Oh, and Republicans Were Hacked Before the Election, by the Way

Well, you can be certain that the mainstream media and Special Counsel Robert Mueller will get right on this case ASAP. It turns out that the top four Republicans on the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) had their email accounts hacked back in April. Thousands of emails were stolen.

The NRCC is the important campaign wing of the House Republicans, which coordinates strategy and funding for candidates. Given the importance of the NRCC, the FBI must have immediately warned them about the intrusion, so they could take aggressive countermeasures to prevent and further private campaign emails from being hacked, right?

Actually, no. The NRCC is finding out about this just now, after House Republicans lost 40 seats in the increasingly questionable 2018 midterms. Neither the GOP leadership nor the regular everyday House Republicans were informed by the FBI that their accounts were hacked.

It’s almost as if the FBI wanted House Democrats to win the majority, so they could safely shut down investigations of the Clinton Foundation while ramping up investigations of President Trump. But of course, that would be a conspiracy theory.

When asked about the hack, the FBI said it was super-sure that a “hostile foreign actor” had hacked the NRCC. Then, the FBI immediately clammed up. Case closed!

Here’s a funny thing about it, though. When Republican emails were hacked in 2016 by a “hostile foreign actor,” they were posted online. Then, when the Podesta emails were hacked, they were posted online as well – hence the entire two-plus-years Russia investigation.

For those who don’t remember, the 2016 Republican email hack was filled with boring, perfectly legal email exchanges. Hey Joe, want to grab lunch later? On the flip side, the hacked Podesta emails revealed a plot to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders between the DNC and the Clinton campaign; racist screeds about “Operation Taco Bowl” and needy black donors with funny names; and creepy Podesta excitement over prepubescent girls in swimsuits and spirit cooking.

Therefore, the Podesta hack was a crime warranting the entire Russia investigation, but the Republican email hack was somehow not a crime and must never be mentioned again. Oops.

The FBI of course is insinuating that the 2018 hack was carried out by WikiLeaks or some similar outfit. If this is true, why haven’t the emails been posted online? WikiLeaks doesn’t care about political ideology when it comes to publishing leaked documents. (Although, to be fair, Julian Assange really didn’t want Hillary in the White House after her “joke” about a drone strike on the Ecuadorian embassy in London.) Where are the emails if a “hostile foreign actor” hacked them?

The fact that the emails were not published, and that we’re just finding out about the hack a month after the election, suggests that it was A) not a hostile foreign actor, and B) the emails were likely used to give the Democrats an edge in 2018.

If the emails were to fall into the hands of say, the NRCC’s counterpart, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) or a Soros-funded super PAC, how damaging could those emails have been?

In a word: Catastrophic.

The NRCC was discussing campaign strategy for 435 House races. Those emails would have been a treasure trove of information for the opposition. “Republican A looks like he’s running away with the race. No need to divert any more funds there.” And, “Republican B looks like she’s in trouble. We need to pour another $2 million into social media ads for her.”

The DCCC would have known every step the Republicans were going to take before it was announced publicly. In 1964, Lyndon Baines Johnson was able to announce policies and decisions prior to Barry Goldwater, because Johnson’s campaign had bugged Goldwater’s campaign plane and offices. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The 2016 Republican email hack was completely swept under the rug. The Podesta email hack investigation is, technically, still ongoing under Special Counsel Robert Mueller, because of the fiction that it was carried out by the Russian government on behalf of Trump. Chances are, the 2018 Republican email hack will get just as much diligent attention as the Seth Rich murder investigation. How’s that going, by the way?

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