China & Facebook Ban Christian Content Using Similar Means

In the light of so much deception and violence coming out of Liberal Democrats, academia, Hollywood, and the mainstream media- many people are beginning to see a connection between the bigotry of the left and the virtue of those they target.

What we’re talking about is Christianity. Over the last three years, the religion has been growing in part because the virtues specific to the religion are under direct attack by leftist forces.

Christianity is a religion that centers around independence from everything except God’s law. Christians are directed to adhere to laws that come from God. They are given 10 commandments to follow including respect the property of others, to not lie or cheat, not deny God or take his name in vain. Most of all, Christians are taught to obey God before he obeys Earthly powers.

In other words, the power of the state is always in unambiguous conflict with the moral temperament of Christians. This is the lesson that so many have derived from the culture war currently taking place in the Western world. It is a war between the dignity of the individual, and the will of the collective.

The United States has got something right and the extent to which this country has produced true freedom is the same extent to which it has promoted Christian values. Understanding this is key to understanding the attack on Christianity that is going on all over the world.

Christians are the single most oppressed group on Earth.

In 2012, the Pew Research Center found that of any religious group, Christians face the most oppression. They wrote:

“Muslims and Jews experienced six-year highs in the number of countries in which they were harassed by national, provincial or local governments. More than “5.3 billion people (76% of the world’s population) live in countries with a high or very high level of restrictions on religion, up from 74% in 2011 and 68% as of mid-2007.”

It’s especially important to understand this, because here in the US- the attack on Christianity is harder to spot- for now. But that can be expected to change if tech titans like Facebook are not brought to heel. Why? Because the social media giant, which controls more than 70% of all online access, is taking a page out of the Chinese playbook on how to stifle Christians on the Internet.

Christians have always been up against a wall in China. That’s because China is Communist. Communism always demands deference to the state rather than to any God.

Right now, big YouTube channels like Info Wars are being wrongly shut down. Others are being silenced simply for being Christian. In the wake of the shutdown of Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, and others, Christian channels like Verity Baptist Church and The New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement are being silenced online as well.

Benjamin Knight, a representative for The New IFB, said, “I think that the day will come sooner than you might believe at this stage in the game where it’s illegal to even go soul-winning. The Bible says that the antichrist will think to change times and laws. It will start with censorship from these so-called private entities – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – which are not private entities, they’re obviously public utilities.”

On Twitter, the censorship is harder to spot. That’s because the site uses shadow banning. But on other platforms, people receive violation notices explaining that the user has violated terms of service, but they are not told how they are in violation, and they are not given an opportunity to appeal.

But the numbers show that Christian and conservative content represent the vast majority of vague TOS related shutdowns.

In every case, the terms of service are vague enough that anyone can be said to be in violation. They say that any content which may cause distress is in violation of TOS. If you have a knitting channel, and someone whose kittens were strangled with yarn complains about it, your channel can be shut down. All it takes is one anonymous complaint, and the law cannot protect your content. Scary, isn’t it?

~ American Liberty Report

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