Don’t Fall for the Left’s Skewed Polling, It’s a Trick on Trump’s Supporters to Keep Them Home on Election Day

Republicans have been trying to stem the tide of Democrat election fraud for decades. With the release of intelligence documents proving the open cheating by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, and the uncovering of the ballot harvesting and vote-buying by supporters of Ilhan Omar by Project Veritas the American people have never been more aware and had more proof of Democrat’s illicit vote stacking, fake news, and suppression polls schemes.

On the subject of polls, it’s worth noting that they are not just news on popular opinion. Polling has long been the subject of spin and propaganda. Polls affect voter turnout. Too much confidence can hurt a voter demographic, as can too little confidence. While some try to tell the truth about public opinion, others try to tweak the numbers to fit a preferred narrative.

The good news is that the American people have become hip to these tactics, and a majority of voters now realize that polls released by CNN, MSNBC, NBC and other purely leftist organizations are not reflections of actual voters, but propaganda creating to prop up a pro-Democrat narrative. A few prominent commentators like Rush Limbaugh have come forth to explain why.

Rush alleges that pollsters are skewing surveys by polling anti-Trump voters almost exclusively. He commented that the surveyors canvass suburban areas where liberals and rhino-republicans congregate and avoid rural areas where most Trump supporters live. Rush refers to this splitting of the conservative party as the “R-Split.” He refers to rhino-republicans as “soft Democrats,” remarking that suburban voters are notoriously devoid of a backbone.


Of course, there are many ways to skew a poll other than shooting to exploit Rush’s “R-split” phenomenon. Chief among them include using leading and loaded questions.

A commonly used example that can be found on the questionnaires of the polls that CNN publishes is, “Do you support Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric?” This is not a question. Imagine being asked a question like this in front of a crowd. To answer it honestly, you would have to first deal with the premise, namely that Trump is somehow tearing the country apart. But on a questionnaire, you only get to choose from “yes” and “no.”

Another common type of question you might see would go something like, “Do you believe women and minorities deserve better than Donald Trump?” Of course, everyone deserves the best things possible. If Jesus Christ were running for president, the answer to that question would certainly be “yes.” But there is no way to answer such a question in reality without giving off a skewed result.

Another way to stack a poll is to call only mobile numbers. People who still have landlines tend to vote republican and support Trump. It also helps if you only call between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm when more working people will tend to be unavailable- since people who work for their money tend to be more conservative.

It’s also helpful to remember that outlets like MSNBC, CNN and NBC can simply say anything it wants. If they want to report that a given poll result favors Biden, they can just say it. They can throw away results they don’t like. Why? Because respondents are anonymous.

However, it’s also important to remember that too much confidence can be bad too. Voters who are overly confident that their candidate will win are more likely to forgo going to their polling place on election day.

The main point here is that all the polls right now have Trump down by 14-16 points against Joe Biden. They want Trump supporters to think there is no way he can win reelection so its best to just stay home on November 3rd. What they don’t tell you is the exact same polling outfit had Trump trailing Hillary by 16 points in the second week of October in 2016.

69 thoughts on “Don’t Fall for the Left’s Skewed Polling, It’s a Trick on Trump’s Supporters to Keep Them Home on Election Day”

  1. Vote! Vote! Vote! Don t allow the county be taken down the socialist path , you will not like it.If you love you r rights protected by the beloved Constitution of the United States of America, don t don t vote for the radical demoncrats .Harras who will be the true President is the most left leaning senator ,even more left Leaning Berney Sanders. aoc and the other squad members will control the House,if the Republicans loose the senate then Harras will pack the Surpreme Court .and the American People will no longer be in charge of the Goverment.We will have no other option .but accept the situation the other option is unthinkable.We are in a voting period that means the difference between the country we love and some type of communist hellhole.think of your children and grandchildren,is this the world you want them to grow up in?Biden is ahead of Trump by 16 points in the polls.Hard to believe that many people want to hand over their county to the most radical agenda in American history .Babies will be murdered up to the time of birth!In the name of God .please get out and VOTE and be sure to vote THUMP!!!!!!

        1. True story: During the 2016 election cycle, a major pollster apparently decided that I was a good, representative voter (age, income, etc.) and I was put on a regular tracking poll, with questioning every couple of weeks on multiple issues and races (from state ones to national ones). Altho’ I started out non-committal, as we got closer to the election, I began increasingly to support Trump and that began to be reflected in my answers. SO, we get to the penultimate poll inquiry (the last one before the election’s eve) and I told the pollster that I was “very certain” that I would be voting for Trump. AND SHE STARTED ARGUING WITH ME! This wasn’t one of those fake polls (i.e., a campaign call/solicitation disguising itself as a “poll”), it was a legit poll but the person talking with me was so partisan that she wouldn’t accept my answer and was actively trying to change my mind! I don’t know, but I strongly suspect that she listed me as “Undecided” – and, a week later, Rachel Madcow, no doubt, relied on that information to declare that there was no way that Trump could win. And back in 2016, these people were at least trying to look a bit legit, a pretense they abandoned after Trump’s inauguration. So, don’t be influenced by polls. Even the best are tainted. Get out there and vote. In person, because there are already far too many Republican ballots getting dumped in landfills by Postal Workers.

    1. I need not believe in news, polls and surveys. Just read and listen. Then, make my own assessment. In the end, it’s Trump 2020 for me. I’m an independent. But I see Trump not as the man of the hour. Unlike most politicians, Trump DELIVERS!

      1. It’s extremely hard to make yout own decisions, when Fox News is the only trustworthy news station. Most others either tell lies, or don’t report the truth of what is really happening.

    2. Our President was given that office by the one and only true GOD . Billy Graham supported our President as does his son Franklin .And so do I .

    3. PLEASE REMEMBER, Polling is only done in areas where the pollsters ARE QUARANTEED their required outcome. In other words, MOST POLLS ARE BOGAS AND DO NOT TELL THE REAL TRUTH, BUT GIVE A SKEWED RESULT IN FAVOR OF THE POLLSSTERS AGENDAS.
      Besides, anyone who has seen the 30,000 car parades f poi r Trump by every Culture in our Nation, knows that PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL BE RE-ELECTED BY A LANDSLIDE VOTE!! BULLYAH TO THE DEMOCRATS!!

    4. I agree completely agree. We need Trump because he is the only one that can bring us back together and kill this virus and he WILL bring our economy back even better than before. He loves this Country and the people of this Country and that means all of the people of this Country. He has proven that over and over again. He establishes economic plans for each facet on every community of people in this Country. I am so excited about the thunder and lightning that we will hear coming from the people when it is announced that Trump will be our President for 4 more years. YIPPY SKIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. I don’t believe the polls anymore. I was letting them get to me earlier this year, but I have since started to rely on what I see with my own eyes. I have also been praying that God will hear our prayers, heal our land and get Trump re-elected. It would take decades to repair the damage that would be done to this country with a Biden win. You must understand what their agenda is and how that will impact this country. There is not a country on this planet that has a socialist regime that is successful. This is something we can’t allow to happen. God Bless

  2. Already voted in California & it’s Republicans all the way. Even though I like the Democratic senator from our area. I feel bad he is in the wrong side of America in this election.

  3. Absolutely we must never give up, never give in, the most important election ever in U.S. history! It’s a fight between good and evil! If you can’t figure out which one is evil, look at history, more murders and deaths in the 20th Century from socialism/communism than any other cause!

  4. I agree with the article and the sentiment here. The ones who do the polling (even the supposed independents) are paid by someone. This influences how they poll. They can make them say any result they want. They did it in 2016 and now. We have to vote. Challenge every lie. It doesn’t matter if you think Joe is a nice guy. He is a puppet for socialists and both BLM and ANTIFA are solely responsible for the unrest. Dems play the race card and it stays on the table. Black people need to see how they are being manipulated by those who don’t care about them. Stand against the BS.

  5. Democrat party thinks all republicans are stupid. But it’s the Democrat people who have no brains. The Republican people don’t believe anything that Joe Biden says. He parrot everything the president says and tries to use it as it’s his idea. No thanks Joe. Your a puppet and a idiot for communist and socialist party. You Joe have no one showing up for you rally. You pulled the Nancy Pelosi scam. Can’t see it or read it until after the election. I didn’t fall for it the first time. Democrat party polls are b.s.. A disgrace to America.

  6. Trump 2020!
    BTW, the term is “RINO”, not “rhino”… I see this error in many conservative articles. A rhino is an animal. A RINO is a Republican In Name Only…

  7. I hope people vote for America and vote TRUMP.A vote for BIDEN is a vote against America.Biden had 47 years to help America and he did nothing but tell lies to the American people and just make him and his family richer.Trump has done more in 3 1/2 years than Biden has done in 47 years.I am glad I voted for a business man and not a lying politician.Remember Promises made Promises Kept.God bless American and Fod bless President Trump.

  8. Georgia polls opened today, Oct 12th, and I have been by the polling location twice. Both times the lines were long and the parking lot full. I pray all in attendance are Trump voters. I’ll keep checking the lines but definitely will be voting early! Check out “Riding the Dragon”…….The Biden’s ties to China. Oh by the way, Glenn Beck .com gives information of Joe Biden’s ancestors owning many slaves. TEAR HIM DOWN!!!!!!!!

    1. My wife and I voted for Trump today here in Georgia we went RED all the way ,including Doug Collins.By the way , what are our options if the old demented shell of his old self,Joe Biden wins the election ?

  9. WE learned years ago when there were some deomocrats that admitted that they published misleading information just for the purpose of discouraging republican and independent voters from voting,there is no low that democrats can’t stoop to,they are mentally defective and crazy as Hell,don’t ever doubt it.

  10. I am voting for PRESIDENT TRUMP because he’s the best choice! Voting for biden is voting for socialist obam a policies and will lead to the down fall of this country!

  11. I already voted and i voted for Trump, he is the best for our country,and he doesn’t take any SHIT from prune face Nancy, Get out and Vote for Donald J TRUMP AND ALL Republicans GO USA USA.

  12. Lots of good, smart people here who obviously don’t want tyrants in DC. We’ve got way too many already. Keep your heads about you as the media tries to convince us that the election is decided and God-fearing Americans don’t have a chance. But most importantly please PRAY to our Father who is still very much in charge. Will he allow the Satanists to rule or will he let DJT continue to drain the swamp?

  13. Trump will lead our economy and our country back to what it was before COVID and then some. The best president we’ve had in many years. VOTE TRUMP

  14. Never forget polls are overwhelmingly taken by groups in support of the Democrat party! They guarantee the results will show favoritism to the Dems with samplings of approximately three Dems to one Republican, also, it is no accident liberal polls are made in regions controlled by Dems, and a lot of the poll questions are written slanted left and in such a confusing way so that busy people hurriedly taking the poll may answer in support of the liberals. There are a lot of ways to skew poll results!
    The best thing we conservatives or Republicans can do is work as if we are 20 points behind, vote and make sure every Republican or anyone else who may vote in our favor gets out to vote!
    #WalkAway – all Dems and Independents as well to help us!

  15. I am all in favor of four more great years under the leadership of President Trump, and I will support Republicans on the ballot here in Texas. I’m old, but I am looking forward to sharing the great years ahead with my fellow Texans.

  16. All the major polls were wrong in 2016, even Fox News. The only truth in the polls is the more in favor of Biden they are, the more trouble Biden is in. That is the only truth in the polls. Trump did not stand a chance in 2016 according to the polls. Not even 24 hours after election, Trump stood victorious. GO VOTE!!!

  17. I look at the polls just because I’m curious. Just had a gut feeling they are rigged. Read all the other things about Biden. Helped Obama and Clinton during the 2016 election. HAHA!! !!! Clinton lost. Then they turn things to make it look like the President used Russia so they could impeach him. DIDN’T WORK. Biden was in on that. Biden has been taking China’s side it seems. AND, I just read an article that Putin wants Biden to win because with TALKING WITH HIM, he see’s he is in favor of communism. The people see this and President Trump will remain President. Let the Democrats have their polls. They seem to make them feel better. They know they’re going to lose.

  18. This is BS all of the polls suck the main problem with the young voter is that thy haven’t been around the block yet .They tend to believe anything they hear, there isn’t any history in their back ground . Our children aren’t taught in school anymore about how America was built. The students learn just exactly what the teacher wants them to hear. Most teachers are in it for one thing the 3 month vacation in the summer. The unions have an agenda and that is money. Teachers have had smoke blown up where the sun doesn’t shine so long that all Democrats who are union members are blind sided by false truth. Most don’t have a clue what’s right or wrong so they only know one thing they vote the way they are told to. That is how the kids get out of school being politically brain dead. Kill the Democratic Party they are lefties hacks. Forget the polls vote your heart save America Vote Trump after all what do you have to loose EVERYTHING !!!!!

    1. I further advise to those who will be going to their polling place to vote in person. DO NOT FALL FOR THE PRESSURE APPLIED BY LEFTIST SUPPORTERS CONGREGATED OUTSIDE YOUR POLLING PLACE. Just politely inform them you are not interested in their input to you, hand them back their literature (or trash can it) and proceed inside to vote. If these people get physical, sidestep them and proceed inside, call the police and prefer harassment charges. DO NOT react back with physical pushing or other physical defense because they will be the FIRST to call law enforcement to have you charged.

      1. Very good advice!
        Indeed, the best way to get past any people trying a bit of coercion.
        It is quite clear, by now, that we are not facing the most polite and fair people.

    2. You are right about the young voter. They should never have lowered the voting age. At least 21-year-olds have a little more experience.

  19. This article is right on the mark. I have never been polled since 1993 and have always been registered Republican. I go to work to support my family and don’t have time to complain or protest. Besides I live in the greatest country in the world,what is there to complain about. Socialism is a step away from communism and we cannot go down that road. I have a co-worker who was lucky enough to get out of Russia in the 80’s and can see first hand that people in this country do not have a clue what socialism is. Do you like your Freedom’s? If you do vote Republican Vote for Trump!!!

  20. I have always voted straight republican ticket except one time of which I voted for a democratic governer in the sucker state and WOW are we in Trouble in this state of confusion, Never again will I vote for another DUMMYCRAT that was the first, only and last time,this state is in so much more trouble than it has ever been. This BOZO is trying to impose a proggresive tax and we all know where that will go. He should spend some time in the cross bar hotel . Go Mr. President TRUMP ,

  21. The Democrat party gets their way by lying, manipulating people, or using violence and threats to coerce people

  22. It is time to vote RED and show those poll people they are completely wrong. No better way to smoke out lying pollsters than to prove them wrong. Being wrong and lying can be hazardous to a pollster’s business. Who the hell wants to retain a liar? We all know that Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and the lying media execs belong in jail along with George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and the “squad” in Congress. I would love to see those bums in prison orange scrubbing jailhouse crap off the floor and the stalls…

  23. We started early balloting today?, this week. I will not vote early. I do not trust the mail. Not necessarily the PO, We had ballot thefts in the 18 election, and now we are having thefts in my neighborhood. I WILL vote on the day. Then I have gone to the party. My concern is the rampant voter fraud. I only have one vote, and yes, I will give Mr Trump my vote. I’m hoping all these “demo” earlys are switching to Mr. T. BTW, I have always voted, and never dem.

  24. My vote back in 2016 was for Trump and my vote for 2020 is for Trump, why you ask? Because he’s been the best man for the job, made promises and they were kept. He has been put through hell and back but will not give up, why? Because he loves and cares for this country and loves and cares for all the people. He is an incredible leader, protector and wants to see our lives flourish. Liberals will crush our lives taking everything we have worked for and leave us with nothing. Joe Biden has lied profusely but no one calls him out! What kind of leadership is that! Vote Red Vote Republican across the board. Liberal cities are trashed due to liberal governors and mayors, they never used the money towards the cities they pocketed it for themselves. So many lies they have told they don’t remember which lie went where. Vote Trump/Pence on November 3, they will save our country!!! You can bet on it!!

  25. The current Communist infested Democrat Party and their supporters actions against the U.S.A., truly illuminates who the are!
    God Bless the United States of America!
    God Bless President Trump!
    President Trump 2020!

  26. CBS Evening News Lies everyday, when it comes to Trump’s poll numbers!

    Biden had a rally in Nevada yesterday, and 12 people showed up, yet according to CBS, Biden is ahead of Trump by 12 points!

    Lies, lies, lies by CBS, ABC, NBC, MS NBC, and especially CNN!

  27. Gold-Laden Donkeys and other lesser livestock

    I would agree with the assumption that the Dem. strategy of “Civil War Re-Play” has hit them back – I would even say: It is hitting them back very hard. The only way to “re-gain” that loss would be – and they have already been caught with it – Election Fraud.

    And that is a real danger! The van load of bought ballots in Minnesota (one of several, I presume) shows clearly the truth of the old wisdom that “gold laden donkeys climb over the highest walls”. With ballots priced up to $200 it is pricey, but we know that the US ‘Donkeys’ have lots of money.
    A good example here are the millions paid by Bloomberg (et al) to pay the fines of convicted felons – not as means of re-habilitating their minds, but as bribe for Democrat voting. Is that legal?

    Other problems lie with the Postal Voting and the question of Who gets ballots? Where are they sent? How are they collected? – and: Whose ballots are/will be dumped on trash heaps? So far, it has always been Republican ones – which shows where honesty sits.

    The biggest lot of “undecided voters”, however, might be the millions of them who still sit on State Voter Lists -especially in Democrat States- which have not been cleared of deceased persons or those who moved elsewhere.

    That is a kind of ‘New Slave Trade’ like in Gogol’s novel of the “Dead Souls”, i.e. the listings of dead bond-people (until 1863) from big Russian estates who are bought cheaply by a city merchant for a useful purpose: TO RAISE HIS CREDIT! That’s the same as Elections with ‘Dead Souls’, isn’t it?


  28. Too bad democrats, I have already voted and my vote has been counted. I’m fortunate that my county in Florida has an election office has the ability for voters to track their vote. I am very hopeful that President Trump will have a second term to ensure our country’s blessings.

  29. The main stream media must think American people are idiots they keep pushing there crap like we don’t know how to wipe our ass’s and I guess some are that damn dumb. We the people should be calling and demanding they stop lying to

  30. Dropped my ballot off Friday in the voting box right outside town hall. Voted for TRUMP.
    Recently my wife and I moved out of NY which is Democrat controlled, in case you didn’t know?!
    We received a “Welcome ” letter from our three state representatives. I asked 1) what party are they members? and 2)what is their position re “limiting terms”? All are Republicans & all support limiting terms! We believe we are in Heaven !!!

  31. I feel very confident that most hard-working American people will do their civic duty on November 3rd and vote for Donald Trump as our 45th President of United States. The American people can plainly see that Joe Biden and the whole Democrat party are nothing but a bunch of scam artist and fascist traitors. And these national polling results you hear about. What a freaking joke. They are always skewed in favor of the democrat liars. It is my greatest desire to see these warped snowflakes crying crocodile tears again on the night of November 3rd and into November 4th when Trump wins the presidency again. The sad thing here is the left is not going to take no for an answer from the American people. If Joe Biden loses and if the Republicans take the House back, there will be blood on the streets. The left will make sure of it. This message now goes out to all the patriot minute men and women of this country. You better be prepared with your muskets at a minutes notice because you just may need to use them to protect yourself, your family and your community from these warped and twisted snowflakes.

  32. The ONLY thing that truly matters is that EVERY PATRIOTIC AMERICAN takes the time to get out and VOTE to RE-ELECT OUR PRESIDENT. Then to insure we stop all the nonsense the Democrats have perpetrated on America these past four years, VOTE REPUBLICAN in every Senate and Congress race. We must take back the House and increase hold on the Senate. Our country cannot go through another four years of the Democrats trying to prevent, by any means, President Trump from helping ALL AMERICANS and our Great Nation. They have lies, fabricated untrue stories, distorted facts and deliberately omitted exculpatory evidence and information… case in point: compulsive liar Schiff CHANGED the words of the phone call transcript between President Trump and the Ukraine President then read his version to Congress and the American people- lying to all… and with ZERO CONSEQUENCES, ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. Democrats perpetrated fraud on America, basically attempting a modern day coup, starting with the fake Russia collusion, the phony Hillary/DNC Paid for dossier, then continued their relentless disruption of everything good the President was trying to do. When the Coronavirus hit the United States with the first known case in mid January, President Trump, days later, Shut down travel with China. Immediately the Democrats responded with one vicious, disrespectful comment after another- Joe Biden called our President- Xenophobic, Racist, Alarmist and Fear Monger… talk show hosts jumped on the band wagon continuing the assaults on the President. Worse we saw on Television, In Late February and March, Nancy Pelosi ENCOURAGING tourists, residents, to come to China town and celebrate-enjoy the area with her… then we saw NYC Mayor de Blasio inviting people to come to the city- even saying he’ll provide maps to Broadway plays, the theaters, the restaurants, etc. All this even though as we all know, NYC was ground zero. All this blatant despicable, irresponsible behavior, deliberate acts to try and discredit, and hurt our President. Then came another attempt at their obsession with removing our duly elected President. The Democrats FABRICATED a quid pro quo charge and pursue Impeachment procedures all under false pretense, which we now all know. But what not many are talking about due to our NON existent media is that a VIDEO of the REAL QUID PRO QUO COMMITTED BY THEN VP BIDEN SURFACED, and shortly after the Democrats charge President Trump with the exact thing committed by Biden. The BIG DIFFERENCE is that while the charge against our President was FABRICATED, MADE UP… BIDEN’S was RECORDED on VIDEO.. Where he can be seen and heard THREATENING TO WITHHOLD A BILLION DOLLARS IN AID FROM UKRAINE IF THEY DIDN’T FIRE THE PROSECUTOR THAT WAS INVESTIGATING CORRUPTION IN A COMPANY CALLED BURISMA… THE COMPANY HIS SON HUNTER WAS WORKING ON THEIR BOARD AND BEING PAID ROUGHLY $83,000 PER MONTH, WITH ZERO EXPERIENCE AND ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF THE BUSINESS. WHILE ADDRESSING A PANEL AND SMALL GROUP, THEN VP BIDEN LAUGHS WHEN HE SAID HE WAS LEAVING IN SIX HOURS, AND SON OF A BITCH… THEY FIRED THE PROSECUTOR… the once proud, once respected Free Press that is no more. BURIED this story and then when it SURFACED, the DEMOCRATS AND THEIR MOUTHPIECE FAKE NEWS MEDIA IN SUPPORT, USES THE MADE IP quid pro quo against President Trump as a COVERUP of the REAL QUID PRO QUO COMMITTED BY THEN VP BIDEN WHEN HE WAS THE VP UNDER PRESIDENT OBAMA… SO, there is a LOT at stake come election day… The Democrats want to CHANGE OUR CONSTITUTION TO SUIT THEMSELVES… DESTROY OUR SECOND AMENDMENT- starting piece by piece- first trying to limit the types of firearms we can own, then taking away our firearms, destroying the SECOND AMENDMENT- which says the right for us to bear arms, to defend ourselves against enemies foreign and domestic cannot be infringed. By destroying this most important amendment the Democrats would remove our ability to DEFEND OURSELVES AND OUR FAMILIES… then the Democrats want to ABOLISH OUR ELECTORAL COLLEGE SO THEY CAN CONTROL FUTURE ELECTIONS… they want a ONE PAYOR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM- the ONE PAYOR IS THEM- the democrat government. Once this happens then they CONTROL ALL HEALTHCARE.. pretty dangerous to have all your eggs in one basket!. I could go on and on… but the BOTTOM LINE IS SIMPLE: the DEMOCRATS WILL DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES… on the other side, WE HAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP TRYING TO DO ALL HE CAN TO HELP AMERICA AND EVERY AMERICAN… BUT MOST AMERICANS DON’T KNOW ALL THE THINGS HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED DUE TO THE 100% BIASED MEDIA. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TAKE A FEW MINUTES AND READ AN ARTICLE WRITTEN IN THE FRANK REPORT, by PERONNEAU VANDEHEY- The 125 Accomplishments of President Trump You will truly have a much better perspective- even Democrats, once you read this… and you can easily FACT CHECK EVERY ACCOMPLISHMENT LISTED. Thanks.

  33. In the military services, “skewed polling” could be roughly described as “psychological warfare,” which can be utilized in order to obtain a desired objective, in this case a Biden victory in the national election! Anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of “PSYWAR” only one time rapidly learns to recognize it and react accordingly! In short, don’t sweat the polls, just get off your a$$es and VOTE for President Trump!

  34. We have already had two Trump signs stolen and when we posted a sign for Trump high above our garage, our neighbors egged our garage door!! We left the eggs and eggshells to let people see the uncouthness of the liberal left. The few Biden signs out, who wants them! You must be brain dead to vote for Biden/Harris! It is either that or you have bought all of their delusional lies! We already have voted absentee for Trump and Pence and a straight Republican ticket to help save the nation from the socialist, communist, Marxist Left!!!

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