Mainstream Media Can’t Hide the Truth of the Doxing Attack

Brett Kavanaugh is already hearing arguments as a member of the Supreme Court. You might be tempted to breathe a sigh of relief. After all, even the impending midterms can’t easily take away his spot on the bench. Still, this is not the time to relax.

The Kavanaugh confirmation process was just a chance for the left to prove themselves the evil and uncompromising cesspool that they are. In the midst of it all, they performed several egregious violations of law, order and process. This is one the mainstream media tried to hide from you.

The Attack

For those of you who might not be familiar with the term, a dox, or doxing attack, is when someone maliciously publishes personal information regarding another individual. The general idea is that if you put a notorious person’s info on the internet, you can count on people to abuse that information and make their lives miserable. In extreme cases, doxing can lead to more serious crimes that might include theft, property damage, harassment and outright physical violence.

You can see why doing this in light of the recent Kavanaugh confirmation might be particularly dangerous, but that didn’t stop an individual from carrying out exactly this kind of attack. After the special hearing where the Senate Judiciary Committee listened to testimony from Christine Blasey-Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, personal information for Republicans on the Committee was suddenly available on the internet.

Mainstream media has tried their best to downplay this as a prank or not even happening, but the truth has escaped their dark basement.

The Arrest

We now have a fair notion of what happened. A man named Jackson Cosko altered Wikipedia pages to make personal information for select Republican Senators public knowledge. As a result, they were harassed, and their general safety and security were compromised. Keep in mind that this danger extended to their families.

Perhaps more important than Cosko’s name is the employment he held right up to the arrest. He was originally believed to be an unpaid intern for Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee. This was incorrect. He held a paid fellowship position for the Congresswoman.

This distinction is important for a few reasons. First, a fellow can hardly be called a rogue employee. It’s a designation for someone who has earned the trust of their employer and is fairly highly ranked within the offices.

In this particular case, the designation of “fellow” includes a more nefarious component. While Cosko worked directly with Jackson-Lee and in her physical offices, she did not sign his checks. His fellowship was technically with a separate company. This might seem minor, but it’s a common practice used in politics to create a paper trail of separation between individuals.

This brings us to the pertinent question: why would they need a degree of separation if Cosko was a solo actor?

A Pathetic Cover Up

Despite their efforts to pretend like nothing at all happened, mainstream media has been forced to discuss the event minimally. A trusted member of a Representative’s inner circle was arrested after all. Predictably, media outlets have tried to paint Cosko as a rogue who defied the principles of the Representative he served.

It’s painfully similar to their defense of Maxine Waters. She didn’t actually call for violence (despite recordings saying otherwise). Those rioters were acting against her principles and desires.

In reality, we now know that the Democratic Party tried to directly attack Republican Senators. The fact that the doxing was completely partisan is strong evidence of this. The fact that Jackson-Lee worked so hard to create plausible deniability is veritable proof. Cosko was a paid agent of the left, and he did the exact work they wanted from him.

This is the state of modern politics. When we say time and again that the left will sink to any low, we mean it. This attack was only one of dozens of crimes committed by the left in order to try and retain partisan control of the Supreme Court — something that is unconstitutional to begin with. They continue to raise the stakes, and we have to respond.

If there is a single Democrat left in Congress at the end of this next election, then we failed to be responsible Americans. It is time we put an end to the Criminal, er, Democratic Party.

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