Joe Biden Has Napped for 1/3 of September… But He’s Fine!

If you think that Hillary Clinton ran one of the worst and most incompetent presidential campaigns in American history in 2016, you should check out Joe Biden’s 2020 No Malarkey tour! It’s pretty incredible. For the first time since we’ve had televised presidential campaigns, the Democrat candidate is practically nowhere to be seen. But he’s fine. He’s FINE! Nothing wrong there! Joe Biden is a spring chicken, why… he’s as fit as the veritable fiddle! In fact, Biden’s November victory is so assured that he has now taken one-third of the month of September off.

In a presidential election, there’s a pool of reporters assigned to cover each campaign. It makes things easier for the Secret Service and safer for the candidates that way, because the same reporters are covering the campaign every day. This is normally a grueling job for the Labor Day to Election Day stretch. Those reporters are on the road or in the air every single day for more than two months, as the candidates run a sprinting marathon to the finish line.

It’s a sadistic grind, but eventually every candidate will need to take off a day as they fly across the country and try to hit as many states as possible to reach their base. When a day is taken off, a campaign staffer informs the pool of reporters that they are “calling a lid” for the day. The expression means there will be no campaign events or appearances to cover.

Covering the No Malarkey campaign of 2020 hasn’t been grueling for the pool reporters, however. They’ve had a lot of days off in September. In the first 22 days of September, here are the days when the Biden campaign “called a lid:”

September 1, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 19 and 22.

If you work a 40-hour-a-week job and even if you took Labor Day off, you’ve still worked more days in September than Joe Biden and the pool of reporters covering his campaign. He’s literally had to take 1/3 of the month off to rest in his basement. Biden had to take a three-day weekend to recover from his appearances at the September 11 remembrances.


In the most recent ten days in September, in which Joe Biden took five days off to rest, President Donald Trump has held in-person campaign rallies in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Carolina. He also toured wildfire damage in California, gave a speech at the National Republican Congressional Committee Battleground Dinner, participated in an ABC News town hall, and hosted a signing ceremony at the White House for three separate international peace agreements that he brokered.

Here’s how Joe Biden recited the Pledge of Allegiance yesterday:

“I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, one nation, indivisible, under God, for real.”

That’s… not even close enough for Army work or horseshoes. To his credit, Biden didn’t say that we are one nation under, “you know, the thing,” but that is still incredibly bad. Biden was so worn out by botching the pledge that the campaign had to call a lid and take the very next day off.

Oh, and by the way, on the day when Joe Biden was botching the Pledge of Allegiance, the President of South Korea called for an official end to the Korean War after more than 70 years and is calling for denuclearization talks on the Korean Peninsula. Guess who facilitated that while still maintaining a grueling presidential campaign schedule?

Remember when the media was telling us that Kim Jong Un was dead and Trump said, “No he’s not?” Now we know why Trump knew that for a fact – because he was talking to the Little Rocket Man again.

You can already imagine the headlines, if the media even bothers to cover this amazing development:

“Murderous Dictator Kim Jong Un Meddles in Election Help Trump!”

But don’t you worry. Joe Biden is fine! Nothing wrong with him!

In less than a week, Joe Biden is allegedly going to participate in the first presidential debate this year against Donald Trump. Biden could not recite the Pledge of Allegiance the other day, and he took the following day off.

If Biden bails on the first debate, what’s the excuse going to be then? At this point, it looks like a near guarantee that Biden won’t be able to make it through a debate. It would be too catastrophic for an already Low Energy campaign. He’s damned if he debates and he’s damned if he bails. The clock is ticking. What do you think he’s going to do? Will Biden show up, or will he hide in the basement?

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197 thoughts on “Joe Biden Has Napped for 1/3 of September… But He’s Fine!”

      1. Creepy Old Joe, is toast because he can’t do this. He is suffering from some form of dementia and the DEMOCRATS know it, but keep trying and making excuses for him. Its despicable that his wife has allowed him to embarass himself every time he tries to make a speech . He won’t take questions from the press, but they say nothing. There is no way that he can debate Trump, it would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Biden is no match for our President Trump. I think the ” old hag” Pelosi will try to call it off, by saying its not worth it to have the debate because of her hatred of Trump. Its pathetic that she would try to pull this off, just because she knows tgat CREEPY OLD JOE won’t make it through

          1. This should tell you everything you need to know about Jill. She is in this for “POWER/MONEY”,for her,nothing else matters to !

          2. I agreed with you! She wants to First Lady more than anything in the world! what she is doing is elderly abuse.

          3. I agree. Watching this man go down in flames every time he speaks is not funny, it is just sad. He’s being used by his party and he will disappear after the election, no matter the outcome. How party leaders can let this go on says a lot about their lack of feelings for another human being who is in need of help.

          4. She want to be the first lady so bad, she doesn’t care if her husband is not fit to be president.

          5. Sleepy Joe’s wife will do anything to be able to say in public that she is a 1st Lady and reap the Presidential life long benefits even if ha is only in Office a day or two after his inauguration so the dem party could make there VP President as scheduled.

          6. She is closely watching Joe but by supporting him to even run, knowing the stress a President has to deal with not to forget the long hours they have to put in. Why in Gods name is she ok with this.

            We all know Joe will not serve for long or if ever if he is elected. This is just an underhanded way to get Kamala Harris in the Oval Office. If Joe does make it to office and refuses to step down we’ll you know the Dems will have him declared mentally and physically unfit. JOE WAKE the HELL UP. These people you so whole heartedly trust are setting you up to fail. They don’t want you they want Kamala so they can brag about her being the first African-American Female President. I feel sorry for Joe he is being played.

          7. I agree!! She was just a money hungry Power grabbing broad!! Remember, his wife was in a car accident & the person that collided with her car, that killed her, was none other than this wife!

        1. This should tell you all you need to know about the Democrats. They are willing to bet it all and completely destroy one of their own purely for power. Disgusting..

          1. Interesting concept. It is precisely one of the themes that is put forth in Ayn Rand’s “We The Living”… and since modern Dems appear to be Marxist/Leninists, the book is very timely, even though published in 1936.

        2. peelosi and creepy joe are as socialist as you can get. They are not Americans. They are typical liberals. It’s only about me….me…and more of me.

        3. I try to feel badly for Joe Biden but then I realize that, by some freak ploy by the Democrats, Biden could actually become the leader of the most powerfull Country in the World. And I feel it would be Soros calling the shots.

          1. David! You “hit the nail on the head”!! Exactly what I was thinking! The Demoncrats are going to put their Meat Puppet up as a Presidential Candidate….commit Gross Voting Fraud, & STEAL The Election! Then, Biden won’t be able to perform his duties….& Kamala will sneak in as POTUS….& Soros (the EVIL PuppetMaster) will control America!

        4. oh yes there is ..It’s called “Chris Wallace” Wallace is to the left of “Trotsky’.! aS SUCH I WOULD bet HE will save ole’ dementia joe every time Trump “nails” him ! Just wait and see !!!

    1. Wow this is sad. And the Democrats can do is slammed President Trump. And why is Pelosi going to ask the questions at the debate.She will just cut President Trump. Also I do want to hear Joe Biden answer questions . This will be interesting . But better with out No Mask Pelosi

        1. I doubt if Chris Wallace will present Joe Biden any difficult questions. He will probably cut times for Pres. Trump when asking question. I don’t care for Biden and will vote for Trump. I feel sorry for Biden – Totally dislike people for using himloi. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. The Democrats will have him signing anything they want and he will never know. Sad.

          1. Don’t feel sorry for Joek Obiden or his family. Gorge Sorrows (George Soros) is making it worth their inconvenience. IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY !

        1. the reality is nobody really cares what pelosi has to say..she has been lying for the last 3 and a half years…she and her hand puppet Adam Schiff

        2. I think they may mean she will pre-approve all the questions ahead of time. Then give them to Joe to study and Chris to ask. That sounds about right doesn’t it?


        1. Want he be just as bad as the wind bag Pelosi. All I know is that Barren county Ky. Has been a demwits county for as long as I’ve been a live. But I just found out today that Barren County an two other counties have switched over to the REPUBLICAN PARTY People are so sick of the Democratic Party. I know I am. As much crap they have done put this country in I pray to GOD almighty that it will never ever turn back into a Democratic ever again.

        2. Chris Wallace has been waffling with what side he’s on for a long time!! His father did the same thing….gave in to save his career!! U see most questions went to Biden. It’s no secret that Chris Wallace does NZoT like Trump. He even showed his power over Trump by attempting to hush him at every comeback because Chris Wallace was in NO WAY gonna give him a chance to rebuttals!! And he was showing the only testosterone he had to battle Trump & shut him up to punish him for not adhering to his power as “The Moderator!” So he left him out of the questioning at one that point & just continued with Biden!

    2. This is so sad to see his committee put him thru this and while that is going on his wife! Where is her head- she just wants to be the First Lady? Does she even love this man? What woman who truly cherished her husband wouldn’t put a stop to this! He’s incompetent AND WE ALL KNOW WHO WILL RUN THE GOVERNMENT! Lord our God help us all! And I mean all because these people have no idea how God will react! I’m praying for our country and if any of you feel like doing so please He wants to hear from us!

          1. I agree. I have been saying for a long time that if it WASN’T Joe Biden I might feel sorry for him but NOT Biden. He is a washed up pollution who thinks he knows better than any one else how to run YOUR life when he can’t even run or remember his own. So no pity from me for Biden.

      1. i am praying every day for our country and our president. we older people will not see what will happen to our country when the left run it god help our children and our grand and our great grand children live in a country china

      2. She wants to be the FIRST LADY, it didn’t happen in 1988 because creepy Old Joe was out because he was caught plagiarizing his speeches in fact all of his speeches. He was forced out because of that. It turns out that he was caught doing the same thing while in law school. Handing in pages of essays belonging to someone else He also said he was the first in his family to go to college and that was a lie. He told another group that he was rated in the top third of his class, in law school but turns out he was close tobthe bottom. All if this PROVES WHAT A LIAR HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN.

      3. Yes Deborah. God dos want to hear from us. He has said H will not help ayone unless they ask Him to. Tht surelymeans we HAVE to pay. I do at least twice a day. God IS helping to stop the enemies and destroyers of our country, Keep praying.

      4. Deborah Dinkledine. I doubt seriously that if by cheat Biden wins the election he will be president very long. I belive the dems have something really bad up their sleeve. If biden wins I believe the dems themselves (especially if the hold the house and gain the senate) will use the 25th amendment (if Joe is lucky) or outright do away with him so that terrible women Harris will become president. I think people better make sure that they, the dems, don’t win or we are done as a free country.

        1. I think funding from OUT of our country regardless of what American Foundation or bank account it ends up in should NOT BE
          LEGAL!! Money from outside of the country can only mean BIAS, and a possible invasion to our country and/or an invasion upon our election,
          to sway or cause outside influences in our government!! Possibly for the invasion by another power of the world to destroy our Freedom that Our Government has been founded upon. They call themselves “Democrats” even today as they have plainly demonstrated their policies which have NOTHING to do with Democracy. Read the definition of Democracy as it pertains to OUR
          FORM of Government ruled by THE CONSTITUTION! I am offended, especially by these foreigners who have come here that suddenly want to change our government & delete The People’s Rights according to THE BILL OF RIGHTS!! However, those that have been in our government that are in our offices of government just make me cringe to know that it was these Americans, that allowed these
          foreigners to run for & get elected by the people of their areas, simply because we have had Socialists in our system for years & because we have had an illegally elected President who had used 9 different SS#’s & could not produce an American Birth Certificate & they manufactured one to cover his Muslim Terrorist Lying Butt!! This man was noted as a Communist as a Foreign Exchange Student. This burns my buns to know that while I was working 3 jobs everyday to support my son that this man was going to school on our tax dollars, my tax dollars!! I couldn’t afford to stop working to get an education, but yet I had to pay for this
          Miserable Communist Muslim Terrorist Dictator who now wants to be President again for a third term, to get his education to take over my Government and delete MY FREEDOMS!!! And I ask, are WE THE PEOPLE NOT GOING TO BEAR ARMS as OUR CONSTITUTION allows us to do

      1. That’s their goal, Kamala Harris was interviewed by George Soros Jr, and he called he’s father to let him know she was the one he handpicked and George Soros Sr approved the pick . But then again all those corrupted politicians have George Soros behind them they are going his job of destabilizing our country and if possible to plunge America in an economic failure just like he did in Greece . Hope Americans are more intelligent and less naive gullible and vote for President Trump . He’s the best we have right now .

          1. Really…elaborate….I want to hear this story!!
            What proof is there? Her & Obama must have
            a relationship, being they have so much in common!! Please inform us!!

      2. That is what scares me. Do a little research on Kamala (la Mala – bad!) We really do not want a “wannabe dictator”

        1. She said in an interview that as soon as she gets elected she will give the US Congress 100 days to get their act together and pass new real anti gun laws. If not, she will sign an Executive Order to implement her own plan. This is proof that the Demorats are plugged to get rid of Biden after the election and let Harris become the President since only the President can sign an Executive Order, not the Vice President!
          Once again the demorats lies are being exposed by themselves. Talk about a rigged election!

          1. I caught that as well!! This is why she is a danger!! She is not supposedly related to to Muslim crowd, but I ‘’ thinking she is snd it’s all being covered up for a reason.

    3. I think Trump should start the debate by saying the Pledge of Allegiance and after he is done ask Joe to do the same to see if he can get it right this time.

      1. Excellent idea. Or maybe just increase the sound on the mic that Id in front of Biden!! However, I ‘’ thinking he’s been in his basement because he.’s going thru some type of procedure for upping his brain, like the one that Trump has had. Ya, know that would be their only hope in beating him!!
        Wouldn’t be a leap to say…they could easily pay for this with all the funds they are getting!! I think funding from our of the country regardless of what American Foundation or bank account it ends up in should be against the LAW!! They are not raising this kind of money just from the American Public !!

    4. Joe Biden is the most incompetent candidate for any office in my near years. Our country will be so very much the better. If he stays in his basement. He is not just unfit to be president. He is unfit to hold any office. I don’t know how any rational human being can hear him try to speak and think other wise.

    5. he is a bumbling idiot who should retire and live his golden years in the basement and his wife sb ashamed to put him thru this just to try to become the first lady

    6. Why would Dems run an obviously unpopular, incompetent and then match the poor slob with full on communist like l. Harris. A traitorous, pedophile, A DISGUSTING MEMBER OF THE PARTY THAT LEGALIZED PEDOPHELIA. THE DEGENERATE DEMOCRAT PARTY.

      1. I don’t know if Trump knows about this. It must be repealed. And that author and politicians that endorsed it, and that man who signed it into law must be executed like the criminals they are. Anyone who advocates pedophelia should be executed post haste. OF#l*gbama signed it. He’s a faggot, his so-called wife is a tranny, thet children are purchased property. He now owned huge tracks of land in Africa. I read of a tyrant like him who began to express his faggotry Amongst that nation, the folks got fed up and killed the bastard. That was in Africa. Be careful barry they know your ILK

    7. Actually, he’s still recovering from the Cochlear implant the DNC made him have so that an earbud won’t fall out of his ear again. That way, his strategist can still give him the answers to Wallace’s questions and not worry about any undue embarrassment from, say, an earbud falling out of his ear again.

      1. please Chris Wallace is a left winger and sleepy Joe already has a list of the questions .Thats why he has been hiding in his basement trying to practice the answers.

        1. Yes, after the debate Biden collected papers he had on the podium and pocketed them. Watching the fiasco I noticed he was reading and you could see lips moving as to what he was going to say. Also, he seemed like he was very normal healthwise and not as we’ve seen him doing short interviews short of breath, mis-speaking, talking nonsense. He definitely was on something holding him up.

    8. This derelict from yesteryear has the proud distinction to have lost 2 attempts at the presidency and slapped down big time! What kind of thinking process does the average Dem (Dumb) voter think that he was garbage then and be a good president now that he is important! Come on Man I’ll take you behind……..

    1. The joke’s on us if he gets into office. Just as our dimacrat governor is screwing up Wisconsin Biden’s planning even worse for the country. If it happens, we can then see how much has been lost in the next four years.

      1. If you pay attention When Harris came on board the label changed and she’s been calling it when she gives speeches. Correct address should be Biden and Harris but its been turned Harris and Biden he wont be in office long if they do win she will step in his place and will pull in her vp. He was a front he will be dumped when he is no longer needed. God help us if they win

      1. No, their best candidate was Bernie Sanders, you know, the avowed communist? They figured out that Bernie is unelectable and his Bernie Bros followers are massively violent, similar to Antifa. They want the violence, but not the communist label, much preferring ‘Democratic Socialist’. That is why Obama took a hand and pressured most of the other candidates to drop out and throw their support behind Biden, so Bernie got the primary stolen from him again. The only other candidate that was left was Tulsi Gabbard who would have made sure that Killary Clinton got prosecuted for her crimes, which is why she has been completely ignored by her party and their propaganda arm, the Main Stream Media.

      2. I see Biden in his basement and Trump on a stage for the debate. Biden will get the debate questions ahead of time, so he can have his handlers have prepared answers on his teleprompter. Also, Wallace is a Democrat. He hates President Trump and will give Biden the easiest questions. For people that say Wallace isn’t a Democrat, he is a Democrat in Republican clothing! He is a 100% dick!

    2. Biden must debate whether he is tired or sick. The American people must know what his policies will be on every issue. He must be working now 10 hours a day with no days off if he expects to even get close to winning the election. No excuse for not debating exists. One thing for sure, he will not use the excuse that he was exposed to covid19. There is no chance he will contract the virus or use that as an excuse not to debate.
      All of the American people want and expect Biden to debate in person, no mask, no teleprompter . They will be allowed notes. We demand and want answers to policy questions from the heart. From the heart tells us what they really believe. steve kohl

      1. Yea he must debate, even with the implant just installed to help him cheat Trump will school him at every opportunity. Truth and integrity will be very evident, cause Biden will still stumble. Will Donna Brazil be there?

        1. I think the dems are blackmailing his wife. Why else would she put her husband through so much and he is making a fool of himself.

    3. One word, DEMENTIA comes to mind! If his family really loved him, they would step up & take care of him. This is ELDER ABUSE!

  1. The Dems are such Loser’s that they cant say words Trump is the best President we’ve had in 40 yrs. and he deserves another term. Dems Screw us up want to control us , but we are not going to let that happen. Dems blame everything on Trunp but they are the ones that should be blamed and punished for they are doning the bad things. Shame on them.

  2. Joe Biden is in the first stages of dementia. I don’t think anybody can deny that. What they are not saying is that once symptoms become obvious the afflicted person usually only lives for an additional two to three years.
    He could not complete a term in office let alone handle the demands of the office

    1. IMO, Should Lyin’ Biden win the election (God forbid), I feel like as quick as she can, Harris will get Biden removed and she will take over the office of the president..
      people have to be some kind of extremely stupid to vote for lyin’ Biden… He does nothing but attack Trump with constant vicious lies trying to convince the people Trump is bad… he is extremely nauseating with the lies… You can hear and feel the extreme hate when he attacks Trump…
      I pray Trump beats him in a landslide… ANYONE who cares about this country must stand strong together and get out and vote Trump in November.. we can’t afford to lose to these evil democRATS

    2. TRUE! Those pushing him are well aware of it! They do NOT plan on him being around or out of his basement! The progressive, radical, socialist dems have a definite plan & it does NOT include BIDEN after the election! Just ask the Harris Administration!

    1. By February Kamala the Kommunist will be in the Oval Office, Biden will be institutionalised, all Catholic churches closed, Republican congressmen and senators jailed awaiting justice from BLM and Antifa’s courts, etc etc… you know, French revolution………..

    2. BIDEN is just a prop! They do NOT plan on him being in control of anything! Ask the Harris Administration….lol!

      1. Margaret’s you are so right Biden is a prop and his party has no intentions of him being in control at all. The Harris administration Will be the controller and Fancy Nancy will be right there to advise her and Sleepy Joe as well. Folks, please think this thing out before you vote and vote for President Trump, sure he doesn’t come across as a Politician because he is not , he is much better than that, he is a good man doing the best for our Country. As a matter of fact he is a builder, visionary, and again a good man. He is what we need and we all need to pray for him. That he will be a builder of great things to come, a visionary’ Of our future, and a man of God. May We all pray for the right decision to be made. This will affect our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren as well. Please let’s not let them down. They are our legacy and our love. In God may trust…

        1. Annie! Absolutely CORRECT! POTUS Trump is a skilled Businessman! He is an Effective debater & seems “to have a way” speaking with & bargaining with other Heads of State! Imagine all of the GOOD that POTUS Trump could have done if he had any Support & wasn’t embroiled in a SHAM Impeachment?? The China Virus was the Demoncrat’s WET DREAM! Remember, POTUS Trump gathered medical experts immediately to ADVISE him! He shut travel down immediately & was reviled as a Racist & Xenophobe!!! Anything the “cry wolf” INCOMPETENTS asked for…they got, immediately!!! CUOMO signed the Death Sentences of countless elderly with his Dictate of sending COVID 19 patients to Nursing Homes with the most vulnerable populations!!!! God Help US ALL if Biden was “at the Helm”…..he & Obama BUNGLED the FLU SO BADLY, they just stopped counting!

  3. “Where’s Joe?” asked Pelosi once more,
    “In the basement”, yelled Joe, “on the floor”!
    She cried, “Come on Joe,
    To campaign you must go!”
    Said Joe, “Who are you? Where’s the door?”

  4. Today I read in the lyin’ Right Wing Media that Trump’s rallies have seen over a hundred thousand persons while Joe Biden had about 65 persons. The Right Wing media are liars. 65 persons don’t fit in Biden’s basement.

    1. All the better if he backs out. Then Trump has the whole time to have a chat with the American people. MAGA!!

    2. I have a strong feeling that those Demonrats will come up with some lame excuse why Sleepy Joe won’t be able to debate. I hope I’m wrong.

      1. Debating should be mandatory. How else will we know what they want for our Country! President Trump has said and proven what he wants for America but Friends think of what he has gone through even before he was sworn in as the President of the United States. They were already hitting on him and I have never seen this Happen before [ so much hate for him). I do Not understand the (HATE). I can says I do not hate anyone and I never will, I was taught as a child to love everyone. This is God’s Country and we are all his children. The behavior of hate is never good but so many do hate
        and hate causes much trouble. But yet in the last few months we have seen so much hate, jealously, arson, stealing, killing, and disrespect for law officers, military officers, and anyone who tries bring about peace. Together we can stand but apart we fall. Think about this. God bless America

  5. Funny how 2016 elections Trump was so far behind in the poles he would never be elected, wow, does that sound familiar?

    People would rather see this country run by morons then have Trump win again. Dear God, help us once again!

    1. Well we don’t call him sleepy Joe for nothing. And Joe you can’t run the country from jail either. As that’s where you and Hunter belong. It’s all most comanacol everytime you corrupt Democrats do something wrong and stupid you get caught. Is there a Democrat out. There that isn’t in danger of being investigated for something corrupt.

  6. Joe and Hunter cannot lead this great country….socialist crooks….& Kamala- what a phony!

    The over abundance of signs and flags for Trump in rural eastern PA are symbolic of how that swing state will go Nov. 3…..

    4 more years!

  7. How very sad … its really elder abuse to showcase a person who clearly doesn’t have his faculties! Such as…..
    He doesn’t know whether who he is married to his sister or “The Dr”
    There were going to be 200,000,000 Covid casualties in US by the end of his speech — all caused by Trump
    He thinks he has all his “facilities”
    He doesn’t know which state he is in
    He confuses Iraq, Iran & talks about US troops in Iran
    Because of his condition.. his loss of acuity brings out his anger readily
    Makes up things he should recall by rote & adds in “for real” to try to cover

    His wife and handlers are giving him meds – speed or something but it only has a 2-3 hour window of effect and then he goes back into his dementia. His wife must not care about him to put him through this public humiliation !!!

    1. This really is abuse of the elderly. I never cared for Joe but this isn’t him any longer. I watched my father deteriorate with dementia (Alzheimer’s) and from what I see, he’s got maybe 2 years left in him but he’ll slowly dwindle during that time. You’d think his family would want to protect him during his final 2 years. Very sad

    2. It is sad.. it’s obvious he has dementia.. my friend had dementia and she continually declined and was less and less coherent.. In little under two years, she passed… It is a disgrace what his wife is doing pushing him to run.. she cares more about getting the “first lady” status then protecting her husband… IMO, SHOULD people be stupid enough to vote this guy into office (and I’m betting it will be by fraud)… once in office (if that happens), as soon as she can, Harris will have him removed and she will take over… People have to be some kind of stupid if they don’t think this will happen… He’s not mentally fit to be president. God help our country if he manages to seize the power and with all the lawyers he has hired, you can pretty much guess he is going to contest the election if he loses…
      Is Trump perfect, no.. but the man loves this country and the American people and his policies are good for our country.. He has done MUCH more for our country in less than 4 years than Lyin’ Biden has done in 47 years…
      Save our country and get out and vote Trump in November

    3. I’m a dementia patient in an Assisted Living facility, I’m surrounded by dementia patients at various stages of their illness. Dementia is Brain Failure and affects each of us differently. Joe needs to be taken care of, whoever is pushing him is guilty of elder abuse and should be ashamed of themselves.

    4. Unfortunately Mrs. Biden likes the notoriety of possibly becoming the 1st lady but forgets we need a president with stamina, smarts and common sense as well. The democratic party thinks they can win the presidency by association with Obama. Looks to me Obama was unable to do much for the country despite so many rooting for him. They should have picked a more viable candidate.
      Pelosi, Schumer, Shifty Schiff, Nadler and the rest of the “deep state compadres” must retire or do something that would benefit our country. Can’t have them closing down businesses that provide services people need and that provide for their families, unlike liquor stores. Alcoholism is a serious problem and is NOT essential, so how is it that Pelosi & her nephew Newsom Ca governor each got a 1 million dollar loan from the covid relief stimulus fund yet we can’t get Nancy to release the 2nd stimulus relief check for the citizens who are struggling. Come on Nancy it’s not your money! You got your million now let have our 1200/adult.

  8. Can’t understand why half the electorate is so damned stupid. Could it possibly be our ridiculous educational system. Kids are as ready to contribute to society in kindergarten as they are upon graduation from high school. Add in college, they become indoctrinated. 90% OF TEACERS AND PROFESSOUS ARE EXTREME LEFTISTS PROTECTED BY UNIONS AND TENURE. CHANGE THE SYSTEM !!!
    VOTE TRUMP !!!!!

    1. You are SO RIGHT – our problem stems from bad parenting (in some instances) BUT mostly from our education system!!! If I had kids today – they would be HOME SCHOOLED! AMERICA has allowed the invasion of deadly socialism- slow but steady – like a cancer FOR DECADES!!! We are seeing what brainwashing can do to young (and some not so young) minds. I’ve been concerned for years. GOTTA STOP this or our nation is doomed.

      1. Yes… thru not being aware of what was going on in our schools for decades we have allowed socialism to gain a strong foothold in our nation. I don’t know how or if we can now reverse the damage to the minds of the younger generations who have been educated in the public school systems that we support with our taxes. There must be action taken by all patriotic citizens to cut away the socialist
        Who have infiltrated our educational systems. That includes PBS. And NPR. Who only
        Preach the views of the left.
        I cannot watch any of their so called news programs anymore they are so leftist in their views.
        If we don’t step up and clean out these smiling vipers we will just be the next Roman Empire of future history books.

        1. Could not have said it better, I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought that, you have convinced me that others feel that way too. Thank you

    2. In the 1980s a Russian diplomat said they would take over the United States wothout firing a shot. They would do it starting with professors in college teaching students to accept socialism/communism. I am afraid it appears to be working.

    3. I agree 100%. Education has become like a terminal illness that has gradually metastasized to what it has become today. Children need to learn our history no matter how boring they think it is. It is taught for a good reason so not to make the same mistakes again. It should be taught 1-12 . Get rid of all left-wing college professors too.

  9. Someone needs to call the department of human services and report the demonrats for elderly and abuse, of the mentally disabled.

  10. It is very sad to see what is going g on in our country today! Woulda NEVER EVER imagined this fiasco in my worst nightmare. Dems have no integrity! I predict Biden will either bail or be called away from debate for fake family emergency. There is no way he can stay focused and make sense for the time it takes for a debate – unless he is given short term mind enhancing drugs. Sad – very sad – he should NOT running – equates to elder abuse. May God save this nation and put Trump back in the White House!

  11. The one thing I highly recommend to President Trump is to make damn sure that Biden is not wearing a hearing aid during the debates. Have both of you checked prior to going on air. Go Trump.

    1. So hard to know what’s true in these times. Fake news from all sources.
      All I know for sure is; don’t want antifa-blm, anti religion, globalization, illegal aliens getting preferred treatment over citizens, much higher taxes on everyone riots and looting and destruction if things aren’t your way, more senseless gun control and no way to defend. Others can add to the list I’m sure. If Dems win, you loose allot and near impossible to recover.

  12. It is extremely obvious that Lyin’ Biden has dementia.. I had a friend who had dementia and she continually declined and didn’t know where she was, couldn’t remember things anymore… At times she sounded coherent, but them would be back to lala land… Lyin’ Biden will decline … IMO, they are pushing to get him elected, with cheating if possible, and then it won’t be long and Harris will have him removed from office due to his mental state and she will take over as president.. God help our country if he manages to cheat a win … these mail-in ballots are an easy way for them to commit fraud.. they are already finding fraud happening… (Texas official and 3 others indicted on 134 felonies in mail-in ballot fraud case)… trashed ballots for Trump found in Pennsylvania…
    ANYONE who cares at all about this country, MUST stand strong and together and get out and vote for Trump in November… Is the man perfect.. NO, but his policies are good for our country and the American people..He absolutely loves our country and the people…. WE NEED him back in the white house for 4 more years…

  13. Get out and vote! We cannot have socialists who want to destroy our Constitution, running a man who’s only quality is “he’s a nice guy” He will be a puppet for the lawless idiots that are running the democratic party today. Joe has done nothing for this country except make his family rich off of our tax dollars for almost a half-century! Draining the swamp is a tough job but if anybody can do it, its President Donald Trump.

    1. I agree with you…and Trump is right, asking for a drug test on the two of them right before the Debate. The Demonrats are so evil, I’m fully expecting them to try something backhanded. If “they” win the election, immediately begin impeachment on the two of them.

      Please vote Trump in this election. He is the one and only person qualified to run this country.

  14. The whole demonic rats pack have no.pride or shame. The proof is biden and carmella!! That”s what you have?
    This says it all! This is the best of demonocrats? Sleepy joe, and horizontal
    take the short cut to the next step carmella…..he’s a crook and she ( in her Sears and Roebuck pants suits) always looks like her hair needs a washing and
    always looks messy! This is their best!
    Is there any wonder that the rest of them
    have no idea how to run a country. Just take a look at what you dumb dems will be voting for. Join the Trump Team, the
    REPUBLICANS, restore your pride in America and yourselves. Breakthe chains of being sheep. They are wrong for you and wrong for the USA!

  15. you can tellhe has dementia i kow my mother had it ,some day,s there ok other day,s there not and they want him to run our country are they all out of there mind,whats wrong whit the democrats.

  16. So sad for this abuse to go on. Queen Jill should be ashamed of herself. She and kamala are two of a kind both are cheaters. MAGA

  17. If the Dems prop up this campaign enough to get this mindless lump off demented do-do elected… will be one of the worst “un-natural” disasters and tragedies in the history of America!
    I understand what the plan was…….he was the most electable Dem they had even if not competent/cognizant and Pelosi is the one who made the decision to put comrade Kamala on the ticket to take over as soon as Joe could be told to step aside without Pelosi and cult getting too much pushback!
    The biggest shame of all is, if the Dems are able to get enough mindless useful “die hard Dem” idiots to vote this Dem ticket into the Whitehouse, Pelosi and Company will never stop laughing at the sheeple dumb enough to vote in a “phony shell” and let Pelosi get comrade Kamala in to be President because this is the only way Pelosi could get her choice for President in the Whitehoise!

  18. Never under estimate the gross stupidity & ignorance of the voting public…At least half (50%) are as dumb
    as a fence post! If the Demorats get into office you will witness anarchists ruling in the streets 24/7!
    Do not under any circumstance let this occur…Pray To God For Guidance & Vote For Donald J. Trump!

  19. Jackass Joe and his handlers, who keep him on a short leash, will find some way to keep him from debating President Trump.
    As far as the Wicked Witch of the West, Pelosi, someone needs to dump a ton of water on her.

  20. Well we don’t call him sleepy Joe for nothing. And Joe you can’t run the country from jail either. As that’s where you and Hunter belong. It’s all most comanacol everytime you corrupt Democrats do something wrong and stupid you get caught. Is there a Democrat out. There that isn’t in danger of being investigated for something corrupt.

  21. Why do yous listen to the world…the media…the Democrats?
    If yous would have gone to God for your answers, your concerns, your desires….you would already have had your answers about this election and be at peace long ago about this election.
    God has already told the Christian’s … every single one whom has asked God has received the same answer.
    Did you not take the time to ask God who would win? No…you didn’t or you wouldn’t be fearful of the media’s fake reports, or watching the Democrats being led by Satan to lie, steal, and destroy because they don’t care about people or America…they don’t even have a plan to run the country except into the ground.
    Relax..because Christian’s already have the answer straight from God.
    Trump wins
    Republicans win Senate and House!
    Pelosi and others that are working for the devil will be removed from their position.
    Watch God in action clean up this mess and Expose all the evil ones and they will fall like dominoes, and God will Expose all the LIES that the dems created about the Virus and Why they did it will be exposed.
    Get ready for Gods cleaning of the White House, media, and Hollywood and others who are doing Satans work such as human trafficking, Pedifiles ETC…
    YES..GOD DOES SHOW UP for the world to see.
    Take that to the bank!!!

    1. If biden wins the whitehouse ,the demoncrats retain the house of reps.Then take the senate,and the goverment becomes a one party system,it will be like two wolves and a sheep voting whats for dinner?

  22. JOE BIDEN …LIKE HILLARY CLINTON believes that they are a shoe in. That’s why they don’t feel the need to campaign. It could be very Well that they have a scheme up their sleeve to steal the election and they’re not worried as they have it down pat and they are sure that they will win ! GOP SHOULD BR WORRIED..OF THE MARXIST MOVEMENT IN THIS COUNTRY ..WHO BEHIND THE SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!!?????

  23. Look closer and you will
    SEE Pelosi hiding around the corner, salivating all over the Podium, anticipating her Chance! Harris isn’t even Qualified to become President!!!

  24. joe biden didnt do anything in 40+ years why should he start now.he’s a political puppet he will do what ever pelosi and her socialist democrats tall him to do. pretty scary for the future of are country.we better pray it never happens

  25. old joe will get by the debate because he will cheat ;he will be using a wire just like hillary did the dems know every dirty trick in the book they have no shame at all,

  26. Think about it people! If the dishonest Dems do find a way to win illegally in November, have you thought of the crushing blow will be to your investments and all the time and effort you have put into you and your families lives being destroyed? People should realize that a vote for Biden is a vote to take away your guns, dead babies, high taxes, and a destroyed net worth along with a destroyed America! It’s never been more important to vote and get others to vote! Biden and Harris are an evil joke that needs to be stamped out!

  27. How can I be reading your messages marked ” September 26,2020 at 2:17pm”, when it is
    10:25 am Central time in Arkansas ? Where is your “Base” ? Eastern time is one hour ahead of Central time, California is four hours earlier? I am left to wonder is this all FAKE letters ? Please answer.

  28. MR. BIDEN: YOU HAVE ALREADY SPENT NEARLY 50 YEARS IN POLITICS. YOUR HEALTH IS A SERIOUS CONCERN AND YOU REALLY BELONG SPENDING EVERY QUALITY SECOND YOU HAVE WITH YOUR FAMILY… we have a President that has done and continues to do outstanding things for our country… you sir, are not needed at this time. Your VP Harris is not needed. Your evident questionable health places our country in a potentially dangerous position, with the potential need for you, if elected, to step down due to your health and leave our country in the hands of a Presidential Candidate that received Little to no support from Americans during the primaries and debates- in fact she dropped out early in the process due her lack of any support… so in essence we could have the most Powerful Nation on Earth controlled by a NATIONWIDE NONE SUPPORTED PRIOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE… this scares me and I’m sure it scares the heck out of hundreds of millions more Americans as well… Knowing her radical nature and track record I’m prior positions is another major concern… Our BEST CHOICE.. OUR ONLY CHOICE.. OUR MOST INTELLIGENT CHOICE IS TO RE-ELECT PRESIDENT TRUMP… then make sure to VOTE REPUBLICAN ACROSS THE BOARD TO INSURE, by taking back the HOUSE and INCREASE OUR HOLD ON THE SENATE, all the NONSENSE OF THE LAST FOUR YEARS STOPS! and OUR COUNTRY STARTS REBUILDING AND TOGETHER WE MAKE OUR GREAT NATION EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE… BIGGER, BETTER, SAFER FOR EVERY SINGLE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZEN!

  29. This whole thing is a farce. If there’s a debate, Trump needs to expose Sleepy slow Joes lies, deceits and faults. It should be a landslide, but the Dems. won’t concede either way. Voter fraud already taking place, ballots counted after election is over and Biden’s team lawyering up to contest his loss. Why is it that the Dems. get away with every lie and crime in the book. Come on America, see through the nonsense and vote Trump 2020. We have got to get this country back on track and fight back.

  30. This democratic ticket and campaign is surreal, a joke! The Biden-Harris ticket is the most incompetent, lazy, low energy, boring yet dangerous set of fools I have ever seen and I’m 57 years old and have seen plenty! Like 2016, the polls are a lie. This is not even going to be close! Trump landslide! That’s why the democrats so desperately are putting their hopes in the mail in vote; they have decades of experience in voter fraud. It has already begun with the recent discovery of mail in ballots in a dumpster and a ditch, almost all were cast for Trump of course!

    1. Biden is not the dupe of Palosi. He has been and always will be the puppet of Obama. This is the way Obama has chosen to run the country without us stupid republicans catching on.

  31. My guess, he will quarantine faking he has Corona Virus right before the debates. Mark my word. Shameful….
    Trump 2020.

  32. I agree with you Deborah. It’s is inhumane and elder abuse for the democratic party and his wife to allow him to go forward with the debates and the election; but of course, we know who their real candidate is. He’s just a cover for the left-wing agenda that the democratic party has.

  33. Dem’s will say Joe was in the same state as someone with the virus and he MIGHT have been exposed to it so he will have to quarantine and have to miss the debate.

  34. Americans are not idiots regardless what the Democrats and the Fake News media want you to believe. It’s no secret that there are two news camps: The Left and their version of the truth and Fox News who reports the truth. If you watch local news, whatever side is reporting that is the side you will hear. The riots are downplayed, the Democrats say that the protests are “peaceful” and there is video to show how not the protests are peaceful. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that Trump’s energy levels are exemplary and Biden has no energy. Pelosi wants the debates cancelled. Biden is damned if he debates and damned if he is a no show, Regardless the Fake News will cover for his absence and they will no doubt blame President Trump for whatever happens – pro or con. We will just have to wait and see,

  35. Please pray for President Trump to get elected. I am saying rosaries for President Trump, for peace, for a vaccine against the China virus, for hope that Our America stays one nation under God.
    We must pray that America denounces communism, Marxism !!

  36. It’s a crying shame that Biden has the numbers he has with the amount of time he has spent in his basement. He is not physically able to be President of the United States of America. Besides all of this he has to use a teleprompter and/or cheat sheet in order to get through a press conference and that’s after having his staff pick the questions that the reporters can ask. Lastly supposedly he is using a earpiece so his staff can tell him what to say. What in the hell is he going to do if he’s elected and he meets with Presidents of other countries?? Is he going to tell other Presidents they can only ask X amounts of questions and staffers will be in the next room giving him the answers on his earpiece??

  37. I have never been impressed with Joe Biden. It is unfortunate when people get sick mentally and it is evident that he has some serious mental health issues. Most of the Democratic party is filled with criminal leaders & that is something the party has to deal with. But, for them to place Joe Biden on the ballot is shear monopoly by those who know they cannot win and it must be simply humiliating for his wife, Jill, to endure watching her husband deteriorate mentally and socially….unless she is pursuing the position of first lady with a lot of passion. The debate will be interesting and I think we all know that President Trump will come out as the glorious winner with exemplary leadership and courage that a president should!

    1. Damocraps are the ones that started kkk and blm they are the ones keeping racism troubles going I have friends of all colors and have had all my life. Our government has let us all down since I was born . I am damn near 60 and have seen many times the damocraps were and still is the main problem. Us older people and our parents fought for FREEDOM NOT communism . Will our cops start shooting us if we don’t accept a communist president ??? People. Need to get their heads out of their ass’s our Kids, Grandkids have to live free just like we did . we are not a fucking robot like the Chinese and all other communist countries. Stand up and fight for yourself We are American’s and not puppets to a dictator.

  38. I have no use for any democrat as they are communists. Most Republicans are now socialists so I choose the lesser of two and will vote Trump. Biden I have no sympathy for as he is corrupt and a pedo and a bully. It should be entertaining to watch unless he bails. Ha ha. And get rid of (((them))) in the media and elsewhere.

  39. Hidin” Biden’s given name is finally revealed. it’s not Joe Biden, no not even Joey Biden.
    It’s respectfully: JB Magoo listen to the grizzled timbre of the way too old for prime time astuteness.

    Pres. DJ hasn’t made it clear. JB Magoo needs to man up & take the drug test. He needs to prove he’s as brain dead, as feeble minded and as much Cherokee as Pocahontas D MA.

    Liar liar, JB Magoo’ s likely to pull a Gerri Madd Mann Nadler bad poopoo next Bitter Pill-0si’s BS Fake Snews Presser last week. Clear indication of just how deep and deadly contaminated their DC Swamp is.

    1. I think he has been doing exactly what Trump has done to enhance his brain!! That’s just about the only way they are gonna be able to beat him even if he went up against someone as young as AOC!!
      Think about it…how in hell could he have come back that quick from the level of demise he has been in???

  40. Seriously folks do you not get what is going on here?!!! They are setting this poor old codger up in the off chance he beats our WONDERFUL PRESIDENT TRUMP. Joe Biden won’t be allowed to be president for 2 weeks before the democrats call him unfit an put the socialist piece of crap Kamala in and probably put AOC or Bernie in as VP. VOTE!!!! VOTE!!!!!! VOTE!!!!!! We cannot let President Trump down.

  41. Well if biden wins we will be paying for this china viris our grand kid will be paying we most put trump in he will make china pay for the trillins of dollars this has coast us the dems think they will be part of the CCP we are free an going to stay that way so if you dont want to become a slave like the chines pepole ho have no freedom we most vote all dems out they have all ready sold you out vote everybody in person make sure your vote is coughted vote red all the way we are free not slaves to a few like chinas owners are capalist but us comunist to control there pepole lol thats what the dems want over you stay free vots these nazi out

  42. I read an article that was very disturbing recently. Biden is going to cheat in Tuesday night’s debate against President Trump. He wasn’t hiding in his basement for 3 months, he was recovering from having an implant put in his skull. He will only need to push a button in his pocket and will be fed the answers thru this implant. Hillary cheated in 2016, only she wore a wire, which President Trump knew she was wearing!
    Luckily, it did not help her. Biden’s constant Commercials on TV bashing President Trump and calling HIM a liar, are nauseating!

  43. Like Trump said at one of his rallies (protests), they will give sleepy Joe a “shot in the ass” and he will be raring to go. Trump wants drug testing before or after the debate.

  44. Maybe he’s been resting because he’s had some type of implant for his brain, or some type of implant a hearing device to tell him what to say, how to respond. He may be getting the power mind shots that everyone else up there are getting in order to try & get past Trump!

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