Dueling Boycotts, Dueling Economies

The Democrat Party has put on a political suicide vest and gives every indication that it would rather push the button than give up power because the coronation of their dream candidate didn’t happen. The lost loons of the left are all in, folks. Peace, prosperity, jobs, ponies, chocolate-covered sundaes and living without the fear of being raped by an illiterate Mexican conquistador?

The Democrats have said, “No thanks, we’re all going over the cliff.” Despite all of the great things happening as our economy comes roaring back to life, America is coming unraveled at the seams – and it’s all one side’s fault: The side that thought it could boycott In-N-Out Burger.

In-N-Out Burger is a California burger chain on the west coast with expansions in a few other states like Nevada, Arizona and Texas. They use real meat, they’re a privately-owned company that was created by a family, and they’re pretty awesome. Fast food workers at other restaurants look up from texting on their phones and gaze across the street at In-N-Out Burger and think, “Man, look at all those customers over there. I’m glad I never have to work that hard!”

Some SJW nitwit named Eric Bauman, who runs the Democrat Party in California, was poring over tens of millions of campaign finance filings, looking for something to complain about. Because that’s what SJWs do for fun, as opposed to having a job or kissing a girl. Lo and behold, the SJW nitwit discovered that In-N-Out Burger donated $25,000 to the Republican Party of California. A witch! Burn it!

Captain Never-Kissed-a-Girl sprang into action and called for an immediate boycott of In-N-Out Burger, one of the few remaining privately-owned businesses in California that hasn’t packed up and moved to Texas. “It’s time to #BoycottInNOut – Let Trump and his cronies support these creeps… perhaps animal style,” tweeted Bauman, who hopes that one day, perhaps, a girl will talk to him and realize how brave and genius he is.

Bauman’s burger boycott backfired bombastically.

Monsieur Bauman failed to realize three things. First, In-N-Out donates an equal amount of money to Democrats and Republicans every year.

Second, Californians – real Californians, who hope that Trump will kick all the illegal aliens out and let their state rejoin the Union one day – love them some In-N-Out Burgers. That double beef patty, double cheese, extra grease, cholesterol loaded burger of doom transcends politics.

As a result, the LA Times tried to do a piece of “gotcha” journalism, thinking they would find a line of Trump supporters to harass at the nearest In-N-Out. Turned out that most folks in the line were Democrats who had decided to #WalkAway rather than give up those sweet, Double-Double vengeance burgers.

Oh, and third, attractive girls never want to kiss the SJW.

Bauman slithered up to Fresno to hold an announcement that there was no boycott of In-N-Out Burgers under way. Then, in a Bill Clinton-level lie, he announced that he had NEVER called for a boycott of In-N-Out when he called the restaurant owners “creeps” and created the hashtag #BoycottInNOut.

In-N-Out Burger didn’t do anything, and it wasn’t bothering anyone. They were just making customers fat and happy with a great product and being responsible community members by donating money to both political parties – which the company had done for decades previously.

But today’s SJW Democrats can’t stand for that. They don’t think you should be allowed to participate in society at all if you think the wrong thoughts. They want you banned from the economy if you don’t toe the line. They want you off Twitter and Facebook, they want you out of a job and they want your company bankrupted if you do anything that they deem politically inappropriate according to them. If your family ends up homeless in the process, well, too bad, you gotta break a few eggs to build Hillary’s village.

The only way to beat them is to give them a taste of their own medicine, which is what Americans just did to Nike. The shoe company just named Chief Kneeler and NFL wannabe Colin Kaepernick the face of its new “Just Do It” campaign.


The guy wore socks depicting police officers as cartoon pigs, dated a Muslim Brotherhood operative and got brainwashed by her into spitting on the American flag. What are you thinking, Nike?

Oh, well, welcome to the boycott, American animal-style! Four days after the Kaepernick announcement, Nike had lost $4 billion in market share, according Zero Hedge, as patriotic Americans divested themselves of Nike stock. Twitter is filled with videos of former NFL fans setting their Nike swag on fire.

Do you SJW nitwits see the difference? In-N-Out Burger didn’t do anything to poke its fans in the eyeball or spit on our traditions. Nike did. Do you really want to play dueling economies with the American people, Democrats?

You won’t like the result if you continue down this path.

~ American Liberty Report

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