Democrats Are Taking Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Exceedingly Well

Let’s peruse some of the thoughtful, measured and mature responses that Democrats and the mainstream media had when President Trump announced that Justice Brett Kavanaugh is his choice to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

CNN: President Trump’s Theocracy Force is rounding up gays, transgenders and non-hot lesbians for transport to concentration/extermination camps along the US-Mexico border. The US Customs and Border Patrol labor union is decrying the lack of overtime pay as the Border Patrol now must work extra hours to keep the gas ovens operating full-time. An unnamed Border Patrol Agent who is totally a Trump-supporting Republican Nazi said, “We’re really torn. Do we start our day by exterminating little Honduran kids that we’ve ripped away from their parents, or gays? Six of one, half a dozen of the other! It’s really hard when the administration puts the choice totally on us, but we’ll get ‘er done!”

ABC News: Texans are now delighted because toddlers can purchase fully semiautomatic machine gun AK-8700 assault bump stocks at the candy store. “Timmy said he wants to learn to be a serial killer, just like the rest of the family,” said an anonymous Trump-supporting white woman who is totally a real person. “We figured if he’s big enough to pull the trigger, well, then, it’s time for him to learn!”

MSNBC: 743 billion women and teenage girls died in back alleys last night with coat hangers protruding from their lady parts. Rachel Maddow interviewed a poor woman lying on the concrete in one of those dirty, dark back alleys which are the only locations in which women and young girls can perform botched DIY procedures on themselves. “If only my choice had been safe, rare, legal and fully paid for by the American taxpayers,” she gasped and then died. “But then Trump had to go and assault all women. Damn you, Trump!” And then she died again as Maddow burst into tears in front of both of her viewers.

CBS News: The stock market fell to a negative number for the first time ever and then the power went out, permanently plunging America into darkness due to Muslims being banned from entering the United States.

The New York Times: Trump’s force of American Taliban Christian School Monitors is roaming the halls of every elementary school in the United States, ensuring that all students are engaged in mandatory hourly prayer sessions and Bible studies. Teachers who deviate from the mandatory Trump White Nationalist Nazi Christian Nazi curriculum by trying to teach children the scientific truths of global warming and 37 separate genders are summarily executed at the flag pole at the end of each school day. (It’s as if the media has some sort of machine that can read our minds, isn’t it?)

Fox News: Anchor Shannon Bream had to abandon the set of her live show on the steps of the Supreme Court and run for it as violent Antifa domestic terrorists created a scary, volatile situation and she feared for her life.

Actually, that last paragraph is true. The rest are simply the boilerplate fantasies that Democrats and their media lapdogs engage in every single time that a Republican gets to choose a Supreme Court Justice.

The fictitious “Muslim ban” is a new one, but aside from that, is there any doom and gloom, cross-burning KKK, here-comes-the-theocracy-to-exterminate-women-and-gays prediction being made about Justice Brett Kavanaugh that was not made against Justice Clarence Thomas 28 years ago? Gloria Allred hasn’t held her press conference with 500 women claiming to have been groped by Kavanaugh in the 1970s yet but give her time.

One of the funniest objections to Kavanaugh’s nomination came from the Women’s March. For those who don’t remember the Women’s March, that was the group that led the violent protests at Trump’s inauguration. Madonna shared her fantasies about blowing up the White House. Ashley Judd screeched a poem about how her vajayjay is private (irony is not the Democrats’ strong suit).

Anyway, the Women’s March sent out its press release to oppose the nomination of “XX” to the Supreme Court. Oops. No matter which judge President Trump nominated, they were going to use the exact same reasons and outrages to oppose him or her – the same arguments that have been used to oppose every nominee from a Republican president since at least the 1970s. They just forgot to fill in “Brett Kavanaugh” for the XX.

As for Brett Kavanaugh, the truth is it looks like he’ll make a good Supreme Court Justice. He’s good on the Second Amendment, immigration and pro-life issues. He has a long judicial track record for the Senate to examine during the confirmation process. We can only hope that Cocaine Mitch has the fortitude to push Kavanaugh’s nomination across the finish line for the good of America.

~ American Liberty Report