DC: Martial Law Needed Because Biden Totally Confident in His Legitimacy

Image c/o Joe Flood on Flickr

Washington, DC is under a total martial law lockdown in preparation for the totally legitimate inauguration of Joe Biden. The surreal images and videos coming out of the nation’s Capital just scream legitimacy and authenticity, don’t they? When you think about it, the situation is probably pretty terrifying for the 96% of people in DC who voted for Biden. They firmly believed that Donald Trump was some sort of dictator for four years, and now the town that they live and work in suddenly looks like it’s getting ready for Kim Jong-Un’s birthday party.

New CCTV cameras are being installed on streetlights all over the city. Entire city streets are blocked off with concrete anti-suicide-truck-bomb barricades. The initial 8-foot fencing that was installed around the Capitol building after the January 6th kerfuffle is being taken down; they’re replacing it with an un-climbable 12-foot wall. But it’s not the sort of racist wall like the one Donald Trump wanted on our southern border. This is a “protective” wall.

If Donald Trump were truly the most hated figure in the world, why didn’t the federal government deem him worthy of this sort of protection? Following the 2020 election, we now know that Joe Biden is the single most beloved political figure of all time. He totally got 80 million real votes! That’s more than any other politician, in any nation, in any democratic election, in all of human history.

And yet, despite the fact that Joe Biden is the most beloved and admired politician of all time, Washington, DC now looks like Baghdad in the middle of the second Gulf War. Why? What’s the point of all this?

Joe Biden is the single most admired and legitimate elected official ever. Who would want to do him harm? Especially knowing that Kamala Harris is eagerly waiting in the wings!

Some outlets are reporting that there are 21,000 National Guard troops stationed in DC right now, while others put the figure as high as 30,000. But that’s still not enough protection! As we all know, the Capitol Police were swiftly overwhelmed on January 6th by a guy in a bear costume, who was able to sit down in Nancy Pelosi’s chair on the House floor. What if… two guys in bear suits show up for the inauguration?! They might have to nuke the city, just to be on the safe side.


In the meantime, whoever is directing the martial law shutdown of DC has decided that all those National Guard troops are not sufficient. It’s all hands on deck. The Bureau of Prisons has placed all federal prisoners in lockdown in their cells, in order to free up more federal law enforcement personnel so they can come to DC and back up the National Guard.

The National Guard has now divided DC up into Red Zones and Green Zones. Within the Green Zones, you’re still allowed to drive down the street. However, you have to stop at military checkpoints so that the troops can check your photo ID and make sure you’re not hiding a bear costume in your car. And in the Red Zones… well, you’d better not make a wrong turn and try to drive into one of those zones. It won’t end well for you.

In other words, the useful idiots in DC who think it’s racist and illegal to make people show a photo ID before they vote… are being forced at gunpoint to show their ID, just to drive down the street.

Oh, and they’re shutting down four of the bridges into DC from Virginia for the next few days, and airlines flying into DC have banned firearms from checked luggage. The Department of Homeland Security notes that it has no intelligence on any specific or credible threats to Washington, DC right now.

To put this in a bit of perspective, it only took 13,000 National Guard troops to restore order in Los Angeles County during the Rodney King riots in the 1990s (population around 6-7 million then). But in Washington, DC (population 692,000), they’ve now got as many as 30,000 troops on the streets and no riots in sight. That’s also more troops than we used in the invasion of Grenada (7,300) and Panama (23,000).

These are not the actions of a regime that believes it has legitimate authority. This is what Third World banana republic leaders do, when they know that they are illegitimate, and the vast majority of the population hates them. In a country that has real elections, you don’t need to call up tens of thousands of troops with machine guns to protect your leaders.

But don’t worry. This martial law stuff will be over really soon. Think of it as… two weeks to flatten the curve!

183 thoughts on “DC: Martial Law Needed Because Biden Totally Confident in His Legitimacy”

    1. Just who was feeding the public about President Trump declaring martial law when it’s the commie Dems that will put us all back in chains

      1. Too right Toots but these idiots are to blind to see they dont like good it seems only evil which biden and his cronies are they will cry too late if this biden sob get in then they will know what its like to loose their freedom. CRY BABY CRY

    2. And that poor pathetic Soul thought he was doing something meaningful. He was NO THREAT to anyone except maybe a cameraman or two who wanted his picture. Come on now people. If you want to blame ANYONE OR ANY GROUP FOR THE CHAOS AT THE CAPITOL,GO TO THE ORIGINAL SOURCE THAT “SPARKED” IT ALL — the DEMOCRAPS! Now there is a Truth that stands strong and tall!




      WE all know that the Covid virus came from the Wuhan Virology lab, but who told them to create this nasty coronavirus in the first place? That is BIOWARFARE and no country is supposed to be doing that. So why China? Who authorized that and did they carelessly let their people get infected to see how it worked and after seeing it’s a killer, they sent their own people to infect the world…and it did! PANDEMIC!

      Someone has been orchestrating this whole scenario, not just the Chinese, not just the radical Left democrats, but someone who wants the World’s Countries flatlined economically so they can walk in and take over our failing sick World. AND the number one country they want fragmented the most is AMERICA BECAUSE WE ARE THE STRONGEST IN THE WORLD. FLATLINE AMERICA AND THE REST OF THE COUNTRIES WILL FALL. NOW ARE YOU SEEING WHAT IS HAPPENING?

      The average American will never see this coming because they do not think in terms of “the BIG PICTURE”! All that is happening to our Nation has been orchestrated by one individual with mega amounts of $$ of his own, plus much much more $$ from his croonies in his secretive group. They have been planning this move for decades and Covid opened the door by killing mega numbers of humans across the globe. This was their opportunity to strike while ALL COUNTRIES were battling Covid. This man had a co-conspirator that was more deadly than any human being. He had Covid help him destroy our Nation! And it is working.

      I truly believe President Trump has discovered “who” is behind this Pandemic and ALL the people who have been “PAID OFF” to ignore the RED FLAGS . I also believe P.T. is trying to clean this mess up by arresting those involved. When this will happen, no one knows.

      As for the inauguration of BiddyBoy Biden, the WORST PRESIDENT IN OUR U.S. HISTORY, ask yourself this: WHY 30,000 National Guard in D.C. when biddyboy is doing this via a VIRTUAL Inauguration? There is no need to have all those N.G.s in D.C. if the event is on TV. Who are the N.G.s going to arrest? The squirrels in D.C.? No, my guess is that there is something much bigger in place and that tomorrow is going to change every American’s life as we know it — hopefully for the good!. All the collaborators to the person orchestrating these lethal and power controlling moves are going to be arrested in D.C. and through out the U.S. and any foreign country that assisted in stealing our election, creating the Pandemic and trying to take over our entire World — they are all going down and it starts tomorrow January 20.

      As for Biddyboy, don’t know what happens to him. Maybe arrested, maybe put in his basement forever but, God willing, biddy will NOT be our president (or if he is inaugurated, will be removed soon from the Presidency) and those responsible for TURNING ANTI-AMERICAN AGAINST OUR AMERICAN PATRIOTS AND THEIR LEADER, SHALL BE IMPRISONED, TRIED, AND LOCKED AWAY FOR A LONG TIME. Now isn’t that stupid of them to act that childish way? Look what reward they will get! A room with bars on it, meals, and an inside toilet. Enjoy…you idiots deserve every last minute of incarceration!
      One last thought. We are in a Battle against Good vs Evil, Trump/Patriots being Good and the rest bring Evil. If you truly do not think this is happening, you had better wake up FAST! EVIL will sound like your loving Mother, your sweet girlfriend, it knows the buttons to push on you AND YOU WILL FALL FOR ITS LIES. The ONLY way to fight Evil is to pray and know God. He will protect you from that fallen Angel and He will guide you safely through this fire of Souls. THIS IS A BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD VS EVIL! WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?

      1. Your absolutely right.
        The reckoning is coming tomorrow.
        America will be great again.
        When hundreds ….maybe thousands of Bi Dumb scum and followers will be arrested.
        Happy days are in our sights now.

      2. You’re right! I’ve been praying the Rosary for Trump and our Blessed country for the past four years. Pelosi and her demon friends will eventually have to answer to God. In the meantime, I’m continuing to pray and trusting that God will save us.

          1. You are a disgusting human being……try educating yourself. One of Trump’s Executive Order allowed our great Police and Marshals take down over 600 Human Trafficking (Sexually Related) And it you observe the pictures of the perps and their occupations, not seeing them as Catholic Priests. It’s people like you with such profound ignorance and hatred help spread the mistruths of those who go into priesthood to do God’s good work and that not all priests are pedophiles. You don’t have the gumption, guts, dignity and faith to make such sacrifices.

      3. These are the best words written by far Micala and I see President Trump as the avenging Angel I hope he has all these assholes ie gates rothschilds biden and I could go on, arrested and tried for treason and put to death

      4. I am on Donald J Trump, side not biddy boy. Mrs. Trump gave a heart warming farewell speech, that was sincere and blessed many Americans, true ones. The devil has controlled some evil people tha t think money is the control of everything but they have forgotten that JESUS is in control. Some day soon, they are going to be surprise. Can’t you see biddyboy and harris smiling along with, obama, clinton, etc. they do not deserved to be capitalized. I do not know how Trump stood all the insults, etc their whole time in office. Biddyboy has dementia and his wife is just as bad to let her husband go thru with this election. God will have His WRATH. We have eternal life

      5. You have hit the nail on its head!!!! EXCELLENT article!!!! I am praying that God, THE I AM, will intercede and do a miracle, so that no one can say that any “man” did this and that God will get the Glory. Praise His Holy Name. Jesus IS LORD!!!!!

      6. While I don’t necessarily disagree with your assessment, don’t hold it against me, if I don’t hold my breath.

      7. He has given encouragement to 9,000 illegals coming that they will be home soon and WE dont figure into anything good believe me the only business loans the government is giving out to help people get back to their businesses are minorities

    3. By God, I speak for the truth if they dare destroy the original Declaration of Independence by a change in any way Is an act of treason, and all true patriots of America shall declare war and unify and free our country from the draconian destroyer so here we go, God, Bless America!

    4. 25,000 Nat’l Guardsmen eh?!!
      Give it a couple of months and Comrade Biden will have them all in a “ military show parade” and they’ll all be doing the NAZI goosestep.
      Can’t hardly wait. I’m just glad my family members who’ve died for our freedom ( what freedoms we’ve got left anyway), are not here to see us as commies. If they weren’t already deceased, this would kill them!! Hmmm?!, wondering if any of those family members had a chance to vote in this last election…… chances are probably good they DID get their vote in, and on time I might add…. they had what?, 2 weeks after Election Day to make sure their “dead vote” counted.
      81,000,000 votes for the Sniffin Comrade… how many came from the grave to vote is my question to you !!


  1. Excellent article! I really needed he humor and sarcasm to help me with the anger and fear i have of how these ruthless people took over our government.

    1. and then, what happens on the 21st of January?…all the TROOPS go home?, all the fences and barricades come down and everything is fine and back to “just the normal corruption and incompetence” in Goverement?

      Like every other Junta around the world dictatorships rule by Edicts and directives…otherwise known in Washington code talk ” executive actions”…….Democrats don’t GOVERN, they RULE. They use your tax dollars to enrich themselves and keep you under control……..like Draconian LOCKDOWNS………This is a sad State of affairs, the “GOVERMENT” doesn’t trust the people, and the People don’t trust the goverment………thank the corrupt Media for a lot of that. They LOVE to ferement chaos, it gives their talking heads something to babble about.

      1. It will be even worse than that. They will destroy the America we know, undo everything PRESIDENT Trump did in his first term and sell America to china.

        1. You no thats right !!! Karole And the American Satan Pelosi will be leading the pack !!! With her demon minions we like to call the White House and main stream media thank goodness I’m in Texas where all I’ve been hearing for the past week is succession I watched hours of them showing paperwork bank statements,text messages at Congress on the impeachment trial So much proof of the major corruption and communism How Biden and Camila gets to go in the White House is beyond me !!!! Oh yes I remember now ha Big Tech Bullies and the ones who fell for all there lies And trust and believe the only way we are going to win is to turn them off in their pocket book

          1. THERE SURE HASN’T BEEN ANY ‘SUCCESS’ to Secede!!! There are too many demonrats in Texas to allow sesesion. I,too am in Texas. I watched a program where one commietard bitch in a red dress [by itsself] shut down the dialog with commie-talk. Texans need to put some BIG-DICK ENERGY INTO THIS; OR, it’ll go nowhere… One thing that’s more likely to happen is for States with BALLS to start a “Union of Constitutional States”! The 6th article of our US Constitution has the Supremacy clause; BUT, It’s IGNORED! If States get together and ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION, we can get it BACK!!!! ONLY THEN can we be THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA again! ..and we ABSOLUTELY MUST NOT ALLOW COMMUNISM TO FLOURISH IN ANY FORM IN THIS COUNTRY!! Socialism is the FIRST STEP TO THE LEFT OF CENTER; AND, iT, TOO MUST NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!! Does this sound wrong to you? Remember that the left does NOT TOLERATE OPPOSITION OF ANY KIND; WE, ON THE RIGHT SHOULD NOT TOLERATE OPPOSITION, EITHER!!!

        2. I totally agree with you Karole Conoway It is terribly sad that the insurmountable hate for President Trump will overshadow all the really good things he has done for us and our Republic. He made so many things better and now all I see is the price of food and gasoline skyrocketing, BLM and ANTIFA growing stronger and the blatant and unconstitutional censorship. God help us all and our wonderful America.

      2. No, the matial law will not end after the inauguration. It is just beginning. Get used to it! Martial Law is here to stay as long as they stay in office. Welcome to a life of socialism…..

        1. Yes you are right MaryAnn. One need only turn to history to discover our future. In 1946 Czechoslovakia voted for socialism. About three years later their government was cooptated by communists which ushered in more than 4 decades of brutal repression, misery and depravity.
          Slo-Joe and the Biden crime family along with their enablers the woke Left-Modernists which like a cancer now permeate all three branches of the government, the 4th estate and its Social Media associates, academia, Wall St, K Street lobbyists, the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs et al. It is no longer a slippery slope, it’s a free fall. Some delusional Republicans think they will win it all back in 2022…WRONG! And by 2024 there will be only one party and no need for any more rigged elections. And all of that is the optimistic forecast.

          1. That is about the saddest comment I’ve ever read. Thank you for putting it out there so eloquently. The shit show has officially started. Now the question becomes, how to protect your assets. They don’t even need to come to your door to take everything you have electronically. House, bank accounts – whoosh. They will tax and legislate us out of everything we’ve worked and sacrificed for. Yet my kids can’t understand how I can’t accept systemic racism and white privilege. They’ll wake up when forced to understand why their white privilege kept them from inheriting anything.

      3. thankyou Stephen I agree with everything you said and am seeing the end of the freedom of America our goverment now has rulers in power no longer servants of the people. Even the military leaders have abandon
        the comander-in-chief and joined the junta of dictator crooked Biden & Harris & Pelosi even before it’s official. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON PATRIOTIC MERICANS WHO DARE TO DISAGREE WITH OUR”ELECTED” OFFICIALS

    2. Yep he is great if you belive it ok to sell pictures of young kids using the bathroom he is a sick in the head

    3. Do you mean the mock riot they are trying to pin on Trump? Perhaps some people need to turn off their TV it’s making then stupid.

    4. Biden said it himself,” We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics!”

  2. Yes….welcome to Communism. We now live in a communistic country. Never thought I’d live to see it. It is just so sad!

      1. Shhhhhh. Trump and his secret service will be executing a surprise attack on all the Swamp. Arrests will be made, bedlam from the left will break out. The National Guard will put out the fire, so to speak.

        1. I wish that were true, but the secret service and the leaders of the military are NOT on President Trump’s side and they do NOT work for the people of America.

        2. Keep believing the bs. Trump is not going to do a damn thing but hide shows how weak he really is. He could have arrested alot of them for treason. I will never vote for him again. He let the people down big time

          1. I’m praying for you. Peace be still. Let the Holy Spirit minister to your heart and sole. Put you trust in Jesus and not in any mankind. Jesus loves you and will protect you.

      2. The saddest part of everything is our leaders have abandoned us. We are true red-blooded Americans and we will not hide and we will always voice our opinion no matter where it lands us. We will rather die free then have any of our freedoms taken from us. United we stand we are capable of great things but we must stay United.

        1. That’s because there are a large number of the Republicans on the side of the new regime. They have sold out for their own stake of the power grab. You can see what they are trying to do to those who are not on-board – silence them!

          1. The Republicans unlike the Democrats are capitalist, make a buck anyway you can. The Democrats are socialistic everything belongs to them and they ain’t sharing with no one .

        2. Yes! Our leaders abandoned and betrayed us. Trump was right…he said they weren’t going after him, they were going after us…he was just in the way! They took care of that though, so now they are definitely coming after us!

        3. AMEN We THE PEOPLE that make up the greatest amount of the GREAT UNITED STATES of AMERICA have to now ALL come together and Unite In this battle or LOOSE OUR GREAT COUNTRY of ours completely to COMMUNIST a Great Country that MEN and WOMEN from aLL walks of life and from both DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS have fought for , died for and lost limbs for are we really going to just roll over and let this the l ill legitimate team of President and Vice President take the office and ruin or sell our Great Country to the Communist , I certainly hope and pray we the people don’t do that !!!!!

          1. Trump is was not the communist threat Biden and friends are. Wake up look what’s happening.

      1. It started 12 years ago, genius – you IDIOTS on the Left put a Marxist in as POTUS. The chickens are now coming home to roost. “Fences are bad and don’t work” (we need LOTS of fences)… Guardsmen are “stormtroopers” per Botox Nancy (we need LOTS of Guardsmen). Welcome to the Orwellian nightmare….


  3. Corrupt, devious, and obvious! We see exactly what is going on. They should be scared of citizens who they stole this Presidency from. Americans know Biden is illegitimate, and now we are wondering how many more of these bastards are too!

    1. you are so right biden is not a legit ,they did steal this an we are in for pure hell the next 4 years our country is goning to change an not a good change dumerats are scared shitless

      1. Rhonda, where do you suggest we the people start fighting for our country? For our Rights? Taking back our Government? Where do we Start standing up to our Enemies? Who do WE put in charge? How do we fight back?

    2. Trump should declare Martial Law and Arrest ALL the Swamp Creatures on BOTH SIDES of the aisle that includes Judge’s, Governor’s, County and Local Officials as well. Do a Deep Cleaning. Bring them before a Military Tribunal and Execute them as needed.


        1. We the People need to start Repenting. The Nation is a cesspool of reprobates and murders. We the People have allowed Satan and his demons to infiltrate every inch of our society. From the East Coast to the West, the North to the South we have allow God hating people to establish and run our society. Hollywood with its filth, and UnGodly places throughout our nation has brought sinning to the forefront for our lives and we have become numb to the sin. Our children’s minds have been indoctrinated with worldly uncleanliness. American Needs To Repent. Fall on Our Knees and Beg for forgiveness from the One True God. Jesus Christ the Son of God.

          1. GREAT COMMENT, Gloria!!!! How TRUE it is!!!! Read II Chronicles 7:14 as this scripture should be in the minds and hearts of ALL Americans who love America!!!!!

  4. This shows you how scared they are of their wrong doings. What a total waste of tax payers money. There are so many people dying and dead during this pandemic and thousands are unemployed and thousands more soon to be homeless, etc. etc. Is this the highest and best use of American tax payers money that the government is entrusted to handle for its people? It looks like they are helping themselves alright with the people’s money.

    1. They are trying to send a message to all of us that they are in charge now, and don’t try to come after them because they have the force of the military behind them!

      1. Remember Our Military is always behind the Ones in Power. The Generals don’t think for themselves. They Only Follow Orders, even if it is wrong.

    1. Democrats, do not GOVERN, they RULE…You look at Newsome in California, Cuomo, in New York, and Pritgzer in Illinois, and they run the State by EDICT…When you cannot Govern, you pass Draconian Edicst, and you make “executive orders”…because it is just a way to show how POWERFUL you are..this Inaugeration is a disgrace and an embarrassment to America..the Biden Junta

  5. We know only about 7% of the NG voted for this old tottering fraud. I do believe most of them are honest citizens It would only take a little bit for this pot to boil over. This has not been a bloodless takeover. Just saying to make them more paranoid, haha

  6. The real purpose of the fantastic security overkill, and one of the purposes of the Capitol Reichstag Fire operation and indeed the whole plandemic, is the installation of Chinese control and Chinese-type surveillance in this country. If there is disruption around the installation of the demented bribe-taking pedophile rapist and lackey, it will be a further pretext for gun confiscation and suspension of the Constitution. If not, the troops are in place, the cameras and facial recognition software are operating and the efforts to jail, re-educate, or kill (or all three) opponents of Joe and the Hoe, ban the Republican Party and make this a one-party country like China, abolish the police and have law enforcement by an army that is committed to the left and the ruling party, are well underway. It is far past time, perhaps too late, for Americans to wake up and smell the dictatorship.

      1. I agree totally! President Trump’s followers are doing just what he is doing… avoiding the inauguration of a FALSE president!

    1. None they have all been severely vetted, no Trump Supporters are allowed. I don’t know how they found 30,000 maybe some of them lied.

      1. My thoughts exactly. Imagine if you will that the security wall around DC is really a containment camp for the American loony liberals and deep state. Instead of an inauguration on Wednesday there will be mass arrests of those attempting a coup against America.

    1. Not much for very long. Once they’re rule is established, why share? Bidens crew will be removed after all the dirty work is done & China can send in their preferred delegates to take over the new states. Play with fire, you get burned. What idiocy even makes Biden & his crew think they are indispensable to China once they secure their part? Not even in the same league! What a bunch of fools. I pray our military is on top of this game.

  7. Proves the election was a scam and was totally stolen. Fraud when proven will get them tossed out of the white house quicker than draining a porta pottie.

    Been saying this for a week. Thanks for bringing it to everybody’s attention.

    1. How does an ordinary person fight this corruption?? I voted for the person I thought had been a great president for the past 4 years, and who actually won this election by a landslide. I do not understand how this was allowed to happen. With all the checks and balances that are supposedly in place there has to be a way to prove it.

      1. There are no more checks or balances. We the Sheeple allowed this to happen, now all of us suffer and will reap what we have allowed to be sown.

  8. Rejoin the Iranian nuclear deal

    Rejoin the Paris climate agreement

    Shut down the oil pipeline outta Alaska

    Reopen the southern borders to freeloading illegals druggies, and criminals

    Undo the tax cuts that Trump put in place.

    Wow, day one is going to be an interesting moment in our Democratic Republic. Why is it that something is stinking out loud?!!!

    1. Hey Jonny, let’s not forget that there were a record breaking number of voters who cast their votes for this scenario. 81 million I heard!

    2. …and WHO in their right mind would believe Americans voted for this agenda? Dems are getting more bold in their overt communistic tendencies. Our own Senator is calling for GOP’s who wanted an AUDIT of the Electoral College vote to be removed from office. Why the fear of a delay or an audit unless they KNEW the whole thing was a scam. I need a pat on the back for not writing all the expletives that come to mind when I’m commenting on these things!

  9. I can only see two possibilities accounting for the election “results”: One systemic fraud. Two: If not, the American people has gone insane. There seems to be much more evidence for the fraud.

  10. Just look around the world. Every communist dictator and his regime are scared to death of the people who know what they REALLY are. Biden and his ilk are no different. Hence, at least two divisions of armed soldiers there to protect his sorry ass. We’re watching the demise of the U.S. from what was once the greatest nation in the world to a lousy communist dictatorship. How sad.

  11. They just need some bodies to be at the fake swearing in of that old man, does he even know where he will be. The gop is done as far as I see. We need a new party, no rinos allowed. Most of the gop aren’t really conservatives they are haters of our real president, Trump. Time to get America back and some real sense. Nancy and her communist buddies are disgusting.

  12. Welcome to the new USA of China, Corrupt election overseen by corrupt voter administrators. Biden will be a puppet, until he is suddenly to sick to handle the job, then Harris the corrupt will step in to replace him. Election bought and paid for by the democratic party of China.

  13. & to think, IF ONLY Trump hadn’t et us all down & had invoked the Insurrection Act, none of this BS would be happening! & by that, I mean a guy who won nothing being sworn in as the “president” of the USA! & we’d not have to worry about all the horrible shit headed our way under these 2 commie fascist DICKtators! &, so, now a real & true civil war is THE ONLY WAY we can restore liberty, democracy, & freedom to these Unites States Of America! Otherwise, it will be the Communist/Islamic Republic of Chin-Iraqistan! Sad! I wonder if all those libtarded feminazis will be cool w/Sharia law? & what will all the soy-boy limp-wristed rainbow flag waving gay libtards will think of how Islam REALLY regards them all?! Hmmmm,….should be interesting for those groups at least! Talk about a rude awakening!

    Well, not to save those assholes from a goddamn thing, but we need to save the country for those of us who actually give a damn about it, & freedom, & liberty, democracy, & CAPITALISM too! Otherwise, we’re all fucked! It will be a combo of Somalia, Iraqistan, & China/N. Korea, w/a dash of Venezueal thrown in!!

  14. No doubt there’s gonna be a revolution over 75 million people that voted for freedom got burned and people are gonna have to let the Dems know that we do have back bone and our kids will not live in a communist country .

  15. “Don’t turn around ahhahoh, der kommisar’s in town….” Lol, There is no rest for the wicked, dictators always must do such things! Oh Pedo Joe has to proof for him and and the biddy, that they can ccp with the best of them! Seems like some people, who are big fishes did something.

  16. Reminds me of the words Jesus said while hanging on the cross
    Father forgive them , They know NOT what they are doing!
    This was the greatest battle of good against evil
    We are once again in a great battle of good against the evil on this earth
    There is always an action to choices we make
    We have the GOD given right for to choose
    But there is always a response to the choice you make
    God said choose this day whom you will serve
    There seems to be a choice being made to remove GOD from our Nation
    Nation that was formed as a nation under God has been blessed and prospered these many years
    So I ask , when you voted for your choice
    Did you vote to remove God and His Blessing to be removed from our great nation
    I pray for every believer the shot out

  17. I wonder if we can keep the military in DC surrounding the idiot politicians that want socialism? Just keep them locked up in DC and don’t let them out at all. We can move the capital to some other state and just ignore DC altogether. I know , nice dream.

  18. If everyone refuses to pay taxes, they can’t afford to run the government their way. They can’t put the whole 73,000,000 Trumpers in jail. I say refuse to pay their salary and to give our money to illegals. It’s our government and we didn’t vote for these people.

  19. I no longer have any faith in what we call the government. The leadership of the Democratic Party are sick human beings with the insatiable quest for dominance over us. It is so incredibly sad who has risen to power in this country.
    To return to what our founding fathers envisioned for our country is becoming an insurmountable task. We the people have been asleep too long. Now we pay the price!! Dishonest, evil people have gained top spots!! SHIT!!!!

  20. Trump is still President today if the troops are still his ,call Marshal
    Law until all the unanswered questions about voter fraud are resolved.The troops can stop the.radical arm of the Demacratic party from the real violent expensive riots , we know have been supported by the government and the state media.I am worried the Democrats will.send there truly S.S styled “freedom fighters” to go after outspoken non violent Americans.

  21. The inauguration (?) of Bi-dumb, if it still happens(?) tomorrow, will be the first day of the end of the USA! It will then become the UCSA (United Communist States of Amerika)!

  22. The only way to keep America great is to keep Trump as President and keep the Democratic Party out of office,they have become so ungodly as a party you would have to be blind not to see it Wake up America before it’s to late


  24. I m a 74 year old Vietnam vet, if you all remember when I came home I was called every other name you can imagine, from baby killer to scum bag. This was coming from all the draft Dodgers. Now in office, but the big change came when a WW ll veteran was beat in his second term but a ( I did not have sex with my intern mr Clinton a big draft dodger. And it has Clinton, Obama now Biden that separated this country give all the illegals free every thing I don’t think any left wing nut knows that they are breaking the law. just pray he doesn’t die you know who next in line is . We need to put god back in every day life and god please help us

  25. Agreed with you all and may GOD have mercy on their souls. And watch over the rest of us, God is coming sooner than anyone knows.

  26. Freedom of Speech for all! How Joey can feel any sense of pride in this election is beyond me. Any official who has to be sworn in surrounded by troops, is officially a loser! He had to vet our troops because Joey and Kama’s fear is so great they don’t even trust the men and women that protect our once great country. Welcome to the Pelosi, Biden, Rice, Harris Communist Party. Wait until the fake news starts reporting the cat fight between Rice and Harris for power, or will they? I pray God will continue to bless America, and guide us out of Communism.

  27. The best thing that could happen that not one conservative showed up or watch on the media. Lets see who really shows up. It will show who the real terrorist are.

  28. Only fool are to BLAME for Biden being in OFFICE! Only fool are the ones who keeps VOTING FOR THE PARTY that hate AMERICA! They know they are keeping the party that CONTROL THEM IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE SEAT! These are the people who didn’t learn anything in school! The CONSTITUTION LAWS SAY “WE THE PEOPLE” there is NOT anything about RACE IN IT! It also says ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL! So which party is DIVIDE THE COUNTRY? ONLY A FOOL DON’T KNOW! It is the DEMONCRAT PARTY!

  29. Looks like a dictator take over. In this case though it is not Biden it’s a heels up Harris and power mad Pelosi takeover.

  30. This is a numbers game. If we all got onto the same page we would have at least 74 million people pulling the rope in the same direction. Network together to make sure we do not lose our liberties and freedoms. 74 million voices, together, make for a very loud voice. Move away from the bias media and the social media platforms that work very hard to cancel our voice. Look for alternative platforms that allow both sides of the debate. What happened to FREE SPEACH! To be able to disagree must be a fundamental right for all free citizens of the world. “I may disapprove of what you say , but I will defend to the death your right to say it” IMHO.

    1. I think with the number off votes that were stolen and switched by poll workers.Facebook was recruiting people in every state to work at the polls promising perks to the Electors and educating the would be poll work on misinformation and I believe it was voter surpression. This is true I have it saved The radical Democrats are way outnumbered I was a Democrat,and I think Trump got more like 90 million legal votes.Votes from both parties

  31. Fuck pedo China joe! He’s a senile old fool. All of these butt-wipe commiecrats are going to reap what they. The two turds the commiecrats are going (maybe) to install tomorrow will never be my leaders. Those two saxoschytt couldn’t lead a puppy to a pork chop!

  32. I voted for trump. We made it through wars, 9-11 and now a even bigger war here and Trump should do Marshall law before tomorrow cause if not American citizens are gonna be fightin a war with democrats and china,etc. Biden,the president elect ,pelosi and all them ought to be procecuted for fraud, embezzlement and corruption.

  33. Get used to this Maria. This is just a glimpse of what is ahead for our wonderful, dying United States of America!!!! All of OUR money is now their money. It’s all in the different ways they will manufacture to take it from us. Then they will only enrich themselves, not the dying off public, all the homeless people, all the ill people. We might as well hang the flag from China on our flag poles because very soon they will totally OWN America. Biden has already sold his soul to them, to the Ukraine and all of our other enemies. It’s true, we will never have another true election in this country. Our leaders will select the next worse person in line to control the population. Even if it means gulag treatment to contain the rebels who refuse to conform. President Trump was Americas savior and now we have lost him forever. I pray he does not have an unexpected accident or health issue that cannot be explained away. Mainly because we would never even hear about it. The first step of communism is controlling the information fed to the people. Our right to hear the conservative side of issues has already been removed. All we’ll hear now is their propaganda as to how great things are going. Tonight, 1-19-21, when you go to bed say your prayers to God almighty that the Biden regime will not become totally communist as AOC wants, but will retain some sense of common logic. However, we all know Democrats are NOT known for using common logic. GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FELLOW CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS. I PRAY THAT SOMEDAY WE’LL FIND A WAY TO GET OUT OF THIS MESS WE’RE IN RIGHT NOW.

  34. And now you see what AGENDA 21 , was talking about , Hmmm , NO ONE READ IT ??? Now the UN will run this country, with their communistic majority in place we all will see what , Bush sr. was talking about , when he said ” IT`S A NEW WORLD ORDER “. better learn how to goose step real fast folks , because as Joe said they are not bad folks ,,,, folks yeah well kiss my ass , you commie fucks

  35. Why is this necessary if Biden was duly elected by the voters. I haven.t seen any thing like this since the civil unrest of the late 60.s. Then it was only confinded 2 the WH. Is this the beginning of a police state?

  36. This has the all the trappings of a coup, not an official inauguration following a legitimate election. Something’s in the wind, and odds are Trump will be blamed for whatever it is.

  37. I could only wish all the dems would be arrested. They are so evil and this country is going to suffer under Biden-Harris. Only God can help us.

  38. I was once called a stupid American. Hmm. I wonder who the racist was. It’s just a matter of time Biden will fail miserably and there won’t be no second term. He got lucky with the rigging of the 2020 election. Things will get worse before they get better.

  39. Bond, LM Bond.
    Isolate the people, turn them against each other, take away the freedom speech, disarm them, and set the Reichstag on fire. Biden and his bunch are taking pages out of Hitler’s playbook. When they start Burning books (i.e. taking away freedom of speech, they will start burning people.} Don’t hide and watch! Stop them. Complaints don’t solve problems! People do. “Stop the CREEP! Don’t be SHEEP!

  40. The way to guarantee a crowd at Joe The Grifter’s inauguration was to have 26,000 national guardsmen all facing outward! He could only draw flies while running for President. 80,000,000 votes my *ss!

  41. Micala…..
    Who you ask……… OBAMA & HILLARY, with $ from Soros

    They’re behind the scenes running it all right now…. you can bet your life on it, and if they get their way, let’s not forget, they always do…. the cost could easily be any one of our lives.

  42. You all need to read When The World Will Be As One by Tal Brooke , it was originally published in 1989…. he called all this back then its been in the works forever . The elitist One World Order group has been pulling their strings for ever ROTHCHLDES , MORGANS,…ETC . Nothing shy of an all out civil war is goin to save us …and you know they’ll be after the guns immediately !!

  43. America is grieving right now, the though of losing what we all loved about our country OUR FREEDOM to think & talk for ourselves. Sure we do not all agree, as my Grandfather use to say when he didn’t agree with what someone was telling him, I may not agree with you but I will fight for your right to say it. Now it is do it my way cause we do not care or want to hear what you think or say & we plan to sensor every word you say if you do not conform to our way of thinking.
    WE THE PEOPLE need to come together as a country because there is no one in the Government that is going to help us. It doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat we are talking about our FREEDEM, CONSTITION & keeping AMERICA GREAT. Sure we have our faults & problems, but we are better than most countries. We need some good lawyers , smart people & people who love our country & want their children & grandchildren to have the freedoms we have had, who are willing to help us in the take back AMERICA NOW. You can’t tell me even if you voted Democratic you are happy with the way the election went, how the Senate & Congress are doing things & wasting our tax payer money, plus all the corruption coming out about everything & it is running rampant in this country. So what you are going to do sit back & let the main stream news keep telling you lies, or are you afraid because they are threatening us. Believe me there will come a time soon that you wish you had done something because it is only going to get worse. I NOT talking violence in any way again NO VIOLENCE, I am saying call or e-mail your Senator, Congress person, Governor, Mayor, President, VP & any other branch of the government you can think of everyday & tell them to stop this craziness, free speech is not for some but for all, it shouldn’t be an option, Government, big tech, media, news, big business etc. has NO right to say what WE THE PEOPLE can or can not say or believe in. Believe me this is step one of going down a very slippery slop to China. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

    1. Its already to late for the no violence…dont be a bleeding heart be a realist the shits about to hit the fan !!

  44. Nice read Micala, nailed it. Back in Mar 2020, me with my conspiracy like mind thought the Pandemic was planned to kill the Trump economy (germ warfare in my day)& while doing that they thought of mail in ballots & the Dominion software in 6 big states. We saw the SCID results & the peaks for Biden @3:42am in MI. Cases getting pulled out from tables after telling the Republican ballot watchers to go home. They pulled out all the stakes because as Pelosi stated many times “Trump must not be re-elected” They would prop up biddyboy have Harris stick her hand up his ass to move his lips. You know Mo malarkey Joe will be going out on a medical as soon as he gets a sniff of impeachment. Kamalatoe takes over, gives him a pardon & hummer then tucks him in…..got to stop there I’m feeling my BP rise.

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