Border Wall Address: Trump Deliberately Makes a Factual Error to Bait His Enemies

Donald Trump gave one of the most beautiful speeches of his presidency when he addressed the nation and made his case for a wall on the southern border on Tuesday night. A speech directly to the people was needed in this case and according to White House insiders, he wrote it himself. None of his advisors got their grubby hands on it and toned it down. “You can’t say that illegal aliens chop American housewives up for fish food, Mr. President! That’s simply not cosmopolitan!” And in hilarious Trumpian fashion, the president made a deliberate factual error in the speech to bait the media.

Before we get to that, though, we just want to say: Way to go, Mr. President! He needed to make the compassionate case for the border wall and he succeeded with flying colors. Our only real criticism of his speech was that he was obviously suffering from a cold and the sniffles, and at an 80% energy level. It would have been better if he had rested for another day before going in front of the cameras. Minor nitpick.

Trump was at his most presidential during the address, as expected. He made the case that walls are not built because we hate the people on the outside – they’re built because you love the people on the inside. He brilliantly noted that “some politicians” put up huge walls around their own homes while denying the American people that same level of security.

This is one of the most distinguishing things about President Trump that we will remember for years to come, and it’s a fact that we noted when he was running for office. Out of a crowd of 20-plus Republicans and Democrats running for president in 2016, Donald Trump was the only one who would look regular, everyday Americans in the eye and tell us, “You know what, I love you guys!” He meant it then and he means it now. He’s on our side.

The Schumer-Pelosi freak show rebuttal after the president’s address was a gift as well. They looked old, mad and a little bit creepy in front of a slow-zoom camera. The Democrat leadership also made it perfectly clear where their priorities are: They care more about illegal aliens and federal employees than they do about everyday Americans. “Walls are immoral! And that’s why Democrats voted unanimously with Republicans to fully fund a 287-mile border wall in Jordan and a 600-mile wall between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait!”

Federal workers are going without paychecks right now because of Trump’s shutdown, the Democrats whine. Boo-hoo! Federal workers in DC, Virginia and Maryland are making an average salary of $108,798 this year, which puts them in the top 10% of all US wage earners – and they’ll get back pay (probably with interest) when the shutdown inevitably ends. Americans who have lost loved ones to drunk-driving Mexicans and crazed MS-13 animals with machetes will never be made whole again.

Trump didn’t pull any punches on the real costs of illegal immigration. Drugs pouring across the border now kill more Americans in a single year than we lost in the entire Vietnam war. Blacks suffer the most because of illegals stealing entry-level jobs. Thousands of Americans have been murdered at the hands of illegals who should never have been in the country in the first place. Hundreds of thousands are injured in assaults and robberies by illegals.

And then, Trump’s deliberate fact error – it was a doozy. We hope that he got a chuckle out of it later in the evening, because we certainly did. Trump stated that “one in three women migrants” are raped while making the journey to illegally cross our southern border. Don’t get us wrong – this is a horrible statistic. But the way that Trump used it to bait the Enemy of the People media was brilliant.

As the media rushed to “fact check” the president’s address to help bolster the Pelosi-Schumer clown car show, they “caught” President Trump in this “big lie.” The reality is that 80% — an astonishing four out of five – women are sexually assaulted by Mexican rapists as they make their way to the wide-open border. CBS News very matter-of-factly posted that “fact check”… and then quietly took it down a few minutes later when they realized that the reality on the border is far worse than even President Trump made it sound.

Now that Trump has made the compelling case for the wall, he’s set up the kill shot. Democrats will quadruple-down in their obstruction, even as federal employees go unpaid. And that will make President Trump look even stronger and more heroic to the American people when he declares a National Emergency to build the wall with the military.

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