It’s Nice to Know We’re All Collateral Damage in the Dems’ Lust for Power

There’s nothing like a manhunt for an illegal alien cop-killer over the holidays to help prove President Trump’s point brilliantly: We need a wall on our southern border. Period. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are ruing the day when Gustavo Perez Arriaga gunned down police Corporal Ranil Singh in California. Not because Corporal Singh is dead, but because Arriaga’s timing is just so awful!

Doesn’t Arriaga watch the news? Doesn’t he know that Pelosi and Schumer are in the middle of an insignificant, tiny, virtue-signaling government shutdown to try to prevent Trump from building a wall on the southern border?

Ix-nay on the urder-may, amigo!

Corporal Singh’s wife had just posted a Christmas photo of their young legal immigrant family on Facebook, with their baby in a Christmas sweater. Corporal Singh went to work then and pulled over illegal alien Arriaga in a drunk driving stop, when Arriaga allegedly gunned the young officer down. Arriaga has two previous drunk-driving arrests on his record and had an outstanding warrant on a third drunk driving charge… making this technically his fourth drunk driving stop.

The first day after the murder was bizarre even for California’s standards. The news media told everyone to be on the lookout for Arriaga, who was considered armed and dangerous… but the news wouldn’t show a mugshot of the accused Mexican killer! The media’s declaration that everyone should be on the lookout for a drunk-driving Mexican was especially confusing for the few Americans remaining in California. “Which one of our neighbors could it be?!”

Arriaga was finally taken into custody two days after the murder of Corporal Singh. And then the hits for Pelosi and Schumer just kept coming! So far, seven additional illegal aliens have been arrested for helping Arriaga to hide out from the cops, including two of Arriaga’s brothers and his girlfriend. This whole saga tells us several things about the quality and character of the illegal aliens flooding into our country.

First, the illegals have no sense of civic duty. Seven of them were arrested for aiding and abetting a drunk-driving accused murderer. We guarantee there were dozens of extended family members of those seven who also knew where Arriaga was hiding out. None of them saw fit to call the “gringo” police to turn him in. Arriaga was tracked down by good old-fashioned police work, not because someone ratted him out.

Second, the illegals are not assimilating to America at all. Why would they? There are so many of them now that they have their own country-within-a-country. The invasion force has established a beachhead and it’s not going to leave unless we force it out. That won’t end well.

Third, the illegals do not consider themselves Americans now and they never will. Out of the dozens of cousins, neighbors, aunts, uncles and others who knew where Arriaga was, they all felt that their loyalty to their own countryman – a Mexican – outweighed any moral obligation to make America a better place by getting a drunk-driving, cop-killing person off the streets.

You can’t blame them. They put Mexico first, just as we’re trying to put America first. They’re Mexicans and they will always be Mexicans, even if they eventually go through the formality of getting some paperwork that asserts that they are somehow “Americans.” Mexico doesn’t appear to be sending their best!

None of these hate facts will make the Democrats even consider pausing from their efforts to remake the American electorate into a pliable and reliable horde of Third Worlders that are okey-doke with low wages, high crime and a crumbling social safety net. The important thing to the Democrats is that the flood of illegals just keeps pouring in and stealing American identities and jobs. Eventually, all of America will be remade in California’s image, so long as they can keep the border open. As for you and your family, well, you’re the eggs in the proverbial socialist omelet.

In one of the most hollow and tone-deaf moves that we’ve ever seen by a Democrat politician, the lawmaker who wrote California’s “Sanctuary State” law sent a note of condolences to Mrs. Singh. Here’s hoping that Mrs. Singh puts that note in a nice frame, mails it back to the Democrat and tells him to stuff it sideways.

There was no excuse for this young police officer to have to die at the hands of a guy like Arriago. Driving drunk is grounds for automatic deportation for legal immigrants. What’s the excuse when an illegal alien like Arriago gets arrested multiple times for drunk driving and is never turned over to ICE for deportation? Oh, right. The excuse is: Pelosi needs the votes.

Democrats were almost universally in favor of a wall on the southern border two decades ago when Bill Clinton decried the flood of illegals coming in. But as soon as the Democrats realized that at least 70% of all Mexicans will become permanent Democrat voters once they obtain citizenship, the Dems did a total about-face. Now it is a “moral obligation” to keep that border wide open.

Corporal Singh’s death was a tragedy to begin with. The fact that his murder would have been 100% preventable if the sanctuary state of California had not violated federal law makes it even more galling. How many people have to die at the hands of illegal aliens before the Democrats will start caring about this issue? Ha! Silly question. They don’t care if we all die in Operation “Make America Mexico Now” if it gets them back into the sweet, sweet halls of power that they so desperately want to occupy once again.

You are expendable to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (expendable and deplorable!). Your kids and grandkids are expendable. If your children find themselves to be a hated and despised minority in the country their ancestors built, that’s a small price for Nancy Pelosi to have to pay so she can blather about global warming while the media fawns over her for her wisdom.

The shutdown over funding for the border wall now continues, with no compromise in sight. Not even the death of a police officer can slow Pelosi and Schumer down. And if they didn’t care about Corporal Singh’s death at the hands of an illegal, how do you suppose they’ll feel if the same thing happens to one of your loved ones?

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