Bring It! MyPillow CEO Not Backing Down to Dominion Software’s Cease and Desist Letter

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he welcomes a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems following the company’s recent cease and desist letter regarding alleged voter fraud. In a response to Forbes, Lindell said, “I welcome Dominion to sue me. I welcome it. Please. Please sue me… and then you can show us all about your machines.”

Despite mainstream media labeling anyone questioning the 2020 election results as conspiracy theorists and social media removing any post suggesting Biden didn’t win fair and square, Lindell and others continue to point out evidence of irregularities in key battleground states. This includes how Biden’s basement campaign led to a record 80-million votes, far more votes even Barack Obama received in either of his campaigns.

And let’s face it, even the Trump rally on January 6 had thousands more in attendance to DISPUTE election results than Biden would have had at a COVID-free inauguration. Minus the 20,000 or so National Guard members in DC, Biden’s inauguration would have revealed the curiously low level of enthusiasm for an incoming President that supposedly got more votes than Barack Obama.

So why is Dominion so concerned about one infomercial CEO, anyway? Is he saying something that they don’t like—or maybe something true—that they feel must be silenced?

In an Axios interview, Lindell argued, “I want Dominion to put up their lawsuit because we have 100% evidence that China and other countries used their machines to steal the election.” He claims Dominion’s irregularities involved much more than software manipulation, but also foreign interference.

If so, democracy as we know it is under attack. At the very least, these claims should be investigated to help boost American confidence that their votes matter.

Why is Dominion afraid to prove Lindell and others like him wrong? Couldn’t they easily show they were following the rules on election day? Shouldn’t they be able to provide evidence their machines were not connected to the internet where outside influences could manipulate information?

Instead, there is only cease and desist letters. Downplay the evidence. Call anyone who questions election fraud as crazy. Sue and silence is the game plan.


But if it’s true, it’s not crazy. If it’s true, it would be crazy to back down to a cease and desist letter from a company that could be manipulating America’s votes for president in 2020 and potentially in future elections.

There’s nothing wrong with following the evidence where it leads.

But Democrats seem to be taking the attitude of, “Don’t confuse me with the truth.” Instead, rioters at the Capitol building have become an excuse for “moving forward” and “healing the nation” instead of confronting the facts. Feelings matter; facts don’t.

According to this scary reasoning, America’s Constitution and the nation’s future remain in a dangerous situation. If freedom-loving citizens can’t get help from their elected officials, and mainstream media serves as a propaganda arm for the left, where can anyone go for help?

As President Trump and his supporters discovered, a conservative majority in the Supreme Court didn’t lead to anyone taking his case. A majority in the Senate didn’t result in different results. Tensions are on the rise because Americans feel like their voices no longer matter. What will it take to make a difference?

According to Lindell, it’s taking on the giants in court regardless of the outcome. Hopefully, more Americans will take his approach, choosing boldness over fear in a time when America needs it most.


135 thoughts on “Bring It! MyPillow CEO Not Backing Down to Dominion Software’s Cease and Desist Letter”

  1. Mr Lindell’s conviction and enthusiasm makes me proud and I and my wife are going to be ordering My Pillows today.

        1. Stay STRONG Mr. Linden and GOD BLESS YOU! We are on your side! If the Dems had nothing to hide, they would have INSISTED the DOMINION Election Machines be AUDITED to SHOW AMERICA the Elections were Free, Fair, and True!

          1. That would be a great bit of publicity for Dominion, and put a lot of minds to rest. Trumpers would accept a fair result, but NOT an unfair result!
            Just check how many Biden followers on Twitter. Last time I checked, around 20 million. Trump: 88 million. See who is really popular.

      1. This isn’t the first time B, B and B, and Kohl’s have told us they are socialist companies that’s why I won’t shop at either as well as many others I always check their donations to left wing wizzos before spending any money. I will bet that Dominion won’t sue any of the folks they have threatened they aren’t going to expose the truth and that’s exactly what will happen. Can you imagine the embarrassment to the democrat party and our courts and DOJ? We all can go one step further and demand that our states not use Dominion equipment, software ever. Please contact your individual Gov., Sec of State and election officials and get their equipment removed when we all get involved and make them accountable we have a chance to make elections fair demand it folks they work for us. If we don’t there will never be another honest election remember there are more than candidates on the ballots there are often added tax propositions and other devious things they force down our throats.

        1. Amen. Boycott all chinese manufactured goods let communist crap rot on the shelves. The Fed allows outsourcing because manufacturers say union labor is too costly. Yet every stinking federal agency is unionized and pensioned on the american peoples tab. Theres practically nothing left for the communist left to steal from us other than our health under the corruption of the FDA (federal disease advocate)

      1. I love My Pillow and have had it for several years, washes up great and fluffy and the main thing, is, it’s the only pillow I can use comfortably on my neck, damaged from auto accident many years ago!

      2. I appalled mr. lindell. I am cutting up my Kohl’s, Bed Bath and beyond credit cards today. If you hit their bottom line they may listen to We the People! (75 million strong) instead if listening to the left who want to censor our first amendment rights!

        1. If their is nothing to hide, why are the Dems so adamant about not investigating the nationwide claims of the people they are supposed to represent??? Just strengthens the opinion that corruption really did occur and they’re doing all they can to cover it up. We need to remove Biden, Harris and Pelosi. They are all corrupt and ruthless in their drive for power ignoring and trying to manipulate the U. S. CONSTITUTION to justify their actions.

          1. Well said. This is another form of cancel culture. God BLESS Mr. Lindell. If I walk in in bb&b. Or kohls with a trump hat will I be told to leave? This is so wrong. Where I live a well none gym owner had bus loads of trump supporters at the Capitol Jan. 6. Now people in the community are trying to put him put of business. This is so sick.

        2. Great idea! I have a Kohl’s CC that I haven’t used in years and this would be a great time to get rid of it. 🙂

        3. My very thought. I just responded to a Bed Bath and Beyond e-mail ad saying I would not buy anything from BBB until they started selling Mike Lindell’s products again.

          GEAUX MIKE!

          1. THere are several stores that won’t sell the pillows anymore because Mike voted for Trump. We should find a list of them so we can boycott them.

    1. They are so scared that the truth will come out! This is a scare tactic from Dominion. Mike is a true patriot fighting for all of us that voted for President Trump. Thank you very much

      1. The banks are now working to destroy Trump. It sucks.
        Millions of $$$$$ involved. Hope he CAN get his money out.

    2. Amen to Mike Lindell!!! I am a 100% Trump Support!!! I was giving Mr. Biden the benefit of the doubt to prove him self. But after herring his speech I am saddened for our country .
      Please pray for the 74 million who didn’t vote for Mr. Biden and VOTED for PRESIDENT TRUMP. God bless America

    3. I admire you for being so faithful to our Country. You are a remarkable man and 74 million of us support
      your efforts. No ONE has taken the Voter fraud to court. The Riots on Jan 6th were planned on purpose
      to stop the electors and typical Democrats, just push it under the rug. They wanted chaos to deflect from
      what should have happened and challenged the battleground states. They keep saying they have NO proof, how can we prove our case without a court hearing presenting evidence.
      We are strongly behind you in your efforts, and PS LOVE your products, I make it gifts for everyone!!!! Democrats
      are trying to silence us and turn us into Communist Country!! We bless you for your strength and stamina!

    4. I agree whole heartedly with your statement. He has more love for Our country than the elected thives in congress, senate and now the oval office. Go Lindell!

    5. EVERYONE needs to order from My Pillow!! Not only are their pillows the Best, but they have other great products as well. I also encourage everyone to purchase Mike Lindell’s book “What Are the Odds?” Mine just came yesterday. Let’s support a true Patriotic, Christian man who epitomizes what America stands for…FREEDOM!

    6. The evidence is there for sure. But it is my belief is that Congress and the Courts dislike President Trump (the best President in my lifetime). Mr Lindell is a brave Patriot. I hope others will follow his example a join him in challenging Dominion.
      By the way I have 2 My Pillows and they are fantastic Best sleep you’ll ever have.

    7. Yes, My Pillow guy my whole family is with you on this. We have order many pillows, sheets, and mattress toppers from you and will continue when ever we need more or replaced (We have a house full of animal loving people). We need to stand strong together and fight for our freedom, rights, future, and our children’s future

    8. Yes we back Mike Lindell and I sent an email to Bed Bath and Beyond CEO I let him have it since they are dropping my pillow products conveniently after Mikes statement on Dominion software. This is a political move on anyone who tries to protest election results and next is Kohl’s who has taken the same stance dropping my pillow

    9. Thank You Mr. Pillow Man!!! You are a Patriot and True American an example to us all………. There are too many Americans willing to sit back and shut up while Mr. Biden and the young “woke” fools who MANAGE AND CONTROL HIM, ruin and destroy This Wonderful, Great, Majestic and Free Country!!! “We The People” must stand up and lawfully and Peacefully “Push Back” Where we can and NEVER roll over and allow those who seek to DESTROY THE COUNTRY WE LOVE… Get involved in their community, run for local government positions, Secretary of State, school board positions, state prosecutors; who prosecute local crimes, where slowly G. Sorros has backed ” crazy “woke” ideologues who refuse to follow the law or constitution, the judiciary;; that SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN CONTROL OF THE ELECTION BUT WAS NOT!!! and other local government positions,,, this is what I mean by “Push Back” NO VIOLENCE WHAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!!

  2. Prove the videos are fake and witnesses testimony and then maybe we will believe you until then America will keep speaking about it

    1. Ask Chief justice Roberts why he stopped the Supreme Court from hearing the Texas case , and if it had anything to do with him being on Epstein’s Island.

      1. Yes, I would like to KNOW, WHY the US Supreme Court Did NOT hear the cases filed for the thousands of irregularities in the Election and the Dominion Machines!!! Are they all in the SWAMP!!

        1. Yes they are. I am so sick of politicans , but when I see what has transpired it is plain to see the CORRUPTION. This country is in trouble with the Biden administration .

      2. I don’t know if it’s an Epstein connection, or him operating out of fear. In either case, he needs to be removed. Something smells very fishy in the Roberts Supreme Court

  3. May God be with you, Mr. Lindell. It is a dark time we are entering where our freedom is being threatened by the untruths being perpetrated by the majoity of media outlets, big corporations preventing communications, blacklisting and elected government officials using their office to destroy those who don’t think as they do.

  4. I so agree with Mr. Lindell and if retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohl’s pull his product for exercising his First Amendment rights it will be yet another way for me in some small way to offer help with a boycott of these stores.

    1. That’s what I’m doing too boycotting places like that or companies that are pulling their donations from Republican or conservative places. Why support those who want to take away our freedoms

    2. I and my family will never spend another penny in these stores. We are sick and tired of the cancel culture being exercised in our country. They can all go to hell. By the way, does anyone besides me wonder why every time voting issues are brought up they are accused of black voter suppression? What they are saying really is that Black People are too stupid to get it. I am truly insulted by that characterization every time I hear it. Black people are way too smart to fall for that anymore. Look at how many voted for Trump.

    3. I agree with you. These are stores that 75 million folks, who voted for President Trump, regularly use for their families’ clothing needs, gifts, home items. They were shut down for several months to browsers in 2020. Now they will be shut down because Trump voters will not be shopping in them because of their discrimination on how they voted. They should talk to Target and find out what happened when that store decided to let men use the women’s restroom on the day they felt like being women. It’s been a while, but I remember that Target’s stocks dipped quite a bit and I’m not sure that they have gone back up.

    4. I am in total agreement with taking my business – even though it stays around the $100.00 make – to another store for those pulling his products. The American people built America not big government. The corruption has reached all the way down to our children (grand & great gran children for me) and it’s past time to stop.

    5. R Mizerny im in ca and Annas linens did the same thing and i will get my friends to stop shopping there as well

    6. We’ll joint you to boycott them! We should boycott Facebook, Twitter, Google and others who censor us and take down our postings by closing all our accounts with them. They need us to become today’s media giant and without us they are nobody! Switch to Parler!

        1. That’s exactly what needs to happen, if just a few here and there does it won’t be a big impact but if it was all the same day it would show them we mean business. Also if you haven’t watched the documentary of the social dilemma you need to it will make you think about how we all use our phones. It’s on Netflix. Stay strong Mr Lindell you have my family’s support.

    7. boycott is the answer!! look what happened to Dicks sporting..
      Near bankruptcy for pulling firearms from their stores.
      The real power in this country is the dollar, not politics.
      When politicians pull a dirty deal, respond by pulling support!!!
      The longer we let them crap on us the stronger they become..
      We need to start a movement to have everyone grow a “PAIR” to circumvent the democRATS evil doings.
      I will never call Biden “my” president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. There is an underlying force in this country that knows the truth. If it takes Mike Lindell to awaken it, so be it. We can’t allow our country to be taken over.

  6. I am grateful there is someone who will look for truth.
    When we as a people are brainwashed to think, that one side of the political arena has the right to silence all that disagree with them. We have lost our Freedom.
    Thank you Mike

    1. Amen, I am in 100% agreement with you! We lost the BEST President, President Trump, in the election not only due to the massive fraud but also due to the brainwashing propaganda from the mainstream news media and the left. May GOD bless USA and lead us out off this darkness time!

  7. When Johan Pulitzer proved the Dominion machines were WiFi capable and could be connected via the internet on the Senate Floor of Georgia, why wasn’t there some action taken by the Georgia department of justice?
    No one doubted Mr. Pulitzer. Why were Mr. Pulitzers actions snuffed out by big Tech and the democrats?

  8. He is a stand up guy not afraid to stand up for the truth like ,any so called Republicans. If Mitch was half the man as Mike, Georgia would still have Republican Senators instead of Democrats. Mitch was been a huge disappointment. Schumer can run all over him.

      1. Mitch, has Chyna connections by his wife. Pelosi love’s Chyna connections, reason why Eric Swallow-well is still on the House Intel Committee, even after spending a great deal of time with the Chyneeze ho-spie that raised money for him to be a congressman. Sen Feinstein’s Chineeze driver for 20 years, and now former Sen Barb Boxer is applied to be a foreign agent of Chyna and working for a Chineeze surveillance company. All of them should be in Federal Court facing Gitmo!

  9. More large corporations should join Mike to prove the corruption, if they Have any moral responsibility to our country and freedom…help the 80 million true patriots/voters! Thanks Mike, Keep us posted on the lawsuit.

  10. The hell with Kohl’s and Bed&Bath beyond. I’ll buy my pillows somewhere else. Put me down for two please


  12. I admire this God loving humble man. We will back your truths. We have your mattress topper, pillows, and sheets. We love em all!! GETCHA SOME!!!

  13. Maybe it’s time for lawsuits against Dominion at that time they can expose the fraud during the discovery phase and then in the courtroom. I doubt that Dominion wants this. It’s time for the truth to come out… Thanks Mike

  14. Thank you, Mr. Lindell. America needs more of you in this country. If and when you are sued please give us all the opportunity to join in the expense you will incur. This country is about to enter a terrible phase that will be unlike anything we have ever seen before. Satan is just about to lose and things will never be the same again. Pray for peace and pray that pres. elect Biden doesnt continue to win.

  15. Dear Mike Lindel:

    Thank you for taking a stand. I am one who is easily annoyed by repetitive advertising and had been changing channels when your commercials came on but not anymore. I will not only welcome your commercials on my TV and Radio, I am going to order a couple of your pillows today. Thank you for being a patriotic American.

  16. Thanks Mike for standing up.
    This is the saddest day in the history of our once great nation.

    Barack, Hillary, and the rest of the contemptible reprobates have not only tossed aside the best leader we’ve seen in our lifetime, but they’ve thrown 75 million citizens under the bus for their insidious progressive agendas.

    Joe would have us “UNITE”. After these 4 years of hateful rhetoric towards our great President, we need to forget what the hell just happened to him, and move on.
    They want unity…. Bullshit!!!, they want CONFORMITY. That’s the communistic word for “unity”.

    How does a free society rebound from the atrocities we’ve witnessed in these last few years. Our freedoms and liberties compromised for the power grab we’ve had to sit back and see with our own eyes, seemingly helpless from the Democratic wolves.

    They told us how corrupt they were, Sniffin Joe even bragged about how fraudulent this election was to be and it was. Now we, as decent, hard working, level headed people have to stand back and watch this travesty unfold before our very eyes. A tall order after experiencing the finest four years (in my opinion) in my life.

    One year ago I was taking home $273.00 more a month than I am now. Thanks to my Dictator, that’s the 10% of my paycheck he requires each month for Covid related lies. And now Comrade Biden is going to relinquish the tax cuts put in place by a real president, that should take my income down close to $500 overall monthly. So much for finally being comfortable in my own skin I guess.

    Quite sad.

    This country’s freedom has been bought and paid for by the blood of our great grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers, uncles, and brothers. Their lives were taken so we can wake up to ….THIS?!!

    There will never be a fair election in America again. Hell, I’m curious as to if there will ever be a general election again at this moment in time.


    Hold on, it gets reinstated this very day. To all of you real law abiding, constitution loving real people if America ……. I pray for each and every one of you. To realize our government that is supposed to be our ally, is really out to control our every move, well, it lends a dismal future for my children and my grandchildren.

    God be with us…… Please

    1. I agree100%. I’m frightened for my children abs grandchildren. The America we grew up in is gone. They will never enjoy the same freedoms and lifestyle we had. God bless America; God bless our children and grandchildren. God bless and preserve our great constitution and our beautiful Democratic Republic.

    2. Great comments. Of course, this whole identity politics thing all started by Barack H. Obama. You know, the guy who went to Harvard but blocked his transcripts from being seen by the public. He may have not have been smart enough to pass his tests but smart enough to hide those below average (allegedly) scores.

      1. Spot on!!! Obamination has been raising $$$ for the Deep State and now the evil one gets a third term! Refuse to acknowledge another ILLEGAL puppet.

  17. Mike Lindell not only gives us the best night’s sleep in the whole, wide world, he wakes us up with his truth-telling and willingness to go the distance defending Pres. Trump and Liberty. Oh Lord, it is a sad day, but Lindell shines one of only lights left after the steal.

  18. Does anyone know what happened to the postal workers found to be dumping the mail in ballots? I’m sure they knew that was a federal offense! Has anyone heard anything about that! And what happened to the people on film showing them triple counting Biden votes? Where’s the outrage? Plus people being paid to vote for Biden by Representatives? And has anyone asked for the name of the person that shot the woman in the Congress building? All that was seen on the video was a hand with a gun – no person! Possibly not a guard that worked there? Too many questions….not enough explanations! Thank you Mr. Lendell for trying to get answers for us!

    1. Go for it! Proud of your courage. When one says “I believe…such and such…. – it’s called “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”! My silent protest, believing that our country (including me and mine) , is in dire distress, will be to fly my beloved American Flag upside down – the signal that I fear for my property or well being (life). With the threats being made by this new gang coming into office today, it is a valid fear.

  19. I was planning to get my new pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond soon, but now there is no need for me to enter through their doors ever again. I will give my sale directly to My Pillow and skip the middle man. I predict that My Pillow will have record sales just like Goya. Yahuwah Bless the USA, and down with the anti-American fools.

  20. God Bless you Mr. Lindell. I just purchase towels from you and plan on getting sheets. I canceled my Kohls credit card and will no longer purchase from Bed Bath and Beyond either. I am being purposeful with my money. I believe God wants us to use the resources he provides to us for good. You sir, I believe are good. Thank you.

  21. Mike Lindell needs to put out a list of all of the companies that are boycotting him. Boycotting can also be done by customers of those companies. This thing works both ways. {You don’t carry his pillows and try to put him out of business. We will not buy your products and put you out of business.)

  22. God Bless You Mike Lindell, It is so sad that there are not more People in this Once Great Country of ours that will stand up and demand Justus. I also believe We need the Convention of States, to meet and make a few amendments such as Term Limits, get the corrupt career politicians OUT and replace them with Christian folks that Really have We The People’s interest at heart, Maybe like our Founding Fathers, gee that’s a Novel idea.
    I also believe the President should have One 6year term, WOW what could Have President Trump done with just 6 years, even with the Evil democrats fighting him all the way.
    Here’s a thought, Mike Lindell, 2024

  23. I’ll be buying my pillows for all my Rental properties.

    Well done MIKE!! Our elected officials are feckless & WEAK. They are not true Americans they want to threaten the American people with fake racism if you support TRUMP. I hope they sue! That would be an American dream.

  24. I am cancelling my Kohl’s credit card today!!! Good for you Mr. Lindell. I have your pillows and Love them. I am also through with Bed Bath & Beyond. I will shop directly with your web site. Good for you. And God Bless you for standing up for your rights. Bet they will be afraid of suing you!!

  25. The Democrats are the greatest threat America faces today. A party that should support America are the enemy. Now the world knows.


  27. I stand with Mr Lindell. What a patriot!!!! I am ashamed OAN and Newsmax wimped out. We must not give into bullies. O’biden, OBOMINATION , all of them are trying to subdue and control the Patriots. We must fight their evil.

  28. Hello Mr Lindell
    We as well have 2 of your my pillows and they are great and will order more in the future.
    My household and friends will support you I will spread the word. God Bless you.
    Right is right and wrong is wrong. If God is for us who can be against us.

    God has a plan and all this that is taking place now must happen in order for Gods Glory to be shown.

    God is in charge and we need to pray with faith and vigor that the wrong will be made right
    not in our time but Gods.

  29. Thank you Mr. Lindell, for being a stand up Patriot. Do not let these bullies intimidate you! They’ve also threatened to sue Sydney Powell but you don’t hear anything about that in the news. I think they are just “chest thumping” and are afraid to sue anyone because they are afraid the truth will come out in court!!

  30. God bless you, Mr. Lindell, your family and your business. Thanks for wearing your crucifix. I see it every time I see you add. Great witness+++
    God bless you for your courage and for being a seeker of truth and justice. You, and our country remain in my prayers always. God grant your continued perseverance, strength and good health.

  31. Thank God for people like Mike Lindell! This country is in such turmoil right now because of the failure of the Supreme Court. They are the ones responsible for the attack on the Congress. The Supreme Court refused to look at the evidence that shows the election was falsified. As a result, people who are conservatives no longer trust the Democrats, the election system, or our government. I applaud Mike for his courage and resources to pursue this matter. I own his pillows and sheets. Both are fabulous. He is a truly honest man both in his business and his politics. Thank you, Mike Lindell.

  32. Thank you Mike. There are so many of us Trump supporters that are unable to vent our frustration with the stolen election. A blind man can see what so many of us know; Joe Biden is a disgrace. We love your pillows so much that we keep them in our RV. As just one of many who support you; please take Dominion down!


  34. I’ve Strongly believed for a long time that Barrack H.Obama “Sold America Out “ back during the 2008 Financial Crisis. As the Large Wall Street Banks (with their Greed) were doing all kinds of inept business practices & were making Extremely Risky Loans. However, Obama let Wall Street off of the hook for causing that Major Financial Crisis – & he instead saddled the American Taxpayers for repaying that Large 800 Trillion of Debt ! And now Obama’s Puppet will continue to “Screw Over” the American Taxpayers, as that’s unfortunately what most Democrats do. Plus, since Wall Street wasn’t
    Required to pay for “their” Financial Crisis they were in bed with Obama and Democrat’s & this is how “Mass -Media” got started, as Wall Street owned/controlled most Large News Sources. Thus, whenever Obama did anything wrong, or unscrupulous, it was never televised and it’s basically stayed that way ever since as Extremely Biased Reporting – for the Far Left.
    We urgently need to “Enforce” Term Limits and A Balanced Budget and reduce the perks for Hundreds of Congressmen & Senators whom are not running our Country Honestly, and Prudently ! A meeting of All States would be a good starting point to get things moving in that direction and DO NOT LET Pelosi & Co. Let the Washington D.C. Swamp decide what is and what isn’t gonna CHANGE there. Otherwise, those now empowered Demo’s are gonna spend us into Oblivion !!!!!

  35. 75 million cheers for Mike Lindell! I’m proud to have My Pillows on every bed, the mattress toppers, the GREAT sheets….. I’ll sure stand with you Mike.

  36. Mr. Lindell please start a go fund me for the cause and help pay for the law suits. 74 millon times $10 will have the left in a panic. America stand up to the left and be proud of who we are.


  38. The conservative power of the purse, needs to be put to work full force. I will NOT spend a cent at any liberal/socialist owned establishment. The information is readily available on who owns the businesses, socialist owned business have been dropped from my spending lists four years ago.

  39. THANK YOU Mr Lindell
    My wife and I both think that we as a country need to build trust into We The PEOPLE a top priority. Finding out the truth so in four years we know the truth. God Bless you and all the people that want the truth

  40. Yes they are. I am so sick of politicans , but when I see what has transpired it is plain to see the CORRUPTION. This country is in trouble with the Biden administration .

  41. I support you Mike you are what America is all about I will be buying some pillows stay strong the left is crazy

  42. For those of you who don’t know…Biden is not the only illegal president…so was Obama!! He was not a born American!! He was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia. If he was an American why did he apply for an exchange student scholarship!! No one knew him in college either. Where is his birth certificate?? Where are his college papers?? Obama is here to destroy America, even his grandparents hated America and moved to Hawaii before it became a state. He is the puppet master pulling the strings for Biden…Biden has no idea what he is doing. He has dementia and will only do what they tell him because he has lost all cognitive understanding. Obama picked kamala to be the VP because he knows biden will not last even a year in office if that! he will be running our beautiful country again and will destroy it this time….
    dear Mike Lindell, please keep on keeping on!! God help us…our country who was won by thousands of young boys blood is in peril… God Bless America…please!!!

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