CNN’s War on Trump Mirrors Nazi Propaganda Ministry

The fake news media likes to make comparisons between the Trump Administration and Nazi Germany. Here’s one the folks at CNN might want to ponder. In 1932, Adolf Hitler named Joseph Goebbels as the head of the Ministry of Culture and Public Enlightenment. Goebbels was tasked with deliberately misleading the German people through propaganda. Sound familiar?

“Propaganda” minister Goebbels was, in effect, the enemy of the German people because of his insidious lies during the 1930s, just as America’s fake news media is today. While so-called “news” outlets such as CNN say they are trying to enlighten the public about government misdeeds, the facts do not support their claims.

CNN — dubbed the leader in “fake news” by not only the President but by other media outlets— rolled out adverse claims against the president at a rate of 93 percent during the first 100 days alone, according to the left-leaning Shorenstein Center at Harvard University. That’s astonishing given the historic positive economic gains by all groups during the Trump Administration.

Routinely called the “Clinton News Network” during the run-up to the 2016 elections, the biased reporting was radically different than at any previous time in news history. CNN and others went all-in to perpetuate negative, misleading and at time patently false propaganda to influence the American people. They have become a mirror image of Goebbels’ propaganda ministry.

During the Charlottesville tragedy in which multiple groups gathered, one woman tragically lost her life. She was run down by a white supremacist during a clash between troubling radical groups at polar opposite sides of the political spectrum. But the news reporting fell far short of fact-based coverage.

The mass of people included peaceful conservative and liberal protestors as well as racists and the domestic terror group Antifa. Pres. Trump called for unity and expressed sympathy for the woman who was killed. But the president also talked about the day in fact-based terms. There were, in fact, many good people exercising their right to free speech on both sides, meaning the peaceful protestors. And, he denounced the bad actors on both sides — Antifa and white supremacists. CNN would have none of it.

The news reporting ran non-stop that the president had backed white supremacists and called them good people. CNN has never apologized for their false and misleading propaganda. Neither has Goebbels.

Many Americans may not realize the full breadth of CNN’s hand in the great Russia Hoax that initially targeted President Trump for impeachment. The cable news network was front and center pushing the Russian Collusion narrative and even invented a news report that they had first-hand knowledge that the President was in league with the Russians.

It was CNN reporter Manu Raju who falsely reported that Donald Trump Jr. had prior access to the WikiLeaks documents that had been hacked from the DNC servers. The ones in which DNC head John Podesta was reportedly tricked into giving an alleged Russia hacker his password, which was “password.”

According to reports, CNN made false statements based on what they claimed were “unnamed” sources. It appears CNN employees and correspondents may have manufactured the story. The investigative team that reported the fake Russian Collusion story — Jim Sciutto, Carl Bernstein, and Marshall Cohen — never adequately retracted the false claim, leaving Americans with a lingering notion the president had conspired with Russians.

What was most troubling when the Podesta emails did surface was that a CNN employee had passed debate questions onto the DNC and Hillary campaign to give her time to prepare. CNN sponsored the debate and put its thumb on the scales to help Hillary win.

These days, facts have come to light that the DNC and Hillary campaign funneled money to spies and Russians to create a phony opposition report against then-candidate Trump that was leaked to the media. CNN is ominously quiet about the truth. Putting out false information and remaining quiet about true facts that do not support a goal is a fundamental propaganda technique. One Goebbels was also happy to employ.

Although people still watch CNN, the network’s ratings have been plummeting over the last year. The “fake news” outlet now ranks far behind Fox News, MSNBC even Nickelodeon in some categories. It’s no secret that the president has pushed back hard on the constant faulty propaganda by naming fake news “the enemy of the people.” But CNN may have proven the president’s case with some of the more despicable statements its hosts commonly make.

Don Lemon, one of CNN primary anchors, recently stated on the air that “the biggest terror threat in this country is white men” and that they kill more people than Islamic terrorists.

Other CNN panels have claimed that Pres. Trump has radicalized more people than ISIS. This is similar rhetoric used by the Nazi minister of propaganda to turn Germans against Jews. CNN may kick and scream about being labeled the enemy of the people, but the shoe fits.

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