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Donald Trump Playing Democrats, and the Media, like a Fiddle

Donald Trump has cemented himself in the national media since announcing his run for the presidency. He toyed with the idea in 2008, but never seemed to fully jump into the circus better known as running for president. This time around, Trump has bolstered to the top of national polls, and while he remains close … Continue reading “Donald Trump Playing Democrats, and the Media, like a Fiddle”

Gun bans don’t deliver the results liberals claim

As the rhetoric heats up on gun control, there’s one fact the gun-grabbers don’t want people to know. A gun ban does not reduce murders. Three Western democracies have banned nearly all firearms possession. The governments hoped by disarming the populace, the violent crime rate would go down. It did not happen that way. Government-sponsored … Continue reading “Gun bans don’t deliver the results liberals claim”

How to Talk to Your Millennial About Politics

It happens to every parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. Your college-aged relative starts posting memes on social media blasting Donald Trump. Then a link to an article calling for an end to animal testing for pharmaceutical companies. Then a “pride flag” over their profile picture in support of same-sex marriage. And that is when you … Continue reading “How to Talk to Your Millennial About Politics”

Marco Rubio Is Closer Than You Think To Trump In The Polls

The Republican race has received more attention in pre-election coverage than most races in the past few decades. People have been watching each Republican debate with keen interest, even those that aren’t Republican. This is due to a variety of reason. Mainly because of the high quality sound bites of practically everything front runner, Donald … Continue reading “Marco Rubio Is Closer Than You Think To Trump In The Polls”

Donald Trump’s Charitable Works

Donald Trump might be brash, outspoken, and just an all around powerhouse of personality that might rub some people the wrong way. When you really get to know him though, you’ll find out that he does have a heart of gold inside for two things. His family of course, and the various charitable works he … Continue reading “Donald Trump’s Charitable Works”

Seven Reasons Marco Rubio Is the Most Electable 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate

Many republicans still feel the sting of the devastating defeats of GOP presidential candidates John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. Even worse, they sense the real threat of Hillary Clinton moving into the White House in 2017. If you’re conservative, you likely desire to do everything in your power to prevent this … Continue reading “Seven Reasons Marco Rubio Is the Most Electable 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate”

Syrian Refugees… The Majority Has Spoken

When you listened to the leftist media outlets this week you’d hear about the “heartless” Republicans wanting to block asylum for innocent children. While no one likes the thought of innocent children suffering, the Syrian refugee issue has very little to do with children. It has everything to do with protecting the United States from … Continue reading “Syrian Refugees… The Majority Has Spoken”

Why We Love Ronald Reagan

If you’ve heard any of the Republican presidential candidates talk for more than five minutes at a time you’ve inevitably heard them talk about Ronald Reagan. In fact his name was mentioned 14 times during the first GOP debate. No other former president got that much love. So what’s with the Ronald Reagan obsession? And … Continue reading “Why We Love Ronald Reagan”

The Left Wing Medias Attack on Prayer

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. If you’re like me and my family you may be on your way to or coming back from church. This is the time of week many Christians set aside to reflect and spend a moment with God. We all have a heavy heart this week after the senseless tragedy … Continue reading “The Left Wing Medias Attack on Prayer”

Nation’s Race Relations at All Time Low Despite Obama Suppose to Improve Issue

During the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama ran a campaign with the underlying tagline of “change.” He wanted to bring change to the nation, pull it out of its national recession and grow it fully into the 21st century. He pointed towards the lack of jobs, the struggling economy and the recent housing collapse, not … Continue reading “Nation’s Race Relations at All Time Low Despite Obama Suppose to Improve Issue”