for over a year when we have know for 3 years as reported by Fitton and
    Garret, even a book was written by Garret. Oh well one shouldn’t be surprised about anything these corrupt people do. Like they say why worry we can’t do anything about it.

  3. Got Almighty the righteous judge will not let the guilty go free crime Boss Biden,God Almighty the righteous will not let the crooks go free Obama Biden John Kerry and all the dirty games Hillary rodden Clinton all going to jail the saints will execute the judgment written against the wicked on my watch Big Chief of heaven’s Angels police cuff THEM.

    1. The Dems will fall in the same trap they have set. Almighty God sits on His throne and laughs at their schemes. Nothing has gone unnoticed by My Great God. The leftists are about to get some Divine backlash. God loves America. This battle is the Lord’s. He is answering the prayers of the saints of this nation who are unleashing God’s power into this earth. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we as believers in Jesus Christ have. Be encouraged.

      1. The LEFT has awoken a SLEEPING TIGER (the American people ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It’s amazing that individuals like Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton, James Clapper, John Brennan, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Barrack Hussein Obama, his wife Micheal and so many others are continuously selling out America, make deals with terrorist supporting countries, send Americans into poverty as they lose their homes, raise taxes, increase unnecessary regulations, battle with farmers of America, increase unemployment, express how much they will do if continued to control and maintain their positions in government, say the stupidest crap? Yet still maintain a voting base with confidence! When did America become so populated with so many idiots? Like sheep being led to the slaughter!
    Truly amazing!

    1. Corrupt leftists have infiltrated our nation. I have asked, where did all these anti American politicians come from? They were planted with money by the very wealthy.. I believe our enemies are waiting to jump on America and take over with communism. We need to get out and vote for Trump. He is a true patriot. He loves America. Breaks my heart how people have hated him for that very reason. Trump’s policies are for Americans and free enterprise and preservation of our freedoms. Let’s take this election by a landslide for Trump. Make America Greater.

    2. If Joe Biden gets into office as our president we know that will last for one week, then the liberal Kamala Harris will take over with the elite billionaires and the elite movie stars and the elite people of Silicon Valley and the elite media will all become our LEADERS directly into Socialism and Communism and then we will be owned by CHINA and give all of the jobs and manufacturing companies to CHINA. WHY? So they can become powerful and make us subservient to them. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT THE ANTI-CHRIST.

    3. If you believe that they will do what they promise, to make this a strong economic country. You are a fool. The communist party only wants power. The power to make all slaves. yes you all will be equal, because you all will be slaves. The only ones that will matter are the politicians and the oligarchs. So go ahead and vote for your favorite master (( Democrat ) ( Dictator )).


  6. We should have a referendum on term limits for our elected officials!! Too much corruption in our government. The majority of the people’s representatives soon find themselves at the higher end of the income scale. Where are our patriots???

  7. And I thought Obama wrote the book on corruption! The entire Biden “clan” appears to be @$$hole-deep in it! Maybe whatever raghead detainees still remaining in Guantanamo should scrunch up a little bit more because they’re gonna have a whole load of company soon!

    1. Little O learned it from crooked B.
      We might have to expand Gitmo to hold all of the Little O administration, and the PSP the former DNC ( Putin Socialist Party ). I heard that Pelosi wants illegals to vote because she has sent Putin a absentee ballot, and Biden has sent one to XI Jinping.

  8. Wow. It just gets better and better. This man is running for President if the United States
    President of the United States……….probably the most important position on earth.
    Joe Biden, IF he was mentally fit to fill those shoes ( And obviously he’s no where near sane ) would still have to explain his prolific corruption charges involving China, Russia, and Ukraine.
    I can’t relate to all of you reading this just how warm and fuzzy this rhetoric makes this man feel. Barack Hussein Obama….. the name alone sounds like terrorism in a nutshell. Draws a line in the sand. It gets crossed…nothing. He won’t let his military engage with the enemy if they had to. He has 150 BILLION dollars flown into and given to Iran. IRAN. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!!!!
    Obama-Biden……. has there in the history of our great country been an administration who’s sole purpose was to make money for themselves so blatantly thrown into our taxpayer faces?!! And it doesn’t stop, thinking shortly that we’ll get a good sampling of just how deep this corruptive pair of “leaders” has gone with their self enriching motive.
    JOE BIDEN IS A PIG. He’s the Democratic candidate for president…… and he’s A PIG!
    This man has NO BUSINESS running for CIC of the United States if America. The American people deserve so much better. I have to wonder, why did Hillary Clinton get $145 million for selling our uranium to Russia. What I mean to say, why did the money go to her? Why was she the one allowed to sell it? I could ask questions like this for the next hour. We as a nation, and as “we the people”, need to take care of this travesty and we need to do it now. Thank God for Donald Trump in our lives. If that bitch had won the presidency in 2016, this country will already be toast.I vote for sleepy Joe, as a vote for the death of our country. I vote for Donald Trump

    1. Donald Trump will be re-elected as our Commander-in-Chief regardless of the cheating leftists attempts to thwart him. The reason?
      Because Donald Trump loves his country and he loves his people.
      And the other reason he’ll be re-elected, because he is always 10 steps ahead of the predictable left.
      That’s is….. he’s brilliant….. LOL, then there’s Joe Biden

    2. I have been so unhappy about the uranium deal since it was announced on the radio and tv. My dad worked in the uranium mines in Nevada back in the 60’s and it nearly killed him. He would go down into the mine and work an 8 hour shift and come up and vomit because of the uranium. It’s a killer to mine. It makes me sick to think they sold our uranium to make money on the backs of good honest Americans. That is treason in my book. I voted for Trump for that reason and none other.

  9. The one big question that nobody has dared to ask is if “Robot Joe Biden is elected President in the 2020 election, will he put our whole American government up for sale to the highest foreign country briber with China being the biggest buyer”???? Yes he will for the money!!!!!!!!!! Robot Joe Biden, “bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist government, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t

    1. That is a dumb Question! If there is a dollar in it we are all up for sale. Jill will be the secretary of the treasure.

  10. Yes its nice to know that these “rats” of society are supposed to be amongst the the ones protecting our assets, and of the People, of this great nation, but instead of that were funding their corrupt treasonous agendas to make money. We used to hang people for that sort of stuff, it saddens me, we dont! Weve sank into a world of ” lets blame it on someone else” and not take any responsibility! And if we dont like the treatment for beibg cirrupt, then we set back, and whine about it, and change laws, because were crooked and someone hurts our feelings, because were, to afraid to stand up and admit our wrong.. With no regards to right, or concerns for a anything wrong!

  11. Joe Biden is so quick to BRAG about releasing his income tax information, but NONE of his illegally obtained monies are reported. Most likely stashed in offshore accounts.

  12. Biden just gave a list of all intelligence personnel in the coup against president Trump. Unintentional stool pigeon. All on the list need to be investigated.

    1. You know that Joe never lies. So lets believe him and shoot them. We just take honest Joe’s word that they are guilty.

  13. With our nation teetering at the brink of dissolution into utter chaos, where are the heroes our president needs to help remove the treasonous, amoral pack of wolves tearing our fabric to shreds?? Where are the champions of the rule of law who are required to keep order? Where are the judges who promised to uphold the Constitution and defend America against all traitors, foreign and DOMESTIC?? Where are the patriots who have always risen to the occasion, no matter the enormity of the threat, no matter the consequences to self? Where are the statesmen that we need to steer this country back to the path of righteousness and honor? Where are the leaders Americans can TRUST, RESPECT and ADMIRE because they stand for the principles and ideals of our Founding Fathers and embody the courage to walk the walk? Where ARE they?

    1. Great question? There’re a bunch of people who need to grow a set of super balls! Right now our Senate and House of Representatives, (with the exemption of a few) don’t have any and if they do they’re so small, they’re lucky if they can find them!
      The problems in our government belong to the house, senate, and judiciary, Trump didn’t cause any of this, they DID!

      1. How do you expect to find anyone in DC to find their nuts, when they sold them to China, even the chocolate covered nuts.

  14. First of all AG barr might be compromised.He is a Bush guy and Bush hates Trump.They have had this Russia BS investigation for 19 months nothing?What a blistering report to follow?Next Graham cancels facebook and twitter from coming in for not reporting and suppressing a totally 100%true story about Hunter and the Big Guy Daddy Joe.They are all fucking corrupt to the bone and all of us on the left and right are being screwed by these super intelligent Ivy league and other Elite 20 schools American college graduates.The FBI,CIA DNI put the TRUMP FAMILY ORGANIZATION THROUGH HOLY HELL FOR OVER 4 YRS.They had Hunters computer for 10 months and they didn’t do shit.Unreal how our Justice department works.The sucker’s go to jail and the political scumbags roam free from any legal problems.The USA will fall like every other super power and we can thank all the assholes we elect and the BS heads of our federal departments they are all bought for the right price.

    1. All of the greatest governments in the world that have collapsed have done so because of the stench from with in.

  15. I feel We the People are doomed. The reason I feel this way is because people are willing to go after President Trump full bore and in spite of all the evidence showing Joe Biden is as corrupt as $.10 copy of a Hollywood blockbuster DVD, our public can only think in terms of the Pandemic that the media ad the Demonrats continuously hype. Joe and his cronies have our losses on the Pandemic multiplied to over 200,000,000 even though the real number is about 221000 and those numbers are suspected as being inflated. There has been no plan put forth by Joe Blow and his cronies to save the problem other than shutting down our economy. The leftist are encouraging insurrection in our streets and cities not to mention our suburbs. If you look closely at Joe Blow’s ideas on the Pandemic you see nothing but more folly from the left with the exception of shutting down his ideas have already been implemented. When you take all the information into account the really frightening thing is th public seems to accept the Lies of the Left and not only want to put Joe Blow in power they want to give the lefties the House and the Senate thus stripping We the People of any means to stop the wild and crazy ideas Joe and Kamala have planned for our country. I see a dark gloomy path ahead of us that we may never recover from we may soon be USSR 2.0.

  16. Even if Biden wins or loses, I believe we will not see any investigation into this corruption. It seems that if you are wealthy and powerful, the peons are more than willing to cover up any wrongdoing. That’s just the way our system works these days. It is so pathetic!

    1. Shanghai free-trade-zone and corrupt Chinese Communist banks filling the pockets of the Bidens and of course Obama. Go from making $200,000 a year to being worth $40 Million in four years… You lay down with Commies…You are a Commie. Commies are only good for one thing, target practice…

  17. cant all americans in our country see what”sbiden is for ,he’sbecomming in league whit communist china .wake up people before it’s to late and you sell us to chin and the communist country it will be to late then.

  18. Has anyone else noticed that the Vietnam War TRAITOR John Kerry’s name always appears somewhere in corruption stories?
    Lock him up also,

      1. Isn’t that “ funny”?! , Mike? Evidently, no amount of wealth is satisfying to the corrupt, “elite”, cheating left. And this handful of reptiles are willing to take down this country because of their greed. Forget the real Americans…. Democrats get into power, YOU AIN’t SHIT!! Your vote counts to get them where they desire to be and THEN….. to hell with the voter.

        YOUR VOTE IS ALL THEY WANT!! They have no rhyme nor reason to work for YOU. Look lately, they don’t even go to work now. They just spew vile, spend millions of taxpayer dollars, hold back stimulus monies and blame our hard working President for all the Chaos and Shit they constantly create. Forked-tongue reptiles……FUCK!!!! There plandemic is old, I’m a physician….. this is just another virus….. yes, a nasty, nasty virus, but, we don’t need to be wearing bacteria laden masks constantly, and our children need to be back in school. What this party doing to America is a travesty of human life. Donald Trump will win re-election and our country will rebound like he says it will. We need to disband the Democrats if possible….. I know…. how do we accomplish that. It starts with holding to account each individual in the Obama administration who is corrupt ( this could be an endless pursuit ). President, VP, Secretary of State…….. were they corrupt and recipients of lots of money?!!!! YEP! And the list of reprobates goes from there. It’ll be a long and tedious work, but we’ve got us a man in office that knows just how to do things politicians don’t. Vote on Nov. 3rd. Vote Trump

  19. This is a war that is also being fought in the “Heavenlies”. If people would realize that they would understand the “why” and the “who” better. They would also know what they need to do more of.
    Thank you, Mr. President. I would like to see 8 more not just 4 more years.

    1. How about Pence and one of the Trump family for 8 more years after Donald? Keep Donald as their advisor? 🙂

  20. This isn’t just a DEEP STATE swamp . . . It’s the WHOLE SEWAGE PLANT, leaking at the SEAMS! Time to clear out ALL “swamp creatures” starting with OBAMA. What an EVIL horde, planning COMMUNISTIC policies against us (can you say TREASON and SEDITION?!?). We need to lock these people up by the BUS LOAD in FEDERAL PRISON – NO exceptions. No WONDER the Democrat party looks, acts, and SMELLS (ugh!) like the COMMUNIST Party. One Enlightened Patriot sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Muslim terrorist who gave IRAN 150 billion dollars so that the Iranians would keep their mouths shut about what REALLY happened in Benghazi.

      That’s a hefty sum to be delivered to a terrorist nation (I thought they were our mortal enemy) being used as “ hush money “. And now he speaks on Bidens behalf. Disgusting

      Barack Hussein Obama….Osama bin Laden. Which Muslim terrorist is your favorite?!!

  21. Nothing will happen, we have the likes of wray, bill barr. A corrupt doj and fbi. The fake news. Sessions might as well be in office. They’ll all walk. Just like Clinton and all the rest. And no real fox news,sick of seeing donna Brazil and Wallace , Juan and marie (ralph). So the dictators like witmer will rule. Sounds pretty bad what they want to do to trump supporters think on it. Getting shot,hung or burned out

  22. News flash: High Noon 10/24/2020 Sleepy liar Joe’s BS basement , never go far from bunker home show just ended. BS Joe has a larger President Trump car parade vs BS Biden’s car drive-in. His lie’s are louder, growing larger than he Jersey disaster of Biden’s reference of his dead old “friend” Hitler as he said in his Hindenburg debate crash.

    Bunker Basement Biden’s wife gave a better baloney intro vs BBB’s warp speed tornado, loaded wish fear mongering’s, hatred & usual gust of big wind promises. More like the”perfect storm”of doom & gloom he spews. Biden’s a certified & verified pathological kitchen table LIAR. With an outstanding 47 year record of do-nothing in Congress and even less than scheme a Biden Family RICO pay 2 play using Hunter and
    ” Air Force 2″ at taxpayer expense is a CRIME!

    Make sure you vote for the most reliable person & with the most reliable Vice-President America seen in our lifetime. Trump-Pence is the only cure for what will prevent America’s demise by the demonRat corps of thugs bringing anarchism as seen ripping he leftist run cities & states.

    Biden’s on the road to 24 hour/365 taxpayer funded protection……. However, not by Our US Secret Service.
    More like the US Marshall’s & Colorado’s maximum security house with no windows.

    Reason: America has no room for treason. High crimes are long over-due for nothing short of lawful prosecution’s.

  23. Do folks understand The Dem’s don’t care what happens with the investigation of (the big guy) Biden as their goal is to get the far left liberal Harris in the number one position right after the election, that is if he (Biden) should win.

  24. We have a HOLY GOD who will hear our prayers 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked way, then i shall hear from heaven, and forgive them, and heal their land God is calling us to turn to HIM but we must turn from the evil that decays our land (abortion, homosexuality, sexual child abuse etc…) PRAY fervently !!!! God Bless You and GOD BLESS AMERICA

  25. I have no confidence in our FBI, CIA and DOJ moving fast enough to halt The Big Guy from being elected. Or for that matter perusing the the Biden family like the way the let the Clintons.

  26. That’s why it’s called the SWAMP! Each and everyone is getting a cut on the deals. Whosoever, refuses a cut on the deals will themselves be cut, off entirely., meaning 6 feet under in a box and the cause of death? probably a heart attack? accident falling down a hill, drowned? etc. It’s the old horse’s head on the pillow scene, if with me you keep your head, if not with me, well that’s a horse of a different color. 🙂

  27. Its good that we have found out but we really need to bombard the liberal media with the facts and vote every democrat out! Then we can clean house (drain the swamp)…We may never have another chance to put government back in their place. Serving us, not themselves. Trump won’t be around forever and we can’t expect him to do it all. Find outlets all over, bomb twitter, fakebook even if they take you down. They can’t get us all. Their computers are looking for certain words. Just don’t use those words.

  28. How the hell did we allow the socialist party into our society. The garbage the Omar’s and AOC spew is reprehensible. They should immediately be forced out of their positions. FORCED!!!! Just to think that they have any power is crazy. Trump has this country on the correct path. All of the rhetoric spewed from the left is going to be the downfall of this country if they are elected to power. It is a power grab. After seeing, reading, hearing and being involved, anybody that would vote for any of them has a nut loose. Check yourself people, who wants to become a third world country. I don’t and with Trump I won’t.

  29. Civil servant bureaucrats paid government salary. BUT, with undetectable BENEFITS (college tuition, elder care, new vehicles/houses, vacations, medical treatments), then, such federal employees corrupted. Hence, the DEEP STATE. Entrenched corrupt federal bureaucrats who, now, support Biden to continue the camouflage. Trump will uncover the Swamp. Trump is outrageously courageous — an impeccable patriotic America desperately needs him. Vote Trump!

  30. Now, we have information from the Intelligence Community that the Bidens’ and the Chi-Coms are in bed together. Wouldn’t this cause problems with security clearances? WOW, no wonder the so-called leadership of the Democratic Party want to bury the Chinese/Biden love nest. But then again, maybe this relationship goes further than the Bidens’, what if the Speaker-of-the House was involved? What if a number of other House members were involved? How about a number of Senators being involved. The Chi-Coms could be taking over this country, and those who are elected to protect us are involved with them. Let’s see, there’s a former VP, a former Secretary of State, John Kerry, maybe even a past President. What will happen if Bunker Joe wins, sworn in, but can’t be told secrets because he can’t be trusted? Where’s the honest FBI?

  31. I think 99.9% of the comments here are 100% right, one of the biggest proublem started when they took over the schools, they filled the young brains full of mush with how America is a bad country & started teaching there version of American history. they don’t teach pride of country or about the millions of Americans that gave there life for this country let alone the world.
    If America never existed this world would be run by any 2 bit dictator that could hold power! the world would still be in the 20’s or 30’s, millions would be dieing of hunger but like that N. Korean dictator they would be well fed & you better not even beg for scraps.
    We need to get real schools, schools that teach why America is the greatest country the world has ever seen & then we might see real reporters that report the real news of the world. the dumbing down of Americans has to stop & we must teach thought & common sense, better yet parents should be teaching this stuff to there kids’ or don’t we want our kids to have a better life than there parents & grand parents?
    Bring back the treason laws / public hangings / term limits
    I’ll get off my soap box now.
    Vote the republican ticket in 20-20 VOTE TRUMP

  32. Kamala Harris is not NBC, THEREFORE, she is NOT eligible for POTUS. Just like Obama: not eligible!
    Arrest Obama, Bidens, Clintons, Harris, and illegal alien usurper Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro for election fraud, Booker, HOLDER, Keith Ellison, Omar, FBI, CIA, DOJ, Soros,, for voter fraud, sedition, TREASON, Oath of Office violation, Usurpation of Office, Racist Hate Crimes, Murder, ETC ETC. Deport them to freezing Gulags in the Arctic Circle., and banish them from USA forever!

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