China’s Power Move: Disappears Head of Interpol

President Trump has tried to warn us about China over the last year. They’ve been engaged with a massive trade war with Trump. The tariffs have flown back and forth, and the rhetoric between the two leaders has escalated several times.

While that might feel like the most important news from China from an American perspective, there are major problems within the country that shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s not forget that Xi Jinping gave himself a permanent position as the country’s leader only a few months ago.

Let’s also not forget that he refused to pressure North Korea into playing ball with the rest of the world. When you understand what he has been doing at home, you’ll see why none of this is surprising and all of it is frightening.

Meng Hongwei, was the president of Interpol in China until a few days ago. He was also a senior Chinese security official. Both of these are significant positions. In September, he mysteriously disappeared. The day of his disappearance, his wife received a single text of communication. It was an image of a knife. No one saw or heard a thing of him for several weeks. Interpol tried to launch investigations into the disappearance of one of their own, but the Chinese government stonewalled them.

After those few weeks, we finally heard a word about what happened. According to China, Meng is under investigation for corruption. There has still been no direct communication from Meng or any physical evidence that he is still alive.

Maybe 20 to 30 years ago, this was a common story in China. Further back, under Mao, it was THE story in China. The government, under the guise of attacking corruption, would hunt dissenters. Over the decades, millions have gone missing, and most disappear forever.

China has received international condemnation for this tactic many times over. The sudden disappearance of political enemies is not justice — especially when there is no public or transparent demonstration of proper procedure.

Starting in the 90s, the Chinese government seemed to move away from this strategy. Single leaders had their power moved back to the Central Council. Trials started to resemble a fair process, and the country largely embraced capitalism.

While they never fully abandoned communism, China took major strides towards freedom and prosperity over a pair of decades. In the past few years, that has all changed.

Chairman Xi

While Xi Jinping is technically the “elected” president of the country, his regime looks a lot like the old Maoists. He started his purge five years ago. The world watched as political opponents and dissenters slowly started to vanish. Earlier this year, he abolished term limits and become the de facto lifetime ruler of China. It was a huge step backwards, but it could not have happened without a massive consolidation of power.

That’s what the “war on corruption” has been. Since it began, more than 1.3 million Chinese have been abducted by the government. Read that number again. Victims range from low-level government bureaucrats to celebrities and the highest leaders of the military. It looks exactly like Stalin’s Russia and the other deadliest regimes the world has ever seen.

Looking back to Meng’s case, a few things prove that the Chinese government is lying and just trying to increase their hold on the country. Meng has been charged with taking bribes. It’s even possible that he did, but the way he has been treated is proof that there is no interest in true justice.

Many Chinese, before Xi, have been formally and publicly tried in the country. They didn’t suddenly disappear and then have an announcement made several weeks later.

More to the point, if China really wanted to investigate wrongdoing, they could have involved Interpol. Instead, they’re trying to limit foreign power in their borders by crippling the international agency within China.

Why Aren’t You Hearing About It?

This is the scariest part of the whole thing. Communists being evil is nothing new, and since China refused to throw away their communist mantle, something like this was inevitable. Yet, today is probably the first time you have heard the staggering number of 1.3 million people being abducted by the government. Why isn’t this major international news?

You know the answer. Xi is one of Trump’s biggest international opponents. He is one of the few who has tenaciously defied Trump’s agenda, and the left loves him for that. He’s also a communist who is seizing power. The Democrats see him through starry eyes. He’s running the government they want to see over here, and they’ve started to admit it. Since they’re praising Xi and communism, they have to paint him in the best light possible.

This all ends horribly. China is going to collapse; that can no longer be avoided. The world has proven thoroughly by now that a country can’t operate like this and succeed. Economic ruin is bearing down on China quickly, and the people will only tolerate so much.

You would think they would be able to remember the last 50 years and avoid catastrophe, but the consolidation of power is already complete. Only mass death can change China’s course now.

While all of this happens, we Americans have an important job to do. We need to carefully remember who among our own population openly supported and praised Xi as he took this path. We need to note the socialists and communists within our own borders. They are cheering totalitarianism. They are cheering failing economies. Ultimately, they are cheering death.

We have never tolerated such evil in our home before, and we aren’t going to start now. We still get to choose our leaders, and the day of choosing is only a few weeks away. If even a single socialist is given a position in our government, we have failed.


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