“How to Lose Georgia Senate Seats with This One Trick” by Mitch McConnell

Raise your hand if you’re actually surprised that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a swamp creature who despises Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s supporters. Not very many hands up, are there? McConnell seems to have done a decent job of appointing conservative judges over the past few years, which he deserves credit for, but it doesn’t look like he even wants to remain in the big corner office in the Senate. He’d rather put on a gimp suit and be in the minority, leaving the Senate in control of Chuck Schumer.

How else do you explain McConnell’s battle strategy in Georgia? Writing this a day before the Georgia runoff election, my gut is telling me that in a best-case scenario, we’re looking at a Loeffler victory and a Perdue loss. In a worst-case scenario, we’re about to lose the whole enchilada, which includes the constitutional republic itself.

And Mitch McConnell is fine with that. His family’s fortune is secure, so why should he care what happens to your family under the Green New Deal with a packed Supreme Court, statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, and the laundry list of other progressive wishes?

The sad thing is that the Georgia Senate races were winnable contests for the GOP, if they had bothered to put down their brandy snifters and cigars for a few minutes over the past four years and learned a thing or two from Donald Trump. McConnell obviously didn’t do that.

How else do you explain that nightmare of a COVID stimulus bill? This shouldn’t even be that hard. Here’s a quick pop quiz for you, which I’m sure you’ll probably ace:

What is the NUMBER ONE, SUPREME, MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE to Georgia voters of both political parties right now? (And also of most Americans in most states, obviously.)


You didn’t even have to think about the answer, did you? It’s the relief checks for Americans. After governments forced small businesses to shut down for nine months, and after tens of millions of Americans had their lives upended because our “experts” fell for Chinese propaganda over an illness that still doesn’t rank as deadly as the annual flu season*, Mitch McConnell decided that $600 ought to tide everyone over.

How insulting must that have been to everyone who has lost a business or lost income this year? Especially when weighed against the tens of billions of dollars sent to foreign countries for frivolous BS. $700 million for Sudan? No problem! Meanwhile, here’s $600 for the nail salon owner who has been out of business for nine months, who has a mortgage, two car payments and two kids to feed. Don’t spend it all in one place, Americans!

If McConnell had wanted to win two Senate seats in Georgia and thus keep the Senate under Republican control, he should have put up a one-page bill for COVID relief checks that everyone could have understood. Instead, McConnell tied the bigger relief checks to non-starter issues that would never pass in the Senate, thus giving Democrats a moral victory – and likely victory in Georgia.

Instead of giving Americans bigger relief checks, McConnell opted to send tens of millions of dollars to Lindsey Graham’s Trannies in Pakistan relief program. Oh, sorry. “Gender programs” in Pakistan.

But don’t kid yourself about that. The money won’t be helping girls learn to read or teaching Pakistani women to pass a DMV exam. The money is to be used to help post-operative male-to-female transgenders in Pakistan learn how to safely use tampons. No kidding.

Defending this abomination of a “COVID Relief” bill, Lindsey Graham repeatedly stated, “Pakistan is a place I’m very concerned about.”

I’ll bet he is!

McConnell has so effectively ditched the possibility of two easy Republican wins in Georgia that the Democrats won’t even have to bother cheating this time. Why would they? They already think they won the big prize of the presidency, and McConnell has done the heavy lifting for the loss.

You want more proof that McConnell wants to lose those two Senate seats? What has Mitch McConnell not been mentioning for the past two months? Not even once.

That’s right. If McConnell had wanted to maintain control of the Senate, he’d have been on the campaign trail in Georgia decrying the massive fraud that took place in the 2020 election. But he’s not, so we know which side he’s really on.

132 thoughts on ““How to Lose Georgia Senate Seats with This One Trick” by Mitch McConnell”

  1. the political arena is full of snakes from top to bottom. they are owned by the likes of the world economic forum, the international monitary fund, big pharma. i could go on further. these clowns own and direct the cia and fbi.
    our politicians are selling us out to the likes of soros, gates, and bloomburg.
    the situation is bad. the only way to take back our country is to somehow inform and organize the people to forcefully take it back. otherwise, we are screwed.
    pres trump tried but was against a monster !

    1. Well Kentucky how about your chicken shit senator now are you hungry yet well vote for bitch the Mitch again show America and the world how smart Kentucky people really are good luck with that one

      1. not all of us voted for the swamp rat but even his opponent was crocked and deceiving also so there was not much to vote for

        1. Also the Senators and Representatives that voted against the objections need to be replaced. They all voted to trash our Constitution even though the all swore to defend and uphold the Constitution. Also they all agreed that stealing an election is ok to do.

          1. Agree with voting out all who didn’t stand up to object to the electoral votes. Got a request from Mitch’s campaign for a donation this morning, hah take a hike back to your swampy nest you traitor. No donations to swamp creatures or cowards.

      2. We wouldn’t have voted for him if we had had another choice!! Don’t be stupid!! The Republican party needs to step up with solid alternatives to the Rhinos and do some solid soul searching unless they want us to just start another strong Party!!!

      1. I am so disappointed in Barr and McConnell to find oiut that they are part
        of the DEEP STATE AND THE SWAMP.! It is very obvious they were bought
        off and don’t care about our nation!

        1. I Agree with you & don’t forget the UNGRATEFUL governor of Georgia who wouldn’t have won without President Trump’s help. Also, he probably got paid off for signing the contract with Dominion & Smartmatic, for the Democrats to “win.” The BIden family will sell us to China. GOD help us.

    2. What you say is true. However, if the Biden/ Harris administration take the reins, in two years there is going to be nothing left to right for. The damage they’re going to inflict on the American people will be irreversible. Foreign interest owns America. The American people along with a Democratic Republic was SOLD.

      1. don’t know about you,But I can clearly state that I WILL likely be killed while defending our once great (now defiled) constitution ,as I SWORE to do when I enlisted in the “corp”. retired Marine E-8 !

        1. You start this and I and many other patriots will join you!!! SEEMS LIKE OUR ONLY OPTION TO STOP THE DEMONRATS FROM ENSLAVING US!!!!!

      2. This is serious for America as we know it. I don’t believe in government anymore, the swamp flows too deep. I have read about what the great prophet Nostradamus has known. The country known as the “Great One shining on the Hill” will be destroyed, and attacked on both oceansides by super powers. Done with much devastation in the year 2024.

    3. They need term limits of not more then 2 – of 2 year or 4 year terms at the most. then they could not make sell us out so easily. some of these so called politicians have made millions off the hard working American people.

    4. We all better start praying. Not only praying but we must repent and sin no more if we want the Lord to actually listen and answer us. We need to pray that the young people of this country be saved and turn to the Lord. He really is our salvation at this point and if we don’t turn to God we will be seeing the return of Jesus Christ. Although I am looking forward to his return some are not ready and still need the time to get ready. Don’t wait people!

    5. Yes, they are snakes! McConnell is the worst. He is married to a China person and should be on the left side, as he acts every day. Sad he has been there too long. They cant pass on all they money paid out!

    6. It seems that at some point there will be an uprising. I see where the SQUAD has now been chosen as the heads of oversight– welcome to the mess that weak Republicans voted into office have HELPED happen. I don’t even speak with my socialist, liberal (stupid) sister and her family who just Loved Obama (the start of all of this) — for them and those like them, I hope they enjoy getting exactly what they deserve and hope that, economically, they hit bottom. Really, I am a quiet conservative person but can no longer even stomach these people and will NEVER conform to their mandates and will only ever vote for a TRUE CONSERVATIVE, there ever will be one again.

    7. From one veteran to another, I totally agree with you. The RNC is so soiled with corruption it is embarrassing. Our President fought overwhelming odds for the entire four year term.
      The DNC is no better and until the people band together and revolt things will rapidly deteriorate. The swamp is in much worse shape than most imagine and cleaning it up will be a monumental task. God bless America.

    8. I wholeheartedly agree with you and I honestly can’t understand how people don’t see it. Trump cannot possibly be doing all that for which he is blamed
      .I am disgusted with what is going on. I have never before seen such unreasonable people or such rage in people.

  2. the only way we can save our free democratic republic is for trump to immediately invoke the insurrection act and declare martial law. this would negate the authority of mayors,governors, judges all courts including the scotus, and the congress. have a new national election under strictly enforced conditions as listed. absolutely no mail ln votes, exception is absentee ballots by those who cannot attend in person, all ballots will be paper votes only, no macnine counting or tabulating, all votes will be placed into a ballot box by the voter and when the box is full it will be sealed and placed under lock and key and guarded 24/7 by the military until such time as they are to be counted. all counting will be monitored by the military from a distance of not more than three feet. this the only honest and fair way to have a new election.

    1. That would work, but it will be a hard sell. I’m starting to believe that they ALL are behind the efforts to take away our rights and make us part of a new world order. These are extremely scary times.

      1. Go Bucks, I think you are closer to reality than you know. I think the New World Order, is behind all of this. I mean does anyone really believe Joe Biden could find close to 80 million votes? I honestly can’t believe he could geg 30 million.

    2. This is absolutely what needs to be done it should have been done long ago. Let’s if they have big enough BALLS to do it

    3. I agree! Did anyone ask us what WE THE PEOPLE want? I think our government is turning on us! You are not alone in thinking that the people, us SILENT MAJORITY, need to organize and take back our whole country! We’re all tired of being screwed by our government! And they say Google is too big of a monopoly, well, so is our government! There are many of us that feel the same way. So, what do we do?

      1. I agree. It is time to totally clean house, both the House and Senate. Get rid of everyone who had served 4+ years, and any of the new ones who doesn’t have this country and her citizens first and foremost in their minds and hearts. Term limits for everyone, just like the President. If the President is limited to 2 terms in a lifetime, so should Congress for the same reasons. One is no better than the other, but somewhere along the way, Congress has decided they are better than anyone, WRONG!!!!
        Unfortunately, it may be too late. Our country is being taken over and destroyed from the inside.

    4. Yes, agree 100%. Enough is enough. Tired of all these demrats and all the disgusting RINOs that are together in that DC swamp. Wish they would all drown in the mess they made of America, and at our expense. Don’t know who to trust any more, and that includes both parties. Roberts, Barr, Wray, McConnell, etc., etc., etc. What hypocrites they all are.

    5. Larry ive been wishing the military would have steped in before the voting started innov we would still have trump 4 more yrs

    6. It would be the perfect way to obtain a free election. All politicians with the exception of a very few are in it for the money. Look how many became millionaires!!!

    7. Is it too late for the President to invoke the insurrection act? There is no doubt that this is a massive takeover, coup, whatever you wish to call it.

    8. I agree with you. But… will they do this. Also, we are not fighting flesh and blood, we are fighting good and evil. As it states in the Bible, Ephesians 6:12. GOD is still in control. Yes, we must repent our sins and pray, pray, pray.

    9. Excellent idea and this would wake up many politicos. Love this idea to save our Democracy. Thank you for posting your thoughts would love if PRESIDENT TRUMP gets to read this and takes action.

  3. Past time for the 3rd party to form. The Populist party could easily be formed around Mr. Trump. It would draw in the more moderate Democrats and the real conservatives. Leave the Republican Party to Mitch and Mitt and the rest of the rinos.

    1. Oh how great it is to see someone else say exactly what I have been saying for several years. A third party is the only way to go, since the GOP and the demrats are equally sleezy, dishonest and corrupt. With you all the way….

      1. Yes third party sounds great but I don’t want to wait 4 more years when they cheated so badly they cannot be rewarded but we do need populist party but all parties need to stop being so disgusting ly bad human beings act like decent adults.

    1. Their are to many TWIT-TATS in Congress . And because of what you Twitchs have done we the people really could of used monies.And by the way what year did you all know this covid 19 Virus was being man made in the Lab to kill peopleI say 2012

      1. Guessing actually 2016/2017. Dems was determined after Trump beat them so badly; they wasn’t going to give Trump a chance to do or again. They tried overturning the election over Russian hoax, impeachment, etc, and when that didn’t take hold, they grabbed the MSM to help and started working on discrediting Trump, then worked with China to release a virus to the whole world. Causing lockdowns all over, giving Dems a chance to become dictators in their own states. Trump went all out, pushed for pharmaceutical companies to start working on vaccines immediately after closing travel into this country, got vaccines that worked and were approved before the end of the year as he promised. Again the Dems saw Trump winning the heart’s of the citizens because he kept his promises and he cared more about the country and her citizens, so they had to come up with another plan, stealing the election was their last chance to put Biden, correction Harris in as President. If the Republicans do not grow a backbone today and follow the law of the Constitution to handle the situation today, Trump will have to leave the White House and Lying Biden wil be in the White House for about 4 months, maybe, mark my words. The only thing to save this country and her citizens is if President Trump does enact the Insurrection Act as someone earlier said. President Trump has followed and used the Constitution the way it was meant to be, so now he may have to use the last straw, the Insurrection Act to keep his oath and promise to defend this country and her citizens from enemies inside and outside her borders.
        Sorry, I wil get off my soapbox now.

        1. Ann…….get back on your Soapbox……we need more people to have a “SPINE” and “GUTS” and to stand up and tell it like it is!! We’re all TIRED of these WEAK RINOS that all think they are above the Law ! Simply put, WE’RE SICK AND TIRED OF POLITICIANS !!!!! PERIOD !! I think Insurrection Act is better than CIVIL WAR !!


  5. My take…. why has it taken everyone so long to figure out McConnell….. he is a diehard SWAMP RAT!!! His wife is a Chinese American with rich parents, he is afraid that if they have a recount in KY he may have lost as the race there was tight…. he thinks it’s his money he is giving to us not the government’s!!! Graham is a liar and a crook!!! So what you got…. I am surprised the other KY senator, the doctor Rand Paul who makes lots of noise about Fauci didn’t step up to the plate to bat for POTUS…. another loser….talkers only no doers….. we should boycott the GOP!!! If POTUS is running again he should run as an independent or we shoud form another party!!! The House GOP are all a bunch of snakes too…..

    1. I want nothing to do with either party. Those of us who are patriots should push for a third party — I still support Trump though they have tried to devastate him since day one. I watched some of the “speeches” by our illustrious Repubs until I thought I would puke – can’t remember when I have seen so much ass kissing — all living in fear of losing their excessive benefits and fat cat incomes.

    1. i am with you. I am ready to fight for our country. Get rid of those back stabing repubs. ALL of therm Barr,pense,mconnel. People must stand up.

  6. invoke the Insurrection Act and Declare Martial Law, NOW! It is time to fully drain the swamp and hang all the swamp creatures. T

  7. I agree the people need to band together. We don’t need to riot in the street burn buildings etc. If we would get rid of about 50 crooked politicians the rest would come to attention. I don’t think it would very hard for 70 million American to get rid of 50 crooks.

  8. Definitely go for martial law. It’s all we have left to save We the people of the United States of America. The GOP’s the Beijing Bidens the plagiarism lying POS camel toe Harris. Call out the military to hoist our flag and defend WeThe.People while it still flies proudly representing the USA, before Beijing dementia Biden and the demonrats replace it with a Chinese flag. God help America and the American people.

    1. So how do we get to Trump now ! They are ready to take him out next week.
      Plus how do we the people reach and ask him to hurry and do it?
      The Innsurection Law or Marshall Law. Do u think now anyone will follow his orders now?

  9. I can’t help but wonder what the Democrats got on Mitch for him to turn rat. All I can say is he lost his political career all by himself.

    1. Willie, The Democrats have nothing on Mitch. He has always been a swamp rat. Yeah, he heled get a lot of judges appointed, but look at the three he helped put on the supreme court. They are all like John Roberts, RINOs who are part of the swamp. Otherwise, they would have done something about this election fraud and voter fraud that went on. I am afraid the nation is doomed to be a socialist/communist country because there are way too many people like McConnell and the 3 supreme court justices put on the court. Worthless pieces of shit. There, I said it. Censor my comments if you like, monitor of this site. I no longer care because our representative Republic is dead. Toes up Harris will be president very soon and the transformation to communism will follow shortly thereafter.

      1. John Roberts Chief Judas of SCOTUS– this is the main criminal in the scandal called an election. He set the precedence, months ago when the criminal PA officials changed the voting agenda; he voted in favor of an illegal process by state official/judicial action. Constitution allows only state legislators power to change election proceedures. Insanity , word of now and forever, to allow same tactics in Georgia, for run offs, as was allowed for NOV3. Where are the standard bearers? allowing same shit over again, expecting different results??? So now its too late, Roberts and the Biden crime family go scot-free!!!! Others also involved include Commie Harris and spouse Emhoff(noted Commie for years, working for chicom as representative of DLA piper) Zuckerberg and other big business entities should be prosecuted also.

  10. It is now clear that The Turtle has taken the deal he was offered by the representatives of the Chicoms, Soros and Gates and Schwab, who will control the puppet Biteme regime. Many communist dictatorships have “opposition” parties in their rubber-stamp legislatures, that help to present the image of multi-party democracy but never get anywhere or do anything. Moscow Mitch will in fact be Beijing Mitch, leading a permanent and ineffective minority while Schumer, Pajama Boy and Reverend Wifebeater, together with their Obammunist comrades, confiscate guns, drag women off buses and forcibly abort them as our Chinese masters do, force faith-based institutions to renounce their doctrines and compel religious citizens to disobey their consciences, forcibly transfer the money of one group of citizens to another on account of their race, impose censorship and “hate speech” prosecution, submerge the country in a flood of alien criminals and jihadis, cripple the U.S. economy while our Chinese overlords bestride the world and allow mohammedan zealots to acquire nuclear weapons. Elections are now clearly as risible and fraudulent in America as in Liberia or the Congo, and we are going in future to have to change government policy by the means that are necessary to use in Central America and subsaharan Africa.

  11. Welcome to Venezuela 2.0. 40% income tax, lock downs, concentration camps starting in NY, open borders, citizenship and voting rights for all illegals, and BLM will no longer be the favored minority. American citizens will no longer count from our government, only demoscum voters. Thank you Georgia for voting for a pedophile Castro loving scumbag.

  12. I think Mitch McConnell with the rest of the Rinos should be taken out to a tree in a field and lashed severely. They are the ones who lost our country for us to Communists! And their laughing, and having a good old time! Mitch, you and your cowardly friends in congress, had better watch out. We Americans are being forced to fight back!

    1. The Democrats have watched us put up with their crap and it’s probably time to show them we’re done , The fact that those Jack asses voted Pelosi in again should tell us all something that

  13. Mitch mcconnell play to the one who line his bank account! I have never trusted him as head of the Senate. He reminded me of that DEMONcrat Senate from Arizona! One who was in love with Nancy Pelosi! Just an old fool who should have already RETIRED!

  14. Sounds right to me. We need a new Election that is vote in person, no machine counting and guarded by the military.

  15. Don’t blame the President for the loss in Georgia, he was there trying to encourage the people of Georgia to get out to vote. It doesn’t help when no one is assisting the President in the attempt to keep Georgia a red state. NO, the problem isn’t the President it is the weak, lily-livered Republicans who want the whole cake for themselves (oh, they will share it with the Dems who are like-minded) and the world but not the American citizens. I think it is about time to impeach Congress, no that would take too long, let’s charge them all with Treason then arrest them for not upholding the Constitution and allowing the sham of an election to proceed to this end. Matthew Henry said: None so deaf as those who will not hear. None so blind as those who will not see. I think both statements fit our present Congress and it about time to take out the trash!!

    1. You know Sarah, you are so right. Republicans are mostly like Mitch McConnell, they love to be the minority Party. That way, they do not have to do anything for the country. They just sit back and reap the rewards the Democrats give them. As we saw yesterday, Senator Hawley, Ted Cruz and just a hand full of real Republicans in the House stayed true to the constitution. Most followed McConnell’s lead and capitulated to the Democrat Party communists. For this reason alone, I say no Republication should ever vote for any of these weasels again. In fact, I would change my Party affiliation to Independent, but that would not help at all because I could not vote except in the General election. When that female Military person was killed in the assault on the congress, that was the final straw for me. Everyone in the country knew the very corrupt, crooked, criminals called Democrats stole this election from President Trump by very crooked means. The most telling ways were the (1) the Dominion machines that when counting was stopped, they were used to put the Democrat ahead by enough votes to win, (2) the state was flooded with ballots and that resulted in more votes than registered voters and no one ever did anything about this and in fact, this was covered up by the very corrupt Democrats, RINOs, voting officials and the media, (3) Dead people voted, underage kids voted, illegals voted, people in prison voted, and the homeless people voted via Stacey Abrams Harvesting methods, 4 all of the above happened in Georgia, but the other states had similar things going on and all 6 states changed their voting laws before, during, and after the election illegally. By this I mean, judges, state supreme court, and election officials, changed election procedures that allowed the voter fraud to happen when none of these people were authorized to do so since the only ones who have this authority is the state legislatures. (4) Democrat operatives in some states paid voters to vote for Biden, which is a crime and against the constitution. But that no longer matters because no one enforces the constitution anymore anyway – it is dead. and last (5) What happened in Washington D.C. yesterday proves to the world that the country has been taken over from within and now China, Russia, Iran, and any other country will now just do what they want to with the former USA. We no longer will be known as the United States because we definitely are no longer united.

      1. Hawley and Cruz — I fully endorse and support both. I was really disappointed when Trump did not get Cruz on the Supreme Court, now that would have been a very smart move. I think Pussy Cat is going to be a little prima donna soccer mom.

        1. ThankYou All for comments & sincere thinkings. However We The People need to get our message to MrTrump, and warn him to Watch His Back. Trump does Not need Guilliani now or those who advised him this dragged out “politically correct” way to challenge the Electoral College. This team removed any thoughts of the Insurrection Act proposed by Flynn & Powell. Trump needs Flynn & SidneyPowell NOW before Schumer & ChinaMitch invoke the 25th on MrTrump as Pelosi so early established a clear pathway. We CANNOT WASTE any more time…Now. We need Trump to act NOW !!!

    2. Sarah, good points on all. Add this to the mix. More than a dozen rejections of the election fraud, by the SCOTUS and other lowers are the real criminals. Starting with the Chief ‘Judas’ Roberts. He is being controlled by outside forces, yet to be determined. He screamed and hollered at the justices, vowing actions against, if they were to vote to even view the requests!!!! Only two to stand against him were Thomas and Allito. The others are to inexperienced to resist. Barrett especially. All these entities are guilty of criminal violation of the U.S. constitution!

  16. I have never liked the SOB and truly don’t understand what everyone thinks is so great about him. I hope I live to hear he has taken his last breath. He has always been scum and only had his concerns at heart. And if you think he is concerned about us you would be sadly mistaken. He has always been and will remain a freaking joke. These pieces of crap we call Senators and Congressmen are like professional wrestlers. They hit at each other during the day and then go have drinks together an night. Anarchy is the word of the day. Only way to get these jokes out of Washington. Voting doesn’t count anymore. It is so sad to see what we have allowed this country to become. A JOKE!!!!!

  17. I don’t no how it will happen but my gut tells me that Trump will WIN one way or another. Keep the faith. Because faith and positive thinking can move mountains.
    May GOD bless us with Trumps 2020 WIN.

  18. January 6, 2021

    I agree with Hurrah and its time to take out the Trash!!!!!!!!!!
    We need to be under Martial Law before it is too late!!!!!!!!!
    Enough Talk, Talk, Talk. Yes many will die, but what will
    there be left to live For!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The founders warned “the price of Liberty is eternal vigilance-Beware the power of Factions. “ Lawyers dominate every branch of government, 100% Judiciary, 65% Congress and significant % of Executive. It is a violation of the Constitutional separation of powers and compatibility clause that “no member of one branch of government exercise the powers of another.” Licensed lawyers are officers of the court members of the Judicial branch they don’t respect the Constitution when they run for elective offices. They effected a coup a long time ago and have controlled government for some time they truly are the “enemy within.” They practice deception if the truth doesn’t serve their agenda, client or cause they deny it, get it ruled inadmissible, fabricate a hypothetical theory and present it as fact and we allow them to run every branch of government and wonder why it is so CORRUPT?!?!? If we were truly a Christian nation more preachers would be preaching Luke 11:44- “Woe unto you lawyers,…, hypocrites,…, you add to humanities burdens and lift not one little finger to lighten the load,”
    Try to take out an add in any newspaper asking people to vote and BOYCOTT Lawyers from Elected offices. You couldn’t pay to have it printed in the land of free speech!?!?!

  20. Mitch Mac Connell conscientiously fulfills the tasks of China, which he receives through his Chinese wife. China pays him well for this.

  21. I was a resident of Kentucky in 1984 and I voted for McConnell for U.S. Senate that year. I moved from Kentucky in 1987 and learned how much an disappointment he has become. He is definitely a RINO and does not want to rock the boat. Besides, his wife family is big businessman in Communist China. He is definitely a security risk as well. Democrats in Kentucky don’t oppose him with a major candidate. This should be his last term as a U.S. Senator.

  22. The President should start a new Party. Now, Screw the RHINO Party!!! We need get rid of all of this dead wood in Congress’ We need a new party with balls, who will take on all of these socialist bastards. We can just keep talking about it!!!!

  23. I would like to say I am 100% with you. A new Party with TRUMP at the helm. I think if we want to take charge , we need the Military behind the movement. How do you do that? I have seen lot in my lifetime. BUT what just happened takes the cake. I am 99 years olden mad as hell as most citizens are. I wish you all well and my prayers are with you.

  24. McConnell should be drug into the street, tar, feathered, and then hung. Right before stamp the word coward on his forehead.

  25. McConnell owns his share of treachery but he is by no means alone in the stabbing of America in the back. The government is loaded to the gills with rats and low life predators who have lived a parasitic existence off of the American people for years and generations. They have created a group of leach like citizens as well that live among us all, all over the USA, who support them as a means to maintaining their livelihood. All left wing societal experiments have failed through out the entire world and now they want this “reset” as a means of maintaining their source of funds, their elite status and further using people of the world as their slaves. We have had many opportunities for stopping this tyranny through out the years but did nothing. Right now may be our last opportunity to make things as they should be. The very last time.

  26. The Presidential election and the Senate races of Georgia have me both upset and concerned deeply. All of the people in Our Country deserve to be told the whole naked truth and as we listen, also be listened to. It does look and feel like the November 3, election has alarming problems. Why are the courts not taking these and investigating. All I want is the truth, I need to feel the truth has been given.Shutting down the questions with no answers of just saying there is nothing here. This is the biggest problem. Now with the Senate outcome, conservative issues are dead. Who to blame, I really don’t know. President Trump has been awesome but also has said things way out of line that has bitten him in a big way. He is to blame for that,those were his words spoken without thinking them thoroughly through. January 6, he made several bad choices as did his son’s and lawyer. I know he did not want the Capital Building invaded, but will anyone believe it now especially his haters. To me he meant to be at the building to show the numbers and hear their voices on the grounds of the building,not in the chambers. Perhaps there were outsiders mixed in that were the leaders in the criminal actions carried out. I supported our President and appreciate his hard work and great accomplishments. His frustrations I feel them all too, but in some places he went too far and owes some of his people apologizes. Election procedures need fixing, I hope after all of the calamity these concerns can be addressed, I bet not..

  27. Sorry folks, Trump knew all along what was being negotiated, and then threw in the wrench trying to make himself popular and embarrass the party and it backfired, and that is why Georgia was lost. It also didn`t help holding up the bill to pay the military while he was playing golf , many GOP voters voted Democrat for the first time because they lost faith in Trump because of his personality. He had some great achievements and good policies but ultimately thought more of himself than the country. He is the author of his own misfortune and now we are left with untrustworthy government.

  28. I hear lots of good wishful things here from you, good folks, the problem here is big money – billions of $$$$$ have been spent and went into the pockets of many people in this last election and “money is the root of all evil” says the Bible. How did Obama acquire assets of over 100 millions on a few years on a president salary ???? think about it! Author Matt Margolis was right: Obama was the worst president this country ever had and because of him, the book “planet of the apes” is fast becoming an actual prophecy – blacks will run thins country and if you are not blind you will agree with me – today reverse discrimination is the order of the day and we see it all around us.

  29. I believe the ordeal at the house yesterday was staged. Just because those guys were wearing Maga hats don’t make them Trump supporters no more than I wearing a Yankee ball cap makes me a member of the team. They may have been Antifa or another group who knows. Before everyone jumps to any resolve give this a thought. How did these people get past security on the most secure building in America. The answer is simple they were allowed to pass. The media called it a siege but who ever broke the doors in was the only violence I could see and people were just walking into the chamber in a pretty orderly fashion as if let in. I call a siege when people break in and violently take control and ravage the people and place. What I seen was more of breaking and entering situation or trespassing. Of coarse the purpose of it all was to quell support for the objections, make Trump look as bad as possible, and ram the certification thru. So they can make Biden look legitimate and put the matter under the rug. There is still this unresolved matter of about 95 million people who voted for Trump. I don’t think their going away anytime soon. They should have allowed the audit to bring true closer to this issue. So America could move on but they don’t want you to know the truth because Trump won by a super landslide

  30. ARTICLE 25 of the Constitution be INVOKED on PELOSI,
    AOC , OMAR , BIDEN , HARRIS , and the LIST gets longer and longer !

  31. The Old saying if you can’t stand the Heat Get out the kitchen well all of Trump’s so pose friend’s got out of the kitchen. I just hope that when they look in the mirror they see what they are a bunch of chicken shit’s but that’s Washington.

  32. I was on my way to the VA on Tuesday in Lexington Kentucky, had to stop for gas, the pump on the other side of my pump I over heard the conversation two men were having pertaining to Mitch McConnell, saying McConnell misled the people of Kentucky during his re-election campaign just to get re-elected knowing he would have 6 more years in the senate. The men stated that McConnell only pretended to be on President Trump side, but once the fraud was committed against President Trump, he turned his back on Trump, being two faced, stabbed President Trump in the back knowing Trump was out, but he had six more years in the Senate. The men were talking about starting a petition to have McConnell recalled.

  33. People, the enemy is us. We hard working, struggling people have not spent enough time paying attention to what was/is going on in our country. In my younger years, I was so focused on trying to succeed and making a good life for my family, I just didn’t pay enough attention. My children watched, and are emulating what I did. They just don’t dedicate enough time to politics, because their priorities are closer to home. They do care what is happening, but they, like I was, are being lead along by the pols, the big tech, and the fake media. Couple this with an education essentially void of civics, the constitution, and American history, they don ‘t know what to do even if they had the time. The point is that the road to putting this country back into shape is a long one, starting from Kindergarten on up. We need to make sure our kids are properly educated. Beyond politics and the rule of law, they need to be taught to appreciate what they have or are given, and that above all how wonderful freedom is, and that our freedom does not come free. Many have died for what we/they have, and many are dying today in the military and the men and women in blue. Let’s work earnestly, persistently, but patiently for change, electing better pols along the way. Write the pols, let them know your thoughts sternly,
    but respectfully.

  34. I escaped the soviet union in 1983 as a sailor. When I became a permanent and legal resident here, I joined the democratic party because at that time, they stood for everything that the soviet system was against. In the last 10 or 15 years I noticed that the democrats are becoming like the system I escaped from in Russia. Fascism is always the early indication of political trends and I see it growing rapidly among the democrats. When preference for jobs and/or political positions are given to blacks, homosexuals, lesbians and trans-genders, this is real fascism – America is no longer a land of opportunity for everybody based on equality – when a man like Obama, a homosexual man, who never did anything positive for his country, and his wife, a trans-gendered biological male, who always complained to her class mates that she hated being a man, when these people consider everybody else, who do not accept their values as abnormals, enemies or retrogrades —— (now some black Antifa activists have been given government jobs). FOLKS, THIS COUNTRY IS IN A DEEP AND SERIOUS TROUBLE , NOW I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING RETURNING TO RUSSIA WHERE CITIZENS ENJOY THE KIND OF OF LIVE WE HERE ONCE HAD.

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