On Tariffs, Congress Suddenly Regrets Being Ned Beatty for Obama’s Deliverance Squad

The Republican-led Senate waited until President Trump was out of the office on a successful European tour to throw a symbolic hissy fit over tariffs. Now that a pro-America patriot is in the Oval Office, the establishment Republicans are suddenly lamenting the fact that Congress has ceded so much of its power over the years to the Executive branch. Didn’t really think that through very well, did you, guys?

The Senate voted 88-11 that they will attempt in a future spending bill to include language that the Senate should be included in tariff talks. The entire thing was smoke and mirrors because there are no penalties if they fail to include that language in a spending bill.

Since the Republican-led Senate has so much free time on its hands to take a symbolic vote like this, they must be ready to unveil that Obamacare repeal bill any second now!

Here’s one problem with the Senate’s plan. The Executive branch has sole authority when it comes to setting tariffs and negotiating trade deals. In fact, when the Constitution was written, tariffs were the sole means of funding the federal government.

The whole idea for a progressive income tax to prop up a central bank with a monopoly on currency didn’t really catch on until Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto, but who would read that anyway? The thing’s like 30 pages long!

In other words, President Trump levying tariffs against foreign goods is a good thing for American workers, because it means it eases our income tax burden.

The other problem is that the Republican-controlled Congress acted like Ned Beatty to Obama’s hillbilly “Deliverance” squad over and over again for eight years. It was mindboggling.

You talked a tough game, Republican Establishment, that’s for sure. You strung us along by telling us you were going to get to the bottom of Fast & Furious and bring the guilty parties to justice. You were going to impeach John Koskinen for the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups. You weren’t going to give ONE DIME of American taxpayer money to pay for Obama’s Paris global warming treaty.

But then every single time, Obama would jump out from behind the bushes and say, “Hey there, Republican-majority Congress! You sure do have a purty mouth!”

And when it was all over, you’d be standing there in your tighty-whites, crying in shame and begging us, “Please don’t tell anybody about this when we get home!”

Here’s a specific example for you, Congress, if you still don’t get the point: The Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Remember that? It was an international treaty, negotiated in secret by Hillary Clinton and later John Kerry, that would have turned America and 11 other countries into the Pacific version of the open-borders European Union.

Crooked Hillary and Obama were negotiating a deal that would have had American workers competing with SLAVE LABOR in two of the most repressive Islamic regimes on the planet, as well as workers in Vietnam who currently make about 26 cents a day. Yeah, factory workers in South Carolina can compete with that.

We weren’t worried, however, because we knew that there was no way the treaty would pass the constitutional advice and consent of a two-thirds vote in the Senate. Even though Obama and Hillary Clinton were perfectly willing to sell out millions of American workers and open our borders completely with Mexico and ten other countries, we knew it wouldn’t pass the iron wall of the Republican-controlled Senate.

So, what happened? Obama jumped out from behind the bushes again… and you dropped your trousers.

You voted to grant Obama fast-track authority. That meant that the Senate would never have had the power to amend the treaty. Once it was revealed to the Senate, all they could do was vote up or down on it with no debate. You had the opportunity to do the right thing for America, but you ceded your constitutional authority to Obama’s Executive branch Deliverance squad once again.

Fortunately for America, talks on the TPP stalled long enough for the voters to elect President Burt Reynolds, who stepped out from behind a tree and shot an arrow through the black heart of Obama’s legacy.

You had your chance, Republicans. We wanted you to be Burt Reynolds with a bow and arrow. But you were Ned Beatty. Every. Single. Time. So, pardon us for not feeling any sympathy now that your collective hiney hurts.

~ American Liberty Report

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