If This Is Not a Coup, What is It?

The fact that President Trump has held off the Deep State’s soft coup against him for so long speaks to his strength of character. Even before President Trump was in office, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer opined that, if “You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

We are seeing the fruits of those “six ways from Sunday” in the anonymous and treasonous op-ed that the New York Times published last week. A Trump administration insider – supposedly a “senior administration official” – wrote the op-ed, according to the Times.

The op-ed was curiously timed to coincide with the release of Watergate reporter Bob Woodward’s new book. Woodward claims that the Trump White House is dysfunctional, with Cabinet members and aides snatching memos off of the Oval Office desk in order to rein in Trump’s “dangerous” impulses. You know, like those impulses to not start World War III with Russia for no reason other than the neocons and Hillary wanted to go to war with Russia.

The op-ed writer says that he’s a member of the “Resistance” working to protect America from our dangerous president in the White House.

This op-ed is the most outrageous, treasonous statement that Americans have seen printed in the pages of a newspaper in modern history. The American people did not vote for some nameless, faceless bureaucrat(s) to snatch memos off the president’s desk in order to hide information from him. The writer basically espouses the foreign policy of Hillary Clinton and Jeb, which the American voters soundly rejected.

The writer claims that he and his anonymous friends in the Resistance convinced Trump to take a harsher stance on sanctions against Russia – even though the president campaigned on normalizing relations with Russia. The Cold War has been over for almost 30 years, guys. The American people want to move on from the days of ‘duck and cover’ drills in school.

Sen. Pocahontas Warren (D-MA), who very much would prefer to run against Mike Pence in 2020, says that the Trump Cabinet must now invoke the 25th Amendment and remove the president from office. Pocahontas thinks that the American voters should not believe their lying eyes about our roaring economy, skyrocketing job rates, better quality of life and more peaceful relations with long-time enemies.

Instead, we should take the word of a geriatric reporter known for making up lies about Republican presidents and an anonymous op-ed writer for the New York Times – and allow Donald Trump to be removed from office without the say-so of anyone outside Washington, D.C.

If this is not a coup, then what is it? Because it sure looks like a coup to all of us out here in hillbilly flyover country.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) says that he can hear the “silence of the lambs” coming from Republicans who won’t speak out against President Trump. He wants the Republican Caucus to speak out more about the “unpredictable, unprepared, unstable” behavior of President Trump.

Quick question: Does Durbin realize he’s quoting a fictional serial killer who cannibalized his victims – and that he, Durbin, is identifying with the psychopath?

“It rubs the lotion on itself,” added fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok.

Trump really has driven the Democrats crazy!

So, what is the well-timed, carefully coordinated release of “insider” information about the dangerous and unstable president really about?

The White House Counsel and DOJ attorneys have been preparing for several weeks to declassify the FISA warrants used by the Obama administration to spy on candidate Donald Trump, his family members and his campaign. The truth is about to come out. The Trump administration is still playing patty-cake with the DOJ and trying to protect intelligence sources and information-gathering techniques, while still releasing the memos and documents to the American people.

Why bother? We already know from British and Australian newspapers that the FBI and CIA used at least five spies against the Trump campaign in addition to the lumbering, sweaty and still-unavailable-for-comment Stephan Halper.

Trump has the Deep State in a panic because once those memos become public, no amount of spin can change the facts. Hillary Clinton paid for the fake “Russian dossier” as a campaign hit piece. Hillary and the FBI colluded with foreign governments to impact the 2016 election and later, to undermine the Trump presidency.

Through the use of a FISA warrant, the FBI spied not only on Carter Page, but also on every senior member of the Trump campaign, up to and including Steve Bannon, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, Melania Trump and Donald Trump. (That’s how a FISA warrant works – it was never about spying on Carter Page alone.)

Furthermore, the Russian attorney who wormed her way into a personal meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. at Trump Tower met with Hillary’s dirt diggers at Fusion GPS both before and after that meeting. The whole thing was a setup from the beginning, with current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (Obama’s colleague from Harvard Law School) running interference and signing off on at least one of the fraudulent FISA warrants.

If you’re wondering why Chief Witch Hunter Robert Mueller hasn’t tried to indict President Trump on any false charges yet – as many predicted he would do before Labor Day – it’s because his cases usually fall apart when they make it in front of a judge.

It’s one thing to try to hang President Trump in the court of opinion with the help of a willing, complicit media. But when a judge finally gets to see your “evidence,” it becomes more difficult to lie to the public.

Just ask the federal prosecutors trying to lock up the alleged Russian NRA spy. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably remember the breathless media reporting on Maria Butina, the young Russian spy who was accused of sleeping with countless conservative political operatives and NRA leaders in order to pump them for information. Well, her trial’s not going so well for the prosecution – not that you would know it from the total media blackout on the story.

The prosecutors’ “evidence” that she tried to trade “sex for political access” was a single text message to her boyfriend. She apparently joked to her boyfriend that she owed him sex for renewing her car insurance. Chuck Schumer wasn’t kidding about that six ways from Sunday statement. The judge, however, was not impressed.

Mueller’s crack colleagues have assured the judge that… “Uh… We have some more evidence against this ‘Russian spy’ here… it’s somewhere… right under the… um… we’re gonna need a little more time, judge!”

Trump has the Deep State wetting itself because he’s about to mow its whole crooked, rigged operation down with the truth. Look for the FISA docs to be declassified very soon. And pray that the Secret Service agents on the presidential detail are loyal because it’s about to get very ugly.