Democrats Don’t Seem to Believe the Coronavirus Vaccine Works

The House of Representatives still hasn’t gotten back to “business as usual,” despite the fact that they’ve had a coronavirus vaccine available exclusively to them for months. Everyone in the House is still wearing masks. Full committee hearings are still forbidden due to social distancing rules. We now know that 75% of the Representatives in the House and many of their staffers have received the vaccine, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) hasn’t changed the rules back. Why not? Don’t Democrats believe that the vaccine works? It sends a pretty strong message to the American people if Congress doesn’t get back to work after receiving the vaccine.

The 25% of unvaccinated Representatives are almost all Republicans. Naturally, they’re the ones being blamed for Congress not suspending its dumb COVID rules. Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) has stated that he’s not going to get the vaccine. And why should he? He’s 25 years old. Even if he caught it, his age group is in the 99.96% survival range.

Democrats have painted themselves into a corner with this one. If they admit that COVID measures like lockdowns, masks and social distancing were pointless all along, people will be infuriated with them. So, they have to keep the coronavirus theater in play in the House. Hence, the masks and social distancing even after they’ve been vaccinated. Meanwhile, this causes things to slow to a crawl in the House, where they have ants-in-the-pants to usher in a thousand years of socialist darkness on planet earth. What’s a tyrant to do?!


Have you seen a House vote recently? It’s pretty hilarious. They now vote in shifts, in order to enforce Pelosi’s social distancing guidelines. A process that took a long time even when all 435 Members were on the House floor now takes about three times as long. Don’t want to have a super-spreader event! Even though… 75% of them have been vaccinated. Science!

The House’s Office Attending Physician (OAP) is in on the shenanigans as well. The OAP sent a memo recommending that even though Congress basically has “herd immunity” to COVID now, the masks have to stay on, and social distancing rules have to remain in effect.

And here’s a weird one: The OAP says that even Members of Congress who have already had COVID should get the vaccine as quickly as possible. Why? There’s no scientific reason for this. If you’ve had it, you have antibodies and can’t catch it again, right? Why are they so desperate to get everyone in Congress to take the vaccine?

Meanwhile, the rest of the world doesn’t seem to be quite as hot-to-trot over the vaccines as Joe Biden is. A 60-year-old Danish woman got the AstraZeneca vaccine the other day. She immediately formed blood clots throughout her body, in both large and small blood vessels, and started bleeding from her eyes before she eventually died.

That’s… that’s a perfectly normal side effect of a vaccine, right? Anyone?

The problem is that she’s not the first person to have serious clotting issues after getting the vaccine. It happened to three people – all under the age of 50 – this past weekend. Multiple other countries are reporting similar cases: A person gets the vaccine, then they have to be rushed to the emergency room with major blood clots throughout the body.

As a result, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Norway, Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Romania, Thailand, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo have all suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine. That’s a whole lot of countries. Italy has opened a criminal probe into the vaccine and seized 400,000 doses from hospitals and clinics after a man received the shot and died within hours from it last week. It’s weird that we’re not seeing any of this on the news over here. (In fairness, the only vaccines authorized for use here in the US are from BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna; AstraZeneca is strictly a Europe/Asia/Africa thing.)

Anyway, anything that slows down the Democrats’ agenda in Congress and wastes time right now is good for America. Once a new administration makes it past that initial 100-day “honeymoon,” things grind to a halt and becomes very difficult to pass nation-destroying laws like the ones Joe Biden’s handlers are planning. It’s just odd that Pelosi hasn’t figured that out, and still refuses to lift the COVID rules. Shh! Don’t tell her!

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58 thoughts on “Democrats Don’t Seem to Believe the Coronavirus Vaccine Works”

  1. If Pelosi has her way herd immunity will never happen. She’s init up to her eye balls,
    And she knows Democrats days are numbered! There not getting anything done except the agenda at the Border. That is working just great. Biden and his crew’s got to clean up facilities their useing to house the children in. The Media can’t see what the children are in!
    It would be inhumane!!
    Biden, Harris, Pelosi has a plan to get it to where pictures can be taken and Media can get into these Facilities so they can let the people know how good the children have it!!

    1. It’s not that they don’t believe in vaccines working or not they wount to Control everyone.
      Democrats need and Crave Control, the upper hand.
      For them to succeed at their agenda!! Its working why change anything? Remember CONTROL is the secret.

    2. Dot, no insult to you, but every time I see that degrading term “herd immunity”, it makes me want to go MAWWW! They think of us a cattle, to come up a term like that instead of “community immunity” or something similar. Anyway, I do agree with you about the DEMONrats. They don’t give a fig about those children, and didn’t think it out before inviting the future votes for the psychopathic DEMONrat Party. And BTW, I feel confident in saying that they are keeping the social distancing and Mask of The Beast going in order to shame those who don’t trust the Bill “Vaccine” Gates shots. I would imagine that their shots were placebos anyway. Who in their right mind wants to take a chance with such and experimental vaccine!

      1. Eileen I also agree with you,
        That being said, I was quoting the original writer of this Subject! I also understand the use of the word (Herd) I also work in the farming industry , Cattle & the machinery . like the farmer with my hands I’m one of those that keeps the machinery going when it breaks down. iam a mechanic.

      2. I agree that they are not getting pumped into them what they are giving us. It could even be just water because they are aware of exactly the harmful and deadly substances in these vaccines. It’s just all showtime again!

      3. Exactly they were injected with a placebo, they want us to be the guinea pig, it takes more than a year to see if it really works.That is why in the House everybody body is still wearing a mask.

    3. Democrats know the covid virus is a fake. they paid to have it built, they bribed the CDC and WHO to put out guidelines calling all flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, colds, allergic reactions and any other congestive disease covid.

      the proof is that the death rate did not go up last year. Since he death rate did not go up it was impossible to have 500000 extra deaths. So there where not 500000 extra deaths.

      Those deaths were the normal number of deaths we have every years. unless you are saying that all flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, colds, allergic reactions and any other congestive disease disappeared, which would be stupid, covid is a lie.

      Which begs the question: what is the vaccine for?

      remember when the WHO,CDC and Fauci told you that you can get covid more then once? ok what does the vaccine do then?

      by getting covid more then once they meant you got a cold and the flu last year. of pneumonia and the flu. So is the vaccine really a hybrid pneumonia /flu shot?

      If they try to say well those disease were just secondary to covid they why wasn’t their mass vaccinations to pneumonia, bronchitis, and the flu?

      The covid virus was a way to create the healthcare crisis to kill the economy so Biden would get elected. combine that with voter fruad and that is why biden can win an election with no one showing up to his rallies will millions showed up to trumps.

      1. “Democrats know the covid virus is a fake.”

        Not true; Covid-19 is real.

        “…put out guidelines calling all flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, colds, allergic reactions and any other congestive disease covid.”

        That is true, or at least partially true. And don’t forget the “died with (not from) COVID” scam; it was a way to lie by telling a technical truth.

        The best lies are interwoven with truth. The Covid is real, but it basically boils down to a bad flu season with a new strain. Notice the public discourse when that was said; the COVID pushers got very animated; that’s what happens when you speak truth to liars. It’s the same reaction when the issue of widespread vote fraud is brought up…

    4. Democrat Engineered bioweapon was deployed to force dictatorship powers eliminating life liberty and pursuits of happiness.. It hasnt accomplished its entire goal yet therefore restrictions shall become more unreasonable..

  2. This entire administration is criminal. Biden undoing everything Trump for the sake of it. Taking credit for vaccines being available when Trump already had them in place. Telling boldface lies about Trump and Trump supporters. Taking away the freedom of speech, cancel culture…it goes on. They continue to lie to Americans about how good they’re doing when they’re actually destroying us.

  3. My question is, how does Nancy have more power then the President or congress. Sounds like the REP are all complicit to all the DEM’S wrong full tactics. Time to get rid of all REP who are complicit.

    1. We do not live in a democracy, the United States is a constitutional republic. Why does everyone keep saying we are a democracy???

        1. Actually we are not *a* republic. We are a Nation of 50 separate Republics, each state being their own.
          But. . . Republic, not democracy, just the same

      1. Agreed, James, we are not a democracy. But with the way things are going, are we still a constitutional republic? Without faith in the electoral system, the people of the U. S. can no longer be confident in our continuation as a republic.

  4. If they refuse to get back to work then they should NOT get paid !!!! They take so many bribes and get so many kickbacks that they probably won’t miss their little paychecks but at least it may open their eyes.

    1. The problem with that Gerry, is they are in charge of the money, and everyone who is responsible for them getting beyond being generously paid. The only way to stop them in their tracks would be if EVERY American would refuse to pay income taxes. That would send them into a tailspin. But I fear that America is no longer “The Home of The Free And The BRAVE”!!!! We are now “cowed”, you know, the same idea as the insulting “herd immunity”, because that’s what they think of us…..

  5. Even “Doctor” Faux Cheat himself thinks these masks and lock-ins are useless and the “disease” itself is “NO BIG THING”. He’s flop-flip-flipped-flopped on the entire issue for over a year now.

    I have REFUSED the vaccine for multiple reasons. I will continue to refuse this government approved marker chemical. Reading about the thousands of negative side effects of it just reinforces my decision.

    The US government is SEIZING CONTROL OF THE NATION FOR ITS COMMUNIST ALLIES with this manufactured crisis! That’s what it is all about. Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Obama and the lot of them ARE COMMUNISTS!

  6. Who is the one you don’t hear much from? Do you think this just might be Obamas third Term?
    behind the scenes maybe!!

  7. Everyone, all you need to do is read the Third Riech, In 1933 Hitler compromised the press and became the communist dictator of Germany. Everything he did in Germany is playing out in this country starting with the fake election. Censoring the Media, Preventing free speech for conservatives, prosecuting conservatives and giving bail to liberal rioters. The book is 1150 pages. It does not talk about the horrific thing Hitler did in detail. You can read that in other books, however, it explains what happened in Germany which made it a communist country when they were very conservative. How sad that our congress (Republicans were silent except for a few) did not stand up to this takeover. Pence showed the least courage and someone needs to find out why.

  8. Janice, for peats sake folks read the first 24 amendments of the constitution it explains a lot. In fact if you want a REAL education read ‘ em all. God Bless
    America all her Vets Past, Present and future. Most of all this is the time to stand united. don’t under any CIRCUMSTANCES start bickering amongst ourselves. Dull Knife

    1. I agree. All of this fighting among ourselves bolsters the left wing agenda – ” Divide & Conquer”.
      People have been persuaded with the media & Hollywood/celebrity help to vote for Free college – that was taken off of the plate almost immediately. Vote for $2000….uh….$1400 “stimulus” checks that will cost them $69,000 each…..who did those check really stimulate? $1.9 Trillion – 1/3 goes to the $1400 “loans” with outrageous interest and 2/3 to Pelosi’s pork projects. “Such a deal.”

  9. The Democrats had a choice – to admit they were wrong and Trump was right – or – keep Biden out of press conferences – from making speeches – answering any questions – essentially taking away Biden’s “Freedom of Speech” and keep him hid in the “basement” playing video games- how ironic. And as we all know they opted for the latter.

  10. How a virus can attack and overcome your immune system if you are not naturally protected by the proper nutrients or the subsequent proper therapeutics if infected

    Food Grade Hydrogen-oxide in a nebulizer will kill the virus – Dr. Mercola

    The malaria drug, hydroxyclorquine,
    as do oysters,
    provide the mineral zinc
    in a bioavailable form.

    Zinc is needed by the immune system to manufacture the enzyme that is used by infected cells to shut off viral replication.

    If that protection is lacking,
    the congestion in the lungs and sinuses
    is an ideal place for the viral infected lung environment to turn into a bacterial infection.

    Antibiotics are a class of drugs for bacteria, not viruses which are made out of RNA and DNA.

    Ivermectin, an antibiotic, has a proven track record for this type of bacterial infection.

    If the bacterial infection is not successfully dealt with, the bacteria can spread into the body because of the permeability of the damaged lungs.

    At this point a compromised immune system can lead to a staph infection –
    a massive full body infection.

    They now know that that causes microscopic blood clots in the capillaries.

    That shuts off oxygen to the cells.


  11. No thanks on the Nebulizer and
    Hydrogen proxide, I take enough vitamins without the proxide!
    I wouldn’t advise ANYONE to inhale Food Grade Proxide or anything not proscribed by DOCTORS!!

    1. You and I are opposites. I would go out of my way to NOT do ANYTHING prescribed by DOCTORS!
      They are completely in on the deal! There are a few exceptions, but most just tow the line because if they don’t, the medical establishment goons will just pull their licenses (take away their livelihood).
      Can’t have that now, can we?

  12. Fauci wants to vaccinate babies. What is he getting out of the vaccinations. He must be getting something. He is pushing them too hard, always has. He now says you can get the virus even though you have had it or even if you have been vaccinated for it. Then what good is the vaccination? I thought that was supposed to make you immune to the virus. Now he says there is a new strain of the virus coming. More vaccinations? More Mask wearing? More social distancing? More lock downs? Of course. Don’t let it go away.

    1. James….. I read your post.
      It seems to me, and this is my humble opinion, no “ facts” here my friend, just observation and theory ( and I’m no scientist, so “ theory” doesn’t mean anything I guess but………….

      The Dems started with a two week “flatten the curve” model that turned into now, more than a year long dragging out of what I believe is true nonsense.

      First it was don’t wear a mask, then it’s, yes, wear a mask. Then comes Fauci with the two-mask thing! WHAT?!! It was one lockdown, then two, then a third lockdown as CA’s dictator continually had dinner dates in restaurants that were closed to the rest of the world. His dinner mates were health officials and they weren’t 6 ft apart and masks weren’t there either. Begs the question ….. what do these lying sons I bitches know about this “ virus “ that we don’t know?!

      Now the vaccine comes out and those who are brave enough to bare their arm for this serum ( I’m not!! ) get it and are told it doesn’t prevent you getting it again.
      It doesn’t prevent you from transmitting the virus.
      You still have to mask up and social distance after innoculation.
      What’ll travel stipulations be?!

      Bottom line, what good has it done for anyone to receive the “vaccine”?!

      And now there is the threat of the “ new variant” Covid strain out there. How much bullshit can we take?

      I don’t believe for one minute that there is a mutated variant stronger than the original virus going around. Not for a moment do I believe these liars in the media.

      Where’s the damn flu?!! WHERE IS IT?!!!!

      This virus is a common cold being used to being us down as a society. The elders who are dying are dying from the flu ( being called Covid ) for convenience sake. ANYTHING that kills anyone right now is classed as a Covid related death. The numbers of related death and sickness from this sham are off the hook nonsense!!!!

      Back to the vaccine……. that seemingly does nothing………… What’s the old adage about the common cold folks?!!

      That’s right, there’s no cure for the common cold. And as these morons are showing us now, that still hold true. Don’t believe for a minute that this thing is flaring up again, because it’s NOT. NEW STONGER VARIANT MUTATIONS!!!!


      Those in control of us now ……. the handful of insane, power drunk idiots that work us over daily, are completely full of shit! Lying and spreading mass hysteria, laying their insidious groundwork killing this nation more each day. So sad to see so many people buying this travesty as genuine!

      We need to stop this insanity now. DC needs a purging ….. this illegimate president and his ilk are evil reprobates who need to be stopped at any cost. Look at the damage this brain dead moron has caused this country already

      ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!

  13. These Left Wing LIARS know the TRUTH . . . and, they KNOW that this is ALL political THEATRE – otherwise, all RESTRICTIONS would have been LIFTED. It’s a POWER game. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  14. For the Democrats, you have had your vaccinations. It is time to get to work in person. No work in person, no pay. The American people are paying you to do your job in person.

  15. Piglousy is an ignorant SKANK. At any given time her blood alcohol level is way over the legal limit, she can not function any other way. She is living proof that SKUNKS Fornicate with RATS. EOS.

  16. the democrats have painted themselves in many corners in the past four years but always manage to come away unharmed because they are never held accountable to tell the truth by the butt kissing news media or their own delusional supporters because these groups don’t want to know the truth, they would rather be told that North Korea will be dropping jelly beans on us for Easter instead of bombs , they don’t want to hear that their democrat party politicians and president are not up to the task of defending America. If any of our enemies were to attack us all we could expect out of the democrats in Washington would be for them to cower under their desks yelling racist at our enemies because some of the Americans that were hurt were black Americans instead of just killing whites.

  17. After being vaccinated then Falsely (Fauci) wants all to continue wearing masks plus double and triple masks, what is that telling you? People we will all be suffocating ourselves because this dipshit says so. He can KMA!!!! and EMS!!!!

  18. 75% of the Representatives in the House and many of their staffers have received the vaccine, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) hasn’t changed the rules back. Why not?


  19. Time for Nikita Pelosi to retire. She’s well past the age, has the years in and is a civil servant who will have a retirement just for herself.

    BUT NO….she likes the power in her communist ways that she learned from her father who’s a member of the communist party.

  20. Dems don’t believe vax works.
    Well if they believe that it does not work, why are they lining up for it. Cuomo even gave special access for family and friends, corrupt allies.

  21. This administration IS a nightmare and the enemy of this country.. God help us all before this country goes down totally…. they are in the process of destroying this country.. job loses, illegal aliens flooding the country and our soverignty as a country is gone, taxes are going to be going up and all will pay for it… more and more of our tax dollars are being used to take care of more and more illegal aliens and more of their garbage ..prices are going to go up, gas will continue to increase…. more and more families are going to be struggling to survive in this country.. HOW long before our country collapses under the strain of all these illegal aliens flooding the country costing us more and more… this administration needs to be removed!!! they are tearing apart the country.. they are also racially dividing the country and should be sued for civil rights issues

  22. of course the vaccine is fake…manufactured for a fake “virus”. but most likely it does contain an agent which allows tracking…otherwise, why the “vaccine passport”? they know the whole thing is fake….people seem to forget the media lies to the citizens about everything…why should we believe any of this garbage? I’ll tell you…to instill fear and force people to be “vaccinated”. remember that bill gates and dr. fakei had a hand, and dollars, in its’ development….and gates has always wanted people tracked!

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