Judges Takes Away Mothers’ Kids for Refusing to Wear a Mask

A Florida judge is being heavily criticized for legislating from the bench and stripping parental rights of Americans who won’t wear a mask.

Broward County Circuit Court Judge Dale Cohen is widely considered a left-wing politician who RHINO Jeb Bush initially appointed in 2006. He has consistently taken liberal stances on state laws such as same-sex marriage and appears to be carrying out the marching orders of Democrats rather than Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. In an act that one would only expect from the most determined liberal zealot, Judge Cohen recently vacated a mother’s child visitation rights because she took off her mask.

“She’s one of those anti-mask people, and she’s got the audacity to post that on social media. She’s going to wear a mask. If she doesn’t, time-sharing is not going to happen,” Judge Cohen reportedly said. “When this pandemic is over, and there’s no cases, and there’s a vaccine … the mother is going to need to get a vaccine as well.”

Ummmm what? When did wearing a mask and getting the vaccine become the prerequisite for getting to see your children?

The Florida mother was ostracized for a single social media post that shows her without a mask. Melanie Joseph indicated to the judge that she was merely taking a break from wearing the stuffy mask. Despite no criminal statute requiring mask-wearing in Florida, the judge coerced Joseph to agree to mandatory vaccinations and require her asthmatic 14-year-old son to wear a mask. If she didn’t, her child would never see her again.

“The judge hates me. He feels that I am a COVID denier and an anti-masker,” Joseph reportedly said. “My four other children have been suffering from not being able to see their brother. They’ve been mourning him all year. What occurred is unconstitutional and should never happen to a parent.”

In what adds cruelty to estranged parents’ ongoing isolation during the pandemic, Judge Cohen refused to restore all of her joint parenting time.

This wasn’t the only instance of judicial overreach against parents who don’t bow down to Biden’s mask policy. A mom with a 2-year-old child was accused of parental negligence because she was photographed not wearing a mask on a Florida beach.

The governor has consistently rejected the notion that beaches should be closed because respiratory viruses such as the coronavirus perish quickly in sunlight. These facts have been supported by CDC data. The left-wing media and Democrats scream foul that people should enjoy being outdoors and not under lockdown. Judge Cohen’s actions demonstrate he’s a Democrat politician legislating from the bench.

Other left-wing judges also toe the Democrat party line that everyday people forfeit their parental rights during the pandemic. Circuit Judge Bernard Shapiro took the unprecedented step to strip a mother of a 4-year-old of all custody rights because she worked on the frontlines to save people in the hospital.

Judge Shapiro stole motherhood from Dr. Theresa Greene, who works in an emergency room despite consistently tested negative for the coronavirus. That fact made no difference to the judge.

“I was just shocked that the judge would take this stance without talking to medical experts and knowing the facts and take it so lightly, take my child from me and not think of the effect on her, her mental and psychological well-being,” Dr. Greene reportedly said. “I know I’m not alone, first responders, nurses, so many people in this position who, because they’re divorced, their children are suffering, and they’re being told they can’t see them, and it’s just not fair.”

Democrat judges continue to enforce wrong-headed liberal agendas that punish good people and parents because they won’t go along with surrendering their freedom.

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136 thoughts on “Judges Takes Away Mothers’ Kids for Refusing to Wear a Mask”

        1. That is something that the judge needs to consider. Letting these Illegals on buses to be brought to your part of the country, should be stopped at the border. What is wrong with you people! Democrats have lost their freaking minds!

          1. That is why they want us in lockdown. That way we don’t see all the illegals moving into the neighborhood.

        2. Good point! And yes that judge should be thrown out of office and not allowed to practice law.

        3. Excellent question. If anyone endangers others by possibly carrying diseases, it is ilkegal border crossers. Rememver, Ellis Island checked for ability to work, criminal history, and health. Thise things must be met before allowing immigrants to enter…just common sense for the common goid and protection of actual citizens. From what is written in this article, judges are way out of line and should have severe consequences.

        4. I wonder too! A] illegal is NOT LEGAL, so when is someone going to sue the government for doing that which the Constitution denotes is illegal? B] we are in a pandemic and there are illegals, some with Covid, crossing along the border, being contained, herded into a bus, and sent to various interior states! Where is the SAFETY in this? C] Biden says we may or may not get to have a cookout on the 4th of July; if illegal Covid infected immigrants spread a new variant, we will see more American citizen infections and perhaps deaths! Is this what Biden and the Dems are hoping for in order to keep an upper hand on us citizens?
          D] with illegal immigrants coming to the interior states, those states will be pouring thousands, if not millions, of dollars to pay for their living expenses. Our citizens are suffering now from the absence of jobs! Why do Biden and the Dems want to cause the American citizens more misery, worry, and anxiety? It seems Biden and the Dems DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, only as much as they can play dictator!

          1. Just like this judge, those running the government are power hungry and want to generate as much fear as possible. And remember, fear is a liar, just like those stirring the swamp.

      1. What gives him the right when the Gov Ron DeSantis also says that wearing a mask is up to the people. Where is Pres Biden on this matter. Taking away a mothers child is cruel. Too bad she not illegal, then she would not have to wear a mask.

        1. Biden is not even in the same day that we are in, he has no idea who he is or where he is, never mind trying to govern this nation. Obama 3.0 is in effect!

      2. All of these Liberal Judges should be removed from the bench by any means possible.(Legal) These Liberals are just the tip of the iceberg as to how much control they want over us. We will have no rights if they are allowed to go unchecked.

        1. Crazyness. She should have gone to Mexico with her son and cross back into the states! Then she could be with her son with no problems and enjoy all the perks a illegal is given! Never stand down to these socialists!!

      3. I agree that he should be removed, but he also needs to be brought up on child abuse charges. Keeping children from being with their mother is downright cruel. There is no law that requires anyone to wear a mask. Governors don’t make laws, Congress does. I hope this guy gets sued big time.

    1. This is absolute dictatorship. What a disgrace to do that to this mom. She has rights just like everyone else , especially when it comes to her own children.

      1. That is correct, and we all knew this was going to happen. Of course I mean those of us who did their homework before voting for a senile, communist, lying, do nothing for 47 years of politic career. He is not in control, Obama 3.0 is the person driving this bus, and he is driving it right over a cliff with all of us in it.
        Obama tried to ruin our country in 2008-2016 and almost succeeded, but now he is back to finish the job!
        So shame on all of you who voted for this imbecile, corrupt liar! He will be in a nursing home in the next few weeks, and the rest of us will be paying that bill until this old fart dies! He could live till he is 95 or 99 years old.

        1. I am still of the opinion that Trump received the majority of the votes, and that there were millions of fake votes copied and tracked into the states that were questionable in their behavior. Five states received more votes than what was listed in their books for people being allowed to vote, and many of those listed had either moved, died, or were in prison. The states never cleared their voting rolls. But hey, I look at it this way, GOD will take charge, and those who cheated will definitely be punished here and now. He doesn’t mince with His punishments either, so they will suffer immensely here.

      1. That is what communist/socialist do! They indoctrinate your kids, and they indoctrinate the parents, and that is how Cuba, Venezuela and Russia got their rights and freedoms revoked! They told them, we will take care of you, HONEST!
        And the stupid, the lazy, and the ignorant freeloaders, the welfare recipients, and the uneducated, illegals all wanted to be taken care of. Watch what happens when Harris takes over!

    2. These STUPID FACE DIAPERS are totally and completely USELESS. These demo-republocrat bureaucrats have found their golden control key, …. the Wahu-flu!

    3. Yeah? Too late. The one guy we had hoped would do something about the Left Wing cartel that is taking over the country had four years and Presidential powers to do something but nobody seems to notice that he did absolutely nothing to take them down. No, this beast can only be tamed by massive citizen civil disobedience which isn’t likely to happen.

      1. Sorry, but Trump did everything to try to protect us from the Socialist/communists, but the elections were rigged and he was not elected. He had all of the policies in line, so that there would be no doubt about our freedoms, and our rights.
        Those who voted for Beijing Biden, to get Trump out of office, are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves. These were ignorant, stupid, uneducated, A$$-holes who have turned our country into a communist country and it may take us 20 years or more to get this rectified. HR 1. is not our friend! so don’t blame Trump, he did every thing he could to keep us from becoming what we have become. You all need to help yourselves, and not leave it all to one man!

        1. Rigged elections are also a hallmark of communism, as well as the agitation of the masses i.e. blm/antifa

    4. Experimental vaccines cannot be mandated its against the Nuremberg rules set down after WW2, file a federal lawsuit.

    5. There is a judicial board that oversees actions Judges do and if they find him guilty he can get stripped of being a judge. I have watched one of there hearings where a judge gave a tongue lashing to a women for not making it to court on time and missed her hearing on trying to get a restraining order on her husband who was abusive. There decision was this the judge will never serve in there jurisdiction again . The very same thing could happen to this Judge.

    6. Masks……. I’m in beautiful central CA. Try walking down the street here sans mask and see what ensues.
      These frightened, whiny little “sheep libs” are everywhere and don’t think just because you’ve got congenital breathing issues that you’re gonna be let off of the hook for your pandemical responsiblities. Oh HELL NO!!

      I have trouble breathing. When I have to cover my face with a bacteria laden face mask, it just intensifies my pursuit to get a breath of fresh air. I’m at the grocery store yesterday and after exhaling ( into my mask) I made the grave mistake of pulling the mask down, just for enough time to reel in a good taste of oxygen before placing the mask again over my face to exhale.

      Well, I might as well just pulled my junk out of my pants for the whole world to see as the lady in line behind me had to make an extremely ugly scene and embarrassing the crap out of me for wanting air.

      This whole situation is a smear on ALL OF US. The media mob has these brain dead libs scared shitless of this dying virus. It’s time to reopen America and get back to LIVING once again. So tired of this relentless bullshit being perpetuated on the citizenry of this once honorable nation.

      Our new “Administration” is killing us with fervor… with each day since Jan 20th, we’ve died a little more because of the policies being implemented by Obama and his ilk.
      Everybody keeps blaming Joe Biden for these decisions, Joe Biden isn’t running this country.
      So bottom line is, we got to stop those who are running this country. Whoever the hell they are. This illegitimate fiasco happening in Washington has already done more than enough damage to each and every one of us.

      The asshole in FL who calls himself a judge doesn’t have the right to “ make and enforce” laws. This ass is there to interpret law… perhaps his grandkids should let him know that

    7. That someone is you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and anyone else you know. You must stand up and be heard. A place to start is the Mayor and District Attorney of your city, county and State!

    8. Good for him! My caretaker refused to manage her age 20 kid who refused to avoid a New Years Eve party. I warned her of the danger. “You cannot tell a 20 yo what to do.” You can if they live in your house and You care for old people. LSS the “kids” attended the party. The kids, my caretaker, her husband, and her sister came down with Covid. The father was hospitalized. NYS Health sent my caretaker an email which she shared with me telling her she could now return to work, but not with elderly over age 70. She lost her job with me. Good for that judge!

    9. This judge needs to be taken off the bench and treated the same way he’s treating these women. Authority doesn’t give you any right for the actions against these parents. Down with the democratic party. No more Marxist assholes!

      1. That is correct! Liberals are insane, stupid, freeloaders, and there is not much use for them. They want to send us to camps so that we can learn how to think they way they do! God Help us all!

        1. Just think, they likely won’t be in eternity, since they voted for murdering babies. So logically, you should feel sorry for them. They lost out on their free pass into eternity, and they certainly cannot get forgiveness for their other sins if they don’t even realize how wrong they are. Clearly, they are the losers here, not us.

    1. If a judge cannot see each case without their personal politics causing bias, they should be banned from being a judge. Period. End of story.

    2. I’m apologize there Mr Daniel , but I’m thinking if SCOTUS won’t hear a case on the plea of 77,000,000 Americans to right the election wrong in the country in November……….. we’ll, there’s no way they’ll attempt to think of looking to do the “ right thing” in this case either.

      My hero’s ….. John Roberts and crew …. what a sad joke

  1. Does Florida still have a mask mandate. If they do, the governor should remove it immediately and have the Florida Attorney General charge this judge violating the constitution or something.

    1. I was wondering why the Governor has not stepped in for her freedom. I thought the Governor was running the state. Is that another lie being perpetrated on the Patriots if freedom. WAKE UP!!!!

    2. No mask mandate or law in Florida from the governor but liberal areas I would guess mayors are mandating them. South Fl. is most liberal. also this agency the child;s welfare group is run and seemingly controlled by liberals. My daughter had foster children at one time and I was appalled at some of their rules. It is likened to the school system in some ways. Needs changing too.

    3. If you followed the correct News Network, you would know that they do not have a mask mandate. You can wear one if you want. also the state economy is wide open and they are flourishing.
      That is not what the mainstream media is telling everyone, so why are you listening to their lies. Remember, if they are liberals they lie a lot! Go to Newsmax and get the real news!

  2. Good Morning who in the Hell does this judge think he is there so called a constitution and where in America and if it was me or my grandchildren they’d have to call the police because that judge let’s say hospital there’s no way the governor will let this happen

    1. This is unconstitutional. There is not law on the books relative to wearing a dam mask and no “judge” should be able to rule against an American citizen in any respect because of his or her decision to not wear a mask. It should be an individual decision. This should particularly be the case where medical conditions are present, as with this mother and her children.

  3. That judge needs to be removed !!!! Someone needs to step up and confront this , this should not happen in America if we all don’t stand up against these problems we will be in a communist country no FREEDOM !!!! PEOPLE BETTER WAKE UP TO WHATS GOING ON ESPECIALLY ONES THAT VOTED DEMOCRAT

    1. Hell the Democrats are moving at warp-speed Plus to screw-over American’s. Just look at HR-1 and how it treats us vs an illegal just as an example. Oh I forgot Stimulus Checks to illegals and people in prisons. With the Dems in charge or I should say with Nancy Pelosi running the show America will be a 3rd world country s..t-whole. As for Nancy’ SF it’s exactly that already.

        1. Do you honestly think that the democrats won’t cheat again in the next two elections? We will never see another honest election now that they have control. I do believe that we should write our names on our votes, so that they cannot monkey around with our votes. That is what I do no matter how I vote, write my name on the paper that is voted on.

  4. Does the judge have kids? If he does, then someone needs to turn the tables on him and take them away on the grounds that he’s an irrational moron and a clear danger to his kids.

    1. He probably doesn’t care about his wife or his kids. I haven’t met a democrat yet who actually cares about anyone other than themselves.

  5. These Communist judges, using the Thoughts of Mao and the Communist Manifesto as their basis of law, are rapidly clamping dictatorial Communism on all of us.

    So, where are our COWARDLY, SOLD-OUT defenders? The Swamp Scum gets deeper and deeper by the hour!

  6. Any judge that legislates from the bench should be removed from their position. Their job is to interpret the law not make it. This is especially heinous as it invaded the sanctity of the family for no lawful reason.

  7. Well look like these liberal democrat judge are trying to play GOD! When they are sitting on the bench without a mask on! No judge has the right to passing law that not on the book! Florida governor need to have him REMOVE from bench. And feed to those hungry alligator! Oop! Did I just give a clue?

  8. I thought Florida had done away with wearing masks . Last I heard this was AMERICA and we have rights to make our own decisions. All you nutcases that voted democrat deserve what you get but leave the rest of us the HELL out of you communist Nazi goose stepping insanity. If you voted democrap your state deserves what it get GOD help us all

  9. So, this judge has a God complex! Shameful and they should be disbarred if they cannot judge properly!!!!

  10. It would make my day if a couple whacky females comes forward to access this judge of sexual misconduct even if it happened in high school We have too many idiots running the country

  11. Okay, anyone left that till thinks we can coeexist with the liberl dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks?
    The time is now.

  12. LOCK this “JUDGE” (?!?) up for SEDITION and TREASON AFTER being IMPEACHED since he’s NOT going by the U.S. Constitution . . . ASAP and PERMANENTLY. One Enlightened And Angry Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  13. The seed of Fascism/Communism was planted in the Urban America’s upper educational system and those useful idiots took it to the lower educational system along with employement areas across America. And now we see how all those deviant anti American ideologys are bitting those that though there brand of kool-aid tasted good.

  14. Where the heck is the ACLU? Oh right, they don’t care about our rights. Ms. Joseph needs to get a lawyer and an immediate cease and desist order to the judges ILLEGAL opinion. Then sue the life out of Cohen for multi millions. How dare he impose his will on her, take her children away from her without any law in FL mandating we wear masks. It’s up to us, not Cohen, a danged liberal DEMONRrrrrrAT!! Moreover, I thought the DEMONERrrrrATS were against separating children from parents…oh wait, that’s only for ILLEGAL INVADERS and not for American citizens. Silly me.

  15. Americans needs to pull their heads out of their a holes and get judges and other people like him out of our government. People that abuse their authorities is what’s helping this country go to he’ll in a hand bascket.

  16. Just like communist democRATS making up rules for thee but not for me. I didn’t read where she sold her kids into the sex slave market and is a crack whore, but it appears if she was the communist democRAT judge would be ok with that.

  17. Sieg Heil dale. A demorrhoid will do anything to control. It’s all about the control, as in nazi Germany circa 1938.

  18. Sad times, people we need a way to undo the wrong in todays world. This judge should never had done such an evil thing. This mother has every right to be with her child.

  19. NO WAY! I would be on the run with my kids! I would start a go fund me page if I had to, stop this crazy bs! That woman isn’t unfit at all! This idiot judge needs to be fired and jailed! gggrrrrr

  20. Isn’t it a judge’s job to apply the law rather than make it? I hope a lawyer will take her case pro bono and file an immediate appeal. That goes for the other travesties mentioned in this article.
    We are losing every right and becoming a Socialist country. This is exactly how Hitler rose to power: loss of the right to assemble, worship, speak freely, education (the teacher unions, which are leftist, run the educational system in America), isolation and silencing of a group of people, banning of certain books, it’s all here. This is scary stuff, folks. We have got to make our voices heard at the ballot box in 2022 and regain control of Congress. Then on to the Executive branch in 2024. Most of all, we have to stick together as the Dems do and vote out every RINO.

  21. this Jewish so called judge must be hanged high off the street lamp before he manage to escape to his apartheid state “The Promised land for organized crimes”

  22. It’s not OK to not wear a mask with the result being the loss of parental rights but it seems to be OK to abandon your child at the border and suffer no consequences. We are not the custodians of these children and they should be returned to their country of origin and the parents should be held responsible.

  23. I am currently watching Season 3 of Burden Of Truth and what is happening in Florida with that Judge takes kids away from refusing to wear a mask. With Burden Of Truth mother had her kids taken away for failing to pass a Drug test where its a False Positive at least in the show is 2 Lawyers involved.

    Judges should not be Judge Dredd these Judges are meant to be impartial follow the rule of the law not any Narratives that have no true evidence. Also no judge or Government should also force anyone to take any Vaccine that is still being clinical tested for next 2 years its called Informed consent!

  24. Its the beginning of Democrats Socialism! CIVIL WAR is coming fast No doubt in my mind. It starting look to me that the only way to save America. Maybe that what he trying to tell Us. LOOK I Can Do this, You better get the war started and save our Country ??? Look at Congress it looks like HITLER lives there! Would they need that fence if they really won the election? WE ALL KNOW ELECTRONIC MONEY IS NOT SAFE a touch of a key can do away with it. But we put them morons in office ALLEGEDLY. Computers are hacked into all the time, So will electronic money!

  25. Wow….really you people are dumb…… this is no longer the U S A. The nazi gestapo took over long ago. The nazi dems have controlled much of america for decades. Just now they control it all.
    The nazi communist own their states government, governors, mayors, DAs, courts, and FBI are their gestapo, the CIA are their SS, the racist- terrorist antifa Blm are brown shirts from hitler
    Wake up morons……the problems are from democrat city’s, bled dry by democrats, from greed by democrat politicians, race problems instigated, supported by, ok’d by democrats, to distract from their greed, they killed their city’s. Where has blm been attacking, dems city’s, they won’t get arrested, because they have permission to destroy beat people and burn from nazi dems.
    Nazi dems distract blame better than anybody!!!!!!
    The auction is over……….america…….
    Sold. Sold. Sold. Sold
    Welcome to Biden concentration camp
    Sig Hiel

  26. Another PERFECT example of IDIOTS on the bench that need to be REMOVED for the GOOD of the people and society. He is a disgrace to the citizens of Florida and the U.S. This is just another POS who thinks that he can make LAWS from the bench and has violated his oath of office and the CONSTITUTION of the U.S..

  27. Another LEFT WING judge that believes he is God! POS, should be removed from the bench. There is NO law requiring masks OR vaccine so therefore she hasn’t committed any crime. Although in my belief this judge has. Give this woman her children back, that is where they belong.

  28. some judges think they are above the law and can do anything they want. he must be a democrap because his decisions are crap

  29. Let this peek behind the curtain sink in. There are actual functioning adults that would squash others like a bug if given the power.
    I don’t personally know people like this but those who are seem to gravitate towards position of power. It’s why we have a Constitution. Our national problem is that for over a century we’ve not fought to keep it, and now we must or perish as a free people: the world’s only hope on a secular basis.

  30. I would like to know can the governor fire him and give those mother’s back their children all other judges who are trading families this way

  31. I’m in Florida now, I’m going to all my stimulus money to Florida, even though I shouldn’t get it! So have this judge find me I’m sure we can work this out

  32. Where does this idiot of a judge live, that has the audacity to take children away from their mother????

  33. Government shouldn’t be running our lives. Parents must be diligent in how they raise their children.

    If they are not responsible another member of the family might be able.

    Tim S.

  34. Judges are supposed to uphold the law. There is no law that says you have to wear a mask in Florida. The Governor left it up to the people whether they wear a mask or not. That’s the way it should have been from the start. That lady should sue that judge for everything he’s got and then some. He not only is trying to enforce a law that hasn’t ever been written. He is no judge, he’s a make believe dictator.

  35. The United States government cannot force anybody to wear a mask the government works for us we tell them they do not tell us we are the leaders they are just the governor’s they do not rule us! And that judge has committed treason and he can be hung just like Pelosi can be hung!!!!

  36. This judge – and others who rule beyond their official job – should be subject to removal. The Gov. needs to step in on this immediately. This is nothing less than Nazi tactics and unconstitutional. The judges have No medical knowledge and cannot impose their personal (and uneducated) views as law.

  37. In regards to this Judge and what this Country is turning into is really bad. All Americans need to stand up and fight without fear and say no to anything that is taking our rights away and not applying them to all the illegals. If Trump can stand up to these evil politicians and the fight during his presidency we can do the same. We have to stop bitching about and do something right now not wait for someone else to step in.

  38. It seems to me that the son of this woman wasn’t living with her, but possibly was in a detention center or something like that. If that is so, the son would be considered the property of the State. I still feel the judge is wrong because there is no law saying we have to wear masks, and feel he is just trying to show his power. And yes, I agree with all of you that feel the government has way too much power and we have become a Communist country. Lord, help us! Take note people, of how to vote next time, though it may be too late now. We need to pray – that’s our only resource. So get on your knees and ask the Lord for help for our country. Terrible decisions are being made every day that will deeply affect each one of us.

  39. Quick, arrest the judge , he has no mask on in the picture and please put him jail. The guy is an idiot and doesn’t follow the law (he’s no judge). The governor should step in and now before this guy does anymore damage. This is still a free country and the people could make up there own mind (mask or no mask) and no one but no one has a right to tell you, you have to do something or lose your kids. I don’t wear a mask, how’s that assh*le.

  40. Take this to Supreme Court of Florida And that idiot Judge. Needs to be removed and punchedinhis ugly face AS well

    1. So much for Constitutional integrity in the Circuit Court!Obviously the boy in the black dress is taking th manila envelope!!Fireants gotta eat!!!!!!

  41. Amen, to that. I suppose we all should become illegal aliens, no way. Our American administration is ridiculous. They hate Americans. If we have another huge Covid-19 spike, it is the job killers Biden, fault by opening up the border without a plan in hand. What an idiot.

  42. Deport and sentence all leftwing DC govt, Democrats, Republicans, judges, socialis liberals, Antifa, woke and cancel culture on domestic terrorist and crimes against the people and the U.S. Constitution of 1776.

  43. Govt is not above the constitutional law. However, the Deep State corruption are not being charged for the crimes they are committing everyday against conservative America. These people who hate this country can leave and denounce their U.S citienship

  44. Is it any wonder why people resort to going after activist, commie judges that ignore their oath of office and align with the likes of a two time brain surgery looser like the present occupant of the oval. They have no right to enforce laws that do not exist. They can’t tell you what to where on your face or introduce into your body. This particular judge needs to have his neck stretched….

  45. Trump was following the Constitution of 1776, which limits federal government powers, and reserves power to the states and the people.
    His goal was to get people to wake up and stand up and reclaim their inherent power and rights. All the people need to do is to stand up in mass and tell politicians that they are violating their oaths of office by trampling on WE THE PEOPLE RIGHTS. In Marbury vs. Madison 1803 the Supreme court said AMY LAW THAT WAS REPUGNANT TO THE CONSTITUTION WAS NO LAW, ITS NULL AND VOID.
    Any politician who violates their oaths of office commits treason.
    People need to educate yourselfers on your constitutional rights and responsibilities. We need to take back our power that we have allowed the government to steal.
    Locally start a grassroots organization to get signatures on petitions to remove unconstitutional politicians from office, charge them with treason. Learn about Common law, get ahold of constitutional lawyers like Constitutional lawgroup.us ,
    Sheriff Richard Mack and Oath Keepers. Stop listening to mockingbird media. Trump loves America more than any president I know. He took on big Pharma, closed the borders, lowered gas, food, coat of living, developed opportunities zones in poor neighborhoods. Had best employment numbers until China hit us with Fauci Gates bioweapon. Follow the money, who stands to make money or achieve their goals of depopulation? We the American people have to wake up and take our country back from treasonous unconstitutional corrupt politicians. Trump also stop government funding to abortion clinics, this is one of the biggest pet projects of the globalists depopulation advocates. Stop looking at what Trum didn’t do and look at all he got accomplished while fighting the swamp and Congress for all his presidency. Most of Congress is in violation of the constitution and guilty of treason.

  46. He has denied her and her children their constitutional rights. He need to rescind the order and apologize to her and her family or loose his appointment to the bench and his law license.

  47. This is the start of full blown communism. They begin by indoctrinating the populace, with small restrictions on their freedoms. Each step becomes more invasive , until your freedoms have all been taken, and you have to depend on the government for survival. They want to see how much we’ll take before we fight back. Meanwhile the are preparing their forces to subdue us. Fight them in the courts won’t work as we can see by this article.

  48. These judges have absolutely NO AUTHORITY to take this action. How about if We The People, jerk these POS off the damn bench, roll their law licenses up real tight, and put them where the “sun don’t shine”. Who do they think they are? Where do they think they are? Communist China? You’re in Florida, and I’ll call Gov. Ron DeSantis, to make him aware of this betrayal of trust, and inhumane actions. You (Cohen) are in violation of the US Constitution. You are basically using the inference of law to coerce a parent to agree with your absolutely unlawful demand. You are shamelessly committing a crime, made even worse, by using her assumption of your Courtroom setting, and your Black “Dress”, granting you the appearance of authority, to deprive her of her rights, which is in itself, a crime, according to: Title 18, Section 242, desc; Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law. You’re (Cohen) a Self-Righteous SOB who is about to be reined in. To abuse your position to force someone to give up their rights is totally despicable, and foments distrust in what we are supposed to rely on to protect our republic. To use the implication that you are the absolute authority over this matter, when you are clearly abusing your status as a judge, is beyond disgusting, and shameful. Believing the supposed “Science”, according to the gospel of that lying little turd, Fauci, is almost as unforgivable. Fauci’s commitment to the science of Covid, does a complete reversal, on a regular basis, seemingly to please whoever he is working with, at the moment. To rely on his (Fauci) “science” to make life altering decisions, is foolish at best, and more likely negligent, in my humble opinion. Judges Cohen, and Shapiro, when gazing upon themselves in the mirror, see Champions of Justice, and steering the wakefulness of the “Woke” crowd, but will sadly be found to be Asleep at the Wheel, pertaining to actual “Law”. Y’all might want to look up the definition of “Unbiased”, and become aware of the measure of your shortcomings, in that area! Semper Fidelis

    1. Another lonely man who needs attention so badly that this is the way he goes about to receive it.

      No one has ever heard about this “warped thinking asshole” before, but now he’s got his “15 mins of fame.

      A thought Mr. Cohen, stop with the AOC drama. She shouldn’t be your role model there Judgy Wudgy. (That was borrowed from Curly of the 3 stooges). Speaking of the stooges…. you’ve become one…. please, cease and desist

  49. This judge will be transferred to become ‘County Latrine Cleaner’. He will be excellent in that profession. Can chit-chat with Pelosi all day.

  50. I work 5 days a week being a sales rep, for a big company. Mandatory through my company to wear a mask. I work 8-9 stores a day, touching product that the “shop and drop” public ( that’s people who pick up the product, then drop it somewhere in the store, instead of taking maybe 1 min, to put it back) moves around and I wash my hand at every stop, and I still caught “covid”.
    I go to work and back home, since I have my farm to take care of so I’m out in the public daily wearing a mask and still caught it. So you can wear a mask, wash your hands but still catch it. I’m proof of that. And the vaccines only last 8 months.
    So wearing a mask doesn’t work.

  51. you knocked it right out into orbit !!!!! now america is just getting getting itself clear of covid this disgrace of a pres. who we all know is a puppet they want the positive tested covid illegals are being brought to 50 states to re infect the country to KEEP US IN LOCKDOWN UNTIL 2022 THIS HAPPENING PAY ATTENTION

  52. Those Commies for JUDGES need to be removed from the BENCH and FIRED or RECALLED and Punished for tearing children way from their parents. Do you think they would do this to black or brown illegals coming into the USA?

  53. These Liberal Tyrants Need to Start Disappearing! They will Cross Someone with some Balls Eventually and it will Adios!

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