Democrats Prepping to Destroy Electoral College, Install “President Pelosi” as Part of Biden Battle Plan

Stock up on food, bullets, water and guns, because the Democrat Party is on a kamikaze mission in 2020. The upcoming election is “do or die” as far as they are concerned, with you and the US Constitution doing the dying part. This is clear now if you saw Bill and Hillary Clinton’s treasonous interview this week and have been paying attention all summer. Democrats plan to contest the Trump-Biden results until January, install Nancy Pelosi as a “temporary president,” dismantle the Electoral College and place themselves in the position of our new benevolent dictators. Don’t take my word for it. They put the plan in writing!

Bill and Hillary Clinton were spouting their vile treason on American Urban Radio in DC this week with CNN contributor and anti-Trump conspiracy theorist April Ryan. Bill Clinton – who sullied the White House with his affairs and is still lying about his trips to Pedophile Island with Jeffrey Epstein – claims that Donald Trump won’t leave the White House in January if he loses. He insists Trump won’t even come to Joe Biden’s inauguration because he’ll be busy “stacking sandbags” in front of the White House. The Clintons fantasize about the military “dragging Trump out of the White House.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton repeated the line that we’ve been hearing a lot lately: That Joe Biden should not concede the election under any circumstances. Both of the venomous Clintons concluded that Trump must be defeated in November, because “he is a clear and present danger to our freedoms, our liberty, and our unity.”

Uh huh. The Obamagate investigation and the Epstein investigation, both of which would not be taking place under a Democrat administration, is definitely a threat to Bill and Hillary’s freedoms, liberty and unity. There’s no co-ed federal prison where they could rot next to each other.


Where’s all this garbage coming from?

It’s coming straight from the leadership of the Democrat Party. A few weeks ago we learned that John Podesta’s think tank, the Transition Integrity Project, had held a series of “wargames” to play out different scenarios for the Democrats to contest an election that Joe Biden has no hope of winning. We initially only heard about these wargames secondhand, but now a reporter at USA Today has obtained the report on Podesta’s recommendations and published it online. It’s 22 pages long and you can read it HERE.

Podesta is not some lightweight in the Democrat Party. He’s the occultist freak who ran Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. A majority of the Democrat Party’s current Board of Directors worked directly under Podesta in 2016. His recommendations carry a lot of weight because he is the “brain” behind Hillary Clinton’s mouth.

The Podesta dossier describes four different scenarios that could happen on Election Night in November: An ambiguous result, a clear Biden win, a clear Trump win and a narrow Biden win.

Even in Scenario 3: A Clear Trump Win, the Democrats have no intention of conceding the election. If Trump wins by a landslide, Democrats will still contest the election because they know that they will win the irrelevant “popular vote,” thanks to millions of illegal aliens on the voter rolls. Just the illegal aliens voting unlawfully in California alone were enough to give Hillary Clinton the popular vote win in 2016, and that will happen again this year.

The Democrats’ intention is to refuse to concede on Election Night, because they know that they can make up the difference by “finding” mail-in ballots for days, weeks or even months after the election, until Biden “wins.” The plan is to use continuing riots and violence in the streets to demand that the popular vote replaces the Electoral College.

Just to be clear: They plan to break the Electoral College this year, and then to make Puerto Rico and Washington, DC the 51st and 52nd states.

Furthermore, by contesting the election until January – which they clearly plan to do and which they’ve now put into writing – they intend to install House Speaker and hair salon afficionado Nancy Pelosi as President of the United States under the Constitution, until they can round up enough mail-in votes to make Biden “president.” Funny how they want to use the Constitution when it suits their needs (installing the House Speaker as temporary president) but ignore it when it doesn’t work for them (breaking the Electoral College).

Read the document linked above for yourself. It’s all there and Bill and Hillary Clinton are quoting it verbatim. The Democrats will not accept democracy. They will not accept your vote as valid in 2020. This is a kamikaze attack on America. Get ready for it.

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107 thoughts on “Democrats Prepping to Destroy Electoral College, Install “President Pelosi” as Part of Biden Battle Plan”

  1. They will die trying to make Pelosi the President until they can push their INSURRECTION to make Biden the Dictator. So many Democrat’s and MSM people will die in the process they’re describing that it will be like Armageddon in the Streets of America

    1. we the people better remove pelosi from office,and now any way necessary….ANY….WAY….NECESSARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. If there is no clear winner then it goes to the house where each state gets two votes period. It is not by total reps. Who ever receives 51 votes or more wins. I believe even though the Dems have more reps the Republicans have more states. And therefore more votes.

    2. Why haven’t the Republicans gotten rid of Hag Pelosi yet? She should be gone by now!! What does it take to
      erase a loser from politics? She has led the war against a sitting President with no repercussions whatsoever,
      WHY WHY WHY???? SHE and SHIFF and Schumer and the rest of the losing democrats got away scott free for all the damage
      to our country and our President caused by them! Why are they still being given a paycheck at all!! THEY
      crapped on our country and got away with it!!

      1. People in their respective states keep voting for them. the only way to oust them is by voting them out , and the people in California LOVE Nutty Nancy. There should be term limits, but we have no control over that, so they live on us taxpayers for 40 or 50 years or more. Hell, she is 80 years old, needs to be sent out to pasture.. she is the most disrespectful person ever to hold the position of 3rd in line. Freaking scary.

        1. her & Ginsburg need to RETIRE! with all the money they have made while trying to impeach our PRESIDENT, they can GET OUT of politics!!!!!!!! FOREVER!

          1. The Democrats seem to thrive on really demented people. Pelosi and Ginsburg are really showing signs of feebleness and should have been gone years ago. They have used their positions to gain wealth. They are disgraceful. They don’t seem to remember what our Constitution says. Term limits are essential. We really need to fight for them.

        2. Actually they use VOTER FRAUD, in EVERY WAY possible, to ensure their win. ie. ILLEGALS VOTING. UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!

          1. All illegals must be deported. Illegal is illegal. They are being used as a convoyed block to change Americans elections and we just can’t have this any more.

            MASS deportations are NECESSARY

          2. That is the most blatant illegal slap in the face to Americans and the Constitution when allowing “illegal lawbreaking immigrants “to vote in our elections! How can this be allowed?!

      2. Trumps day 2 after re-election must be the arrests of Pelosi, Schiff, both Clinton’s and the rest of the “coup” traitors

      3. Trumps day 2 after his re-election must be the arrests of Pelosi, Schiff, both Clinton’s and the rest of the “coup” traitors

      4. The Democraps in the House elected her Speaker, and COULD vote her out of that seat, if they had any guts !! The people in CA COULD vote for someone else when her term ends, since she does NOTHING for them (except keep security guards employed around her fenced and gated mansion).

      5. My thoughts are of the “original “ Agenda 21”, which would mean that even president Trump is in on it. It was written and planned out over 25 years ago and everything from covid 19 to the riots to so Joe is already s plan. It’s an elitist plan for socialism and all the billionaires and federal reserve ( not a us bank) are behind it. I watched an interview years ago of old Rockefeller telling that there’s s plan where over 5 billion people will die in the name of the new world order. Many people know of this but it doesn’t come out because it’s been subdued from public knowledge. There use to be a big book on the plan available but they banned it. Agenda 21 is still on but they candy coated it so the public couldn’t find it anymore. You can still find references to it on line. A plan devised many years ago was to initials the murder of all non essential citizens of the us in order to make the entire us a huge wild life sanctuary. The plagues at the entrances of national Forrest’s have a plague that says they are dedicated to the future for the New World Order. Look it up. Years ago a woman posted a video of one and said to read this!
        Yes, this crap is all real. This is why they want this country so bad, for socialism. The part that makes me wonder is that the plan says the Republican Party is behind it. I think they’re all in it together. I love Trump but I trust no one anymore.

        1. well after reading this I am so thankful I’m 81 yrs old happy day for me I won’t have to live thru this crap

    3. Under the leadership of Pelosi, Klintons, and Obambas America is now beginning to look like a third world country. They should be charged with treason. President Trump is our only hope to MAKE AMERICA GREAT!

    4. Yeah, then we’ll have an alcoholic, demented President….Geez! I guess we’ll get what we deserve, then because NO ONE is fighting back!! Come on right….get fighting against these treasonous bastards! I’m ready!

      1. More IMPORTANTLY, AMERICANS MUST GET OUT AND VOTE FOR OUR PRESIDENT! This is the most critical election ever in the history of the U.S.!
        The difference of being a SOCIALISTIC COUNTRY OR A “FREE COUNTRY” can be YOUR VOTE!

        Thank you for doing your part Conservatives! We’ve got this!!! .

        Trump2020Pence V O T E ! !

    5. PittifulPelosi will never be President because intelligent Americans would never let that happen. There are some people in this country that are a lot smarter than the Democrats and that have the ability to shoot the wings off a fly at 50 yards. Pelosi would NEVER serve in the White House long enough to blow her big honking nose! So anything so ridiculous would never come to pass. It is written by the FATES!

      However, should the clueless dem children think they are going to try, go for it. Your takeover would only cause the BIGGEST INSURRECTION ever experienced in the U.S. by “The SILENT MAJORITY” who FAR outnumber any blubbering dems.

      “THAT” WHOLE SCENARIO should be viewed and weighed by the DeMOCRATS, but it won’t. DEMOCRATS HAVE AN ABNORMAL CHROMOSOME IN THEIR BRAINS THAT TELLS THEM THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO KNOW HOW TO DO THINGS AND THAT THEIRS IS THE ONLY WAY. Unfortunately for the dem party, it will be their “last hurrah” as their numbers disappear into oblivion! Best day ever for the whole World! Now that’s a day that should be declared a National Holiday for sure!

      1. A conservative believes it when he sees it but a liberal sees it when he believes it. This is the result of “Your brain on drugs!”

  2. History, Religion and education, the pillars of modern society is under attack, liberalism kills countries and people just look at Africa and tel me if you think it is a success.

    1. how about RUSSIA?? it got so bad their bread lines had millions (most no bread) in lines. tried communial farming,90% income went to the BIG WHIGS that put millions in camps! people STARVED! so politico could buy cars, villas then it all killed millions of people! is that what the people of the UNITED STATES WANT??? HELL NO! only demo-rats & diehard demo-rats(they think they will get EVERYTHING for FREE? never happen! govt. will own all business, all farms, factories & tax so HIGH! people will lose houses AND NO cars! their excuse that cars add too climate change.. so we LOSE all that WE have worked for! demos please think about your future! you won’t have one!!

      1. Yep sure is! Today in africa you can buy a human being to be a slave for around 400 bucks and BLM is strangely not protesting against that bs!

  3. There’s just one big problem with dismantling the electoral college It’s call the supreme court and with the current make up of the court it’s doubtful the dummycrats will pull it off. But if the cement face old hag somehow manages to pull of this unconstitutional act, she’ll have a civil war like she ain’t never seen. Her Antifa/BLM will be swept aside and most of the military won’t back her up and she and the rest of the dummycrat leadership will be hunted down like a wild animal with rabies. And guess what happens to those kind of animals.

    1. Do they really think they’re going to get away with any of their plans? Think again bc Americans are not NOT going to take their abuse turning our country communist and have a DICTATORSHIP!!!! We will fight tirelessly our movement is very huge!!!!!

      1. They did it in 2008 in Minnesota when they found enough votes (in someone’s trunk) to reverse the results from election night to make pervert Al Franklen the “winner” over Norm Coleman. This was very important at the time because it gave the Dems the 60th senator they needed to ram through Obamacare.

        They plan to do it again on a much larger scale, I and I have no confidence that it can be prevented.

    2. Wilddog you are so right and America will back our Duly Elected President Trump. Civil war is already in the planning just in case.

    3. We can hope and pray it doesn’t come to this, but if so, the wrath of our patriotic citizens will come down on them with great anger.

      1. Glad you took the RED pill. Welcome to the patriotic, country loving, God fearing, protectors of our Constitution.

      2. Welcome bother to the Trump train hope on and enjoy the ride to freedom where real people make a difference. Need more Democrats to see the light

        1. Welcome brother to the Trump train hop on and enjoy the ride to freedom where real people make a difference. Sorry about my last post stupid auto spell ck lol

  4. Phycotic Dems the american citizens will take them down in a blaze of fire. A total bunch of direlects the democratic party. They are evil and need to be taken down for good. No ifs and buts. Enough is enough.

    1. If this happened years ago I would agree that the American people would stand up and fight. It would have been shut down with the first riot. However, too many Americans these days are cowards and won’t stand up for what they believe in. I have been saying for years now that” men are not men anymore”. Don’t get me wrong, there are still real men among us but just not enough. So many boys have been made so effeminate with this crap culture that they don’t know how to behave like true men. They don’t know how to protect and fight for what they love.

      1. I home schooled my fourth son so he would not be brainwashed. Thankfully the other 3 were lucky enough to not have been in school when this was so prevalent.

  5. If this is true, we are in for a civil war! True Americans will never stand for this! People that believe in the Constitution and rule of law…!

  6. It’s just so sad what this wonderful country has gotten to! What about the Constitution and rule of law?! The real irony are the political crooks that are stealing out country blind in so many ways and act like they are doing us a favor! Even when they are caught on tape (Joe Biden and others) they still deny they did anything wrong…. and deny it!

    1. And that is why they are so feisty when it comes to passing more gun control b.s. laws, because just like all the infamous tyrants in history have shown us, the first move for total societal control, is to first disarm the citizens from the tools that empowers them to destroy and/or overthrow tyrannic leaders.

  7. DemoRATS are a bunch of un-Americans doing what they do best, lies, cheat, steal and murders. The last one was
    Bill Clinton major game plan—-when someone is in your way, bury him or her. Do you think Jeffrey Epstein kill
    himself? No way. The guards on duty were told to walk away for several minutes so Bill Clinton’s gang could
    take him out. Suicide??? Autopsy says otherwise. The Clintons are the most evil people ever to occupy the White House. Let the war begin.

  8. Well Pelosi , thanks for giving us the good news ! We’re now officially a third world country and you are a despot ! .. why wait though, If that is your plan , why not do it now ? Why wait ? No election is necessary!! Just fight your way to the ‘White House’! Bravo to you , for showing us all who you really are !!

    1. get ready to RUMBLE! they won,t let the UNITED STATES stay as our founding fathers dreamed of! our country would be unUNITED STATES of demo-rat! if she (past age limits)?? peolishi**t tries there will be bad RESULTS! get ready!when PRESIDEN TRUMP IS ELECTED PILLOASS has already said there will be MORE RIOTS! like to know who is funding this crap?? rioters do not have money to go place to place and cause MORE trouble! riots & more looting! has anyone looked at these kids doing this?? again where is the money coming from? maybe DNC?? they have the money to finance these so-called RIOTS looting, killing our police? we need to STOP!! NOW!

    2. It is about time we gave every Vietnam vet a rifle and ton of ammo. Let them loose to show the Country that they do not want the Democrats to destroy the country and values they all so bravely fought for.

      1. Speaking for the Vn Vets – I AM ONE, and while I MAY NOT be the OLDEST (82 YO), I am NOT the quickest on my feet – I am a double amputee) , but I can shoot VERY WELL from a sitting or prone position. Ammo and arms are NO problem here ! I cannot think of a BETTER way to use whatever time I have left !!

  9. The operative part of this is the military dragging the President out of the White House, and presumably killing him in the process. This is what they plan for all of us, a dictatorship whose security forces can drag us out of our houses and will kill us if we resist. After the collapse of her presidential campaign, The Hoe addressed some left-wing group and crowed that, after the Obammunists “take back” the White House which is “rightfully” theirs, “we are coming for you (Trump supporters)”. It has recently been revealed that FEMA camps are being readied for “quarantine” of second-wave virus cases, and some have suggested that they will be used also for confinement of recalcitrant individuals who refuse a mandatory vaccine when it comes. It is not too much to suspect that such FEMA facilties will in fact incarcerate those who refuse face shields and dog collars, microchipping or tracking devices for the virus, or who will not kneel and repeat the mantras of Burn Loot Murder and Antifa or take part in Two-Minute Hates against “systemic racism”, once we are in a situation in this country where the military can drag people out of places

  10. WTF — this is OUR America — not the democrat’s Amerika. They don’t rule as emperor, dictator or czar– they are just 1party made up of anti-America/socialist/communist dirtbags and should be treated as such. If they refuse to accept a Trump relection(which it will be) then we MOVE ON WITHOUT THEM !!!! For the past 4 years they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they are unessential and worthless playing their mindless games and with their many lies, accusations and fake impeachments just to slow down President Trump’s agenda. It is past time the Repubs, Conservatives and real Americans to find where they left their spines and retrieve them.

    1. This is exactly why we need to wake up. Most of the Military and from what I’m hearing ALL the Police 1st Responders support President Trump. To my mind, if anyone is dragged out of the White House it will be the Democrats. They are the most UNConstitutional group out there. Deport all of the liberal/socialist/Marxist scum out of the Country we don’t need anyone here who doesn’t value our constitution, Bill of Rights, Freedoms, and our Lord Jesus Christ. HE is who made us great, and it is HE who is guiding this President’s hand to lead us back to HIM.

  11. They forget one thing queen pelosi is up for reelection so she can’t be temporary president because her office will not be fully counted either

  12. The Republicans should act upon this now and start impeachment proceedings against all these democrats who are planning this illegal koo.this is not a third world country,it is a democracy.Bring them all up on charges starting with Pelosi,Schiff,Schumer,Nadler and the rest of the democrats for treason and trying to manipulate a free election process.

    1. Yes. Why can we not do that? What is stopping our WH and Republican leaders, assistants, secretaries, et al from doing that? I have already written Washington , some time ago, about my concerns in this matter. Distressing.

  13. these demonic liars , from Hell, democrats, are going to get a lot of misled lied too innocent people killed, God knows and sees all, and this country is in a spiritual war, and it is the devils horrible leaders, so corrupted, documented piled up evidence of all their crimes, ad they think there all above the law. wake up Americans, the devil dem party shows you by their own actions, do they not, they do not want to do anything for the american people, look and witness it yourself, the reason for there corruption is trace to every illegal law being broken and has been broken, from hell. for 8 years of obama, and even bush, constantly stealing from americans, taxes, social security being stolen from, guns sold to the mexican cartels, eric holder, and obama, fast n furious, weapons from usa just disappeared to drug cartels, obama,and holder, hillary clinton, buys to fake lied about dossiers, to frame and dethrone the president, obama proved and evidence and documented, spied and lied, to americans, Hillary clinton destroys evidence, hard drives to her computers, evidence, obama forces BS, insurance on people, and destroys other paying peoples insurance to do it. obama raises taxes, and takes away your tax returns. FBI owned and operated by obama bribery treasonouse swine of the FBi, hopefully we are cleaning them out and restoring a God fearing law and fair and justice order system again.Obama gives muslims, millions, to destroy a God fearing nation, from with in. documented, benghazi sham, hillary and obama, shitting on our vets,and american men and service women,, even bush didn’t give our service people steel plates for there carrier packs. we the american people turned away from God, many in our givernment leaders want bow down to God and pray for peace and love and unity, but will pay to bribe people to divide and disrupt, break laws, kill, steal, and destroy, the bible says, God’s word is truth, the devils MO, is just that kill ,steal and destroy, so who is deceived in the nation, a nation being torned by devil lawlessness leaders, who have one thing only on mind, how many souls they can steal kill and destroy to send to hell, all while lying and dividing and constant hating of OUR president, and all the God fearing people who stand together in love and united, you better all check yourself. if your taking money to kill steal and destroy, theres your truth, anarchist, devil worshipping people, who simple do not and will not believe in God his son Jesus and his love mercy and forgiveness.make no mistake about it, america is in a spiritual war, the devils hell raisers and lustful desire for power , greed and money, nothing else. why do you not see the truth, horrible leadership in big cities, being let go to lawlessness, so the devil dems can use this to attack love compassion, and unity. if you are opposite of love, you are a hater, if you cant forgive you are a devil, if you cant show mercy you are a devil, true love unites , heals, forgives, and has compassion for all, and true LOVE , is indeed God the Father,and his son Jesus christ,that’s all the truth, 100 percent. anything against God and Jesus is a war between the 2 forces , we have all been told, and it is very real, you watch the poor suffering in these major dem cities, where is the millions and billions over the last 20 years, swindled away into dem bank accounts, stolen, so the people live in poverty, because they feed you and give you there scraps you stay loyal to the devil dem party, when there’s a whole better life for you and your families through God’s great abundance, he has given to america.they are even making you all kill yourselves, and stand bye and let you. look be a witness to the truth, its the truth, they care not for anyone but there own devil powers. evil consumes itself, God designed it, but being led by evil men and women, who cares not about the people, has even a faster soul count for the pitts of hell. witness the forces of hell through these dem leaders, destroying killing, murdering, rioting, stealing, chaos, all of this evil design is ment for the people of hell who choose to follow it. and listening to all the medias, that lie for the dem devil party, to keep you all in hatred,and division, God says my people die because of lack of knowledge. look and see the death toll rising everyday were evil is being let go on, no police, no law ,no justice, equals one big pitt of hell on earth, before Jesus returns to kill the devil, and i feel so terrible sorry, for all the lost souls who were deceived with hatred, and division, and every lie out of the pits of hell. the truth will set us all free, and create a loving peaceful caring universe, and no man or woman can buy there soul out of hell, and the dems know this and have already sold theres, do not let them have or steal yours with lies, that is all the devil working overtime in the earth. he is pissed off, because he knows, Jesus is coming for his sorry ass, and every demon that follows him will join him in hell. this pandemic, no ones fault, end time prophecy, all bad things would be going on at the end, and you all are witnessing it. china and the dem party bio germ warfare unleashed on us all. only the dems and china would gain from this, as the dems had sold out most of america and to japan as well, before Trump every came around, God will help all his people, President Trump has done a lot for america, because of God, not all himself, and at least he is a God believer, So God is helping us and our God fearing families with trump, and make no mistake about it. God’s people will fight and come out against evil, they have for thousands of years. and by the love grace and Hand of God he delivered us all out of all evil countries and dictators . believe it. i have voted dem, and republic through the years, and i got off politics, and got off religion, and believe in God,and i am a witness, to his power, i have seen it with my own eyes, the one and only real God of Abraham , isaac and jacob , relationship, not religion, like religious people killed Jesus. Give God a chance with child like faith, and he will save you and your families and our country, In Jesus mighty Name i speak it. please RGVSR, open your eyes,and see, if hatred and division is your witness, in front of you, and people are paying you to do evil, your already in the system of evil, please get out save your soul, before its too late please.

  14. Please don’t make empty threats, it’s always counterproductive to spew puffed up predictions of dire consequences. Hollow bravado only makes you look like a weak, ineffective, loud-mouth, pipsqueek. It also alienates thoughtful allies and emboldens opponents.

    Guilty Dem cabalists already know they’re going to jail if Trump wins reelection: they know what they did is unforgivable; they know AG Barr has more than sufficient hard evidence to convict; and they know when the unvarnished truth is finally revealed and confirmed in live courthouse testimony broadcast in living color on national TV they’ll all go down in history as the dirty arrogant treacherous ideologues who betrayed the bedrock principles of the American Republic.

    The only way the Obama Cabal can avoid universal condemnation, everlasting shame, and ignominious disgrace is to elect a co-conspirator to deny the obvious, control MSM, muddy the waters, cover-up inconvenient facts, and ruthlessly hang enough innocents to convince would-be independent muckrakers, rabble-rousers, and patriotic citizen groups that challenging the official narrative is a treasonous assault on the authority of the state necessitating the suspension of habeas corpus and resolute corrective action.

    Dems are absolutely going to fight all the way to inauguration day (20 JAN 2021) and well beyond – even fighting a series of losing battles is far preferred to incarceration, and the questionable opportunities attendant to legal defense fund raising fade to insignificance when you’re already guilty as hell of far greater transgressions.

    So, keep your powder dry, prepare for the next big battle – we have to win the election – register, organize, support Trump and GOP candidates. Most of all vote! And don’t pass up the opportunity to tell everyone you know just what sort of vicious totalitarians are masquerading as Democrats these days.

  15. Pelosi your going down. There is no way we Americans will let you ever be president of our United States of America!!!!! You along with the Clintons and the Bidens and the Obamas all traitors of America. I am so disgusted with the Democratic party that I belong too. I am ashamed to even admit to being affilliated with the Democrat party. We all have to stand strong against this treason traitor Democrate party. We all need to get out and vote strongly against these Democrats come November 3rd !!!!!! Or we will not have a free America anymore. We need to get these evil Democrates out of our government now !!!!! Or we as Americans will pay for their evil distruction of our UNITED STATES of AMERICA. PRESIDENT TRUMP and VICE PRESIDENT PENCE need to be reelected for 4 more years so they can get them out of our government.

    1. Welcome to the other side, where once you take the red pill, you see reality for what it truly is…And don’t feel ashamed of being duped, but instead give thanks to our God almighty for giving you the opportunity and ability to see and understand the truth, as harsh as it may be. Now consider it your duty as a God loving American to spread the truth to help others wake up from the poisonous kool-aid induced ignorance and hypocrisy that the democ-Rats are feeding to people in this country, specially our younger generations, for the future of our great country known as America will eventually be in their hands, and we just cannot stand on the sidelines anymore when it comes to educating the young minds about the truth, because democ-Rats sure are working relentlessly in every way possible doing their best to corrupt the minds our future generations.

  16. Democrats can’t win by the rules alone, they must stack the deck in their favor in order to win White House! Democrats would love over-populated states to decide elections, such as California,New York(City-primarily), Illinois with Pennsylvania making the decisions for the rest of the country! It will never happen!!

  17. The BEST thing to do is GIVE a MAXIMUM allowable date to allow the ILLEGAL mail in BALLOTS (say, a WEEK before the 2020 elections), then GEAR UP the POLL watchers to enable them to stop ALL of the Democrats’ FRAUDS. Give these POLL WATCHERS all the TOOLS that they need (such as voter rolls, to see who is REALLY a valid voting citizen). Give MAXIMUM penalties (10 years in FEDREAL PRISON?) for VIOLATORS. There is NO NEED for “mail in” voting! One Enlightened and WARY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. Republicans need to take over the house and senate and shut them down and out. Go vote get everyone you can to vote.

  19. You know,back in 1973 when I enlisted in the military I took an oath to protect this country from all enemies foreign AND domestic and to uphold the constitution of the United States. That oath has no expiration date, so if it is a fight the demotards want, count me in. Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the pissants are just another group of bugs to squash.

    1. I’m with you on that bother, good to know there are people that haven’t forgotten about the fact that that oath has NO expiration date!

  20. Democrats are domestic enemies,home grown terrorists and traitors and should be treated as such. We should be filling Guantanamo with these treasonous bastards..

  21. They and the story author do know that the Electoral College is mentioned 3 times in the US Constitution and that means for them to remove or dismantle the EC they would need a constitutional amendment for EACH time the electoral college is mentioned. Now the chances are not impossible that this will happen, it is just so far outside in left field that they will get one, let alone three as is required. So why are you making such a fuss about it? And they have NO authority to install anyone as a temporary anything in the WH. Again nice try but they cant do anything as you try to imply.

  22. where in the hell do you people find this crap! If you don’t think this crap isn’t Russian planted you need to go back to school and learn to read your history!

  23. PELOSI is too old too evil the weight of her sins will buried her before she can removed electoral vote. We the people of USA will give her Hell!!

  24. This is just a stupid “THEORY” Not Factual Reporting by a “Demacrat University Professor” to stir up controversial data/Information for the purpose of “a job”…
    That would mean “We The People” Loose our “Rights”.

  25. The ” Speaker of the House” becoming President would mean “No Vote” an IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Our “BILL OF RIGHTS” including the “PREAMBLE” makes this Unjustifiable…

  26. Jews beware the “San Hedron” priests of Israel not practicing what they preach !!!

    They worship idols such as saints, Beware GOD is a jealous GOD. NO one can come to me but by Jesus. So the worship of Jesus not saints is righteousness for his namesake.

  27. ❤CHRISTrumPence and all of our/his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers Successfully 2020USReelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen❤


  29. Nancy Pelosi’s place is not in the White House, but in a prison. She will never be “interim president”, but she will be a “permanent prisoner” in prison for attempting a coup and attempting to overthrow the legitimate president of America.

  30. Lock and load. Let the excrement hit the circular wind machine. I think we can soon take the fun out of this treasonous behavior. True freedom sometimes has a cost.

  31. According to the Constitution of the USA, every congressmen is elected/reelected every 2 years, and senators every 6 years. Also, according to the Constitution the President is sworn in on January 20th, however, based on the Amendment #20, the term of the old congress ends on the 3rd day of January and new congress starts the very next day. But knowing what is going on in our country who knows what gonna happened.
    And yes we must be ready to fight for what is dear to us.

  32. Well I thought my pistola’s would be enough for me and my families protection….guess I am wrong….gotta get my long guns out too. God is great, heard that a million times since I was a kid in my Grandma and Grandpa’s church that they helped start after moving to the wild west. I still believe that, my dad and mom both survived (along with 15 aunts and uncles) WW 2 and I did my tours in Vietnam and a proud veteran. So….it will be a cold day in hell that the Dumb Democrap’s in Washington will stop me from continuing the fight – where ever that may take me. God Bless America and all our Veteran’s and First Responders and Policemen and Women protecting us, just holler and I will be there to help strike down this evil trying to destroy our country. We have to vote to start and make a difference, if that isn’t enough and then bring it on.

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