Everything about the Border Crisis is a Lie

The full might of the migrant caravan is upon us. You may have seen that a mob of hundreds of them tried to storm past the border. They threw rocks at border patrol agents and physically attacked the barriers that keep them in Mexico. Agents defended themselves with non-lethal tactics, and the left is up in arms. They’re calling it a human rights violation.

They’re really pulling out all of the stops on this one. They look at the caravan and see 10,000 plus new voters for their party. To get those illegal votes, they’ll tell any lie imaginable. These are the most prolific.

Migrants Are Refugees

To understand this lie is to understand the inner workings of the leftist mind. It seems like a slight or simple misuse of the term. Sometimes, they’ll even throw the term “economic refugee” around. It’s all an insidious tactic to invoke misplaced empathy.

A refugee is someone who is fleeing immediate physical danger. That danger can come from governments, wars, the general public and even natural disasters. It cannot come from economics. There is actually no such thing as an economic refugee. The better term would be “someone looking to make a buck.”

Now, there are some refugees mixed into the migrant caravan. They’re an extreme minority. You can tell this easily because they didn’t apply for asylum in Mexico. Any genuine refugees can apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach. From there, they can pursue refugee status in the country of their choice. It doesn’t mean they’ll get what they want, but international law will protect them until they can settle in a reasonably safe location. That is not at all what is happening with most of the migrant caravan.

You can see this lie really take form when leftists try to focus on the families in the caravan. They portray the thousands of immigrants as a coalition of innocent, starving families who are fleeing certain death. It’s just not true.

Even NBC has been forced to admit that the vast majority of these migrants are single men looking for economic opportunity. They know that because every single interview ends the same. The migrants themselves are admitting this.

It’s important to be fair for a moment. While the left pivots on their lies, it’s easy for the rest of us to get carried away. There’s nothing wrong with people from other countries trying to move to the U.S. to get a good job and make an honest living. The problem with the caravan is that its goal, from the very beginning, has been forcible, illegal immigration. The plan was never to go through the legal channels, and that makes this an invasion. Economic motivation doesn’t matter. When thousands of people storm a border, that’s an attack on a nation’s sovereignty, and the United States is probably the only nation in the world that doesn’t respond to such an attack with deadly force.

They’re Peaceful

An extension of the refugee lie is that these migrants are peaceful. This is an excellent half-truth. There are unquestionably some peaceful people mixed into the group. There are unquestionably some horrific criminals mixed in as well. When it comes to border security, we can’t risk the bad for the sake of the good. Every single individual has to be vetted, and that’s why the process is slow. If the left had their way, we would just let them all through and let Americans suffer the consequences of “a few bad eggs.” Here are a few facts to explain why that’s terrible.

There are over 10,000 migrants in the caravan. If 90 percent of them were peaceful, we’d be letting more than 1,000 dangerous criminals through our border. How much damage do you think that could do? How many rapes, murders and other crimes should we tolerate for the sake of expediting the immigration process? Remember, the sense of urgency surrounding the migration is a lie. In reality, investigations suggest that more than 10 percent of the caravan is less than peaceful.

Here are a few examples. Border agents have already caught roughly a dozen MS-13 members in the caravan. These are known child rapists, murders and human traffickers. The left wants them in our country.

Interviews have shown that roughly 15 percent of the migrants have already been convicted of crimes in their homes. Being a felon is not the same thing as being a political refugee.

Lastly, the migrants have already committed so many crimes in Tijuana that over 100 have been arrested, and the mayor has declared a state of emergency. That doesn’t sound particularly peaceful. It almost sounds like the kind of group that would throw rocks at border agents.

It’s Just a Political Stunt

At last, we get to the biggest and most obvious lie of all. The left has claimed, repeatedly, that President Trump only cared about the caravan because he could use it to boost votes in the midterms. This was said despite the fact that he had a similar response to a smaller caravan in 2017. The justification for this lie is that the President didn’t tweet about the caravan for a full two days after the election. It’s almost as if the President of the United States is busy and has multiple concerns!

Yet, more than a week after the election, Trump was negotiating with the Mexican government to keep the border safe. He has continued to speak on the issues publicly, and his stance hasn’t changed in the least.

The only ones stunting on this caravan are Democrats. They’ve used it (and immigration in general) as a political weapon again and again. Unfortunately for them, they’ve told lies often and loudly enough that we can throw it all back in their faces. Every single thing they claim about this caravan is a lie, and you have the facts and evidence to fight back.

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