Corrupt Biden Regime Has Imprisoned Hundreds of Trump Supporters

Jessica Watkins is a US military veteran who served one tour in Afghanistan. After she peacefully entered the US Capitol on January 6, she was charged with Conspiracy, Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, Destruction of Government Property, and Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building. She turned herself in. She has no criminal history – not even a speeding ticket. And like hundreds of other peaceful protesters from that day, she is still rotting in a prison cell because she’s been denied bail.

Jessica Watkins and hundreds of other Trump supporters are behind bars and are being denied the right to bail, as if they are terrorists. The Trump supporters who entered the US Capitol on January 6 are being smeared by the media, the Democrat Party and many elected Republicans. Every single person in the media and in Congress who has called the January 6 protests an “armed insurrection” is a liar.

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words, “armed insurrection?” Guns, right? They must have had guns, otherwise it wouldn’t have been much of an attempted overthrow of the government.

Roughly 1,000 Trump supporters walked into the Capitol building on January 6. The vast majority of them didn’t participate in any window-breaking or scuffles with police. They saw a crowd walking into a building that was already open. They respectfully walked into the building, treated all of the police officers with respect, didn’t break anything and didn’t hurt anyone. And for that, they got tear gassed and many of them now have federal warrants out for their arrests. No civilian was arrested or photographed with a gun inside the US Capitol building.


Here are the two gun arrests that law enforcement made in DC on January 6:

Lonnie Coffman showed up at his vehicle at 6:30 p.m., long after the protests had died down. Police were waiting there because they saw a gun locked in the front seat of his car. Coffman had two small pistols on his possession. He’s been charged with violating Washington, DC’s draconian anti-Second Amendment laws. Police arrested him, seized his pistols and the gun that was locked inside his truck.

Then, just in case he didn’t get the message, the FBI raided his home in Alabama. Lonnie Coffman is a 70-year-old retired veteran with no criminal history. There is no evidence to suggest that Coffman ever entered the Capitol building. He’s been denied bail and is still in prison.

In the other gun case, a man named Christopher Alberts was arrested near the Capitol on the evening of January 6. He was allegedly in possession of a concealed 9mm pistol. Again: He was near the Capitol in the evening – after the protests were done – and the federal government’s charging documents against him make no allegation that Alberts ever entered the Capitol building. Imprisoned without bail.

That’s it. That’s the entirety of the gun arrests made by Capitol police on January 6. No Trump supporter ever fired a gun inside the Capitol building and no Trump supporter was even photographed in possession of a firearm inside the building.

In all, 14 of the “insurrectionists” that have been arrested and imprisoned by the Biden regime have been charged with possessing “deadly weapons.” Those deadly weapons include:

An elderly man’s stun gun walking cane which was never used for anything other than a walking cane during the protest; a bicycle helmet; a small collapsible baton like the ones favored by Antifa; two baseball bats; a fire extinguisher that was sprayed at three police officers; a can of pepper spray; a crowbar; a police shield that one person picked up off the ground; and an unidentified object (yes, really) that a retired Pennsylvania firefighter threw at some police.

The New York Times, by the way, has issued a complete and total retraction of its report that Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was beaten to death by Trump supporters with a fire extinguisher. There were no wounds on Sicknick’s body that the medical examiner found. He most likely died of a stroke. Three other Trump supporters died of medical emergencies during the protest. Ashli Babbitt was murdered by a Capitol police officer whose identity has still not been released to the public.

That’s the dangerous “armed insurrection” that occurred on January 6. Members of our drama queen congress are now having therapy sessions about how they “escaped death” at the hands of Trump supporters – including brave congressional stalwarts like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who wasn’t even in the building at the time. While 14 people were charged with “weapons possession” for their actions during that peaceful protest, more than 200 are now being held in prison without bail.

I don’t want to hear another damned word about the Uighurs in China before my fellow countrymen in America are freed from this injustice.

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336 thoughts on “Corrupt Biden Regime Has Imprisoned Hundreds of Trump Supporters”

      1. You know what is really sad Sullivan, BLM, ANTIFA & creator of Insugency USA, created, lead, broke into, recorded, got paid for videos & arrested 2 times maybe 3 for the attack & break-in at the capitol & got released with NO bail each time. Where’s equal justice under the law. All done on Twitter

        1. That’s just what i was thinking. It makes me so angry, but then i remember what the Bible says, we are not fighting against what we can see, we are fighting against spiritual principalities. Our fight should be with prayer.

          1. Ms. Trisha of Texas. Yes, we are fighting evil spiritual principalities. but, you must also know this: Prayer and just more prayer is not enough. We are in a battle for OUR Souls and OUR lives. and, there were some very Blessed and Brave, all throughout History of “The First Book Of Reasoning.” Lay Persons just call it The Bible. And, yes evil and “spiritual principalities were always doing their evil masters deeds. But, if there had not been those Brave, who fought against…most vibrantly and fought back. God will use His Warriors, in any way necessary to combat. This is communist at it’s height to want you to hide and use “Stepping In Line”. Never stop Praying. But, Never Stop Fighting the Dark Evil Side.

          2. Stop copping out to ‘prayer,’ some time some place this will require action, words and actions have reactions. Prayer is good – but we also have a commission.

          3. Prayer, yes, but it must be done God’s way. First John one nine or we can’t get through to God the Father. Then John four twenty-four must be used to pray correctly.

          4. I TOTALLY agree with Trisha from Texas!❤️PRAYER/GOD/JESUS are THE ONLY answers to THIS COUNTRY’S craziness! God Bless/HELP US ALL here in America/other countries! We ALL human beings EVERYWHERE need PRAYER! Everyone PLS remember Scripture James 4:7 ( EXCELLENT for PREVENTING ALL enemy’s attacks!! ) AND TRULY THANK U TO JOYCE MEYER/JOEL OSTEEN/JOSEPH PRINCE/JOHN HAGEE/JAMES& BETTY ROBISON and ALL ON TBN/CBN for SHOWING myself/my family and MANY MANY MANY other people Gods awesome/amazing LOVE to ALL humanity! Much LOVE and PRAYERS to ALL!❤️

        2. This IS equal justice now. Biden refers to this sort of “equality” as “equity.” We now have a two-tiered justice system. The first tier is for BLM and Antifa rioters who are referred to as “mostly peaceful protestors.” They have their bail funded by Hollywood celebrities and even the now Vice-President IF they are arrested at all. The second tier is for the truly “mostly peaceful protestors” who are called “violent insurrectionists” and who just happen to be members of the opposition party of the ruling elites. Those who did commit crimes at the Capitol deserve to be arrested (as do those who broke laws during the riots over the summer); however, every U.S. citizen is entitled to all protections guaranteed by our Constitution (bail, legal representation, a speedy trial), even if they are members of the opposition party.

          1. President Trump was not a failed President. I take it from your name your are of Irish descent…so am I and I know the Irish mentality for accusing those who are innocent of being guilty FIRST HAND! Seems to be the case here too. “If you see Mrs. O’Flynn tell her I shall call and even if you don’t see her tell her anyway”.

          2. You are right about this in equal justice the Democrats have no idea about equality for the conservatives. If we do not agree with them and fit into their little mold then they hate us and they’re trying to destroy us. The people that broke into the capital most of them were antifa and BLM but they have not been charged with anything or if they are they are they are released. This is not equal justice but we will just have to learn to fight back

          3. I totally agree with you. It may take a while but I feel this was a complete set up and the non violent people who came in at the DIRECTION of the police and took selfies with them should be released immediately. Since celebrities and the unelected Vice President give bail to the riotors and BLM/Antifa cowards who burn and steal, we should start a GO fundme for these victoms in bail. Maybe Lin Wood will defend them. This is totally insane.

          1. A coup by any name is still a coup. That’s what happened during the months leading to and following the election. The left staged a coup. Socialism by any name is still socialism. You can call it Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Antifa or BLM, it’s still socialism. One wonders how much more we will suffer before we have had enough and begin to fight back.

          2. how can that ever happen with all these criminals in the administration now and criminal media and high tech. China owns Biden and now us.

          1. They communistic democraps should all be charged with treason. Biden/Harris should not be vp or president. Fucking liars, losers and incompetent

          1. I totally agree with you! This corrupt government needs to quit sending weapons and money by the billions to protect the boarders of other countries! If we spent a small portion of the money we give to other countries we could secure and protect our boarders! I saw Nancy Pelosi say, a few days ago, that the democrats don’t intend to lose their power in. November and she is sure of it! All that means to me is the fix is on again! Ever wonder how the Dems and Biden were so sure he would beat President Trump? They knew the election was fixed and on that basis new they could not lose! I encourage every single true American to vote in November and take the power back from the lying cheating democrats. Don’t cop the attitude that it’s a waste of time because the democrats will cheat again! That’s exactly what they want you to think. The only thing the January sixers disrupted was the argument against the legitimacy of the votes. A member of congress needed a senator to sign on for this. Just as Ted Cruz stood up and said he signed it and was applauded for it the capital riot started. When they came back to finish the business at hand the congressmen and senators were too shaken up to vote against the certification of the vote! You can easily see on their faces when the reconvened that the fight had gone out of them. They were told that an insurrection was occurring and they had to be evacuated in fear for their lives! They were all rushed out in fear for their lives. Kind of convenient wasn’t it? Maybe that is why Nancy Pelosi refused the 10,000 national guards that President Trump suggested. The devious democrats had the whole thing planned. I saw several instigators that were never arrested or jailed that had to be CIA, FBI and other agency. It was plain to see they were inciting the crowds to storm the capital. One group even started shouting at the instigator, no we should not go inside, FBI, FBI,FBI!!! That particular group made the FBI agent the minute he started shouting they needed to go inside. That particular (FBI AGENT) was never arrested or questioned! He was turned in by many and his name was one of the top names on the FBI list. A day later his name disappeared from that list! If someone looks at the evidence and doesn’t see the facts looking them in the face they will get exactly what they deserve when they become the worker bees for the new world order!!!

        3. Who the h is calling the shots on who gets released and who doesn’t. If antivia and black live matters people are released without bond the all because they started long before trumpets we need a judge to look into this and where is the video where people if not policeman dressed like them opened the gates for them to enter it was on tv for goodness sakes

      2. I agree with you 100% …….. 500;000 American died of the China c-19 and our government is silent. ……. Why? We all know China did it …. but who else or group was involved with this. Very .. Very

        1. Liberals are cowards they have others do there dirty work then throw them under the bus and get rid of them but the puppets let it happen cause they never remember history always repeats itself. Biden is a puppet, Nancy Pelosi is a dangerous person which I believe she uses anything to make others vote her way. They need to go and that’s all of them but it’s going to take we the people of the United States of America . I also believe that China and the dems unleashed COVID to bring President Trump down. Trump was treated horribly and unfairly by the media, and liberals but when will the Republicans fight back and fight dirty . The Republicans that didn’t have President Trumps back or ours need to be voted out of office but why do they still get revoted in and they continue to get richer and we the people are getting poorer

          1. The Republicans are really showing weakness, no backbone, hiding in a corner. They want to keep their cushy job. I don’t like saying this bit they are a disgrace.


    1. Having invaded the capital they made themselves criminals and deserve the charges and sanctions applied against them. Anyone that was sufficiently looney tunes to think that it would be normal for an outgoing failed president to legislate away an election has little grasp of reality and no understanding of the democratic process.

      1. correct if they would have burned down the Capitol and called it a peaceful protest things would have been just find, in do time we will all find out it was a setup, to takeaway attention for the election being contested. Amazing it just happened as Arizona was contesting it’s election on that Tuesday.

          1. Sad day when Americans are arrested for an antifa frame up.Set up whatever you want a call it. I saw cops motioning them in on videos.The antifa looted ,burned buildings,assaulted people innocently walking dwn streets or sitting at restraunts,blinded federal agents, stole from stores and shot at people and Biden’s aides bailed out antifa/Blm .Such an injustice and showing of partiality.They should all be freed and Biden his vice and whole Democrat party except ones who became Republicans should be jailed instead. They are China loving communist who stold the Whitehouse.

        1. You are 100% correct ! The Democrat’s are the ones who are really to blame for the people who supported President Trump that was there too protest the corruption in our government . The had every right to protest, but yes no matter how or, why they entered the building, and the law clearly states, that if you entered a building and you were not invited in , you can be charged with breaking and entering,or a no trespassing charge. But if your intention was to do harm , then it would be breaking and entering and sadly enough you can be held, but you should be able too pay for a bond to get out, till the trial. Now yes the scum in our government is treating these people as they were Terrorist ! But are going to be welcoming the terrorist from all over the world into our country by opening our borders to anyone. But to control the people who don’t follow the same agenda as the Democrat’s do , then you are named a threat to the country . This is what is called unity by the Democrat’s standards. So I agree that they have yet to see what is coming…

          1. Why not we watched for months this past summer throughout several states different groups peacefully protesting NOT several deaths streets of buildings torched and looted by demonstrators with permission from many Democrats in office. It’s a two way street and both sides are way more guilty than we know or ever will know.
            That is real news

          2. Steve, you are correct …… I do not know how old you are …… this happen in Germany 1934 to 37 and then the Nazi party took over the people and the government …… the sad thing during that time was that the people were silent and let it happen. …… we all know the out come ….. so do not be silent and we all must speak out …. Go America Go

        2. I so agree that all the actual “break ins” were set up by maybe Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell to stop all discovery of fraud from the election. Soros and other big-bucks would have been happy to pay for it. The video of buses coming in near the Capitol showed these rioters.

          1. Have to agree 100% with you like you said maybe Pelosi,and others but I believe soros was the main man as he even said he Hated Trump and the for our so called president and vice president what a shame as he didn’t do shit as obama’s vice and for harris what did she do as a DA nothing and the criminals who were guilty she let them go so as for the USA we are screwed

        3. Hey Mike F
          You are unbelievably “Uninformed”. You’re also blind to what’s going on right in front of your face. You’re listening to mainstream media who are bought and paid for by the radical left. You need to upgrade your sources for the real truth from real journalists. Just u wait, it will be proven that the election was fraught with fraud. And not just the presidential race. Biden is ILLEGITIMATE and will not be allowed to serve out his term. Your eureka moment will come…I think you will be surprised. hope you can handle it…

        4. Oh look just like Communist China, N Korea, and Iran…Lock-up those who disagree with you. Look at the girl from Tucson. She was woke-up forced out of her home with no shoes and met by people with ARs aimed at her. She was one of the protesters all of 5′ tall accused of several crimes including knocking down a security fence. Disagree with Biden and the Gestapo snatch you during the night. The new world order.

        5. AMEN!!! It’s sick that so many people let themselves be gas lighted by the corrupt Democrats and the two Benedict Arnolds on the Jan 6th committee!!! Can they really be that Stupid? They believe what they want it to be! Poor idiots they are just a bunch of sheep that don’t see the writing on the wall, because sheep can’t read, or think for themselves!

      2. For your uneducated information people have the right to peacefully protest which these people being held did. Its people like antifa and the blm who can do no harm in the eyes of the communist democraps who are violent destructive and hate the government including the cowardly democraps. The get praised they are told to continue the violence and destruction because the democraps are going to destroy this country one way or another because they hate this country plus they hate people who live here and their anti white racism continues to divide this country. Pedophile Joe is nothing but a lying corrupt politician saying he is all for unity in this country.

        1. Awesome! But please let us not forget the blasted RINOs. Republicans In Name Only, like Romney, Barr and others.

          1. They should go with them the Republicans that betrayed their own party and aided and abetted the Democrats.

        2. Did you hear the new Attorney General. Antifa etc, when federal property was destroyed that was not Domestic Terrorism because it happened at night. Ok thugs, criminals, and terrorists do your damage at night and your free & clear per the Attorney General. Another brain-dead Democrat.

      3. What about the capital police who held the doors open to let people in? Why should those people be charged when the police themselves let them in?

        1. Yes, “Police let these taxpayers in”, a baited trap! And now Nancy has a huge wall with rolls of razor-concertina wire, sprawling several miles around “the taxpayers building”. And thousands of National Guard, getting full-time pay, “$8Million a day”. Guarding these criminals of the anti-American “DemocratischSocialist Communist Party”. These crooks belong in jail. Not unarmed patriot citizens!

        2. Too bad it’s not retroactive for Biden to now be put behind bars for also having broken into the capital to sit in the Vice Presidents chair years back. Different laws for “special” people.

        3. Exactly. This is a Nancy Pelosi set up. Nancy Pelosi alone is responsible for the capital riots, and refusing extra security, based on intelligence from the FBI and the capital police. Nancy Pelosi wanted ANTIFA and BLM to infiltrate, covering up election fraud. Smoke screen, and redirect of the fraudulent voting process.

          1. Then the BITCH appoints a 9/11 type inquiry…………… to sway folks from thinking she’s the shithole who set the whole “ insurrection “ falsehood. Most evil, and ignorant. What. Cu—!!!

      4. So answer me this, does antifa and blm protestors deserve the same punishments? They’ve done alot more damage!

      5. Mike: Go back to your knitting and Bugs Bunny cartoons. Apparently this is way too much for your Democrat brain to understand.

      6. The capital is a city that is open to everyone and has many illegal aliens in it. The Capitol is a building that is open to visitation by both citizens and illegals. I’ve been in the building several times. I am not an elected official nor am I one of their aides. Do you remember the Kavanaugh hearings? They were open to the public. Stop being a stupid Fascist. What is going on here is exactly what went on in Germany in the 1930s. The NAZIs arrested members and supporters of every party except theirs. The NAZIfacation of this country continues at an extremely fast pace. Heil Biden.

        1. You are absolutely correct. It’s sad so many can’t see this. I’m thankful my great Grandparents saw this early and sent most of their children (my Grandfather and Uncles) to America. Sadly, they perished in the Holocaust. What’s happening now is a modern version of what happened then. It’s frightening! People really need to wake up!

          1. Did antifa & BLM invade the capital. Just like mike Flynn said, the people that invaded the capital r criminals, very disrespectful 2 our COUNTRY, FLAG, MILITARY. they r evil, stupid, just like their CULT LEADER, TRUMP. There’s no comparison 2 antifa & BLM.

        1. Why is that person you are referring to as a moron.
          Unless I have misunderstood what you said. In my opinion GE Davis is 100 percent correct in what he said. I’ve been a Democrat for more than 30 years.
          But I’m going to change to the other side. DEMS have gone so left-I guess they all on drugs now. I’ve never been so insulted in my life by being a DEM. Changing parties ASAP!! Sorry about that.

          1. I changed when Johnson was elected. It has been going to the dark side ever since. The country needs to be aware that any illegal crossing the border and not captured can be considered an invader who is subject to deadly force to stop by any legal citizen.

      7. It is OUR Damn building and these POS inside are there for themselves! Do Not give me that kind of BS because, they acted like scared little sheep waiting for a slaughterhouse! Maybe they should serve time in the Military and get the realization of what an insurrection really is!

        1. As Secretary of State, Pelosi is in charge of the capitol grounds and what happens there. I believe she planned this so that she could blame Trump. Her hatred has driven her insane!

          1. So agree Roberta. This country needs to wake up before it’s destroyed for our children and grandchildren!

          2. Roberta, the braindead ice cream sucking idiot is “Speaker of the House”, not Secretary of State. When Biden is “taken down” by the Dems with 25th Amendment, that will make her Vice-President. Pelosi, Harris and Beijing-Biden should all be taken down at the same time. And all involved with the coup d’Etat against a duly elected president, and those backing Antifa/BLM riots over the summer should all be charged and imprisoned like these individual citizens have been, without Habeus Corpus. Do not let Garland have that slot! Not understanding illegals illegally crossing our border was a stumbling block for him?

          3. She did, there is proof coming out now that she was communicating with Antifa people who were there and capital police off, coordnating the whole thing as it was happening. This whole country should be marching in every city across America until these American patriots are set free from jail and all charges dropped. And then Nancy pisspot should be put on a plane to GITMO and to never ever be allowed back in this country and all her assets taken and divided bewteen these patriots that were locked up. And the FBI agents who arrested them be sent to GITMO with Nancy P.

      8. Reality is Pence did not do his constitutional duty and decertify the fraudulent election. Congress are seditious traitors

        1. GENERAL Mike Flynn is a patriot. This (im)poster hasn’t a shred of integrity that General Mike Flynn has, just another brain dead Democrat.

      9. Look up the word insurrection in the dictionary Sir.
        Insurrections do not take place in a few hours, a few days, weeks or even months, sometimes they take place over years and major conflicts with real weapons in an attempt to overthrow a government.
        Look at history and it’s easy to decipher.
        This was a few idiots, not incited by president Trump, but acting on their own to storm the capital.
        I wonder if you shared the same concern for the riots, looting, burning of private and public property, rapes , assaults and murders that took place all summer at the hands of Antifa and BLM.
        2 billion in damages, 49 people killed and 2,000 police officers injured, while the left said and did nothing.

        1. So agree the Democrats should be jailed for allowing antifa/blm to loot , steal , burn, harrassment , assault on innocent people,attacking police , police vehicles( federal property,blind federal agents with lasers and many more unthinkable violent acts. Antifa should be considered terriost and these people blm were escorted by highway patrol video of it. Definitely a frame up on innocent TRUMP supporters. TRUMP did not cause this.

      10. They all deserve due process including bail while preparing for trial. Any rude disrespectful insensitive comment to the contrary is not a true American!

      11. just one problem with your analysis it is false to accuse the president of a crime someone else commits. That is a problem for the Prosecutor.

      12. You are truly ignorant because everything you said is false. Please stop watching MSM propaganda and try to actually learn the truth and facts.

      13. But then they paid a rioter that had a bullhorn and talked of burning the capital down and he gets paid to shoot video of riot!

      14. Maybe, you being the scholar you are, you can tell us antifa and BLM rioters that destroyed everything near are not in jail without bail? I will be waiting for your answer.

      15. fg biden, pelosi, nadler, shummer, obama, and the whole ficking scum bag dirt ball demorag anti american party. one things for sure that aint gonna take this country over.

      16. Have you seen the video of the Capitol police holding the doors open for the protestors? Not much of an invasion there. The ones that broke windows and took stuff should be prosecuted. However those who thought it was OK to enter because of the actions of the police and did no damage should be released.

      17. Mike, if you open your front door and let someone in, do you feel that is an invasion? Get real. The democrats lied about deaths of innocent people as a result of Jan. 6th when it took weeks to learn that they died of natural causes. Democrats lie to everyone it seems to get uneducated, can’t think for themselves folks, to agree. Why are BLM and Antifa people released from jail but not Trump supporters who served this country and were never criminals? Yes because they follow the lies of the Dems. The Democrat party is not like the party that existed thirty years ago. It is a bunch of money hungry and power starving criminals who would sell their own mother for a buck. I don’t hate you Mike, I hate your brainwashed mentality about what the media tells you is real.

        1. The demoncrats of 30 years ago are the same ones that you are rightfully calling all those names but need to add treasonous scum to. Once elected they stay till they die, and most of the upper group has been there over 30 years.

      18. NOT LOONEY Hey Mikey, who really owns the Capital? The American people paid for it. So who really owns it.Here’s a hint-The American People and we should be able to visit any damn time we want.

      19. Mike, these people in our government don’t care about you. President Trump does. And yes, he won the election. You will see that some day hopefully sooner than when it’s too late.

      20. you are as blind as a bat and dumber than a rock. what democratic process are you talking about the democrats process? we have no rights at all the communist party is taking control whats next the gas chamber if you dont agree with them FUCK THAT and you. crawl back in your hole and stay out of the way Pussy.

      21. First off there was no invasion, an invasion is when one country univited and hostile crosses the border of another country, or when one or more sovereign states attack other sovereign state by crossing that states borders.

        The majority of the protesters who were at the capitol that day were peaceful concerned citizens who exercised there constitutional rights to peacefully protest what they saw as unjust and unlawful change in their goverment, yes some of the protester may have even been angry about the circumstances that brought them there to protest in the first place, but were still civil and law abiding, yes a very small contingent of individuals did become unruly and destructive, but certainly not the numbers or to the extent of any of the armed and malicious protests we saw take place in Minneapolis, Portland, and dozens of other cities and municipalities for day after day and night after night, since it all began in May of 2020, yet most of those radical protester that engaged in armed violence and willful destruction were never even arrested, even after attacking police officers with the intent to injure or kill, and most of the few that were arrested were quickly released with little or no posted bail, or bail that was provided by left leaning individuals, groups, institutions, organizations and corporations, in some cases even by democratic leaders themselves who not only paid for their release but encouraged them to continue doing the very same thing they were initially arrested for, would this not make the case for a huge hypocrisy and disparity at the way the capitol protests were judged after all that had been allowed and even encouraged all over the country leading up to the day January 6th, 2021.

        There was no attempt that day by anyone to usurp or overthrow the federal goverment, there was no formal plan by any known goverment party or leader for what the few amount of protesters did by entering the Capitol that day, yes there was a small contingent of radicals amongst those who entered the capitol that day who could have done even more than they did had they not been stopped, but these were very few in number compared to all that entered the peoples house that day, and those individuals that were the instigators, or defacto leaders should be charged to the full extent of the laws that they broke that day, but certainly not to any greater extent than any of the rioters who reeked a path of destruction across our country for the past eight months.

        The rest of the protesters in Washington that day, nearby or around the capitol, were just peaceful protesters who were concerned and wanted there voices heard and concerns acknowledged and investigated, as is granted to them through rights under the United States Constitution, and nothing more than that!


          1. No media wont ever tell the truth, the same people controling the dems are controlling the media, which are the 2 groups who contol all worlds governments. The Jesuits (roman catholic church, pope) Communists Zionist, (Israel). And the power that is controlling these 2 secret societies are alien entities from Orion Constellation, who control from Antarticia. And are behind this whole New World Order Reset and Agenda 21, Folks thats who these secret societies are harvesting the adrechrome for and aborted baby parts and so much more, Go to And watch the videos and go to Crowe777 and watch the videos there, do your research and Wake up, cause there is no rapture coming, they have put that in the bible to deceive you, the real bible is at the Vatician, over 100 books taken out, they have taken the truth out about creation and they have added things in. I beleive these Reptillians Dracos and aleins that are behind all this from Orion, are the fallen agenels and satan, We have been lied to about everything, even WW1 and WW2, We did not win the war thats why America had to do agreement with these aleins to allow nazi communist control over our government, operation paperclip, Eisenhower made contract with them or they were going to nuke us. I dont know all of it but I do know its fixin to get real really fast and people are waiting to be saved but we have to rise up and try to save humanity or the ones who do not comply will be taken to fema mind control camps for food and adrenchrome for these alein entities. 6billion will be genocided.

        2. Well said and I don’t think most of those protesting that day realistically felt the election would be overturned either, but THEY did hope their voices would be heard which is our constitutional right. Sadly, we are still left wondering about the integrity of the election.

      22. you are being ridiculous! They were allowed to enter. Your comment is what any democrat would say. Better go back and watch more cartoons.

      23. There were two groups at the capital building with widely divergent agendas and motives. One group was there to exercise their constitutional rights, Trump supporters. The other was there to visit as much violence as possible on the proceedings, ANTIFA & BLM and get that violence blamed on the first group.
        In the aftermath, those who encouraged the second group in their violence, the Democrat party leadership are trying their damndest to prosecute the first group for exercising their constitutional rights and for the violence of the second group.

      24. Then shouldn’t Kamala Harris put up bail for them like she put up bail for BLM group who burned, killed and looted.

      25. Mike truth be known, your pals by the name of piglosi, shiff for brains, scummer and the rinos have set this up to make Trump look bad and blame him for an insurrection…wake up dumbo…your pals have been bought by the chi-coms with big bucks to fill their pockets and to hell with America,,,,, ignorant greedy scum…have sold us out… I hope they rot in hell some day and I hope it’s soon!!! You can go with them!!!!

      26. And people like you Brainard wasted without having brains to start with would be somebody who would believe that fkn democrats have ever done anything correct ly when its all been corrupt. Illegal. And are alien to our great country. Hope you rotten bastards die in hell and in a damn big hurry too. Lowest of life pos’s.

      27. You really can’t invade a public building that you own. The police were inviting them in. It waa definitely stupid to walk into a trap like that, but who knew they were being set up by Nancy, blm and antifa. And if they broke the law , they should be punished. But having a gun is legal. When you are not in the capitol. And you can’t be held more than 24 hours without charges. Kamala should bail them out like she did with people who committed real crimes, then went and did it again.

      28. mike,if you wish to see how a very undemocratic election resulted in a China-loving weakened president being “elected,” suggest you tune in @—–ABSOLUTE PROOF is a 3 hour docudrama by the MY PILLOW GUY. A storm of messages from Chinese cities in the early hours following election day using the internet reversed thousands of Trump votes……really can’t understand why electronic voting systems need to be connectable to the internet…unless ????

      29. Two hundred people charged with trespassing. Two on a weapons charge. We still do not know who killed the vet from San Diego. Why haven’t rioters been punished in Seattle, Portland and all over the country, all summer long? They move to DC and it’s a perfect opportunity to blame DJT. Nancy Pelosi refused extra security, based on intelligence from the FBI, and capital police. This is all on NANCY PELOSI. Seattle and Portland still have riots that make these cities unsafe.

      30. Did you Graduate High School?? I’m just curious if you have a brain becausr you actually sound like a demoncrat
        You & those like you are what’s very WRONG IN AMERICA!! Ignorance only Breeds more ignore ignorance like what you qre spouting I’ll Pray for your Soul as I pray for all the souls of all demoncrats

      31. You are an idiot. You know that this election was rigged for Biden as does everyone else that’s why the people were upset and protesting at the capital. This election was a democratic process for sure alright, rigged by the democrats for their benefit. You must not have a grasp on reality if you think that elections can’t be rigged in the United States like they have been in other countries. If it can be done there it can be done hear and was. Biden is an illegitimate president. This is just the beginning of a communist takeover.

      32. I see that you are one of the demonrats troll supporters. That in mind your brain washed. Don’t think for a moment that because you support them that it will give you a pass when full blown communism gets set in place.

      33. Obviously. Why do you think Democrats had to go to the extremes of lying in every aspect of this election. You are right in that you can’t legislate an election away, but it has been done by the justice system, DVS, duplicate votes, dead people votes and underage votes. Elected officials refuse a forensic audit because they have something to hide. No smug is needed as present administration is on the brink of destroying our country and detrimentally changing our country in a negative way and it’s been in office 3 weeks. I don’t feel too encouraged as to what the rest of the 4 year tenure holds for us, EXCEPT GOD is in control and all this has been sifted through His fingers, allowed for His good purpose. Stay tuned sir.
        As you well know for 8 months and ongoing armed Antifa & BLM among others, destroyed cities, killed innocent children as well as adults, destroyed businesses, burned down buildings, attacked federal buildings, bailed by VP K. Harris & elitist Hollywoodites, have never been held to the same standard as those at the Capitol building entry. One person killed by a police officer when Mrs Babbit didn’t have a gun. Others died not indirectly due to stress related issues. Sullivan the leftist activist admitted to posing as a Trump supporter on the Jan 6, 2021, admitted to accidently breaking a window at the building claiming he didn’t think he hit it so hard as well as other leftist all recorded having their say in how they participated in this coordinated effort to sabotage the peaceful march to the capitol. Though I don’t condone the Capitol Hill behavior, as it was wrong to enter the building especially when the police were actively trying to control the situation. I wish they would have had better sense to walk away as that was not what we stand for. We stand for law & order, truth & justice. What do you stand for?

      34. Mike, You are the one with “little knowledge” of the whole thing. First, let us wait until all the investigations are done and not to ASSUME (as you have done) who the “criminals” are. The DemoRATs have contested many elections and it is Constitutional to do so. I believe we will find out that Antifa & maybe BLM are the ones who pre-planned the breaking in. Trump supporters have never been violent and love our Country & our Constitution. I suggest you take a History class!!

      35. Mike flynn, the DNC stands for Demonic Nazi Criminals. They know nothing of Democratic Process and have NO interest in learning.

      36. “Mike Flynn?” Enjoy communism under the real failed president. Anyone loony tunes enough to vote for well known pathalogical liar, a life long plagiarist and a pay for play criminal who is in bed
        with China and eastern Europe and now quite obviously suffering from Lewy’s Body Dementia deserves whatever he gets. The only problem is that the rest of us have to suffer along with him.

    2. Agree.. the D*mn democRATS including socialist Harris bailed out rioters, looters who robbed, burned buildings, destroyed business and assaulted people.. but the right to bail is denied to Trump supporters.. this is outrageous… More and more they are turning our country into a communist country.. God help us all as our country is being destroyed by these monsters… I fear for the country … Beijing Biden hasn’t even been in office 2 months and he’s destroying our country.. Trump did so much good for the country and made it a safer country and Beijing Biden is tearing it all down.. more and more he is racially dividing the country.. cancel culture is destroying everything they don’t like … outrageous

      1. This phony BS about an insurrection has a lot in common with the NFL. You know “Not For Long”. They have overplayed their hand and this will not last long.

      2. Donot be confused so much. I was born in 1st part of WW2 in 3th Rich occupied Central EU state, remember 2 RAF and 3 USAF carpet bombing and special Mustang and Lighting attack including train full of civilians and wounded … After communist in Central EU. We have based from Crussaidors Hospitals from 13 century… Free hi quality educatiion, health care sport activities (Granted by factories) no toll my taxes and insurance cost for 2 villa and weekend house, car and scooter was my net salary 5.5 days only!!! Mothers have 2 to 4 years maternity 90% or 70% maternitypaid leave, “Social Security” up to 85% last salary n10 years whichever was greater, not working was crime, No Wellfare, Children support mandatory up to 5 children – you must work at least 18 days a month… Free Senior citizen center, special school for gifted & talented including SAciencer, Art or Sport or special gifted. And special school fol undevelopped somehpow handicapped children . Similar as it was in NAZI Italy and Germany…. By the way ALL CRIMINALS HAS TO WORK INM 3 VCATEGORIES, “AS DEATTH ROW IN URANIUM OR POISENOUS CHEMISTRY FACTORIES, paid back for crime expenses, food guards, “orphants, widows that they made, and much more. And do you know, that there were mandatory appartments low cost sizez as your family, for $20/ m,onth. I could buy for my (high net salary category) for month 4500# breat value in USA $4.99/ Lb … 2.2lb = 1kg Do you get is and this is Socialismus or Nazi, as it was, if not catastropns of war and oyther disaster. Do not be all so brainwash as I was by Imperialistic propaganda. Why we started so many wars? What was achived in Vietnam upo to Libya? Middel East? What cost, orphants widdows cripled veterants that many I found as homless. In Nazi ir Socialistic country I never met Homeles!!! 1st in USA! This is our Mass selfilusion and remember I am livingmain part of my life in USA and I am P{ATRIOT, that all my dear. It is not NAZI or COMMUNIST< SOCIALIST, it is somethin much worst.. Find please diferent expression. For exampe Demagogic-Socio-Paths-Terrorism or similar? I spoke many languages traveling, living, working around the world in local societies ….

        1. Sorry I did not realized that tere is not self correction of speling and gramma.
          I am Survivor already 11 years battling for my life, on our own expenses = my Billing medical cost already over $2 million, overseas special trweatments in USA level over $800 000 and growing need additional at least 3 reconstruction surgeries …. and Assaulters – all Hate criome, retaliation … are without any charge, investigations – they have :sauperior Attorneys” while I belived in pure justice and was not abkle to find the most Dirtiest world what ugly could happend innocent in USA never published?
          I am top expert working on Awatd projects, member of many commitees preparing 4 International Congresses and Expo… and what now stricken by unjustice, crippled for life almost sometimes homeless, over 78years of age??? Daily not without chronic pain paralisys… fighting for life, wictims of iunspoken unjustice and missery that I never imagine or experienced in Soocialistic countries… – Why all possible in my Beloved USA!
          Why punishing from 2020 Senior Father of The Well-Engineered Family of greatest achiovers??? More that pure hate crime, violation of all including: President Obama 2015 Disabled – Senior Protection Act!!! … Living as Victimized innocent victims of multi NYPD’s assaults, misused various Agencies of Parasites, Courts be hounted almost to death with serious threats for life and much more??? All and something much worst.

          Today Total Physical Disabled, my wife over 3 decades younger University educated, Licensed… and very young very talented children from 2010 24/7 My Caregiver, already great despite haunted achivers….
          Our lives destroyed proably “on CALL POLICEMEN” never properly investigating anytning in Attorney tricks … , delay postpone, reject , postpone make ugly tricks bribery in hope that :

          Victi\ms will die very soon (in diagnoses already in 2026! -without any compensation.

          And Holocaust and Labior Camps survivors had unlimited timing guaranted full compensation including their children, and I as over average NYS living expentances ASSAULTED on Senior Citizen never happen including Terrorist countries >>> which “we Liberated?

          I experienced many time taste – almost to death already for 4x ASSAULTS and jailed not knowing for what…
          Many emergencies in COMA with Oxygen, otherwise suffocated to death in front of my very yound children.

          It is USA corruptrion – vitriolic NYPD and various Parasits Agencies, Courts pure legalized, hiden terrorism today under protection of very corrupted Attorneys and misused Agencies that are nothing only Vitriolic parasites of miseries for innocent.
          It is my realityof dfaily life serious to critical TBI’s, multiple COMA, Hate crime (not BLM apply to us, because we are hard working experts white originated Central EU our children born in NYC!!?)

          MISTERY THAT WE WISH TO SOLVED AND EXPOSED LIES AFTER LIES ALL unspeacable CRIMES … TO LITE probably with help such as Moore Movies???

      3. Half of these so called woke people and other groups aren’t even old enough to have any real life experiences yet they believe that they know what our country should be doing. Sooner or later we are going to have to step up and stand together to take back our country. We need to remove Biden and all the demonrats and get Trump back in the White House where he legitimately belongs.

      1. not really its the same crap they being spilling for the 8 years under Obama, what did they do to the Tea Party, the folks know the cats out of the bag :

        1. Half of these so called woke people and other groups aren’t even old enough to have any real life experiences yet they believe that they know what our country should be doing. Sooner or later we are going to have to step up and stand together to take back our country. We need to remove Biden and all the demonrats and get Trump back in the White House where he legitimately belongs.

    3. Scumbag Biden and regeme needs to be removeed! They are communists being directed by that disgusting Muslim Obama!

    4. this must be brought to the biggest office possible….how can this be; are we not in America? who is fighting for them? how come this isn’t plastered all over the newspaper/tv/online media? this is the end of february and the protest was on january 6th…..i am sure that my fellow Americans want to know this…is judicial watch unaware?

      1. Im afraid to say that the corruption as we see and know it today goes all the way to the supreme Court and it will take ALL AMERICANS that believe in our country and our rights, TO DO THE SAME THING AGAIN AND PILE INTO WASHINGTON AND BE HEARD….. government is out of control and communist party has taken over, don’t believe me READ YOUR HISTORY! JUST LIKE HITLER DID IT, PROPAGANDA, LIES, turning neighbors against each other and devouring every FREEDOM we have, and soon just like these trump supporters, we will all be in the fema camps. Yes there are camps put in place by obama and the barbed wire, razor wire faces in not out!! I for one will not live like that and will fight to death if I have to to stop it!!

    5. The Biden regime is going to continue with this falsehood. But why would the American people expect anything less from someone who isn’t even a legitimate president. I have said before and I will say it again HE ISN’T MY PRESIDENT NOR WILL HE EVER BE!!

    6. Biden is the biggest criminal of all, and should be put in prison for life. We HAVE to get rid of him. He is ruining our country and is doing so deliberately. WHY would he steal an election from the American people? WHY would he eliminate American jobs? WHY would he legalize illegal immigrants, that are no more than criminals, that are not being welcomed by Americans, the people that this moron is supposed to be working for? WHY would he hold conservatives without bail, when the ho Harris, paid the bail for actual criminals? WHY is Biden taking away our health care that finally worked for the American people? The answer is that China Joe Biden is a criminal, who was part of a master plan to destroy America. He NEEDS to be removed. Sooner rather than later.

      1. Clueless Joe probably has no idea what kind of damage he’s doing. He’s just a greedy and stupid old man. The people pulling his strings are the truly evil criminals. Sure, Joe is aware that he’s too dumb to run the country, but the abundant money he and his family members receive for his “cooperation” does make him a criminal and traitor to the country.

        1. Jeff. I agree 100% – SloJoe “knows not what he does” in fact not even a clue!! He needs to be removed but then Kamala would be President and she also, along with Pelosi & Schumer, all need to be removed – they are all CRIMINALS!!

    7. I agree, and I think it is SCOTUS time to step in. Not waiting until October. This pas election was definitely stolen by the Democrats. And once they get out of office. I don’t see them ever getting back in. They have written their own epitath.

    8. Is anybody in this country taking a survey on how many Democrats there is in the United States compared to the Republicans in the United States I would like to see that count and see what the majority maybe that might help us out one hell of a lot it’s time to have a count besides a vote then we can see what the Democrats are up to but we need a full count of both sides that’s my opinion we’ve got criminals in the White House everyone knows it and that’s my opinion and I’d like to hear somebody else’s for once what are you afraid ofI hope they can find good lawyers and get those people out and turn around and sue the whole Democratic Party especially the police force that was in the White House with false arrest and we know it happened so let’s get busy and quit counting down the Democrats are not doing any good to this country and Republicans are standing by and letting them do it so that’s elect more Republican senators that’s the only way we can control so we can get Trump back in the White House and that’s my opinion can you at least teachers I know some Democrats will

      1. And I need to mention it looks like the Democrats have scared our Supreme Court look what justice Roberts has done is denied Trump any on the fraud that they have found in they have the Republicans who dude and the Supreme Court is afraid of the Democrats they’re not doing their job there should be someway we can change them they don’t even let Amy Barrett vote on anything just because she’s new and she’s the most honest one that will follow the constitution that’s in the court so why is she not weighing in on this justice Roberts is not a Republican leader He’s on the Democrat side in claims to be a Republican am I opinion he is a Democrat what’s your opinion

      2. Pelosi is lucky it was Republicans that stormed the Capital.liberals would have burned it to the ground . I guess they should have burned Washington like liberals did Portland and Seattle. Republicans are not destructive. It was the Nazi’s that burned cities and imposed their will on people to show them who was in control. They controlled the media and what people could read just like the Democrats. Prople beware!

    9. That is terrible! Where the hell is this country going?? Horrible crap like this can happen!! Whoever is doing this should be replaced quickly, wrong for our country!! Vote those craps OUT!! Get our country back on track!!

    10. The very nextDC capital protest all100,000 plus should be armed an drag yhe Demon-rats an Rino rats out by the neck an hang them.
      That my opinion. An I stand by it.

    11. I agree with you. Sadly, I think the NG are still in DC to protect the Biden admin from we the people. I am betting they are plotting laws that will cause an armed revolt. Americans will fight back and they know it and are afraid of it

    12. What do you expect from communists? Both Harris and Biden are communists as well as Nancy Pelosi.
      The only stupid thing was voting them in if you are a Liberal and you personally are responsible for the mess now engulfing our Republic
      Get on your knees and repent from your evil ways!

    13. I agree with you. Our country is in trouble with the Democrats in control. They are so worried about immigrants but no problem killing babies through abortion.

    14. Democrats need to go be written right out. They are not good for any of us and our Country. Theyve changed and keep getting worse are dangerous to the American people. They arent Patriots who love our Country. They dont stand for the American people which is exactly which is what they are supose to do. They are as currupt as can be. I cant believe these people are allowed with disrespecting us like they are doing. Down with the demos. Bad people!!!!!

    15. Biden is corrupt eveything that comes out of a donkeys is what he is its a damn shame some of the good at the capital is letting this go on and as far as antifa and blm thats the scum, the puppet and his whore is standing with

    16. I agree Sir! Biden didn’t win the Election! His Party Cohorts STOLE IT From OUR BEST President we’ve had since President Reagan! This IDIOT is not fit to serve in ANY Office! And Absolutely We don’t Need his Vice President in this office!! THIS WHOLE ELECTION WAS STOLEN BY THE DEMOCRATS!!

    17. I agree with you too. The democrats are very vindictive. The democrats told the American people what they planned to go and yet people voted for the democRATS. I’ve head that some people voted for Biden because they didn’t like President Trump. lHope they are very sorry now.
      We should be able to disagree with anyone without the threat of going to prison. I fear for the next four years.

    18. The Dems and FBI will use whatever methods, rather lawful or not, to try and destory Trumpers or just any Republicans! But Antifa and BLM people were released without bail within 24-48 hours! They have to make examples of Trumpers, so we will fear what they will/can do. NOT going to happen! Ths is the USA no matter what Biden, Pelosi or Schumer think

    19. For years we have heard of communists and other dictators having political prisoners. Now we have them. They are people locked up with all constitutional rights denied for what they say or believe. How long are we going to put up with this? These slim balls are not in the majority — we are. Let us rise up and put an abrupt stop to this foolishness. Where are the people of power that could bring these evil powers to an end?

    20. EXACTLY! That’s what socialist/communist governments do to their citizens…disagree with the government position …on anything…they’re called dissidents ,rounded up jailed for as long as the government wants. This is what the apparent voters wanted, well, now they have it. Soap on a rope for all, just don’t bend over should it fall to the floor cause the New government is about to impose it’s NEW LAWS and you ain’t gonna like it.

    21. But it is ok for thugs to have “peaceful protests” that include beatings, burning of buildings and looting of mom and pop stores. This is ok. This country is totally messed up. We are doomed to communism if things don’t change and I mean soon. This new government is pitting Republicans against Democrats. They are the cause if the divide.

    22. the “US Military Industrial Intelligence [CIA] Complex” is in control of the Capital High Treason going on now by actually protecting the criminal presidential administration, [Biden-Harris] who were allowed by the Treasonous [or just cowardly] US Supreme Court, and most of the Treasonous, [or just cowardly] Congress and Senate, to steal, by very massive blatantly obvious, treasonous and criminal election fraud, in the presidential election away from the rightful winner, Trump, who actually won by an overwhelming nation wide land slide victory of the popular vote, and thus making the votes of the good hardworking, taxpaying, and law abiding patriotic US citizens completely meaningless. a few very corrupt generals in the Pentagon who are calling the shots, are allowing, and endorsing this outrage of treason that cannot stand, here in the USA.

    23. Nazi S.S. would be more accurate. The Nazicrats go play by play with Nazi tactics that their boss George Soros remembers and relishes about the good old days which he and his stooges are reviving.

    24. So true but what can you do to change this? not a lot because if you do with communist attitude of the degenerate democrats you’ll be arrested the whole population of the US need to come down on these beacuse then you might have a chance to get rid of the evil trying to destroy your country.

    25. I agree. This covid came from china, and I am really really dam made. China should be held accountable. This administration has their head in a cloud. Why haven’t were heard exactly how covid started? We put a ship on Mars, but no clear answers about COVID. It makes me sick.

    26. I believe the insurrection that occurred at the capitol had the backing of the Democrats. We will find proof of this someday. Biden did not win the election. They even have admitted this. Obama had a lot to do with Communist in government. He did nothing for 8 years.

    27. Absolutely, but biden is cozy with china. Everything that he supports is either anti Bible or anti America.

    28. If you believe Ashley Bobbit was killed, WATCH the video of the “insurrection” and “Shooting” frame by frame. It is NOT rocket science. Just Watch it, then THINK and decide who is who, what is what, and what is behind the theater.

    29. What’s the difference between a Democrat and a cockroach?

      One is a filthy $hit eating, disease spreading, ugly horrible nasty creature that’s disgusting, dangerous and potentially fatal to humans.

      The other is a type of insect.


  1. America we need to wake up. The authoritarian administration of President Biden is changing the rule of rule of law and it has only been a month since he was sworn in. Make no mistake, the ones causing this to happen are the out of control liberals hell bent on turning the United States into a Socialist state. Biden is only the front man, it is his handlers that are calling the shots in his name. Kamala Harris is more involved than the President, however she at this point is not calling the shots either. She is just making stupid comments like an unformed person. The real handlers are authoritarian operatives brought into handle what the people with the money want them to do. These are the people who raised Money for Biden and Congress men and women so they could get the control. Big Tech and olagarts that mostly live abroad but dictate what they want to happen…. America we have a really big problem, and it needs to be put away before we can’t return to the America that we all love.. for those that are disbelievers why do we not see any Antifa or BLM and other socialist actors being detained or arrested!!!!!!

        1. Their followers are so foolish. They are working diligently for the downfall of this government; including pushing God out of the country.

        2. While I agree that we need to take action; it needs to be according to the constitution.
          And, prayer is the least and the most that we can do. It should always be the first action that we take.

    1. ABSOLUTELY… the destruction of America is in progress and if people don’t wake up and start demanding this insanity don’t stop.. Beijing Biden is tearing down everything good that Trump did for America and the American people… they are driving a wedge between the races …. more and more Ameicans are going to lose their jobs, more and more illegal aliens are going to flood the country and Americans will pay the price for it… Criminal illegal aliens are being allowed to remain on our streets (an program Trump started called Operation Talon was shutdown by Beijing Biden.. Operation Talon was a program where ICE rounded up and arrested sex predators and deported them.. Now these sex predators will be allowed on our streets …) this is outrageous and very dangerous

    2. Benjamin – Americans have gone from Q-A-Non to Non-IQ. Unfortunately you appear to have gone too far to appreciate how ridiculous you sound. America voted, the yahoo’s lost, grow up and recognize you live in a democracy and not some imaginary world you seem to have created for yourself. Take advantage of whatever
      Limited intelligence remains and get help.

      1. America had this election STOLEN! Speaking of IQ, who with even the least of an IQ would vote a criminal into office to lead us into socialism? Wake up Mike Flynn, this is not a democracy. We DID NOT vote Biden into office, and he is NOT our President, and never will be. He is China’s pick. The complete Democratic party is nothing more than a dangerous and fraudulent mob of liars and thieves, and their time is running out. They WILL be dealt with. The American people will not tolerate this much longer.

      2. Mike Flynn stop with your ignorance. You are someone that needs to be thrown out of this country just like the current Admin. It pains me to think there are people as stupid as you yourself living in this country. Sad.

      3. A democracy? Are you for real Mike Flynn?
        Where is freedom of speech? When high tech can delete you if you say something they don’t like. Is that free speech? So this is democracy!!!??? You could have fooled me!!!

      4. Mike,, the yahoo’s actually rigged an election and that is how Biden was put in office. You better wake up before it’s too late, you Troll.

      5. hey mike flynn……You are completely brain washed…a typical commie-lib….wake up idiot!!! the commies snagged you good…… you are selling our God blessed America to the swine….thousands of young men have given their life to make us free and you are handing it over to the scum…nice work idiot!!! Someday you will see what wrong you are doing and will regret it but it will be too late!!!

      6. Mike Flynn – I suspect your IQ is in the basement!!! By the way, you are the one who IS ridiculous!!! Yes, American voted and the Demonrats stole the election. There needs to be a complete investigation of our last election – get all the illegal voters off the roles (both D & R), require Voter ID at the Polling Place and deny anyone who has not pre-registered the right to vote. If the Dems are not pushing for all of this then they CANNOT be trusted and they probably lose both majorities in 2022 & 2024. JUST WAIT AND SEE – THAT IS IF WE ARE ALL STILL ALIVE IN THOSE YEARS!!

      7. You have the I.Q. of a q-tip. You must be one of George Soros’ Brown Shirts in the Profascist squad, looting, murdering, arson and a waste of space. Even a nitwit like you can finger count (sorry, probably not) 100%+ is ONLY obtainable when obvious massive fraud is committed. Put it a way you MIGHT be able to comprehend, what is 100% of 10. Take your time, don’t panic, paper and crayon are allowed for you. 10, if you come up with more than 10, it’s over 100% which is mathematically impossible or in this case totally incorrect by fraud, rigged election as witnessed and documented by credible (not Nazinews “credible” like your buddy John Sullivan). I know you like the view too much but try to pull your head out and simultaneously open your eyes.

  2. This is uncalled for! These Democrat politican didn’t do anything to Antifa and BLM for murdered innocent people during their rioting! So why locking up people over political different? Biden and these Democrat are doing the same thing that started the first Civil WAR! GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEIR SOUL! TYRANNY is now being done! Which give the people the RIGHT TO BAR ARMS FOR PROTECT! You police officer choose your side! It going to get real ugly ! You either stand on the CONSTITUTION LAW SIDE OR THE CORRUPTION CONGRESS ? NO IT NOT GOING TO TAKE YOUR BOSS TO TELL YOU WHICH TO PICK! They are corruption too! Just a head up! Because it about to blow!

    1. I agree with your statement
      This is uncalled for! These Democrat politican didn’t do anything to Antifa and BLM for murdered innocent people during their rioting! So why locking up people over political different? Biden and these Democrat are doing the same thing that started the first Civil WAR! GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEIR SOUL! TYRANNY is now being done! Which give the people the RIGHT TO BAR ARMS FOR PROTECT! You police officer choose your side! It going to get real ugly ! You either stand on the CONSTITUTION LAW SIDE OR THE CORRUPTION CONGRESS ? NO IT NOT GOING TO TAKE YOUR BOSS TO TELL YOU WHICH TO PICK! They are corruption too! Just a head up! Because it about to blow!

  3. Impeachment should begin now against the top democratic , beginning with Adolf Biden then right to Harris and Pelosi.

    1. Agreed. Harris is a fool! but within 6 months she will be running thing! Be afraid, be very afraid! The woman doesn’t have a lick of sense or knowledge about the USA and it’s people!

    1. Stop All your email protests and do something,act on your thoughts and mouths. This is the only way it will get done,

      1. so far all i have seen are words, you are the only one who wants to do something about this mess this country is in!!!! i can’t do much myself in dc but i will stand my grounds here. i have my guns all loaded and ready to go!!!

  4. And we think we can trust our “brave defenders” and the police? They “JUST FOLLOW ORDERS” like the police and security services of Nazi Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba ….. the list goes on.

    Those people committed NO CRIME but they were ARRESTED and they’re being held by the Communist Regime in DC.

    SO WHERE ARE OUR REAL DEFENDERS? WHERE IS THE SO-CALLED POLITICAL OPPOSITION????? Answer: We have no defenders anymore, they “just follow orders” and cash their fat paychecks!

    And the GOP? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

    1. It’s the people that have to defend for ourselves. Piss on the government their all traitors and cowards no backbone at all. Voting is useless they just put who them want in office by cheating and nobody does crap about it. Have no faith in this country no more just the people with similar beliefs the rest can fxxk off. Those are the Patriots that love God and our country.

  5. Didn’t any of you watch any real footage? Listen to any of the police? This was a crazed mob who went there to destroy democracy. Why do you think only votes for Trump count? Many who supported him in 2016 changed their minds when they saw how he was running our country – like one of his failed businesses! The mishandling of a pandemic was enough, but he didn’t much more. The cult-like comments on here are truly frightening to real conservatives. Find some independent news – YOU are being manipulated to destroy our country!

    1. Do you have eyes and ears???? Yes, I agree, YOUR “cult-like comments” are frightening!!!! Open your eyes and ears and quit watching cult-like commentators on TV or at least change your channel often and watch all sides (I do this) and THEN and ONLY THEN will you know the TRUTH!!

  6. lost all respect 4 our federal government, the president, congress & the supreme court. They’re all dictators. And they can.t figure out why people revolt.

  7. Complaining is all you have left. You voted for socialism. Big Business, media, journalists, government, deep state all controlled by the democrats, and the people voting for “freebies” are getting what they voted for whether they realize it, or not. Here’s what you accomplished;

    Authoritarian socialism, or socialism from above,[1] is an economic and political system supporting some form of socialist economics while rejecting political liberalism. As a term, it represents a set of economic-political systems describing themselves as socialist and rejecting the liberal-democratic concepts of multi-party politics, freedom of assembly, habeas corpus and freedom of expression, either due to fear of the counter-revolution or as a means to socialist ends. Several countries, most notably the Soviet Union, China and their allies, have been described by journalists and scholars as authoritarian socialist states.

  8. Nancy Pelosi and the national media are the most disgusting and disgraceful sh*t that has ever been in DC!! To tell lies like they have and waste taxpayers money putting up a fences and keeping the National Guard in DC to 2022 is a miscarriage of justice. To hold these people without bond that have no criminal histories, had no weapons, no threats toward LE Officers and a miscarriage of justice. When all of the truth comes out and charged have to be dropped or dismissed who will be the ignorant a** then. We will never know because the radical media will never report it!!

  9. In every case in life, everyone has a choice about their actions. now these persons did not peacefully enter the Capitol in any sense of the word, the over run two sets of barricades and pushed past Capitol Police and then smashed windows and doors and attacked police officers, to enter a restricted building. Anyone who says it was peaceful is not observing what happened right in front of our eyes on live TV, those charged have actual video evidence, which some posted of them selves violating Federal law. Like the law says if you participated in a crime you are gust as guilty as the one who did the crime, so it is no longer a question the law sorted that out, and a court will decide their fate, I hope it is a long and painful fate and the people who organized and pushed the invasions never see light out side of a prison window again, because they are a great danger to this Republic, our Constitution and the laws of this USA.
    Why have laws and rules, if you are going to permit the lawless to just trey to over throw an thing in this Government based on one persons words, who kept pushing a proven lie about the election, every accusation or affidavit has been investigated and proven wrong even before the insurrection at the Capitol.

    1. Agreed choices have consequences but the left does not believe in that, unless you are conservative and believe in limited govt and the rights granted to us under the Constitution, then you are fair game. Lets focus on who funded the tools and the tools themselves that were there a day early and planting pipe bombs and staging themselves to instigate this and make it look as if MAGA was responsible. Did you happen to see the MAGA supporter begging the Capitol Police to stop those antifa bozos from breaking the windows or even the MAGA supporters actually trying to stop them as well? Probably not since all the left wing media care about is complete support for the communist regime currently in place. Finding punishment for all involved will never happen since the left only sees Trump supporters as the ones involved. How many Trump supporters were burning down Portland in the summer of 2019?

    2. Guess you haven’t heard! The RULE OF LAW in this country is Dead – a memory! Just ask the SCOTUS – especially Roberts who is ‘ruling’ the court with an iron fist! Election laws broken and no justice to be seen! They broke laws and got away with it. Now, how is this going to affect forthcoming elections if you can change laws and have illegal voting! Our country has become a BANANA REPUBLIC and you can thank the courts for that! Don’t say there isn’t any evidence – there is plenty but they would rather ‘sweep’ it under the rug! WHO actually were the LAWLESS in this election? Where in the hell do you get this “PROVEN LIE” from. It has never been settled in a court of law!

  10. They have Rights as citizens of the United States of America under our Constitution. Biden is definitely being an incompetent DICK TATOR THE WORTHLESS SON OF A BITCH SHOULD BE CONVICTED OF TREASON AND IMPEACHED

  11. And. They want to disarm us so we can’t fight back. So they can force us into pits and gas us. NICE TRY BIDEN.

  12. Now the fact being that Biden had nothing to do with law enforcement doing what the law says is their job, and persons were being arrested and held without bond before Biden even took office. The fact being if Clinton had done the exact same thing that Trump did and her followers had stormed the Capitol, I can guarantee you that most posting here would not think holding them was enough they would want them executed.
    In this occasion politics should not be involved, this was a huge threat to this nation, and if not checked now it will get worse.

  13. My long-deceased father, a Korean War veteran that served 18 straight months there without a break, made one of the most short, clear and definitive statements I’ve heard about our government. He said “Our government is dirtiest to its own people.” Circa 1970.

  14. TRUMP needs to step up with the Republicans right now, why don’t Antifa people stay locked up, that guy who said, lets burn it down is out on bail. Must be PELOSI puppet and she probably sent him there. There needs to a civil WAR in AMERICA and then the Democrats and DEMENTIA JOE will see what a true American really is. Those DEMOCRATS are always WHINING about something and they shouldn’t be such big BABIES. Its too bad no one got them that day and the little girl who lied about being there. Next year AMERICA, get these IDIOT’S out of office. If we don’t, AMERICA will go down the toilet.

  15. When the Capital Police opened the doors to let citizens into their Capital building they legitimized the entry. Holding those arrested is therefore illegal and Constitutionally invalid. To hold them without bail is not only Unconstitutional, but an affront to American Liberty. Those responsible for holding them in jail without bail should be held accountable for civil rights violations abd removed from their current positions. There are two choices for law enforcement to do right now are 1. Release this people now held without bail, or 2. Immediately arrest Joe Biden for his admitted assault on the Capital Building. You can not in any good faith action to do one without the other.

    JUST A HAND COUNT , 70 million and growing

  17. The first sentence says it all, as to jhow biased this article is. Not one person entered the Capitol peacefully as the videos show in great detail. This is just as the law says if you are part of a crime or support a crime you are just as guilty as the person who broke the windows or hit the guards. Why have laws if some can just over run them as they please.

  18. When they do get their day in court, I hope they will bring up that the FBI failed to investigate VOTER FRAUD! I hope they all claim the vote was stolen from President Trump.

  19. I’m not American but South African and I’m horrified that Biden won…makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me and I believe that the election was stolen by the Democrat’s!!! As I get older I realize just how evil some humans really are. They are more like Demons!! The mainstream media told so many lies during and before the election about President Trump for he is still the President in my mind. The media did much the same thing to white people in South Africa in the 70’s and 80’s and portrayed them to be evil oppressors all to create unrest and strife…..treasonous sods who have puppet masters and this friends is going to bring civilization as we know it to its downfall. If good people do not stand up against evil guess what will happen?

  20. Kamala, celebrities and athletes should bail them out and charges should be dropped, just as it was for all the ‘peaceful protestors, er RIOTERS” in the months and months following the George Floyd episode. Those rioters looted, burned and murdered…. and are free to this day. They injured many more policemen, set fires with people trapped inside of buildings, destroyed police cars, destroyed small businesses, blocked bridges, roads and terrorized everyone, looted all sorts of large and small stores and were never referred to as ‘DOMESTIC TERRORISTS’ as they totally are. Nothing happened to them!!!! Free as birds…jailbirds.

  21. First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist

    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist

    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist

    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew

    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me

  22. If you expect Justice from the Democrats forget it! They want us to be their Slaves Without Chains. But if we don’t yield pretty soon, then they will take away our weapons of defense, put us on a black list, and make our lives as miserable as they can.

  23. It just keeps getting worse and worse. There’s no denying this is an enemy govt. and Biden is the puppet supposedly running it. We all know Soros is the real power behind the throne here and he’s a communist pig who is determined to destroy this country and turn it into another Venezuela.

  24. don’t forget : Harris Pelosi, Shummer,,Mitch Mconnel, and others for supporting BLM and Aftifa (like Harris]
    she is a dangerous person along with a few others she is the one that is making the calls for Joe

  25. All of this probably would have been avoided by allowing the phoney election alligations, from over 74 million President Trump voters, be investigated. The alligations must have beeen proven to be true or not.

  26. Mike Flynn——–just another head in the sand Dummicrat——-No solid proof of what really happened in the election or on January 6th will ever change his mind———–Just gets his talking points from the DNC and MSNBC———–go from there and continue in the dark while the country is torn apart and the constitution is trashed—————-VERY VERY VERY VERY SAD!!!!!!!

  27. The Dems have proven repeatedly that they condone violence when it profits their party!!! I am sick of their lies and socialist propaganda. They must be stopped! Republicans should stand up and begin legal proceedings to bring these lying and cheating socialists (democrats) to heel. It is a scary thought what the people of our great nation may have to do to correct the infamy of the crazy socialist in the Democratic Party including their puppet President Biden. Harris plans to have him removed so she can become the President! God save us from this madness!

  28. Just remember the words from dementia jo when he told us that the democRATS had the most sophisticated means of cheating in the election to place him in office, and when he is put in power don’t be surprised that he will develop an illness that would require him to step down. This assuring that the communist Chinese controlled democRATS would have a shoe-in to shred our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They won’t disclose the Chinese contributors to the fake biden charity! How many more democRATS are on the Chinese payroll?

  29. We are living in a very dangerous time in this country. We are on the verge of a ‘civil war’ once again because;
    1. The left is trying to convince us that we are all “white supremacists” and racists and; 2. the right and left oppose each other over the rule of law, tyranny, election fraud, and an illegitimate president who has done more to destroy AMERICA First in 30 days than any other in our history. NO one is truly investigating son Hunter, not Bill Barr, John Durham or the FBI as we sail down the slippery slope of a China alliance, and ‘illegal aliens” bringing more unemployment, COVID 19, crime and increasing our National deficit! With fascism, socialism, and communism fought against in 2 great wars, now welcomed to invade our Republic. Our Congress has its hands tied, as was the plan…..and democracy as we knew it turned over to totalitarianism! Where do we turn from here? Well IMHO first to GOD in prayer for direction and then a call to ACTION for deliverance of this injustice and tyranny. IF history of this great Nation is to be our guide, then we must go forth for;”God has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind”! 2Tim 1:7

  30. When the law is one sided like ours is there is no justice. And then you have a media that won’t tell the truth. They are the ones that need to be shut down. But for the Democrats if money is the root of all evil they are living proof.

  31. Garland, biden’s want to be attorney general, is another activist who promotes the prosecution of the Capitol rioters yet condones the attacks upon federal buildings carried out by Antifa and BLM extremists during the summer of 2020.

  32. The chance that Xiden won fairly after a huge dump of Xiden-only votes in all battleground states at the exact same time: one in a quadrillion.
    Read about Jovan Pulitzer, super tech hired to examine Dominion voting machines. MASSIVE FRAUD. Machines hooked up directly to the internet and others transmitting voting information to Russia and China. Wrote his report. WHERE IS IT? BURIED by the Dems and their complicit lying media.
    Let’s discuss COVID. So far, an extremely inflated death total is 500,000….average age 82 and many health problems. This is about 0.15% of the population. In other words, 99.85% of Americans either did NOT die from or were never infected with the virus. For this, we’ve been imprisoned, had our children tortured, destroyed millions of small businesses, have lost our freedoms, our rights, our country. Idiot democrats, always thrilled to blame EVERYTHING on Trump, fell right in line with the COVID HOAX. Master leftist manipulators, including Fauci (who makes more money than the President), have used fear mongering to help tilt the election to institute socialism while we cower in our useless masks. Pandemic? HAH! In 1918-19, the Spanish Flu killed one in every ten people. 10% death rate-a far cry from 0.15%. CHINA created COVID 19 which was transmissible to humans. CHINA released COVID19 as biological warfare. Odd how this helped China Joe, right?
    Let’s talk CLIMATE HOAX. Look up Dr Jonathan Hockett, Law Professor, Cornell University and the true author of the Green New Deal (GND). He was on Tucker and clearly stated “THE GND HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH CLIMATE CHANGE OR GLOBAL WARMING. INSTEAD, IT IS AN ATTEMPT TO PUSH THE COUNTRY IN THE ‘RIGHT’ DIRECTION……INTO SOCIALISM”. Remember, the goals of socialism include government takeover and control of energy, industry, education, healthcare, business, and of course people. People should be controlled by and dependent on government for everything. In return, they give up personal choice, wealth, capitalism. Look how successful it’s been-over 100 million deaths in the 20th century. JObama and his socialist posse are still trying to stuff this down our throats using climate panic. Anyone really think old Barry would buy a beachfront mansion if he thought there was any chance of it being UNDERWATER in 8 years? Remember old Gore and his doom and gloom? He bought a beachfront mansion, too. So did Michael Moore. Look at Lurch with his private jets and immense carbon footprint. He’s just like Greta-rattling off unsubstantiated allegations and statistics to SCARE US. Read Vijay S, an actual climate scientist who thinks climate panic is based upon lies by the leftists/socialists. Seas rising? Yeah, 1/3 an inch per year….and nowhere near historic levels. No more droughts, floods, storms, fires now than in the past. Just more LIES by absolute boneheads. Anyone think traitor Kerry is a mental giant? Only in his own mind. May he gag on a bottle of ketchup. Greta??? A child whose parents very cruelly started indoctrinating at age 8 for the express purpose of gaining a little ‘celebrity’ for her parents. Jane Fonda??? Please. Traitor. Spoiled rich bit*h. So BOOORRRIIINNG Ted Turner dumped her and ran. Flying private jet from LA to Wash DC every week to protest against climate change! The Paris Accord? Rich elitists flying private jets to superb vacation destinations to virtue signal while consuming more in a week than most people have in a year. Sure, the US pays millions and does the EU. China, Russia, India pay NOTHING. They agree to NOTHING. They have made no changes or improvements nor do they intend to. Lurch says even if we go from our current 15% carbon emissions reduction to 0, it still won’t make a difference. So his answer is apparently that US taxpayers have to fund improvements to other countries who refuse to implement changes. Wait for it…..he doesn’t want to go ‘electric vehicles’ by 2035. He wants it MUCH SOONER. Too bad if you have a long commute and no money for a new car. Socialism has an answer! You will be relocated to inner cities with public transportation, into small rentals without air, and put into jobs the government needs to fill. Meanwhile, low income housing projects will be built in your former suburban neighborhoods. Think I’m kidding? This is what your global elitists have in store for you……Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, Zuck, Gates, Obysmal, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, even Bernie, Cuomo, Newsom, Trudeau, Merkel, Macron, Rothschilds. All they really need to do to implement these changes is to disarm us. And now Xiden and his puppeteers are going after us 100%. Fair warning, libtards. This is not your democrat party any more. This is not about democracy at all. You are signing off on the biggest plan ever to destroy the United States of America. But Orange Man Bad, right? And 58 illegal Exec Orders and Actions in less than a month from a clearly demented, corrupt old pervert seems like an expression of ‘unity’ and ‘democracy’ to you? Get a clue: this is how oligarchs, dictators and monarchs rule. In a democratic republic, the Legislative Branch elected by WE THE PEOPLE proposes and writes the laws-not the Executive Branch.
    We knew Barry wanted a third term in order to ‘fundamentally change’ America. He doing it now through Old Gropes. And of course, Obysmal’s slavish devotees can’t see the damage he’s doing….just like they were in denial all 8 years of his ‘scandal-free’ reign. Only Pres ever to be at war all 8 years of his term. Bombed 7 countries. Allowed use of chemical warfare. Allowed Iran build-up of long range nukes capable of hitting the US while simultaneously ignoring iron-clad evidence of 100,000+ internal documents proving Iran’s non-compliance with the Arms Deal and sending them pallets of US taxpayers cash…..and letting them be the Number 1 sponsor of terrorism worldwide. And total, utter hatred and disrespect of our only real ally in the Middle East, Israel. But anti-Semitism is to be expected from Mu*li*s, right? Even if they’re parading as Christians…..who ‘bitterly cling to their guns and bibles’. Has any other sitting President ever referred to citizens with such disrespect and hatred? VA Scandal. Solyndra. IRS Scandal. Benghazi. Murdered 1,000+ innocent civilians with drone program. Killed American citizens without due process. Did nothing when his AG Holder was found guilty of lying to Congress. Wiretapped leaders of Germany, France and Mexico. Wiretapped members of the press. Wiretapped the Trump campaign. Fast and Furious. Consorted with Louis Farrakhan. Tried repeatedly to take Second Amendment rights away from Americans. Shall I go on?

    1. McRant, Outstanding!!!! I will be waiting for the next episode please. Just give me a minute to get the popcorn ready!!!

  33. Something has to be done about all the injustice thats happening with this corrupt swamp democratic regime, the comfortable republicans need to grow some balls and act!!! I’m at awe for months now!!

  34. The idiotic morons now running the white house need to read information out and listen to other media outlets instead of the moronic media outlets favoring the morons in the White house. The people they are holding in jail are not terrorists, were not involved, in 1-6 capitol entrance. It already has been proven that this had been planned on line for weeks in advance. They placed pipe bombs for the night before. This has nothing to do with President Trump or any of his supporters. This just shows the idiotic moronic democrats only want to flex what little power they have and I hope to God they all lose their jobs including the moron in the white house and his 2nd moron in command. Power is all they want, not helping Americans but illegals and China and Iran (which is a big mistake) and everyone in America knows it.

  35. I just read that Dictator Biden told TX energy producers to power down even though the power was still out for thousands, this is murder & Biden & his handlers are responsible & should be charged for these crimes. You would think the president of the USA would be helping people in the USA not hurting them. First it was Florida & now Texas, I see the pattern, go after the states that are Republican & DO NOT AGREE WITH YOUR STUPIDITY so Biden is going to punish them anyway possible. I want Joe Biden & his handlers arrested for MURDER for everyone who died because of his order!! At the same time impeach Harris for paying bail money for Antifa & BLM criminals to get out of jail & never be charged for their crimes plus allowing family member to us her VP status in advertising their businesses both ILLEGAL (Biden also is allowing his family to use his name for their businesses) . If the senate, congress, FBI, DOJ do not do something about this NOW we are all doomed. Joe Biden, Harris & Obama are the worse Presidents & V/P EVER & Hillary is the worse Secretary of State EVER, Pelosi is the worse Speaker of the House EVER & needs to be impeached for abuse of power & most of the Democratic party are the worse ever, don’t know any of them that haven’t committed crimes! They all need to go to jail for a long time! We need action on these criminal charges, just like Cuomo killing all the elderly in nursing homes, Biden did the same thing in Texas to minimize environmental impacts, what kind of crap is that, he should have sent some of his military guards to help & keep the power running! WHAT STUPID. VILE, EVIL, HEATLESS, TRADERS ARE RUNNING OUR COUNTRY!

  36. February 23, 2021 at 2:32 pm
    Sorry I did not realized that tere is not self correction of speling and gramma.

    I am Survivor already 11 years battling for my life, for my children that ytime under age of 2 years and 3 months and who is behind know al, well ;
    Battling for life on our own expenses = my Billing medical cost already over $2 million, overseas special treatments in USA level over $800 000 and growing need additional at least 3 reconstruction surgeries , only destroyed Dental ove $35000 and need additional 3 implants Knock out by NYPD’s ….
    and Assaulters – all Hate criome, retaliation originators… are without any charge, investigations – they have superior Attorneys” while I / we belived in pure justice as it was in Socialistic Central EU… and was not able to find the most Dirtiest world what ugly could happend to innocent in USA never published? Why my attorneys become part of ??? never reprasent us, informed us,, only apply the worst deception and humiliation??? And be paid for that? In other countries wher justic e exist they will be disbared…
    As Licensed Professional I will be probably jailed for similar acts in my professions, why not attorne\ys, politicians agencies of Hate and our country and order destruction???
    I am top expert working on world wide Award projects, member of many commitees preparing 4 International Congresses and Expo, innovator, former Principal Multidisciplinary Engineer …
    … and what now stricken by unjustice, crippled for life almost sometimes homeless, over 78years of age??? In Concentration camps they were socializing had at least 7 hours of sleep, 2x warm meals that I did not have sometinme battling for life in Forced Hospitals, under Forced medications, injesctions???
    Daily not without chronic pain, paralisys… fighting for life, victims of unspoken probabluy crtiminal injustice and missery that I never imagine or experienced in any Socialistic countries, Iraq Libya or.. on seniors and minor…
    – Why all possible in our Beloved USA!
    Why punishing from 2010 Senior Father of The Well-Engineered Family of greatest achivers??? More that pure hate crime, violation of all including: President Obama 2015 Disabled – Senior Protection Act!!! … Living as Victimized innocent victims of multi NYPD’s assaults, misused various Agencies of Parasites, Courts be hounted almost to death with serious well documented threats, disfigured… battling 24/7 for life and much more??? All and something much, much unspeakable worst.

    Today Total Physical Disabled, my wife over 3 decades younger University educated, Licensed… and very young very talented children from early age 2010 24/7 My Caregiver, already great achivers in all scope of life, despite haunted bgy agenncies almost as fatherless, losing my brother also victim? ….
    Our lives destroyed proably “on CALL POLICEMEN” never properly anything investigating anytning under / in Attorney most dirty tricks … , AS: delay postpone, reject\, postpone make ugly tricks bribery in hope that :

    Victi\ms will die very soon (in diagnoses already in 2014! -without any compensation.

    And Holocaust and Labor Camps survivors had unlimited timing guaranted full compensation including their children, and I as over average NYS living expectances multiple ASSAULTED as Senior Citizen that never happen including “Terrorist countries >>>” which “we, USA & NATO Liberated?

    I experienced many time taste – death already for 4x repeated from 2010 to 2018 ASSAULTS and jailed, stripped not knowing for what…
    Many emergencies in COMA with Oxygen, otherwise suffocated to death in front of my very yound children? My wife called Paramedics for OXYGEN and come the most violent Policemen and all cover up follows… ?

    It is USA corruptrion – vitriolic NYPD, various Parasits Agencies, Courts pure legalized, hiden terrorism today under protection probably of very corrupted Attorneys and misused Agencies that are nothing= only Vitriolic parasites in our USA making so much of miseries for many innocent as I experienced in hospitals NYC…

    It is my reality daily life victime of serious to critical TBI’s, multiple COMA, Hate crime (not BLM apply to us, because we are hard working experts white originated Central EU our children born in NYC!!?)

    MISTERY THAT WE WISH TO SOLVED AND EXPOSED LIES AFTER LIES ALL unspeacable CRIMES … TO LITE probably with help such as Moore Movies???
    Or whistle-blowers?

  37. I have a question how in the hell can all these replies be on February 23 2021at 12pm or later when I’m sitting here reading them on February 23 2021 at 9am in the morning. Can someone answer that for me. Are these answers coming from the other side of the world outside of the United States. Times 2:47 PM- 2pm

      1. Maybe they set it to GMT, as there are responses from all over the world. They ought to mark the timestamps as GMT if that’s the case.

  38. Follow the money…..planned, bought and paid for by Pelosi, Schumer and Harris to stop Trump. Get rid of them. Get our country back! Biden is a puppet that hasn’t got a clue. Can only read what they put in front of him.
    Won’t last.

  39. Why do you still report that these were all Trump supporters? You know all were not. You keep furthering the propaganda and as such are part of the problem in this country. Carrying a Trump flag or an American flag does not prove they were for or against Trump. I can steal any flag and bring it to a riot to full people does not prove I belong to said group.

  40. This is a precursor to when No one may buy or sell unless they take the Mark of the Beast. The Catholic Papacy/Vatican, is the Beast, and it’s mark will be Forced Sunday worship to the beast power, an abomination to God the Creator’s holy 7th day sabbath, the 4th Commandment. Who we then worship and obey will decide if we are Saved or Lost for eternity. Once every person on the Earth makes their choice, then judgment of the Living will be over, and Jesus will return, thus ending all life on the Earth,, See Jeremiah 4:23-27..

  41. Would it be possible for the 75 million Trump supporters to all chip in one to two dollars and hire a law firm to sue the Democratic Party for all of our tax dollars that were wasted on the impeachments trials, the Russia investigation, the Mueller witch hunt and wages they were paid to do the job that they were elected to do, but didn’t.

  42. I am 86 years old, a retired U.S. Air Force Veteran, and ended up spending more than 50 years working for the USA. I believe I speak for a great number of veterans who showed the courage and belief in our Nation when I say that I didn’t risk my life, nor did the the 58,000+ military members who comprised the USA’s armed forces in Vietnam, to see our Nation allow the Democrats to destroy our Constitutional rights and liberties. As much as I would hate to see it, I believe that Biden and his supporters are going to cause a total revolution in the USA. The Democrats promise the blacks, for instance, so many things that will come their way if they support the Democrats. History has proven that the blacks have been promised the same basic things by the Democrats so they can be elected into political offices, but they have never seen any of those promises happen. I believe it is true that the blacks are regarded as a sub-standard race by almost all Democrat politicians from the President of our Nation down to and including many state, county, and city elected officials. The Democrats also stoop to any low level of humanity to destroy our Nation, imprison all Republicans, and in turn, convert the USA into communism. Socialism may occur first for the Democrats, but communism is only one step behind. I think that a revolution is in fact necessary, and even at my age, I would support it. I spent a number of years in real communist-led countries, and can attest to the terror and uncivilized methods of governing the people by their communistic government. The billionaires and millionaires, leaders of the high tech and social news media may think they will not be affected by a communist government taking over our Nation, but they will fall in all aspects of life under communism. Their money will not help them a bit; their wealth will be taken from them and they may be permitted to live, but under strict communistic rules and laws. If they are allowed to live, they will become peasants and live the life of desolate peasants. Many major countries of the world are now almost in a state of shock seeing what Biden and his thugs are doing to destroy what once was the Nation most others respected for the freedoms that were provided by our Constitution. If I was given a choice today of supporting a revolution, I would have to say I would support one – fully.

    1. Robert E, Altee, First I would like to thank you for your service. Your comment was outstanding, and you are absolutely right our country is headed unfortunately for a revolution caused by the radical liberal Democrats. Take care, stay safe.

  43. They need to release the Trump supporters especially if they didnt actually do anything and arrest all the Biden supporters and Biden and throw them all in prison and denied them back let them rot in prison and Biden can lead all the prisoners to the lunch room in Prison this is BS that he gets by with all this illegal stuff and should be in prison because of it

  44. All I have to say is; Welcome to the new ” UCSA”. Thanks too the nut jobs that voted dimwit biden into office. Those cops that arrested those people for nothing! Are no better than the communist police. In other words! the brown shirts, “NAZIS”. and biden is Hitler.

  45. And people like you Brainard wasted without having brains to start with would be somebody who would believe that fkn democrats have ever done anything correct ly when its all been corrupt. Illegal. And are alien to our great country. Hope you rotten bastards die in hell and in a damn big hurry too. Lowest of life pos’s.

  46. To all of those who are destroyiny Amercia and we know who you ARE! The day will come when you will stand before GOD when He looks in the BOOK OF LIFE He will not find your name .And the angels from HELL will come an take you to where you belong JESUSAID”þhe ròed is wide and many will take it ” but tl the road ishard and narror an few wilfind it to Heaven.the choice is yours.

  47. Why is it that President trump wasn’t allowed to send in help while the riots were going on, and Republicans that really did nothing wrong besides walk into the Capitol Building and they are all in jail with NO bail. Democrats are totally out of their minds. I’m NOT to sure that a good share of them don’t need mental help.

  48. You are so absolutely right. No SANE person can honestly say that O’Biden won a fair election. No SANE person can believe he’s anywhere close to being better for America (and the world) than Trump was. The people who expertly rigged our election so that a complete idiot like O’Biden could “win” are truly evil, with bad intentions for our whole world. I’m very sure that trigger fingers are getting pretty itchy. A lot of Democrats and their enablers (Chris Cuomo, Chuck Todd, etc.) probably should think twice about any of their appearances in public.

  49. This dumb article KEEP saying Trump supporters, this were not Trump supports that was ANTIFA out there operating as ACTORS where the Police let them in the Capital NOBODY stormed in or BROKE in nowhere again they were let inside by the police, this article is feeding FAKE information much like CNN, NBC, and all the rest of these fake News media ! ! !


  51. I want to know why the government uses our military to protect them against who the military is supposed to be protecting the American people who are what American is made up of! Where is our brave politicians who won’t be bought or scared from standing up for their state’s voters values do we need more women to do the job you threaten a women or her family most will no side with you she will for her family so come on men be the men n women this country has already bled for the values that have been in place from the beginning of this country ❤️

    1. I think its pretty obvious that they are afraid of the nearly 1/2 of Americans who believe in making America great.

  52. The democrats & a few RINO’s in this administration, should all be tried for treason, since they are not abiding by the Constitution & the Bill of Rights. What a sorry lot of corrupt people !

  53. This country is in crisis. What worries me most is the attempt to destroy the middle class. That is, those of us who work for a living, who believe in the American dream, who have hope of improving our lot in life, who are entrepreneurs. It seems to me that the COVID-19 lockdowns were intended to put working people out of work, and to STOP the education of middle class children. There is definitely a move to control us through fear and divisiveness. The Totalitarian Regime is silencing us through media control. They talk about “diversity,” but are totally intolerant of ANY action, speech, or thought that doesn’t agree with theirs. In short, they are lying to us, giving us KoolAid. When we have 2 classes – the bourgeoise and the politburo, we will look exactly like the former USSR. It didn’t work for them; it won’t work for us. They can, however, make us miserable for years…The bourgeoise will be the rich, elite, DumBOcrooks; the politburo will include everyone else, including the poor DumBOcrooks who have been hoodwinked. I’ve read history, and I’m very afraid too many Americans haven’t.

  54. I think its pretty obvious that they are afraid of the nearly 1/2 of Americans who believe in making America great.

  55. We need some one who cares about hard working Americans who pay the price for keeping this country going. Yes the protestors who got arrested deserved to be arrested. However bail is supposed to be set to make sure you do not flee and NOT TO PUNISH! This corrupt FBI continues to destroy people for what they believe. After what Comey and his underlings did against President who would expect anything less. The FBI are nothing more then a pollical strong arm of the Biden administration. We need to get rid of big tech and allow freedom of speech to be heard under our U.S. Constitution.
    Where are all of the blm and antifa rioters being held without bail due to several murders, beating un an-armed Trump supporters, causing 2 billion dollars worth of damages, causing injuries to hundreds of law enforcement
    officers and burning down a police facility stating and hoping to burn police officers alive. OH I forgot they were told to continue this movement by the now vp kamala harris. What a disgrace from the once most respected law enforcement agency to these disgusting hatchet people. And oh kalmala good work with your racial injustice. Yes we now allow threats and terrorism to take place in our country , as long as they are not Trump supporters. And finally how about our two so called COWARDLY conservatives supreme justices. They continue to hide in their ivory tower, and are petrified first from the Democrats and also the blm and antifa. Our founding fathers are turning over in their grave. What President Trump went through to get you both appointed is an outrageous and disgraceful way to treat such kindness. You are both spineless and deserved to be Impeach.

  56. Guilty before proven innocent. Can Biden and his evil followers make like a bird and fly away? This is so stupid, that they are getting away with this. They are the ones that caused the insurrection. More like a deception. BLM and maybe some Trump Supporters and non Trump Supporters. I see. BLM protester saying he wanted to kill Trump and encouraged others to follow. He was at other rally’s. Show where the evidence points anywhere else. Police officer Sicknick was not hit with fire extinguisher. Show evidence. More evidence that Biden with help of media, China and others are corrupt. Seen that evidence.

    1. They think they are getting away with it and right now yes but at the same time Americans are beginning to wake up and see with their own eyes what these characters are all about, be patient, ALL WILL BE WELL!!

  57. Robert. Thank you for your service. And to all you maggots that burn our flag don’t want our Anthem or don’t want God in our lives. DAM YOU. MOVE TO CHINA.

  58. Why are these people denied bail, but the BLM and Antifa thugs who burned looted and murdered and were arrested were actually set free just hours after being arrested or had their bail paid for by Kamala Harris’ fund? I went to the NPR website where the photos and charges were listed for the so-called Capitol insurrectionists and most of the charges were misdemeanors and most of the charges were repetitive so as to make it look worse than it was. We need some pro-bono attorneys on the right to step forward and defend these people. They are being denied their rights under the 14th amendment. Why is there a two -tier justice system allowed to persist in America unchallenged?

  59. Dumb-o-crats are just retarded communists who lack any item like a brain. Deport them all to Russia and let them learn what their stupidity entails. Scum is scum no matter what it calls itself.

  60. These people were arrested and are being held, while at the same time. this Sullivan character who videoed and was heard on the video, and a member of ANTIFA was overheard (” LET`S BURN THIS PLACE.”) was arrested and released without bail HUUUUNNN?????

  61. Look at it this way… When thieves steal something that people live in or hijack an occupied car …the hijacker, the thieves don’t care about the occupants, and could careless even if they kill some or all of them.
    China sent our their thieves ti steal America – China doesn’t care about the occupants…nor do the criminals China sent to actually take the wheel.

  62. The FBI has now become a defacto GESTAPO with their investigative tactics that are violating the people’s rights and the DOJ is complicit in all of this. You can congratulate the Deep State for that!
    The Democrats don’t understand why the DOJ and the FBI no longer have the respect nor confidence of the American Public. They are so intent on becoming a part of the NWO and they don’t care about the coitizens. They are intent on bankrupting the US and making it into a third world country. “Power and Control” is their mantra and they will do anything to gain it…..


  64. The looting and vandalism of the Capitol building was committed by members of that World Terrorist Organization Antifa/BLM, those evil loyal Globalist marionette tyrannical/totalitarian politicians with money provided by Globalists possibly primarily the Soros family had those terrorists shipped in and left into the Capitol building by the Capitol police who informed them ahead of time that they would leave specific entry points unsecure and where to find those points of entry.

  65. I’m afraid it’s gonna get bloody before to long. God I hope I’m wrong, and people like Pelosi and Schummer wake up and smell the cleaning solvent before it’s to late.

  66. I think most of you have the total misconception that Biden is actually “in charge”. He is NOT, he’s the harmless pawn that got in in spite of himself! Harris may well have acted along with Obama, Rice, Soros, etc. The main force behind the far left is SOROS…..he has stated more than once he was going to ruin America, he is truly making that become a reality. Tell me why not a single President named a terrorist – why was he never stripped of his citizenship? He should have been decades ago!
    The real Patriots were in DC to peacefully protest an election they thought was rigged…when you think about it, how many states were changing or trying to change the election laws in their states?
    Put yourself in the shoes of the peaceful protesters. IF the Cspitol Police opened the doors for you, would you go in? If you had a carry permit, would you have your gun on you? Would you have it in your vehicle? I can answer that!! I have the updated book published for the state laws – each state and I follow those laws!! Ok – enough of the “hard” questions…. Do you feel the election was stolen? What are your facts for it? Do we have a factual count of how LEGAL citizens there are in the US? How do we know who legally voted and who didn’t ?
    We knew before the election what was going to happen if the far left got in…..
    Is it right to hold protesters indiffently with no charges and no bail? Well, not in the US as most of us knew it!! Please notice the past tense. We’re in the US today that the left said it would be once they got back in…..

  67. Biden the expert doesn’t know anything. Texas I salute you and you need to continue your use of oil, gas, and other energy sources not windmills or solar panels. Those last two are ok, but Nantucket and Martha’s vineyard should have those as well and stop the oil, gas, and coal.
    As far as domestic terrorist BLM & Antifa should be included. These two groups were at the capital and caused a lot of the violence–can’t arrest due to the fact they wore helmets, gas masks, and face masks. Williams (BLM) was arrested, but out on no bail while trump supporters are still in jail w/o bail. Where is the FBI & Director Wray.

  68. I wouldn’t want to be the person to go to people’s homes and tell them they have to give up there firearms..

  69. Well we should be taking names. Things like were not going to jail them because it`s a weekend sounds like left wing logistics and of course they are Democrats.

  70. Biden’s corrupt regime has imprisoned hundreds of Trump supporters – And in every language of the world it’s called TERROR! How did we allow tyranny and terror in our former freest country in the world?

  71. Nancy Pelosi’s SON IN LAW can clearly be seen in the video “standing where she does” it’s odd I have heard no mention of that!? Or no mention of ANTIFA again on video being brought in on white Charter busses who were PLACED as close as possible to the building either? BTW bypassing security, gee I wonder why? Or 100’S OF VIDEOS OF THE POLICE LEANING ON THE BUILDING WHILE THESE PEOPLE CHANTING ANTIFA WHILE BREAKING THE WINDOW AND PATRIOTS BEGGING AND PLEADING WITH THEM TO DO SOMETHING WERE IGNORED!!! THE POLICE STOOD AND WATCHED THEM BREAK IN AND DID NOTHING!!!! Why are THEY not in jail for letting them do it? Yes there’s no way this wasn’t a set up to make it look like it was Trump supporters huh? WAKE UP PEOPLE


  73. To build a fence around the capital is a insult to the American people. But the Democrats know what there doing is wrong so they have to to protect there stupid selves. But there day is çomeing.

  74. Within one month of his illegitimate Chinese puppet regime taking power, the demented crooked pedophile rapist election-stealing lackey of Xi Jinping has with remarkable and unprecedented speed turned this country into China. The nation’s capital is more heavily invested with troops and barbed wire than is Beijing. There is routine surveillance of citizens and a social credit system is being imposed as in China, and there is active censorship of the internet and written communications with an ongoing plan to make it permanent and universal. The U.S. military is being repurposed as an agency for domestic political repression, and serious attempts are underway to expel the opposition political party from congress, ban that party and establish one legal political entity. An unprecedented number of American citizens have been murdered in the past two months by police agencies for being “domestic terrorists”, most of them unarmed and shot in the back and more Americans than ever before in our history are under preventive detention without trial or bail at a time when the minimal bail is paid by officials of the same government that is holding the political prisoners after racially-motivated assaults, rapes and murders when the perpetrators are not simply released without charge. Active persecution of Christianity is being undertaken on a scale that will dwarf that of the Chinese Uyghurs and forcible abortion is about to be introduced on a scale equal to that in China. Finally, the dictatorial regime is presided over by an obviously incapacitated ruler and a behind-the-scenes power struggle of the type so common in Red China is obviously taking place. There has never in human history been a society and a nation so badly in need of a revolutionary cleaning out as communist China, except for the mutilated and mutated America that has taken shape over the past six weeks. Down with the dictatorship! Biden delendum est!

  75. Biden and The Biden Buddies in Congress are asking for something they don’t really want. Use common sense for a change you bunch of communists radicals. Keep up the idiotic doctrine and you will get the civil war you are asking for. I doubt your new wall against citizens will keep them out. Are you ready for 80 million plus unhappy Americans to visit you in person. If you give people nothing to lose, they will revolt and it won’t be pretty.

  76. This only the beginning. Biden is incompetant and contolles by others. Before they are finished communism will look so good.

  77. The dumbing down of America has been successful. China, Russia, and many Communist countries have infiltrated our country and propagandized the majority of “minorities” in breaking down the family structure that keeps freedom at the forefront of our society. Do not be duped into thinking Caucasian’s are the majority race in the USA. They have been “out-birthed” 10 to one or more in the last 40 years. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, and those like them, have made millions lying to the Black race and done nothing for them. Blacks have been duped into thinking that voting Democratic will somehow elevate them in society by continually riding on the back of slavery instead of educating them to assimilate in American society. That is not to say they should eliminate their cultural history. All history should be taught to all ethnicities. That is how you learn about mistakes that were made by all ethnicities and correct them in current society. One example is the NFL and NBA. They are both roughly 85 percent African American and are continually complaining about racism. Also so much violence is evident in both sports and all of them act like little children with their little snippets and shows of bragertly (my word) chest beating and muscle shows. Look what it has done to our youth regardless of ethnicity. Whether you believe it or not, these things have lead to the wholesale entitlement and the lawless mentality. Have you ever wondered why most murders are black on black? It isn’t because of racism. Don’t ever believe that it is. Our country has changed to Simulacra and Simulation. If you have a dictionary look up those words. Simply, we have made reality into fantasy and fantasy into reality. Most kids think that x-box, I.e. e-tech is real and real things are Fantasy. The millinials and progressives refuse to follow real politics and many I have talked to think that Socialism is simply being sociable. Duh! We have been a country of law with justice built on the foundation of “family”. These have been destroyed by twisted-minded politicians and power hungry, lying media owned and controlled by money. “The end”, literally

  78. I don’t understand how a United States president who did not see these people do anything destructive or attack anyone can have them held without representation by a lawyer and the privilege to post bond. This president needs to be sent to China. That is how they treat their citizens. This whole situation is shameless. If Trump had done this the press, newscasters, Pelosi, and Schumer would have tried to have another impeachment filed against him. It seems that Biden can act like China’s leaders and get away with it. Where are the press, the newscasters, the congress and senate??? This is shameful and disgusting!

  79. How much longer of this kind of action from the present administration will it be until a revolution will be real in our nation ? That doesn’t mean a revolution with guns, grenades or other kinds of destructive weapons but it does mean revolutionary action that results in bringing our government back to it’s original intent and purpose.

  80. That’s what happens when you have a bigger crook in office than the people he’s charging. We need some good lawyers to help these people and if the worthless Republicans won’t do anything, they need to be voted out. You have a Communist in office bought off by the Chinese and it’s only going to get worse.

  81. The only way to CORRECT THESE DEMO–C–RAT PROBLEMS is to PUT A to all DEMO–C–RATS getting into Govt. Everywhere starting with the WEST COAST & the NORTH EAST COAST where the WORST has, is ,& will be doing GREAT HARM by the MINUTE !!! This MUST HAPPEN IMMEDIATELY !!!

  82. Should the Democrat Party be renamed The Scum-o-crat Party? Have they deserted God, Country, and the very people who built this country. Are they loyal to China instead of the USA? Did they steal the last election?

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