Democrats Are Exploiting Hurricane Michael Relief Efforts

One of the most beautiful things about American culture is that most of us are able to come together when things get tough. If you remember 9/11, specifically the day after, then you have never seen the country more united. To a lesser extent, you can see people abandon partisan politics to help in the wake of natural disasters.

Florida was hit pretty hard a week ago by a very powerful hurricane, and a lot of good people ignored their differences in order to try and make a difference. Unfortunately, staunch leftists have always been able to find an immunity to this typical American trait. You’re about to see a clear example.

Who Is Bill Nelson?

Every state gets two U.S. Senators, and Bill Nelson is the Democrat who represents Florida. It’s ok if you didn’t already know that; he usually gets overshadowed by his Republican counterpart, Marco Rubio. He has been representing Florida since 2001, so you can assume he has racked up a track record as a politician.

Here are a few stances to help you paint a picture. When it comes to abortion, Planned Parenthood has officially given him a 100-percent career rating. He fights for the right to murder the innocent. Remember that in a few minutes.

On other issues, he has slowly morphed with the rest of his party into a modern socialist. He wants to substantially raise income taxes. He wants to massively increase social programs and spending. He’s a big fan of slashing the military, and he wants as much gun control as can possibly be pushed through the Senate. This should be enough to give you a vague idea of Nelson’s character.

A Call for Aide

Politics aside, Nelson does represent his state, so when it was ravaged by hurricane Michael, it shouldn’t be surprising that he called for aide. He made public statements asking Americans to donate to relief efforts. He even went on Twitter to share links that could help everyday Americans give what they could to the people suffering from devastation. Nelson has proudly claimed to be a part of relief fundraising that has already gathered over a million dollars to try and help victims of the extreme weather.

On the surface, it looks like a Democrat was able to rise above his station and put the good of the people above political interests. We should all be proud. Then again, he’s still a Democrat. They love doing things that look great on the surface. What happens when we look a little deeper?

What Is ActBlue?

ActBlue is something every conservative in America should know about. It’s a crowdfunding resource, and it’s used by a vast majority of mainstream, leftist candidates. Even at the state level, roughly one-third of all Democrats use ActBlue to raise revenue and access contact lists for campaigning. It’s a major player.

It’s also technically registered as a nonprofit organization. They do exactly zero charity work, but being charitable isn’t necessary to get tax-exempt status. Unfortunately, too many people still misunderstand this and believe that nonprofit status requires companies to give donations to their intended targets.

So, do you remember that Twitter link that Nelson provided to anyone who wanted to donate to hurricane relief efforts? Well, it wasn’t to the Red Cross or any mainstream aide groups. It was actually to ActBlue. And, thus, you can see the nature of the left.

Now, we aren’t leftists. We believe in honesty, and in that spirit, it’s important to admit that the money donated to ActBlue in this case might actually reach relief efforts. Maybe. At this point, nobody really knows where the money has gone.

What isn’t in question is what happened with the personal data ( names, emails, addresses, and phone numbers) of everyone who followed Nelson’s link. It was mined by ActBlue, and it will be used by Democrats for political purposes. At best, Nelson exploited a tragedy to further his political interests. At worst, he helped an organization basically steal relief donations.

Look back again at Nelson’s political track record. You shouldn’t be surprised that he would be willing to stoop to this level. It’s actually par for his political course.

It’s also exactly what we would expect from any mainstream Democrat. These are the people trying to take control of Congress. They will literally do whatever it takes. If they will openly campaign for the murder of babies, why would they bat an eye at stealing money from hurricane victims?

What would they be willing to do to you to further their aims? Remember these things when you vote in 2.5 weeks.

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