Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Protects Its People Better Than Congress Protects You

There are really only two sides to the issue of border protection: Either Congress cares about the American people enough to protect our lives by securing the border, or it does not. Saudi Arabia cares enough to protect its own citizens by building a border wall which it just unveiled. Why doesn’t the American Congress care about us enough to do the same?

Run that through your mind again: Saudi Arabia has constructed a wall along its entire northern border with Iraq to protect itself. Rick Perry must not have warned them about ladders before they undertook such folly!

To be fair, Saudi Arabia didn’t really construct a “wall.” It’s an elaborate high-tech fencing system, which happens to be a damn sight better than anything on our southern border. It has two 600-mile-long chain link fences topped with concertina wire, 100 meters apart. Invaders have to cross a sand berm embankment to reach the first fence.

In between the two chain link fences, there’s pyramid-shaped tower concertina wire fence. If someone gets through the first fence, they have nothing but a 300-foot-long nightmare of razors to crawl through before reaching the second fence. (Our first choice would have been alligators.) Underground movement sensors between the dual fences will trigger a silent alarm so that border security forces can respond.

An infographic released by Airbus Defense and Space, the European company that Saudi Arabia hired to build the fence, shows that there are 40 watchtowers along the length of the wall and 38 communication towers. Each is equipped with SPEXER 2000 radars and day/night cameras. The systems can detect a moving pedestrian more than 11 miles away and trucks up to 22 miles away.

It also detects light aircraft and helicopters. The rapid response stations along the border are equipped with helipads for chopper response. 240 rapid-response Humvees, equipped with machine guns and other armaments, are standing by to protect Saudi Arabia’s border.

They also installed 900 miles of fiberoptic cable, to ensure constant communication with their military’s central command. Surveillance reconnaissance vehicles will patrol the fence from Saudi Arabia’s side of the border. Each vehicle is equipped with radar, video, thermal and night vision cameras. They also have facial recognition software, to quickly ID invading illegal aliens who they have previously deported.

That’s what it looks like when a nation cares about defending its border. Who is Saudi Arabia keeping out? Middle Easterners who practice the exact same political/religious sect of Sunni Islam as the House of Saud and the Muslim Brotherhood. In other words, ISIS. They’re protecting their people from invaders who are just like their own citizens in nearly every way.

Saudi Arabia built its wall in response to the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Construction began in 2014. It recognized the social and political cost of allowing waves of refugees, migrants and potential terrorists across its borders, even though most of those people would have fit right in.

Contrast that to the flood of illegal aliens coming across our southern border. How well do they fit in with Americans? Among the political ideologies of these dishonestly-labeled “migrants,” whether they are from Mexico or further south, you will find communists, “green” communists, leftwing communists, further leftwing communists, the really kooky communists and communists accustomed to a “strong man” dictator. (“Natural conservatives,” according to Karl Rove.)

Saudi Arabia wants to keep people of the same race and Islamic belief system out. Our politicians wouldn’t even think of keeping out an MS-13 member who thinks Che Guevara was a bit of a sissy. And no matter how much the media and Democrats whine that we need these illegals to “grow our economy” and insist that they are no danger, Americans continue to be victimized by illegal alien criminals in all 50 states.

In just the week prior to Thanksgiving of 2018, Americans have been blessed by the diversity of illegal aliens in the following ways…

A previously-deported Mexican rapist was rearrested in Calexico, California. He’s charged with re-entry after removal as a convicted sex offender.

An immigrant Lyft driver performed a “full Clinton” in front of a 14-year-old female passenger in New York City by taking out his penis and masturbating in front of her. Lyft is refusing to release the driver’s name to police without a warrant – despite the girl snapping a picture of the assailant in the act.

In Maryland, a previously-deported Mexican was sentenced in a 22-year-old cold case, in which he raped a deaf woman at gunpoint. In his own defense, the Mexican rapist, who was previously kicked out of the country for dealing drugs, argued to the judge, “No one’s perfect!”

In New Jersey, it was reported that a “Sanctuary County” jail released 92 violent illegal aliens, including several MS-13 animals with full facial tattoos, who had ICE detainers against them.

In Houston, an illegal alien murdered a convenience store clerk. Police determined that the killer was previously deported when he was 16. Now that he’s 18, he’ll be tried for murder as an adult.

Three illegal aliens were arrested for murdering an American woman in Colorado. After shooting her, they dumped her body in the middle of an intersection in the town of Golden and set her on fire. Call us crazy, but it seems like Golden, Colorado was not accustomed to crimes like this just a few years ago.

Two additional illegal aliens were arrested in North Carolina, in separate cases of raping children.

In Arkansas, illegal alien Luis Cobos-Cenobio treated viewers to an exciting dashcam video as he charged at a police officer’s car, firing dozens of rounds through the windshield (fortunately, he’s a terrible shot). Cobos-Cenobio is a protected Obama dreamer on the DACA list.

And after the taxpayers spent 26 years paying for all of the food, housing and health care for illegal alien Robert Moreno Ramos on death row, the state of Texas finally executed him this past week. Ramos murdered his wife and his two children, ages seven and three, back in 1992 – with a sledgehammer. The United Nations objected to the death penalty and urged Texas to keep Ramos around even longer at taxpayer expense.

So, what’s it going to be, Congress? Are you going to help President Trump build the wall? Or do you simply not care about your own citizens as much as Saudi Arabia does.

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