Sen. Rand Paul Fights for Life on Senate Floor

Hard-charging conservative Sen. Rand Paul recently took fellow Republicans to task in a battle to defund the taxpayer-funded abortion clinics known as Planned Parenthood.

In an epic struggle that played out the Senate floor, the Kentucky conservative fought an uphill battle to bring his pro-life amendment to a vote. Senate leadership had blocked the measure over fears it would emerge as a “poison pill” that would hold up spending appropriations for Defense, Education, Labor and other government allocations.

Known for holding firm to his convictions, Sen. Paul took to the Senate floor and BLASTED members of his own party.

“The dirty little secret is the Republican leadership is blocking my amendment,” Paul reportedly said. “What is more important to these Republicans? Saving lives or spending money?”

Sen. Paul has earned a reputation for pulling no punches. He consistently voices the need to stay close to the core conservative values outlined by the GOP. When addressing pro-life concerns, the senator has been a refreshing reality check against abortion forces.

“Planned Parenthood ends the lives of 320,000 babies each year, that’s about 900 babies every day,” Sen. Paul said from Senate floor. “Planned Parenthood received over 400 million dollars of taxpayer money, the government with a wink and a nod tells us that Planned Parenthood doesn’t spend the money on abortions, but everybody knows that the taxpayers are really cross-subsidizing Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills.”

Planned Parenthood has reportedly received upwards of $543.7 million in federal taxpayer money, according to the most recent annual report.

The herculean efforts by Sen. Paul forced party leadership to bring his measure to a vote. The anti-abortion amendment failed in the Senate on a 45-48 vote. Republican senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski voted with pro-abortion Democrats. However, the measure was subject to a 60-vote threshold.

Pro-life organizations across the country lauded Sen. Paul for his unflinching commitment to protect unborn children and those who supported his amendment.

“March for Life is grateful to Senator Paul and to those who voted in favor of an amendment to the appropriations bill that would have banned funding to abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, nation’s largest abortion provider, and subject of Department of Justice investigation into the trafficking of aborted baby body parts,” the organization’s president Jeanne Mancini said.

Vice President Mike Pence has been an ardent supporter of the March for Life. In his remarks delivered to the organization, he indicated that Pres. Donald J. Trump is the most pro-life president in history. The vice president has routinely praised the organization.

But the March for Life president seems to align her thinking with Sen. Paul, that some Republicans are failing their pro-life commitments by turning a blind eye to Planned Parenthood killings.

“Unfortunately, many Senators who claim to be pro-life defied their constituents and the consensus of the American public by giving the abortion industry a pass,” she reportedly said.

“Almost two-thirds of Americans say they do not want to fund abortion with their tax dollars. Disentangling American taxpayers from the abortion industry is long overdue. Our elected representatives should join the national consensus and put an end to taxpayer funding of abortion, or risk being voted out of office.”

While Sen. Paul and pro-life organizations are expressing displeasure about the pair of Republicans crossing party lines, several Democrats in states won by Pres. Trump may also feel the heat come Election Day.

Susan B. Anthony list president Marjorie Dannenfelser has reportedly come out against Democrats for voting down the measure.

“Vulnerable Democratic Senators have betrayed their constituents yet again by voting to fund abortion giant Planned Parenthood, and will be held accountable at the ballot box,” Dannenfelser reportedly said.

“Democrat Senators in states won by President Trump cannot get away with presenting themselves as moderates any longer, and self-proclaimed ‘pro-life’ senators like Donnelly and Manchin should be especially ashamed of caving to the abortion lobby and extremists in their party.”

Pro-life voters will have an opportunity to make their voices heard at the ballot box come November.

~ American Liberty Report