Nancy Pelosi’s Plan for the House to Elect Biden Using Little Known Constitutional Clause

The 2020 presidential race appears so close that its possible neither President Donald Trump nor Joe Biden could win enough states to get to 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. If neither candidate wins a majority of the electoral votes, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, gets to pick the winner. A truly terrifying thought considering we all know she’d pick Biden even if Trump wins the popular vote and gets more electoral votes than him.

Worst of all, it would be perfectly legal for her to pick the next president. The Constitution’s 12th Amendment states that “if no person have such majority (in the Electoral College), then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President.”

There are 538 Electoral College votes and it takes 270 votes to win. In the 2016 election, Pres. Trump earned 304 electoral votes, Hillary Clinton 227, Gen. Colin Powell 3, John Kasich 1, Ron Paul 1, and Faith Spotted Eagle 1. Given the widespread cheat-by-mail tactics being deployed by Democrats and the growing likelihood Election Day will be followed by weeks of vote-counting and protracted litigation, this election creates the very real possibility that no candidate reaches the 270-vote threshold. That would allow Nancy Pelosi to stage a coup.

“The Constitution says that a candidate must receive a majority of the state delegations to win,” Pelosi reportedly stated. “We must achieve that majority of delegations or keep the Republicans from doing so.”


But the rub is that when the vote moves to the House, the playing field is leveled. Rather than liberal California trampling Montana 55 to 3 votes, each state receives only one vote. The Founding Fathers understood the importance of states’ rights when selecting a president. The bad news for Nancy Pelosi is that the majority in the House right now is not in Democrats favor. President Trump recently pointed out that Republicans currently hold an edge despite a left-wing majority.

“And I don’t want to end up in the Supreme Court and I don’t want to go back to Congress either, even though we have an advantage if we go back to Congress — does everyone understand that?” President Trump reportedly said. “I think it’s 26 to 22 or something because it’s counted one vote per state, so we actually have an advantage. Oh, they’re going to be thrilled to hear that.”

Republicans currently hold a lead in Florida and swing states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan appear to be wild cards. By that same token, Democrats hold a thin lead in Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada, and New Hampshire, among others that could fall apart. It’s just as likely that Democrats lose a state majority or two instead of gain them in the election.

But what’s particularly troubling is that it appears Pelosi plans to subvert the U.S. Constitution. The 12th Amendment indicates that the House must “immediately” choose a winner. President Trump correctly stated that Republicans have 26 of the 50 votes if the House is forced to decide the election winner. Democrats enjoy only 22, with Pennsylvania tied and Michigan entrenched in a delegation plurality. To subvert that Pelosi has been scheming to direct efforts to secure 26 state votes.

How will she do this? To get to 26 or a majority, Democrats need to win more seats in the House.  If Democrats win the necessary states in the House on November 3rd, she will refuse to vote until the next Congress is seated in January.  The Constitution says the House must vote “immediately” but it doesn’t say within 30 days or within 90 days. Pelosi can wait until after January to secure the votes she needs to declare Biden the winner.

After the Russian Collusion witch hunt and phony impeachment not based on a “high crime or misdemeanor,” it’s abundantly clear Democrats have no intention of acting fairly.


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168 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s Plan for the House to Elect Biden Using Little Known Constitutional Clause”

  1. They need to remove her ad Speaker of the House!! Seems to me theres a bill active now that is trying to do just that!!

    1. Yes she needs to go .but if neither gets the votes and she has to pick the no waiting no cheating it says immediately then that means what it says Now

          1. I agree! I am determined to stay alive to see that bitch descend to Hell where she belongs along with the other most evil demonrats.

          2. This kind of response is not appropriate. I do not wish her dead, only that she is removed from congress; or at least from the speakership. She has done much to hurt America. Let’s strip her of her power.

          3. Nasty PigLowSi should be given violent drop-kicks to her derrière, all the way back to where she belongs…in Sodom FranSICKo, CallousForlornYa !

    2. The KKK is coming for Nancy Pisslosi. They don’t like her sorry liberal ass. They will gave fun fucking the bitch up. I love the KKK. My father was an imperial Wizard in the KKK. He used to love fucking with niggers. I learned a lot from my daddy. That’s why I am a bigot. My 1994 crime bill got a lot of niggers off of the streets. One of my greatest accomplishments.

      1. How uninformed you are.
        The KKK and like groups are actually creations of the Demoncrat party.
        The Demoncrats were the slavery party during and after the US Civil War.
        Is it any wonder why the freed and escaped former slaves ran North?
        The Confederacy may have lost the blood and guts war, but it switched to political means to push their agenda.
        Isn’t it the real reason that the Democrats are attempting to change the party name?

        1. True thomas. the demoncrats voted against the 13th,14th and 15th amendments the Repulicans voted yes for the civil Rights of1957 while the demoncrats in the Senate filibustered it.remember the Repulican Party was founded in 1854 as an abolitionist movement . The first Repulican President was Abraham Lincoln the author of the Emancipation Proclamation.

        2. Yes you are so correct Thomas. The Demonrats also did not President Lincoln to become president as they knew he was going to do away with slavery. Funny how they all forget that they were part of the problem that this country is continuing to have

        3. And Lyndon B. Johnson may have voted FOR the black vote, but he figured it would, and I quote here, “keep those n_____s voting Democrat for 200 years”! WRONG LBJ! And I hope he’s groaning and rolling over in his grave! Bless Candice Owens for saying that to Black America to wake them up! And they listened and thought about the points she made, her and Ben Carson and other Great Americans! Waking up Americans is a great thing for President Trump! He’s gained what, 30% MORE of the Black American vote than last election? Tell you something doesn’t it! The DNC/Communist Party has just not figured it out yet. Trump’s going to win because of their own hatred of him. It has exposed their hypocrisy! Keep it up, commies. By election day no one will be left who wants to vote for you! TRUMP2020!

      2. You’re disgusting idiot. Bums like you need to be sent to South Africa, See out long losers like you would last.

      3. Can anyone see what his online name is? (He’s commenting as JOE BIDEN) He’s pointing out Bidens racism. If you look it up Biden has multiple comments that are racist. Yet every time Trump calls out a Democrat polices or the results of their policies the MSM & other Dems call Trump a racist. If Trump made all the comments Biden has it would run on a 24/7 loop in China News Network-CNN and MSDNC-MSNBC

        1. No, but only the words were changed for shock value. Sleepy Joe has said and done a lot of horrible things of that nature and none of the “woke” people seem to even mind.

      1. She IS the swamp. Just look at her. Get her out NOW any way you can and my flag will not go to half mast either.

    3. Shes nothing but a sleazy windbag . She should be removed as speaker . Nothing but trouble since becoming speaker.

    4. Arrest N.P. charge her with sadition, TREASION, high crimes and misdemeaners, set trial date for end January 2020 mid MARCH. As she would present flight risk, if possile keep incarserated till trial.

      1. You are not acting any better with the disrespect aspect that she puts on in the morning for work. Humility guess a long way guys.

    5. She needs to go to a rubber room wearing a designer jacket with no sleeves and no holes where sleeves should be.

    6. They don’t need a Bill to remove her. She is irresponsible and anti-U.S. thus if all of the politicians vote responsibly then they can use Article 1 Section 5 Clause 2 of the Constitution. I have already been saying this since dirt was invented to many people, my Reps too and other blog sites. Everyone needs to tell your Reps to do this. At least try. If they won’t then they need to go in this election cycle if possible.

      1. NP is not only a hater of America, but she (and others) have made a fortune off of us. At the same time she wants to turn our country socialist with her at the head. To enjoy more luxury at our expense. Term limits? That should be a ballot issue. I also agree that the Clinton’s, Obama’s, and others who have illegally benefitted from their positions in government be prosecuted.

      1. That’s a FACT we the people won’t stand for anymore of her BULLSHIT from her or her constituents, This country has had enough of the DUMBOCRAT SOCIALIST agenda it’s time we take our country back and ABOLISH Democratic party.

    7. Her sick plans will fail and president Trump will win! Also that ballot harvesting will be over turned in the SC!

    8. Its time for Pelosi, to be booted from Congress as soon as possible. She is EVIL and dangerous. She will stoop to any level to achieve the POWER she thinks she is entitled to. The woman us deranged and hates the President because he “beat ” Hillary, who they expected to win to continue their criminal activities. She needs to go.

    9. Someone needs to put a bullet in that empty, body control mass, commonly known as the brain. It’s full of spiteful and derisive thoughts all day long, every day. I can’t do it, because I couldn’t kill an opossum last night, because he was still alive but paralyzed. Smellosi is such an animal !!!!!

    10. CRAZY NANCY, she needs to be put on a BOAT with the BRAINLESS BIDEN,and the REST of the SWAM and put them all out to SEA! PEOPLE need to WAKE-UP cause this USA will not be OUR OWN! THE DEM”S will not let you have the FREEDOM, that you have now, you will never OWN anything, else, ever! THE DEM”S will sell THE USA to the HIGHEST BIDDER, and this means you,also! SO what ever happens DO NOT VOTE FOR THAT BRAINLESS BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. This is going to end up in war like in 1776! We all know they cannot win and this would be stolen! This is why we all have to stick together and NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS because we will have to declare war! We would have to go after them starting from the top and force them out of our offices! They are not fit to lead and we cannot allow them to ruin our lives And the lives of our children and grandchildren!

      1. Remember, these jackals were elected by our fellow Americans. What’s wrong with THAT picture?!?!? Something has gotta snap somewhere, we are once again a “House Divided”….

        1. New nick names for Smellosi;
          ( TRUMP ould LOVE these if anyone out there could get them viral on U-Tube or what ever;

          1-” NASTY PELOUSY ( as in lousy ! )
          2- ” Nasty PELOUSIE ” ( as in louse – ee )
          3 – ” Nasty Pe-loser ) ( puh – loser )
          4 – for Hilary & B.O. ; Hitlery Clinton,
          Barack Obummer ! ! !

        2. You, sir, insult jackals everywhere! However, I must wholeheartedly agree with your statement. Well said, Ronald!

      2. Pat, if we go to war, with our fellow Americans, then, the “door” would be open for countries like Russia, China, N. Korea,, Cuba, Mexico, or Central America….any of our enemies could “walk” right in and take over, or at least make things worse, just think about it!

    12. I agree Nancy must go now, she has done nothing for the nation and before that she did nothing for California!!!!

    13. Gosh Larry I hop that is so!!! It would be a blessing and if I were President Trump I would sue her pants off for the slander she has said out of her mouth…the only thing they have done for 4 years is try to get him out and now we are looking at Hillary Clinton to show all the corruption she has done…

    14. Who in their right mind keeps voting for and reelecting ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’? I live in California, San Francisco to be exact, ‘pigliosi’s Congressional district recently named the new ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA. in her 35 years in Congress she’s done absolutely nothing for America and even less for California, if you can believe that but ‘s done very well for herself to the tune of over 200 million dollars for doing SQUAT! While California might have a lot of eccentric people, there’s nobody in their right mind who keeps voting for and reelecting this thieving, lying and anti American POS in office. same goes for nephew gruesome gavin ‘giveaway the store for free’ newsom. Her election along with all the other liberals here in California are the result of voter fraud, period and the feds need to come in and investigate this immediately before we’re saddled with another term of this piece of worthless trash. Wake up California and do it soon. You can’t be satisfied with the horrible living conditions in California that have made it more and more third world, more expensive, unaffordable and unlivable, or are you?

    15. She needs to be removed from office and tried for Treason. She and her “Henchmen” have been trying to overthrow our President since day one. Stop her and her sinister, evil plan.


    17. My only problem with Pelosi is that she wants to turn our entire Nation into one giant California.Now that’s a BIG problem. The fact that she is crazy,ugly,scarey and possessed by Satan is an entirely different matter.

    18. Please please find a way to remove her. She is a heartless, vain individual! So scary for this country.Power of prayer!

    19. She is a cancer , we the people need to remove her and chuckles the clown ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  2. There Speaker of the House DOES NOT choose in that scenario. The House as a group chooses. Each state, regardless of the number of Representatives gets ONE vote. In short the party that holds the majority of seats in the majority of states, even if they don’t hold an actual majority of seats, chooses.
    Also note: in the event, as unlikely as it may be, that the Republicans win the majority in the House, Nancy Pelosi won’t be Speaker when the selection is made.

  3. My biggest disappointment with Trump is the justice dept has not gone after and put in jail all the previous admin criminals –Obama, the Clintons, Jarred, Comey, god there are too many to list

    1. John: Absolutely right. ESPECIALLY GEORGE SOROS…I’ve been screaming about his evil doings since the early 60’s.
      Trump should have put getting rid of Soros and his ilk FIRST on the menu. England was the most wonderful place for all in the sixties but Soros got in baggy pants Harold Wilson and I saw with my own eyes how it went downhill from there…..Look at it now….a shell of what it was in the roaring sixties. SAD!

    2. Not for lack of trying! The DNC has built this mess over decades; it looks like Trump can’t do this in one term. After all, we didn’t elect a dictator although Pelosi and the Dems – who almost achieved one – need to be ousted by the voters. Vote RED!

      And go after the RINOs later.

    3. John you are so rite. These worthless pos should be in Jail and all those whom colluded
      as well. The swamp protects there own!!!

  4. Not necessarily so. I believe that each state gets one vote, and while the Democrats might have a majority in the House of Representatives, they control just 24 state delegations. Trump could win 26-24.

  5. Once again, the Dems–and, in some cases the media, are latching onto a rather ‘far-out’ scenario. It is highly unlikely that this race will be ‘that’ close. In spite of the obvious ‘cheating’ and ‘mail-in’ ballots being such a ‘mess’–I believe Donald Trump will receive the necessary votes for a ‘clear cut’ victory. The Dems and Biden, in particular, have a long history of failure. Taking a look at the conditions within the Democrat run states and cities as an example. We can hope that this scheme will be doomed to failure, as well. I was very concerned with some responses from ‘Muslims’ when Biden used the Arabic word, ‘inshalla’, during his debate with Pres Trump. One said, ‘At last, it’s ‘happening’!’ One needs to question ‘what is happening’?! There is an under-ground attempt by the Muslims to overtake our government and we’d better become aware of that. So, it isn’t only the Socialist that are ‘frothing at the mouth’ with the idea–is it!!!

    1. No, the KKK won’t let the shit for brains Muslims take control of our country. They will hunt them down, capture them, torture them and then hang them from tall trees. They will get Don Lemon first. That sorry ass nigger faggot Muslim won’t last 15 minutes with them.

  6. Yes, ‘possible’ but not likely. Noticing several states usually dominated by Dems are either swinging toward Republican or ‘undecided’ at this time. I think the Republicans may have won a sufficient number to make a decided difference. We can certainly hope so. I haven’t heard that any established Rep states have swung the ‘other’ way–have you?

    1. Nancy Pisslosi should be deported to Somalia where she will be stoned to death for being such a wonderful cocksucker. I used to fuck the old bitch but not anymore. I get enough pussy from the underage girls that I fuck.

      1. You da man, Joey. I knew their was a good reason why I chose you as my VP even though everyone told me not too.

        1. Right on, Barry baby. We miss your sorry ass being president. We did great with our whore houses when you were president probably because most of your cabinet used them. We can’t do shit with Trump as president. He’s really cracked down on us. And Mika ain’t putting out anymore. I’m getting really horny. I think that she’s giving blowjobs to Joe Biden and getting her ass fucked by Bill Clinton.

      2. By the way how’s Jill is she any different now than before while she was married ? also is Hunter doing Jill or just his sister in law
        just asking

    2. Nancy Pisslosi should be tarred and feathered and then thrown into the sewer where she belongs. I hate the cocksucking bitch. Joe gets blowjobs off of her.

  7. yep, that’s what you get when you have someone in Congress who continues to win and hold power because they are in a District where a glass of water can win because of Democratic control no matter how good or bad a Representative is. Need rules to limit time in Congress and of course age. 65 and you automatically have to retire!

  8. If that old cement face whore tries that, she’ll be the next statue torn down and broke into a million pieces.

  9. Boy do we need to pray for our Nation! Cannot believe the injustice that after America recieved this immigrant, the I. Omar, and she obtains a position in our Gov. as a leader of influence, she vows to rip out our system with her antiAmerican plan. This kinds of immigrants should not be allowed in America. Our Police should never be defunded, but this kind of enemy should be! Pray for our leaders to get wisdom and see our countries real enemies. Law and order!

    1. That my fried, is the larger part of the problem. Self serving knuckle dragging morons that “think and act like” they are better than we the people and it is their right to rule over us!

  10. Do any of you realize that you will answer to God for every keystroke of evil? Think about it. We need to pray that Pence doesn`t get COVID. I`m sure Nancy is lickin her chops.
    I am praying for our president. My prayer is that he and FLOTUS will remain without symptoms.

  11. Voters take a long look at the records for this year alone of the liberal socialist Democratic Party and there vindictiveness and hatred and their unwillingness to accept the truth of their cowardice actions and power hungry politics.
    They have failed every American who believe in this country and the constitution. Speaker of the House dictator crazy Nancy Pelosi who’s obsession to overthrow President Trump has Irreparably Divided this country and has contributed fueling of racism in this county along with her democratic congress puppets followers.
    Here’s a good look there fruitless attempted to overthrow the president. STARTING WITH SPYING ON 2016 TRUMP CAMPAIGN IN WHICH UNDER THE Direction of the former Obama administration which included the FBI. Then Robert Mueller inquisition and the
    Dossier report which was proven to be a farce and Hillary Clinton creation. Then the comedy of the Adam Schiff impeachment proceedings the whistleblower that never appears witnesses that had their own agendas which had nothing to do with the impeachment and the laughable conclusion. Then crazy Nancy disgraceful action at the president state of Union Address. Let’s not forget the democrats slow response to the covid virus. Along with their Draconian way to handle it. An there violations of constitution freedoms. Then comes peaceful rioting where burning looting and even stupider murder goes unabated in THOSES cities and states being govern by liberal democratic whose incompetent leadership failure to control and a totally incompetent city council who’s only answer is defunding their police department or disbanding them. I’ve gotten long winded sorry but I’m sick and tired of all the bleeding heart liberals morons who believe the socialism and the utopian ideas it just doesn’t work or exist. So before you vote just look back at what’s happening and what do want for your future of your children and family.

  12. Nancy Pelosi needs to be charged with obstruction of our government. She has been the focal point of about every detraction over the past four years. She has done nothing to fulfill the American people’s wishes and has derided the process of progress. She is too old to be in charge of anything relating to the day to day operation of our country and needs to be retired immediately, or removed for negative performance.

    1. Living in San Francisco, ‘pigliosi’s Congressional district, that recently got the moniker, the new ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA, i couldn’t have said it better. I along with countless thousands thank you.

    2. Pelosi is 80 years old. !!!!!! She needs to retire immediately. For me the only way is praying to our Almighty God. We need young people with that desire of serve our country.

  13. There have been many occasions when Pelosi should have been walked out the door then prosecuted….one was when she tore up the President’s SOTU Speech in front of the entire world which only reflected her childishness to the world. I have friends in many countries and they were absolutely shocked she was not dealt with at that time.
    Another time was when Adam Schiff read his completely phony recitation about the President’s telephone call to the Ukrainian President as though it was real. He should have been hanged and quartered for that as many of the left’s followers would have taken it as gospel. He should at least have been censured but nothing was done and the damage WAS done.
    I agree also with mandatory retirement at 65 like so many businesses have today. Get these senile old fogeys out.

  14. Get rid of all these fools in the government. People, we are not free by any means. They are puppets to their masters. Neither side gives a shit about you or your family or money. They launder and pillage countries for their net gain and except you and your family to go along with it, which many have. We are capable of taking care of ourselves, they see the rest of the world as a virus, when in actuality they are the virus and cancer of this world and need to be destroyed.

  15. Pelosi is not mentally competent to make the decision of picking the USA president…she’s an alcoholic and depends on drugs to get her through every day….her age is also a handicap….she should be removed from office…she is losing her position by her opponent in the November election in California…the people want her out….

  16. If she doesn’t win her re-election bid then she’ll no longer be Speaker of the House it seems that the people who write these articles know she’s up for re-election this year!

    1. God help America of this POS is up for re election and if by some unknown reason, get’s another term we’ll all be screwed, pure and simple. She’s done for America much less for California but has done well for herself to the tune of over 200 million dollars and as far as I ‘m concerned didn’t earn a dime of this fortune. Really what’s the charm of this old hag or ‘am I missing something here or what? I fail to see it.. Really what more does it take to get rid of this worthless liar, thief and festering piece of S**T? Wake up California, this is in your hands. You can’t be satisfied with the living conditions in California that have become unaffordable, third world and unlivable, or are you?

  17. I agree with NavVet who posted towards the top, Nancy is the Swamp herself and I, like will Vet, will have NO flag of sorry, but only a celebration of joy for her leaving!

  18. Where Nancy Pelosi is concerned it is NOT a “backup plan” It IS a “backup scheme” or “backup plot”.

  19. That old wretched hag should keel over while up at a podium, and then they could just roll her out to the curb/gutter. To prove how much of a phony and lying bitch (female dog) she is, she just stated she wishes the President and his family well (& i’m selling 1 acre house lots on Mars). She is one NASTY bitch and the Dems are determined to get “sleepy” into the “figurehead of President” so they can have total control, essentially a dictatorship, of the U.S.A. WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!!!

    1. If /when the old hag leaves to stand before her Maker, the libs will prop her carcass up for public viewing in the Capitol, as if she were some President or important person…

  20. Ever since Soros bought the presidency for Obama and planned the downfall of America because of his foreign investments , and his puppet control of Hillary , Pelosi , Biden to turn America into a Socialist Country. It started when they told / ordered Obama to interfere with state & local governments. We have now seen Flags removed, statues torn down & school names changed because it offended some. Change the history of America ?? The 2nd Civil War has arrived so either stand & fight or get the fuck out of our country since you hate it so much. Go back to your country and denounce America & burn our flag there. But not here – Not on my watch. If I see you burning our flag here, I will wrap you in it while it’s burning , and laugh when you scream. God Bless America & President Trump.

  21. I may be wrong,but this issue would go to the US Supreme court before it would go to Congress. With a new conservative SCOTUS nomination Nancy P would not be able to pick a new POTUS . A 5-4 or 6-3 conservative vote would keep President Trump in office for 4 more years. Owen

  22. Have they ever acted fairly or honestly? Not in my lifetime, they must always have an edge over their political opponents. We need to remove nasty Nancy Pelosi; she’s so obsessed with power and control that I fear she will do anything and everything to make sure that Biden is elected. She’s becoming a danger to democracy, a free and fair election. The demonRats must stop all of the FBI and DOJ investigation before the findings are released to the public. ALL of the crimes the democrats and Obama, members of his administration that were committed over 8 years, we are talking about serious crimes against women and children as well as crimes against humanity. If that information gets out then democrats are over and it will take at least a decade for them to reinvent themselves. So, now do you understand why they are so desperate and panicked? The democrats have a lot to lose should everything get exposed and Nancy will do anything to stop that exposure from happening. Biden would immediately shut everything down. THAT’S WHY THE DEMOCRATS ARE SO DESPERATE AND PANICKED TO WIN THIS ELECTION ANY WAY THEY CAN. And if you think or believe that Nancy and the democrats orchestrated the COVID, having it spread across the country by telling people to ignore Trump’s warnings, the shutting down of our economy, trying to stop the Trump rallies from happening and the riots and violence to win an election, what else is she willing to do to keep it? The democrat Mayors and Governors have no plans to reopen their states or cities anytime soon, its being used as a political football. That means they want the children not in schools learning and parents remaining home and out of work. Do I expect they would reopen should Trump win reelection, probably not? They must blame him for the reason people aren’t working even if other states have opened and the COVID cases have declined and no new cases have been reported. Nancy must be jumping with glee that the President and First Lady have tested positive for Covid. Knowing her, I wouldn’t put it past her to have someone put COVID on Trump’s podium on Tuesday night. I think she’s that panicked and desperate to win the election any way they can. They have NEVER cared what the people wanted. I think it’s important for the Republicans to take the House back in November, it would stop nasty Nancy from doing all of these things she wants to do. It would mean a Republican speaker and the democrats would never pull this off if the Republicans control the House again and keep the senate. They really have no idea how angry the silent majority has become. There is no enthusiasm or excitement for Biden and Harris. They are like a yawn, who cares. These are two elite who don’t have a clue what the public wants nor do they care what we want, they have made that very clear on numerous occasions. If they win, China will tell them what to do. The democrats will sell us out to them in a heartbeat. Democrats never do anything for free, there would be some incentive for them, either through increase in their personal monetary finances or more power and control or ALL THREE THINGS. That’s all the democrats have ever cared about and of course socialism will be the de jus of the day. Remember you can vote for socialism, but you have to go to war to remove it and they’ll confiscate our weapons to put socialism into place. If Nancy gets what she wants, this country will NOT RECOVER. The democrats would’ve taken the best country in the world and turned the entire country into Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. Based on the lie that it’s all about fairness. The silent majority can no longer be silent. We need to speak out and show are disgust with this Democratic power grab. There is a lot on the line for them as they fear that exposure, and for people who love this country, it would mean the end of a great country and we know that Biden is very simpatico with both China and Russia (now that we have the evidence that it was Hillary who was colluding with Russia). All of the investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities will end and we may never know about the crimes he’s committed against the United States of America for personal wealth. The democrats will make sure we NEVER learn about that. The corruption and greed would take total control over this country. In Florida they have said that more people are registering as new Republican voters and we must make people understand why the democrats purposely tanked our economy to win an election. I would love to see how the history books will explain this time in our country’s history 10 years from now.

  23. POTUS Trump just tweeted test positive for Covid 19. Prayers for our president for a full, quick and safe recovery. The CCP virus has taken its toll on Americans and the rest of the world. China must be held accountable as they let this virus spread with knowingly exposing people attending a conference then travel out of their country with no qualms and kept their people from going province to province. The Democrat Party are secretly thrilled of this unfortunate circumstance as their concern is only to gain power and discontinue investigations on Obamagate, as well as restore their whoring relationship with China while betraying Americans & our country.
    To the Democrats –God gives power to leaders as well as takes it away. He holds in His hand your breath and can take it away. The fate of our country no matter what party in control, has been sifted through God’s hand. There is accountability regardless of party. Religious persecution is occurring as we speak here in America this great free nation. Leftist being given the authority by Democrats to intimidate, coerce, burn our businesses, homes, kill our children ( that’s right no matter the color, age or gender) the future of this country, keep us silent, deny us our religious freedom all the while they run around like rabid dogs in the halls of congress trying to figure how to oust a legally elected president. When Obama or any other Democrat was elected for the office never did we experience this kind of behavior by the opposing party. Once elected officially the other party conceded with professionalism but not since Bill Clinton. Taking furniture from the white house stupid and disrespectful but it was Hillary, so can’t expect any better. Almost 4 years later Hillary still can’t get over her losing the election and on goes the saga of the Democrat lead spying, cheating, stealing, slandering, sedition, attempted coup while Trump keeps working to get our country going jobs, lower taxes, national security, Covid 19 quick response, and dealing with political children having tantrums etc etc. 4 more years for our president. TRUMP 2020


  25. I’ve read people stating the actual laws Nancy P. Is guilty of breaking Has someone thought of writing the laws she broke ( in full legal terms and lawyer language) ask the nearest policeman for assistance to be a legal witness, and place Nancy under citizens arrest? Read the charges, the penal codes broken, the dates they occurred. Then let it be known more arrests are to follow.

  26. The electoral votes are officially counted in front of a joint session of Congress with the President of the Senate presiding. The President of the Senate is Vice President Pence. This does not occur until January 6th, after the new Congress is seated on January 3rd. So it is the new House of Representatives that would vote for President from the 3 candidates receiving the most electoral votes, if none of them received a majority of 270. Each state gets one vote and 26 would be required to elect a President. The Senate elects the Vice President from the top 2 candidates receiving the most electoral votes. Each Senator gets one vote and 51 are required to win. There is some disagreement as to the Vice President getting to vote in case of a 50 to 50 tie. It is possible for , as an example, Biden to be elected President and Pence elected as Vice President.

  27. Pelosi must be indicted, prosecuted and put to death for her treasonous crimes she has committed all her adult life! I dearly would love to watch her die! I have had it with her actions AND her crimes.

  28. President Trump is not a politician & never professed to be. That’s the reason he was elected and doesn’t bow down to “politically correctness”. I am also not a politician so I call people & things as they are and has nothing to do with being “a real class American”! Talk about classless, Pelosi has done & said more classless things than any other public figure, including Trump, starting with tearing up the state of the union address while in the Chamber of Congress! The ONLY thing classy about Pelosi is her refridgerator!

  29. Pelosi is one narcissistic b……..
    She wishes the clock would turn back to a time unions padded her families pockets. Selling the US to China i guess was more lucrative.

  30. Peloski is one narcissistic b……..
    She wishes the clock would turn back to a time the unions padded her families’ fortune. Selling the US to China was more lucrative.

  31. The likelihood of this happening is between slim and none. Let’s hope we don’t test that statement
    and Trump wins comfortably as he should. If any of the stated possibilities were to occur, there would
    be rioting in the streets and perhaps civil war. But it’s not going to happen.

  32. Pelosi will NOT be picking the next President. Under the 25th Ammendant the President can temporarily give Pence the Presidency like Reagan & Bush did when they were ill and hospitalized. Also, he can swear Pence in as his permanent replacement (if it becomes necessary) and that means all votes for Trump transfer to Pence. So, either way, better start packing your bags Pelosi. Besides, I’m not voting Democrat and I will vote her nephew, Gov. Newsome OUT of California’s office! I’m sick of how he’s handling things here.

  33. Nancy and Cowardly Joe have gotten their wish now. No more public debates. Biden will continue huding from us and his attack dog Nancy will double down with her lies. Make Up Your Mind America Cast Your Vote

  34. Virginia, Well said. I am in awe of how far these radical, hate-filled “leaders” have gone in their obsession for power. Hate is a very strong driver of all the evil, sinful, and yes, demonic atrocities they have committed against not just our president, who is giving his all to save America, but they’ve done all this to WE THE PEOPLE. They have forgotten or more likely, don’t care that THEY are PAID to work for US. We are the boss and we need to fire all of them. How evil to see their delight that our president and First Lady have tested positive for this virus from China. In the world we now live, I would not be surprised if someone deliberately infected them, much like the man poisoned by the Russians recently.

  35. Amazing. You stated what the Constitution says and then disparage it completely, suggesting Nancy Pelosi would be doing something illegal. Why is the Constitution a “convenient” document for you?

  36. It is predicted that Biden will get at least 316 electoral votes, so don’t worry your little heads about all this.

  37. I do not understand, due to Corona virus, why voting time couldn’t be extended from 1 day to 5 days instead of mailing ballots.

  38. i have read the comments and i agree to 91% of the comments. Pelosi must go. NOW!!!! And a few more of our elected officials. They have all seemingly forgotten the oath they took when they were elected. Obiviously they have also not really read the Constitution of this United State of America. BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE, it doesn’t read by the government and for the government. js I will admit i myself have never completely read the Constitution so maybe i am about half a century behind, however, doesn’t the Constitution state that only American born citizens are allowed to hold a public office of the U.S. Government???? When was that changed and why do we have Muslims in our government??? js Their only agenda is to wreck our country from the inside out, because they hate America. They hate their own countries.
    Another thing i would like to comment on is why are these elected office holders getting away with treason? You know, those like Killary and Willie Clinton, who have been called pedophiles, also, Chuck Schumer, cry baby, the ex FBI puppet, Comey, Biden, the one who likes to kiss on little girls and do the feel ups, ugh. Also, why aren’t there term limits on ALL elected officials? Some of them want to be in office to pad their pockets and then delay and hem and haw around when it comes time to help the American Citizens??? Now, here is another shocker, and i am not a racist nor a biggot, but why this big deal about BLM? ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!! ALL!! We were all created by One Creator and made in His image!!! It seems the demonrats have sold their souls to Satan. That is what is wrong. Come Judgement Day, they will reap what they have sown and it will be too late to repent. js. I pray it doesn’t come down to a Revolution nor a Civil War. People we need to get our houses in order and stop this back biting, slander, murder, and hate. Hate begats hate and evil.
    Why do the black people hate white people? The generations waaaaaaaaay before any of us are the ones who did the wrong doing, not us. So, why hate us???? We didn’t do anything to you, we weren’t even a twinkle in our daddies eyes waaaaay back then. The white people don’t owe you anything, nor do you owe us anything. We should all respect each other and learn to live, laugh and love together. js I respect all people of all colors and i expect the same from them. js Please, pray for our Nation, our President and Vice President and, yes, your enemies. God Bless America. amen

  39. Pelosi’s not going to get a chance to pull this little stunt! The more the Durham Report docs are declassified, the more bribery, corruption, embezzlement, sedition, treason and human trafficking indictments are being handed out to high ranking democrat leaders. James Comey, John Bennan, Mueller, Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Susan Rice, Barrack O’Bama, Hunter Biden, and many more are in big trouble. Not to mention those ‘flight logs’ to be released! Caught by the very NSA information they gathered to spy on Trump! Oh yeah. All that info Wikileaks released was the tip of the iceberg! All that NSA info used by the DNC used to corrupt our government institutions, our courts, and our freedoms, has been turned back onto them. It’s called, “you reap what you sow”, and it’s been a long time coming. Pelosi’s is losing it on camera more and more every day. She’s more likely to drop dead from a stroke than she is to take the Presidency! TRUMP2020!

    1. Some people don’t realize Obama is not an American Citizen! First he was not born in the USA! His father was born in Kenya and he has between 30-35 children including Obama. He is a drunk and killed someone in Kenya drunk driving!
      His Mom was partying with Obama’s father on the shores of Kenya and went into labor. After Obama was born she hightailed it with Obama back to Hawaii. They got a fake certificate saying he was born in Ha.
      His grandmother owned part of or all of a bank in HA.There is a UTUBE video of Obama in a Mosque talking to the other attendees he was saying that he was born in Kenya!
      Later his mother met an Indonesia man whom they moved to Indonesia with Obama (they do not recognize dual
      citizenship so he was considered to be Indonesian. They lived there for a number of years. He went to school there and hung out withe LBGT people. Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship so he was always considered to be Indonesian! There was a Philosopher there spouting some kind of leftist revelations but I can not remember his name. This was before he moved to the USA
      I was living in Champaign, Ill., home of the University of Illinois. Champaign& Urbana twin cities were one of the best places to grow up in and live until Obama! I missed some of those problems since I had transferred out of state with my job.
      Obama became an IL. state representative then four years later became a US Representative to later becoming President 2009-2013 won a second reelection in 2014.
      Now to how Obama operates, Quaint and studious Champaign-Urbana no longer as safe or lovely after Obama. The way he likes to work and mainly that is to destroy everything that people build. I’ll explain, when he
      was an Illinois Senator and everyone complaining about how bad the Public Housing district was on the South Side of Chicago, Cabeenie Green (sp?) Rift with problems. crime, drugs and etc.
      This is what he did, he took 80,000 devided by 8 and sent 10,000 public housing residents to eight different
      cities, now Champaign Urbana were twin cities and not large the Uof I was built between the two not sure if he sent 10,000 to each city (they are not large cities with pop maybe of about 80,000. Of course they when transferred did not leave their habits behind the schools became very violent filled with drug dealers & thefts, threats and of course drugs. The students in the small high schools and Jr. Highs got so many threats they became scared and the parents had to flea to the suburbia which cost everyone more money and loss of their residences for years now becoming slums.
      Another problem if you get section eights in your area it brings a lot of rules and regulations that your area probably didn’t have before, not quite sure what they are but that is what Obama likes to do spread the misery of having to live near people who get free stuff don’t take care of it and soon deteriates into slums and yet if it is
      public housing they have rules that everyone not just the housing itself has to follow including private owners!
      So what happens is the people leave for surburbia and good schools, teachers & etcs. Even when they have to spend more money for now commuting & homeowners now subjected to whatever laws that these Government housing authorities in the neighborhood have to abide by because they have to all follow the new rules not just the projects!

  40. Article misses one point. The House can’t vote on it until the electoral votes are counted, which happens in Jan. The “shall immediately” in the twelfth Amendment refers to immediately after the electoral ballots are counted.

  41. This trick will render Slow Joe an illegitimate president, and when the Hoe attempts to give him the 25th Amendment treatment on account of dementia she will be even more illegitimate. The way to deal with illegitimate governments is to drive them from office, and it will be incumbent upon every real American who is not a dependent or apparatchik of the democrat party to resist the way that the satanists, socialists and sodomites have done for four years. Do not file taxes, do not pay taxes, do not give up your guns when they introduce a compulsory “buyback”, surround government offices the way Antifa and Burn Loot Murder have done, do not wear the masks and gloves and goggles and dog cones that they will keep trying to fasten on you. There are more of us than there are of them, and many of those charged with exercising the police power of the state are with us.

  42. pelosie belongs in an institution whit all the other nuts or be aresting for treason she is not an american she is a socialist which is just as bad as being a communist. we dont need that in our country dnt be gulliable and put them in office.

  43. The reason it’s a little known clause is because the way cement face Pelosi interpreted it, the clause does not exist. Once again the stupid ugly old Marxist hag is making things up while having one of her LSD flashbacks from the 1960s to fuel her imaginary world view.

  44. I’ve read a lot of these comments and I agree that Donald Trump has been a great president. The first time in 8 years our interest rates have risen, it wasn’t his fault that covid 19 was brought to the world and everything went to hell in a hand basket. i can’t believe that anyone would want Joe Biden as president of this great country. The devil is trying us and we need to be as strong as our president. the hypocrisy he’s had to endure is astronomical. He has been treated as if he were a criminal, not our commander in chief. If we can’t see what is being done to our country, the rioting,wanting to do away with the police,remarks on the news media, celebrities bashing our president and not to mention the view and their radical views of any republican then we’re in big trouble as a nation. I think the view should rethink the mind set that we really care what they think. It’s the view their view who cares what they think. i am so tired of all the negativity that this president has had to endure. My vote will be cast for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, I think they have been met with so much adversary and have stood up to all the scrutiny and shown that they are above the means the democrats are using to try and win this election. God Bless America and keep us free.

  45. In the case of a tie, the House of Representatives chooses the President, but the Senate chooses the Vice President.

  46. A solid argument can be made about the word “immediate”. Should democrats “hesitate” and not take immediate action. It would undoubtedly elevate the entire crisis to the SCOTUS for resolution. Consequently, the ruling would most likely void the democrats standing since they “hesitated” and SCOTUS would preside over the state voting outcome based on the “immediate” makeup of congress, IE the previous session that was empowered at the time of the issue.

  47. Pelosi is the most evil hag I’ve ever seen! A liar, a cheater, an asswhipe, an Anti-American!She needs to be forced out of the House and put in jail for treason.What a fucking Bitch. She won’t do her job and help these poor Americans who are just trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table for their families. While she goes home to her mansion and eats ice cream. I hope she driwns in ice cream one day! Nancy Piglosi Do your Damn Job!!!

    1. If either Biden wins or Pelosi gets to chose the next president we most definitely will be living in a socialist – spell that COMMUNIST dictatorship. That’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by those people in government masquerading as democrats. Personally, I’m 100% conservative but I have no problem with democrats and republicans running a two party government. But people like Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris and their partners in crime are most definitely are not democrats, and if they get control of our government there will be a lot of very unhappy, sorry people. Even those who voted for them.


  49. Time to remove that wicked bitch Pelosi. I can’t stand hearing her rattle voice one minute more. She sounds like a moron with loose dentures.

  50. It is past time for Americans to throw out embedded politicians who have forgotten their mission in Washington, DC, to serve the people of their state. There is only one cure that will rid us of people like Pelosi, Shumer, McConnell, Maxine Watters, Hank Johnson and all of the other who have lived off the people, and made themselves wealthy at our expense…TERM LIMITS!!

  51. If either Biden wins or Pelosi gets to chose the next president we most definitely will be living in a socialist – spell that COMMUNIST dictatorship. That’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by those people in government masquerading as democrats. Personally, I’m 100% conservative but I have no problem with democrats and republicans running a two party government. But people like Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris and their partners in crime are most definitely are not democrats, and if they get control of our government there will be a lot of very unhappy, sorry people. Even those who voted for them.

  52. Many might not know this but nobody in congress has to undergo a background check. President Trump did. In my opinion, any who serve in government should have to undergo a full background check in addition to a complete physical and psychological examination. Those in congress have the ability to declare war and it should be made public if they’re mentally capable. Personally, I feel Pelosi and Schumer are definitely not.

  53. I saw video of people paying about $200. to others fill out mail in ballots to vote ahowed it on tv$200

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