Obama Crime Database Hides BLM and Antifa Violent Incidents While Overstating Right-Wing Ones

The election battle continues, and things are only getting harder for honest Americans. The Electoral College has officially cast a corrupted vote. The embattled state legislatures provided dueling electors to help preserve the legal battle that has not concluded. While all of that is happening, we just learned that the federal government has helped the mainstream media lie about domestic terrorism for the past several years.

This all starts with a crime database manipulated by the Obama Administration. If you’re already cringing, you’re not wrong. The database is called Terrorism and Extremist Violence in the United States (TEVUS). It was put together to track violent crime statistics and try to analyze terrorist threats to our nation. It is still in place, and it is frequently used by intelligence groups and the media. By the time President Trump took office, it was in full Obama mode.

It currently says that the biggest threat of terrorism in the U.S. comes from conservative white males. If that makes your hackles rise, keep reading.


Brad Johnson was a CIA counterintelligence officer. He saw the database and his eyebrows raised just like yours, so he reviewed the data. He made some disturbing findings. Within the database, the number of attacks (and people harmed in those attacks) by white males is severely overestimated. At the same time, it misses well-known attacks from Islamicists, Arabs and Black Nationalists. It also severely underreported left-wing violence while overreporting right-wing violence.

So, a new study was done by Americans for Intelligence Reform. This study found that TEVUS is completely politicized. They use the database to try and manipulate public opinion and policy.

Here’s an example. The database lists the 9/11 attackers as White/Caucasian non-Hispanic. It does not list them as Muslim or Arabic at all. More than 3,000 American deaths at the hands of terrorists are being attributed to the wrong group. That’s not a simple oversight. It’s malicious.

The study found that the database is full of these kinds of lies. TEVUS takes crimes committed by groups and lies about them being committed by conservative white males.

This past summer is another great example. TEVUS says that right-wing violence was the largest threat over the past summer. Meanwhile, it completely ignores billions of dollars worth of property damage and the murder of dozens of Americans at the hands of BLM.

It’s important to understand that this is not the case of a well-intentioned group getting caught up in recent politicization. This database was created as a propaganda effort. It was a deliberate attack on the freedom of information, and it has been cited countless times by our government and media agencies. TEVUS is a deliberate lie set up by Barack Obama and his goons to push a false narrative that blames conservatives for crimes they didn’t commit.

Do you grasp the severity? This comes from the same deep state that overtly framed General Michael Flynn. It comes from the deep state that weaponized the IRS to attack conservative nonprofits. It comes from the same deep state that just stole an election from the American people. This is how they attack. They are committing acts of war against American conservatives, and they are not going to magically stop just because they think they took back the White House. All of this will escalate. All of it will get worse. Only the American people, taking an intolerant stand against these attacks can hope to change anything. Otherwise, Obama will solidify his place in history as the man who toppled the greatest nation in the history of the earth.

58 thoughts on “Obama Crime Database Hides BLM and Antifa Violent Incidents While Overstating Right-Wing Ones”

  1. the military has rejected using martial law because ofelection fraud.this is an overthrow of our REPUBLIC.now if the PEOPLE protest they will turn the military against us.the democrats and antifa and blm have won.welcome to THE COMMUNIST STATES OF AMERICA no more CONSTITUNION!!!!!!!!

    1. All this ruination of America started when Obama came into office . I wont call him President Obama bc he is a slimy snake … especislly his ugly wife ..
      That family has zero class ..Cant compare to the Trump Family .,.. Classy !!!!!!!’
      How I see it .. Dems are so jealous of Trump ..
      No one has ever done more than My President
      Donald Trump … forever

      1. I agree with you Anna Obama was the biggest mistake American people ever made, Obama is a traitor and should be treated as such All the lousy Democrats will burn in hell Obama was never been my president and Biden Or Harris will never be my president they are all traitors, they will regret all the evil things they did to this country especially when China invades America

        1. Cathey; The Chinese are already on the northern border through Maine. They are ready to pounce from the Canadian border just waiting for the word. Get your food storage and your armaments together. It will take Patriots to take control of this nation, not the government. The Biden administration will be the right hand to this attack.

        2. Not only was he absolutely the biggest mistake, but his daughters Malia & Sasha are actively involved with BLM activities, planning them & actually participating in disguise! Disgraceful!

      2. The idiots who put king hussein-obungadumba-bokassa in office twice , got what they deserve. Now enjoy . Back in the 90, someone warned Americans about the danger of voting a nigger for president. Useless .

      3. Did Anyone Stop to THINK! Just Maybe 2008 was the FIRST Election STOLEN by the Socialist Democrat Party! 2020 was the THIRD after the 2012! Remember the Fundamental Change and manufacturing and jobs were Gone and would Not return! The RESET and the New Normal!

      4. Election fraud first became apparent to me in ’12 when Obama ran against Romney. When I went to bed that night, Romney had like a 40,000 vote lead. I woke up the next morning to find out Obama had won. You know why? California hadn’t finished counting it’s fraudulent votes cast by illegal immigrants yet! Sound familiar?

      5. The Obama period has shown its character best just before it began, when Larry Bland and Donald Young were jubilating at Barry Suetoro, before he changed his name to Obama, possibly becoming US President. They were so impressed, because they had been (or still were) his LOVERS, and they said that openly – but not for long:
        This was in 2007, and a homosexual President was still unthinkable – and Barry and Donald were dead very soon: shot dead in execution stile.
        That election was extremely important so some people, because it was planned as the start of something very big, “The Big Re-Set”: Everything we’d cherished before to be destroyed: Family, Parents, Children, Community, Freedom of thought and speech – for the creation of something like Huxley’s “Brave New World”.
        That Culture War is still going on with “No Rules!”, “Away with History!”, “Cancel Culture”, Cancel Humanity!

      6. Your on the money, for 8 years the only presidents I had were the presidents of the NRA, which I have been a live member since 1985 The crooked DEMS want to disarm us as Hitler did. Fine for them they have secret service and armed body guards, I had to let mine go 70 years ago when I was 7 ( couldn’t afford on my .25 cent allowance) As Charlton Heston said “take my guns ? from my dead hands” . Your also right about obama (dosn’t deserve capitals) and his he/she gorilla so called wife . ( not bad looking for a gorilla) I was never was a fan of Trump all though after 8 years of the big eared monkey I wanted a business man to MAGA, the day of the 2016 election I was with a group of women holding TRUMP banners, when a potographer from the FL Sun- Sentinel asked me if I was a woman for TRUMP I said ever since nobammer said if I feel like a woman I could go into the womens YWCA, I said damm right. My picture was on the front page 2 days later.
        Go TRUMP! It’s not over yet.


      1. My exact sentiments! Obummer belongs in JAIL for life. He has caused more division in this country than ANYONE I know. He & wife have been racist from the get-go & obviously still are, even more so. They want to push a FALSE theory that Americans are racist–THE BIGGEST LIE! All things under-handed come from him or his former HACKS! They make me sick to my stomach!

    3. Buy American …. Dont buy chinese products, dont shop chinese companies like O’riley auto parts for example. ITS NOT MURRYS ANYMORE ITS CHINA OWNED.

    4. We agree, it’s hard to get the information out to the public. I just twittered the list of Communists in our government. World News just revealed the identity of Communists in the U.S. in world industries, government, pharmacies, education and many aspects of our lives. It isn’t a secret, if you research the list and share it with as many people as possible.

      1. The barcode on the products made outside of our country have certain beginning numbers for china. Look at the barcode. If the first 3 numbers are 690 or 691 or 692, the product was made in China. Put it down and buy from any other country. If the numbers are 00 thru 09 to start, it’s USA made. Buy American.”

  2. obama was the worse president and he is

  3. Take down the rebus base since the generated reports are inaccurate! Go after Obama! He is a racist of the worst kind. If Biden is sworn in, it will be a second term for obama. We must stop obama, Harris and her cronies ( is that the correct word for witches?) pelosie has already done as much as she can and will continue until she drops dead. The entire democratic actors association should rot in hell for their atrocities! I pray God smites them and sends CA with the non- believers into the Pacific!

    1. agree
      so sad so many uneducated people, especially blacks, believed in this idiot Obama. He is a very good speaker, sok t hat makes people BELIEVE he BELIEVES what he is saying. Remember his APOLOGIZING all the time for the US?
      Who does that?
      OBAMA does, cause he REALLY hates America. So sad that this country even gave him a chance.
      He is very sneaky and arrogant.
      His wife, too, is also ugly

  4. Pure evil. that is what I think of when I hear this man’s name. I never voted for him either time, I know they were fixed both times. White people are not racists, yet they say were are. Instead of killing all the white people, and taking over the country, why don’t they find another country to destroy. Too many Patriots here are not going to lay down and die because black people are oppressed. Obama needs to be held accountable along with BLM and ANTIFA. Don’t defund the police, defund the black people

    1. What does one expect from a treasonist who entertained BLM in the White House on numerous occasions.
      Why is this man not in a prison cell?!
      Because he’s a democrat piece of shit, that’s why. Two tiered justice system and a stolen election, they just can’t cheat, lie or steal enough can they? Disgusting!
      And just wait til she gets in the Oval Office. Thinking there’s gonna be quite the “shit show” soon….. it’s inevitable. Goodbye capitalism… hello communism
      And to think she got where she is by being on her knees. A two bit whore telling America what to do.

      Scariest moment of our lives people….

    2. They can call me whatever they want to because they have made me feel the way I do. The black crime rate, shootings, killings, rapes and drug dealing and usage are out of control. The majority of them want to smoke dope and make babies that only the mother claims which the taxpayers have to pay for, then sleep all day long while enjoying their life living off of the taxpayers. They are turning this Country into the shit hole that their ancestors came from. Can anyone explain to me any thing good they have done for this Country, no I didn’t think so. It’s a darn shame they were ever sold and brought here by their own race and now the burden is on us.

    3. Me too, Aileen. I didn’t vote in ’08 and I held my nose and voted for Romney in ’12. The election fraud was apparent to me in ’12 after Obama sicked his boy Eric Holder on the states of Arizona, Oklahoma and South Carolina for ENFORCING their immigration laws! It was apparent to me at this time that Obutthole was doing this just so he could get illegal votes from illegal immigrants!!!

    4. The only ones that are racist is the members of BLM and Antifa. Notice that when anyone says something bad about a liberal they are called racist and many more names. I have a daughter that is a liberal and I cannot talk to her about politics because she starts yelling and telling me I am wrong even though I see right through these a**holes that think their s**t doesn’t stink.

  5. This isn’t even about Trump..Its about the socialist takeover of America. We must do more than just complain on this small comments section

  6. The plandemic is only one prong of a multifaceted attack on the West and its inhabitants. The goal is the deconstruction of the United States and its replacement by a satrapy of Red China. There will be a few white oligarchs, Soros and his clique on the one hand and the Great Resetters like Schwab and Gates who will be based in Davos. The rest of the world hierarchy will be Chinese. Caucasians will eventually be exterminated, practicing Jews and Christians first, partly by Chinese-manufactured disease but mostly by black and brown terrorism and criminal violence, and the aforementioned oligarchs will preside over a slave world of mohammedans, mongrels and muds. It is essential to conceal this from Europeans as they are demographically replaced and assimilated, and from Americans as their country is starved out and brought down in flames. At the center of all of this, as many of us have suspected for a decade and a half, is the Marxist Muslim from Mombasa, who inflicted on the First American Republic when he was in power the wounds from which it has now died, and intends to play an important role in the coming world marxist hierarchy, still faithful to the oath he swore in his parents’ hut in Kenya when recruited to help bring down the Great Satan.

    1. 100% right. On the other side , I can’t stop remembering many white trashes reaching the climax on occasion the mArxist mUslim from Mombasa, became president. Now they have to enjoy being enslaved .

  7. Obama is a servant of Satan. If America doesn’t repent and turn back to God it’s all over! Satan owns America! The Democratic Party is evil beyond belief, led by Satan and pushes all these things: Hatred for God, The Bible, and Jesus Christ, they push Evolution in stead of Creation to our children, Drugs, Lying, Cheating, Gambling, Pornography, Human Trafficking, Homosexuality, Gay Marriage, Corruption in the Government, Corrupt Law Keeping Agencies, Corrupt Elected Officials, Corrupt Appointed Officials, Abortion, Broken Marriages, They took the Bible (1948), Prayer (1963), and the 10 Commandments out of our schools, teaching our children that homosexuality is OK, teaching them they can change their gender, Godlessness of all kinds, and list goes on and on, God is tired of the U.S., we have traveled too far from God and His Word, and the way this country was founded over 240 years ago, too far! In 1620, 400 years ago the Pilgrims made a covenant with God (Mayflower Compact) about this country and we have destroyed it 110%, Revival! Who will turn back to God is the question now? America has been too arrogant. We are in the end times, ‘as it was in the days of Noah’ ..And the time of Lot! .Since 1973 We have killed more babies than ALL that died in WWII, America is a sewer, a garbage dump of Sin! Repent! Turn from our Sin!! Ask God for forgiveness! Pray for healing! TODAY! The Bible IS THE Final authority on this planet! Jesus is the only TRUTH there is, JESUS Said, “I am the WAY, The TRUTH, and The LIFE, no man comes unto the Father but by ME” The only way out of all this is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Will you answer the call?, will you open the door for Christ? Or are you too Proud? JOHN 3:16, READ IT TODAY Jesus said he was coming quickly, God doesn’t lie, Humble Ourselves and cry out to the Lord!! The end for America is very close! Without God, we can do nothing! The Bible is THE final authority on this planet! AMEN! Romans 10:9 Today! Believe & Confess Jesus! Let us all spend eternity together in God’s Kingdom with the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords Jesus!

    1. America is God’s country. I absolutely believe that this attempted take over of the country is being orchestrated by Satan himself…

    2. Thank u so much for spreading the word. Blessed be the name of Jesus, the greatest name I know.
      John 3: 16, For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believe in him shall not die, but have everlastingly life. Let’s all pray, and turn back to the one and only true living God so to be saved and to save all of America.

  8. Trump has already won this election in the Kingdom of Heaven. God’s “Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” . This election is about to be overturned, and there’s Nothing any man can do to stop it! Pray for the few GOOD people in DC who are fighting for it.

  9. Obama is a good Democrat, protecting his offspring Democrat , mostly peaceful, community organizers.
    “this claim about mostly peaceful is disputed”

  10. I have always believed that if one is falsely accused of a criminal act or an act of political terrorism, then one might as well make it count and be guilty of it! If TEVUS is to enjoy any credibility whatsoever, a little “us and them” may be called for in order to restore a sense of accuracy and accountability, especially when including the terrorist acts committed by left-wing groups such as Antifa, BLM (Bowels Lack Movement), and various and sundry Muslims (and described as such)! To those from whom no quarter is expected, no quarter should be given in return! A second American Revolution or Civil War is in the near future, and the death and destruction suffered during the times of its namesake predecessors will literally PALE in comparison to the coming maelstrom!

  11. Matt Gaetz is standing up for us, but getting scant support. We need patriots to rise to this occasion and resist this corruption. The FBI is full of slime, the Justice system is full of slime, etc. Trump is fighting this by himself. Never give up! Sidney Powell is a hero. Don’t sit idly by. We are all in this together. Love Trump and love America, forever.

  12. BIDEN will never be my president till this question is answered. How can a none registered voter vote in the election and to make matters worse she died in 2019 SHE WAS MY WIFE? Obama RAT was lower than a snake and the worst president we ever had since President Washington.

  13. I voted for Obama twice and am ashamed! Then I read a book called “Obama’s America” in 2016 and realized what a FOOL I was! Then I voted for Trump that year. Thank God I did and voted for him this year! I was ‘blinded’ before and God ‘woke’ me up! Satan has blinded so many in our country to all the lies because he was the first liar! God has exposed all the corruption and evil in our country this year. He is sending us a message to repent before it’s too late! Obama is to be ‘pitied’ really. His own father and mother left him when he was small and then he was mentored by communists as a youth! God is the only one who can ‘save’ our country, temporarily. Christ is coming back. He is at the ‘door’ . God have mercy on us.

    1. So glad you came to your senses, Sharon! The liberal bullies would have had you believe you’re a racist if you didn’t vote for Obama

  14. Barry Soetoro, AKA Obama, is a racist, Marxist, queer Muslim. His racist actions divided USA and started the racist rant, that bloomed into BLM and other domestic terror groups.
    Need we wonder why he sought to undermine USA?

  15. My question is, short of all out civil war, how do we fix this problem? I have no qualms about having a shooting war. Although it would be a horrific and catastrophic occurrence in this nation and may just bring about the fatal blow the liberal communist democrats are striving for. So, what can be done to neutralize the efforts of the greatest internal threat to our constitutional rule of law way of life? Pray for a solution but keep the weapons loaded and handy. Now it is crystal clear why they are pushing so hard to disarm law abiding citizens. ✌

  16. I do not like Obama, but this information is complete garbage. First the database TEVUS is a combination of information from multiple sources. The database was also started way before Obama was a president. Obama may have twisted information from the database and is definitely racist, but don’t automatically believe what you read. Google search and look for yourself before you believe what is written. There are people like this that write stuff just to make people get worked up. This is one of them.

    1. Eva. Be careful and use wisdom in what you read and believe on google. Google along with the rest of Big Tech Companies have sold out to China. It is just my feelings that tell me to be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves when exchanging information with others.

  17. Obamacare also has a lot of things,that damaged our money, letting banks take our savings. All of these laws that they pass, are never read, so many thing are added that we never know until it’s too late. This new $9 billion bill has over 2 thousand pages. It was given to congress to vote and pass it, in 2 days. No one will read it, but they will pass it. No one read the Obamacare bill, until it was passed.

  18. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Look at Obamas, they bought an 11 mullion dollar house on the water on Martha’s Vineyard, they’re building a monster estate on the water in Hawaii, etc. Biden has an estate on the water in Delaware, plus other houses. If they actually believed in global warming or climate change would they invest a huge chunk of their ill-gotten gains on houses on the water where the seas will rise and flood their properties.

  19. This Grave Situation Is All About The Big Banker’s, An Big Pharmaceutical, Big Technology Corporation’s Google, Facebook, Twitter, Plus Lobbists Of The Demoncrates,The Leftists Party, & Globalists Like Gorege Soros,The Rothschild’s,The Rockefeller’s,The Royal Family Member’s, An Big Billionaires, Like Bill Gates, Oprah Whimpfry, Hollywood Star’s & Director’s & Producers, & The Music Industry Have All Invested Into This New World Agenda, & Some Of The Rino Republican Member’s, An Many Other International Country Leader’s A Crossed The Globe, These Corrupt Evil Megalomaniacs Are Seeking To Take Political Elite Super Power Over Wealth An Ruling Over The World Population, They Have Achieved Some Of Their Plan For The Great Reset Of Universal Income For All In 7 Different Countries Already India, Was The First To Go, Ukausic Stan, Turkey, Australia, Egypt,Pakistan, & Africa In Nigeria, The NATO Country Men,& The WHO Are Being Bribed To Join In With The Rest Of These Evil Elitists, It’s A Joining Of The Empire Of Mao Chinese Socialist Credit Economic System Dictatorship & Enslavement, Russia An Germany Are Not Convinced Yet, Switzerland Is Helping With New Technology Corporation’s Out Of CERN Physicists, An Chinese AI, With Google AI, In Using The Human Geanoem & AI To Create Hybrid Compatible Bodies Made Of Human Flesh, They Are Able To Transfer The Human Conscience To, These Evil Elitists Are Trying To Use This New Technology To Gain Immortality, An We The Human People Of This World Will Be Enslaved To Them, As Ruling God’s, This Is What’s Really Going On With Their Plan Demic, Draconion Over Lord Take Over Of The World’s Most Richest Country An Advanced Military In The World, The United States Of America, This Is A War Against Humanity, An How To Erace The Human Condition, For The Richest People,Then Depopulation Of The Rest Of Humanity, But Save A Few For Labor Purposes But Inter Into Their Gean Pool Mixed With Subservient AI Next Generation Slavery, So Future Generation’s Will Inherite Their Parental Duties Without Question Do Any Of You See That This Is The Big Picture Of Our Lives If We The People Of This Great Nation Under God Don’t Stand Up Against These Ungodly Inhumane Treasonous Satanists Dictator’s, Or We & Our Future Generation’s Will Become What I Have Said Above, You May Think I Am A Tin Foil Hat Wearer, Do The Research Find Out For Yourself, An You Will Come To The Big Picture Of This Very Real Situation We Face As Humans !!!!

  20. the left’s agenda is going forward fast. it cannot proceed much further until they disarm america. to do so, they will target anyone who resists as a terrorist and to keep the country safe, we must disarm.
    the left will plan and execute mass shootings (sandy hook and las vegas–investigations were hidden) bombings and riots to scare people into submission.
    upcoming chaos will not be by chance !
    to conquer a country, first disarm its citizens–adolph hitler 1938
    wake up america !!!!!!

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