Mueller Endangers National Security with Pointless, Toothless Indictments

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has decided that it’s worth endangering the lives of American intelligence officers and CIA agents overseas, as long it helps him to frame President Donald Trump in his never-ending Russia Russia Russia investigation. Mueller has issued indictments against 12 Russian military intelligence officers on petty crimes related to the 2016 election. For what purpose?

These Russian spies were doing what Russian spies do. They are well outside of US jurisdiction and they will never see the inside of an American courtroom. That’s assuming that they are even real people and that Mueller has not indicted pseudonyms or false identities.

By taking such an action against Russia’s spies, Mueller places American intelligence agents inside Russia at risk. For decades, America and Russia have operated using the unwritten rule of baseball: If your pitcher hits one of ours, we’ll clear the bench and hit yours. Don’t hit us and there’s no fistfight.

Throughout the years of the Cold War, if a Russian spy slipped on a banana peel, an American spy would have a piano fall on his head. And so on. If we weren’t killing each other, both sides would play the game and try to slip false information to each other. By indicting 12 Russian intelligence officers, Mueller has given Vladimir Putin’s government tacit permission to nail 12 of our intelligence officers in his country. Again – for what purpose?

None of the arguments from Mueller and Trump’s critics make any sense on this point. Here’s the left’s narrative: Candidate Donald Trump somehow colluded with Vladimir Putin, using means and methods so sophisticated that not even the National Security Agency was able to pick up on it. (Maybe they used carrier pigeons.)

Using this super sophisticated collusion, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were able to steal the 2016 election away from the rightful winner, Mrs. Bill Clinton. Let’s look at the dates and see if this makes any sense.

Under the narrative, the emails were “hacked” and published by WikiLeaks just “days before the election” to sway the vote for Trump. As Donald Trump has pointed out, where’s the DNC server? The FBI has never examined that server (it subsequently vanished), but Mueller has somehow determined that it was hacked by Russian spies.

Putting that aside, the emails were published by WikiLeaks on July 22, 2016. It strains all credulity to say that July 22 was “days before” the Nov. 8, 2016 election. Hillary Clinton was selected as the Democrats’ nominee on July 26, so if anything, the leak of the emails would have been to benefit socialist Bernie Sanders.

Here’s another question no one is asking: Why is Mueller investigating the hack of the DNC servers and not the hack of the RNC servers?

The Republican National Committee’s emails were hacked and published online at DC Leaks in June 2016 – a full month before the John Podesta/DNC emails were published. Why is no one claiming that the RNC email hack was a nefarious foreign plot to sway the election toward Hillary Clinton? In our two-tiered justice system, it is apparently only a crime to hack and leak the emails of Democrats.

Part of the reason why the leaked Republican emails gained so little attention – even to this day – is because everything in the emails was legal and boring:

“Hey Jeff, don’t forget to collect the profession and employer name of any donors who give over $200 for the quarterly FEC reports.”

“Okey doke, Fred. McDonald’s for lunch today?”


The DNC emails, on the other hand, revealed several potential crimes. For one thing, the emails proved that then-Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was colluding with the Clinton campaign to rig the Democrat primaries against the wildly popular (to the Democrats) Bernie Sanders. According to Donna Brazile’s book, the Clinton campaign was pretty much running the DNC.

The DNC and the Clinton campaign were using the same bank in New York, they shared a joint fundraising committee and they had the same treasurer. The DNC then claimed neutrality by opening a joint fundraising committee with the Sanders campaign. The Sanders committee raised $1,000. The Clinton committee raised $526 million. This was clearly unethical, probably illegal and definitely the reason why the DNC server is at the bottom of the Potomac River.

The DNC emails also revealed the incredible racism of the DNC’s almost universally white campaign staffers. They referred to a Hispanic donor as “needy” and called the Democrat Party’s outreach, “Operation Taco Bowl.”

They mocked the name of a female African American donor (to their credit, they did not refer to her as “uppity”). These are not technically crimes, but they are hanging offenses and career-ending statements in the SJW-infested Democrat Party.

Then there were the adults in the DNC emails who were squealing with delight to know that pre-pubescent girls would be providing “entertainment” in the swimming pool at an after-hours party for the Democrats. Normal adults don’t get excited about little kids in bathing suits. Creepy pedophiles do. Where are the calls for an investigation into that?

If there is any justice remaining in America, the police should be questioning those poor little girls – but no, we’re chasing Russian ghosts around the closet according to House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes.

Plus, John Podesta’s “spirit cooking” – a satanic ritual in which the participants drink bodily fluids. That’s… probably legal? Okay, full disclosure: We totally intended to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but then the Russians tricked us into voting for Donald Trump by releasing the spirit cooking emails.

The Mueller investigation has now cost the American taxpayers nearly $20 million. Five Americans have been indicted for crimes that had nothing to do with Donald Trump or the 2016 elections.

One Hispanic immigrant (or possibly an anchor baby) in Santa Paula, CA has pleaded guilty to knowingly helping a Russian group steal “tens of thousands of dollars” in an identity theft racket in the 2016 election season. TENS OF THOUSANDS, PEOPLE! 26 Russians have been indicted for petty crimes.

House Republicans are preparing to file Articles of Impeachment against Mueller’s boss — Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — for refusing to turn over documents related to false FISA warrant applications that allegedly started the entire fake Russian narrative. Hopefully they will follow through and fire him, and that will be the first step in ending Mueller’s pointless witch hunt.

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