Judge Reinstates Tax Evasion Case Against Clinton Foundation

A former DEA official and corporate tax expert blew the whistle on Bill and Hillary last year. Now they face tax evasion charges despite the best efforts from deep state Democrats to have the allegations dismissed.

It’s a long-standing open secret that Bill and Hillary Clinton used their so-called charitable foundation like a personal slush fund. Hillary also misused her position as Secretary of State to prompt foreign entities and special interests groups to make large donations to the Clinton Foundation. They included a $1 million gift from Qatar and upwards of $21 million raised in conjunction with Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday.

“At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs, according to a review of State Department calendars,” the Associated Press reported in 2016. “Combined, the 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million. At least 40 donated more than $100,000 each, and 20 gave more than $1 million.”

Hillary may have gotten away with gross misconduct while working with Obama and Joe Biden, but whistleblowers Lawrence Doyle and John Moynihan put her on the criminal hot seat. The pair conducted an audit and investigation into the ways Clinton Foundation money was misappropriated by Bill and Hillary. Based on their research, the Clintons allegedly evaded taxes on between $400 million and $2.5 billion.


After Doyle and Moynihan filed a whistleblower complaint regarding tax evasion, Bill and Hillary moved to have the complaint vacated. That’s not surprising considering the Obama-Biden administration’s IRS chief, Lois Lerner, faced contempt of Congress for her refusal to come clean about obstructing conservative PACs before the 2012 elections. Democrat holdovers tried to rescue Hillary from charges that carry real jail time.

After IRS officials asked for a summary judgment to vacate the complaint, U.S. Tax Court Judge David Gustafson tapped the brakes. It appears the Democrats at the IRS forgot to go judge shopping because Gustafson was appointed by President George W. Bush, not Obama.

The smokescreen Hillary’s cohorts fabricated “fails to support the (Whistleblower Office) conclusion that (Criminal Investigation) had not proceeded with any action based on petitioners’ information. Accordingly, we deny the motion on the grounds that the WBO abused its discretion in reaching its conclusion, because not all of its factual determinations underlying that conclusion are supported by that record,” Judge Gustafson wrote in his denial to let Bill and Hillary off the hook.

The tax judge also pointed out that Doyle and Moynihan had enjoined impartial investigators at the FBI during the process, a fact deep state operatives tried to hide.

“The FBI in (redacted) has thanked us profusely and praised our report excessively. As one individual close to the investigation commented to me, ‘you and your colleagues have saved numerous federal agents thousands of hours of work,’” Judge Gustafson reportedly quoted a document that was kept secret from the public.

Doyle and Moynihan concluded that the Clintons pilfered off upwards of 60 percent of the charity’s money on lavish travel, inflated salaries, and grants doled out to personal friends. By comparison, a legitimate charity uses 15 percent or less on salaries and travel.

Tax evasion may not have the sex appeal of political corruption, but it carries real jail time, and the case against the Clintons moves forward. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

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131 thoughts on “Judge Reinstates Tax Evasion Case Against Clinton Foundation”

          1. I want to be alive and watching as bill and Hillary are escorted to federal lock-up in the big house, ohh!!yeeeaaahhhh!!!!!!!


        1. What blatant disreguard for the law! The Clintons consider themselves impervious to prosecution for any of their myriad of misdeeds.

          1. The statistics were exposed on the Clinton Foundation. When 88% of the revenue goes to Admin, Travel, and SALARIES, that in itself should be a crime!

          1. TWO nancy pelosi’s???????? Lord help us. Maybe she bartered some of those $15 ice cream bars and had her nasty self cloned. I HOPE to high heaven that old windbag will be next to get a big serving of true justice. Treason for destroying a Federal Document (Pres. Trump’s State of the Union Address). … that should get her several years. Alas it will never happen.

    1. I’m so Glad they are finally getting what they Deserve! Now if they can Bring Justice to Hunter And Biden and the Obama And finish Draining the
      Swamp! Let’s do some House cleaning Get the Democrats out!

      1. 1st burn them, then hang them, then drag them for 20 miles on a rocky road! Then if still alive, cut off 1 finger at a time!

      1. At least Capone was an upfront criminal, these two have pretended to be Lilly white, too bad they will probably never do hard time.

        1. It would do everyone’s heart good to see justice served on these two individuals. Enough is enough! But I hope that Judge Gustafson watches his back or he could be found having committed suicide just like their (the Clintons’) other 57 friends who have died mysteriously of supposedly suicide over the years. Just sayin…

    2. Yea…. but wait until y’all see what else the demonic Clinton’s are involved with. Sedition, child trafficking gun trafficking drug trafficking and many other Gitmo bounded crimes…. against humanity is the biggest!!!!

    3. That is great. But, I don’t think anything will actually ever come from this. We have been waiting for almost 4 years to get the full facts of the Russia collusion. We have a right to see those results. Our President has been put thru hell but he continues to think only about the American people and that he has a job to do to make our lives better. We need President Trump in office to finish what he started. I truly hope that the DOJ and the FBI will start a case on the Biden crime family and that they get their just rewards. How can anyone actually vote for Biden knowing all of this. He hasn’t ever really gave any answers for all of the crimes his family has committed. Every word out of his mouth is a lie. Even at the debate he lied with impunity. You can’t have any honor or integrity if you continue to support him.

      1. They already have an open case on hunter biden for money laundering.since 2019. One of his business parteners is already in prison for similar things but unrelated to thier business together.

      2. TRUTH! Bidens are trying to sweep their dirt out the back door………there will be no end to the destruction of our beloved country, if they and the Clintons get off easy.

    4. It’s about time they are being made to pay for things they did she made people get killed for not doing the right thing then trying to cover it telling lies please do the right things they are not above the law.

    5. Ya they tried to get trump on it and they are doing it they ought to check on pelosi and Schumer and cortez she was stealing out of her campaign funds and giving it to her so called husband everyone knows it was her brother to get him a green card they ought to kick them out of America they want to destroy America

    6. I sure hope you are right. These people need to answer for their crimes, but they seem untouchable. Just like the Biden’s and Obama’s They all need to be in jail, and in some cases, tried for Treason.

    7. They should be held accountable like the average person. Its about time they face the music for their actions. They have gotten away with too much.

    8. This is the reason why we need term limitations for the house and senate. Why do they call it the democratic party when there is NOTHING democratic about it?? Before people throw their hat in the rings they need to research what it is they want/do support. For example the 2 founders and 1 co-founder of the BLM movement. Their is a utube video that one of the “founders” put out. She clearly states that, and I quote HER words that they are MARXIST trained and their sole purpose in life is to , (and I quote HER words again), is to get Trump out of office. WAKE UP PEOPLE

    9. This is the reason why we need term limitations for the house and senate. Why do they call it the democratic party when there is NOTHING democratic about it?? Before people throw their hat in the rings they need to research what it is they want/do support. For example the 2 founders and 1 co-founder of the BLM movement. Their is a utube video that one of the “founders” put out. She clearly states that, and I quote HER words that they are MARXIST trained and their sole purpose in life is to , (and I quote HER words again), is to get Trump out of office. WAKE UP PEOPLE

    10. Please don’t hold your breath. The clintons are made of teflon and nothing sticks to the crooked couple.

    1. It’s about time they get the Clintons. They should take Obama and Biden at the same time on Obama talk on Saturday they Fax checked Obama and they caught him lying 19 times

        1. Definitely Pelosi! When she hired Crowd Srike to investigate Russian hacking into DNC server and they fabricated “maybe” evidence of it. When CEO called yo testify before house he revealed no hard evidence. Pelosi owned 1 million dollars of Crowd Strike at the time!


      1. Your correct on that the Clinton’s will never see jail time.or evil Obama or the corrupt bidens, or kerry, or the rice female or Michele obama, or the four islamic congress women, or any other corrupt socalist demacrat. I say just take all the money and give it to the street people then tie them over a fire ant mond por honey on them and sit back and enjoy the screams.

      2. Been sayin Bill and his whore should be prosecuted and put in same jail cell for eternity…. NAKED. THEYRE GUILTY of soooo many things!! Hill and Billary forever. Treasonists Can you say or spell sedition?! Yep

        1. Hillary should be tried for TREASON along with Obama for the Bengazi matter. I don’t know how this person sleeps at night with the trail of dead bodies left in her wake. Really sad that they think they are above the law. Throw the all in jail to rot!

    1. It is time for all of these Democratic criminals to pay for their crimes against America and Our President and many others !

    2. Actually they should suffer a greater penalty because they were government employed at least part the time. This corruption has to stop. Penalties (jail time) have got to start coming or all these “investigations” are meaningless.

    3. Bring back the damned Electric chair & fry them all! Hillary, Bill, Obama, Clapper,Brennen, Lerner,Holder,Abediben,Weiner, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Mills, Vindmin, & twin brother, Durbin,Duckworth,Qwigley,Madigan,Burke,Emanueal,Axelrod,Bloomberg,Coumo, brothers,Fienstein, Polosi, Schiff, Mueller,Weisman, the whole corrupt Mueller team, Bill Pristap, Wrey, Sate Department high officials, Millitary officals higher ups, all Obama deep state traitors, the corrupt DOJ all the lawyers, CIA corrupt officials.

      1. DAMN Mark… you listed them all….. except Sleepy Joe and BABY BOY BIDEN You’re forgiven regardless. I know we’d be great friends… you think like me DJT on Tuesday

    4. Money is power!They are all linked together through the Obama administration.The Clintons Bidens , the DOJ the complete intelligence community , including the FBI,NSA etc. The JCS of the armed services! Many of our Represenatives and senators,and so on. They protect each other,and are all up their necks in the Swamp. The sewer runs deep in DC!

  1. Why bother to even write a story like this about the Clintons. We all know by now that the Clintons and all democrats are exempt from any of our laws in this country.

    1. I’m floored that someone has stood up to the power and corruption of the Clintons. So glad that they are finally getting their day in court! May justice reign!

      1. I hope you are right and they get what they deserve, but unfortunately i don”t think anything will come out of this investigation. Hopefully this gutsy judge will not “commit suicide” like so many others.

    2. You could be mistaken my friend, A judge has just said no, to the clintons.
      & that’s big news. We will have to see what happens & how this goes forward.
      Don’t forget Jason Goodman and Charles Ortel have been bringing up evidence about the crooked Clinton’s & their crooked Clinton Foundation & all of their illegal bribes & millions of dollars probably not on the up & up.
      That’s how John Durham got involved & realized that some thing had to be done about the Clinton Foundation.
      And, its Bill Barr’s call, & not John Durham’s decision to make. But, Barr, wanted the investigation to be wrapped up by November, & Durham told Barr no! He couldn’t do that by November 2020. So, I’m glad that some body stood up to Barr & said no that they couldn’t comply with that request & that date either. Wait, & see attitude.
      And the fact that they stole 23 million dollars from the Federal Reserve. This is the american people’s money.
      And we should get it all back plus interest.

  2. This is music to my ears. They both are disgusting and should pay dearly for what they have done. I always think of Al Capone because he had a vacation home a couple of miles from where I live and I go by it frequently. I hope the Clintons rot in jail especially for what they did in Haiti, Benghazi, Uranium One and all the murders they were involved with. They were a more vicious crime family than the mob.

  3. It should be investigated and they should be thrown in jail, if proven. Why is that the Democrats get away obstructing justice?

  4. Its about time that something is getting done! You reap what you sow! Get them one wayvor another orc !

  5. with the kind of money the Clinton’s have squirreled away from that fake “Charity” they can easily afford to bribe as many judges and prosecuted as needed to get away with yet another one of their many scams.
    They’ve done it for years and will continue to get away with it…it’s simply the Democrat way. The swamp in Washington will always protect the creatures they are proudest of.

  6. If you can’t nail ‘em on political corruption charges, then follow the $$$! Tax evasion is something that the greed heads can be convicted of at ‘most any time! Money changes everything! Before much longer, the Clintons’ shyster lawyers can ask them how much they’re enjoying their conjoining “suites” in Guantanamo!

  7. They found the old saying Death and taxes to be true. Now don’t let them wiggle off the hook. Maybe they aren’t above the either. One can only hope.

      1. A Biden win would be good for all of the evil doing asshole democrats. They’d all get off of the hook…. but

        Not going to happen
        America spoke in 2016
        Watch how America talks on Tuesday

  8. It is about time someone had the intestinal fortitude to require them to demand them to be accountable instead of flaunting their money in our face.

  9. I think this is great I never understood how she and him would do outlandish things and always get away. Now I hope they pay plus the ones that protected them go to JAIL

  10. It’s about time that whole 8-10 years of politicians being corrupt and abusing their positions is finally coming to a head. And we are probably going to hear that a lot more will get what they deserve.i hope the justice department will treat them just like the would treat a regular citizen. We hope.

  11. We have watched time after time when the Big Guns of the Demoratic Party gets away with doing many illegal practices and walk away Scott free. it’s time people wise up and make criminals pay for their actions. It is incredible how much some people get away with and others go to the slammer for minor infractions.

  12. I guess we will just have to wait and see the out come of this. My self, I have high hopes that justice will be served but this is encouraging to say the least.maybe just maybe justice will prevail!

    1. And just how many time have these fucks stood up in front of us and spewed vile like “no one is above the law “…… When referring to our “lawless” president.
      Gimme a break….I’m beginning to think that the corruption in the Democratic Party goes even deeper than I ever imagined. The Clintons….. CRIMINALS
      Obama’s……Baracky and Mikey…… CRIMINALS
      Adam Schitt…… Lying CRIMINAL
      and of course, just the cream on top of this spoiled milk

  13. Two more Democratic swamp creatures caught,they can join the Biden family and possibly Schummer,Cuomo and Harris. They all need to be conflicted of their crimes and sent to prison!

  14. So the big question is, why aren’t they and all the others in jail? They should have been there a long, long, long, etc. ago! I am sick and tired of hearing they have new information of her emails, etc. and then nothing happens. Do something and put them all behind bars in orange jumpsuits NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the BS and get it done once and for all. They are no better than you or I and should not get away with all their corruption.

    1. Your 100% right, thing is they’ll never see jail time, one can only hope when they die, none of them will be missed, add sorris to the list as well the puppet master. When they die and stand before the almighty and have to explain there sins, they don’t get a place in heaven , there a sent to the lower levels of the pit, hilary get a cell next to hitler, and stalin, she can tell them all it wasn’t her fault. The only company they will have is the demons, and they have no mercy. So the Clinton’s, bidens, obama ( who is a muslem) kerry, brenan, Clapper, shumer,Aoc, Bernie sanders, Como, Rice, all of CNN, all of msnbc, all the other socalists, marxists, communists. Will be in jail for eternity, no parole, no help. Just DOOOOMED. That would be there final place for eternity.

    1. Pretty much…Soros will send the Judge a payment, nothing ever happens to these parasites. .22 Mangum round behind the ear would save taxpayers a lot of headache…

    1. Asa……. saw your post. You’re the old school. You lost someone maybe? This has been ongoing from what?…..early 90’s? I will pray for your loss Asa. So many who got too close. I too, miss someone who used to be my forgiving grace. Evil people…stay and stand clear Asa. Bless you Asa

  15. Hillary Clinton was recently quoted for saying “Hillary Clinton still fuming: ‘I was born’ to be president; it makes me ‘literally sick to my stomach to think’ of another Trump win”.
    Nancy Pelosi up on her moral (Trojan) horse the other day and was whining about how unfair it is that some have so much money and privilege while others have so little. When a young lady in the audience asked Pelosi about her own vast wealth and privilege – Pelosi became unhinged and screeched at the lady – “WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT!!!”
    These are just two examples of how the “Entitled” actually think.

  16. God saved the USA from the “Clinton’s” 4 years ago! So now that the USA has witnessed how the Clinton’s are being harbored by many DEMOCRATS; and, as a party, their agenda has become muddled with extremist leftist ideals & operate as a socialist, anti-American party!! How on God’s good earth, can you support, OR REMAIN a “DEMOCRAT” ?! How can you believe that you are voting for AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, or voting for “One Nation under God”?? Don’t kid yourself, WAKE UP AMERICA we are being invated INTERNALLY by our own blinded, corrupted, money grabbing, selfseeking polititions who have sold their souls to drown the USA in chaos, riots, lies, fraud, racial divisions, gender manipulations, children’s innocence compromised, etc. All evil is breaking loose !! We Americans can question and yet, still view
    “O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air
    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there..”
    that America is still there!! LET’S MAINTAIN IT AS THE LAND OF THE FREE & UNDER GOD!!

    Judgment should fall upon the Clinton’s and a lot of others of their kind!

    Let’s get it done @

  17. Thank God the Clintons are the most nefarious, treasonous, lacivious couple in history of the Democratic socialistic machine.I hope and pray they become honest and humble.

  18. About time someone with some real backbone to go after them and hold them accountable. Now if they would do the same thing for the obama’s and the bidens.

  19. And how about Slick Willie’s connection to Jeffery Epstein and his many trips on the Lolita Express? He needs to answer for his sessions with underage girls who were human trafficking victims. Cut off his cojones!

    1. Lolita Island
      14 year old girl (victim)
      Big ole bag o coke
      What is Bill Clinton’s propensity?!!

      Worst part about it…. Hillary enabled this kind of behavior. These two animals should be skinned and turpentined for their atrocities. Tax evasion is the tip of the iceberg with these dispicables

  20. WHY aren’t they in FEDERAL PRISON for 45 THOUSAND years for their CRIMES?!? It’s about TIME! One Observant and DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  21. Are crooked politicians above the law? We will see how this turns out. Judge David Gustafson might consider hiring several body guards … as we all know what happens to people who get in the Clintons’ way.

  22. The Clinton’s have too much stolen tax dollars & bribe money to ever see one day in jail. This case will be in the courts for years & in the meantime they will bribe their way out, witnesses will disappear, OR the Clinton’s will die off. Just once in MY lifetime I would like to see a “crooked politician” be brought to justice! It will never happen because they ALL cover for each other.

  23. Killary in a women’s prison. That would be one happy lesbo. All the muffins she could munch. Put her skanky butt in solitary confinement and let her see all that cooter but can’t get to it. Cruel and unusual punishment for her.

  24. Well now that we no the dems obama an biden an hillary got tax money sent back throw family members the irs will be comeing behind after they fine out an money from pay to play cought up to them its time we are getting some kind of justice

  25. Justice for ALL…..yes, even the Clintons. I pray that justice will be done for the sake of the Justice Dept. credibility. The American people have been losing hope in our government justice system. So much corruption…so little prosecutions.

  26. I will believe justice will be done only when I see it. Liberal democrats are basically above all laws in the USA now.


  28. Good God! I can’t see these teasers anymore, please someone prosecute them and put them in jail where they both belong.

  29. I won’t hold my breath, but, I sure do wish all the Demon Craps that have been doing untold crimes against America and ” We the People” would, at the very least, get driven out of politics. I am tired of them taking advantage of their positions and screwing all of us over. Pelosi & her gang have done nothing during Trumps time as President except doing everything they can, to get Trump out of office, no matter how they do it, because they don’t want to lose their money grabbing opportunities (that’s how they all became millionaires).

  30. Those two are some of the nastiest pieces of ______ to even turn up in Washington. Both traitors. Both need to pay big for their scams and crimes.

    About time somebody took them on who can actually do something about them.


  32. It’s about time. These people needs to be brought to justice. I’d add the Biden’s, Obama, Harris, Pelosi, AOC, Waters, and that evil governor in Michigan. Drain the swamp.

  33. It’s about time this kind of action is expected to happen in the crooked political realm. Hopefully this will set an example and the cleaning up,of the “swamp” will help get our governmental scene more what our founders intended.

  34. All Democrats are not scum bags … just most of them. I really think many of them will be glad to see this justice served, and the swamp drained significantly.
    To all Dumborats … and Republicans too: You do know that it is illegal to not come forward with information pertinent to a crime don’t you???

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